Ich knall euch ab.
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Ich knall euch ab.

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Für ein Ende der Jugendgewalt steht das Buch von Morton Rhue, dem Autor des bekannten Jugendbuchs Die Welle -- so heißt es im Vorwort. Das Buch ist kein Appell, es ist Aufschrei, einer, der durch Mark und Bein geht. Rhue wendet sich in seinem Buch, das Augenzeugenberichte, Dialoge und Briefausschnitte aneinander reiht, gegen die Gewalt. Deutlich tut er das -- und vielseiti...more
Paperback, 159 pages
Published January 1st 2002 by Ravensburger Buchverlag (first published September 1st 2000)
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.com

Every person in the world should read this book. That being said, I'll admit right off that I hate guns. Absolutely abhor them. I'm the mother who refuses to let her children play with toy guns, even water pistols. Why? Why, indeed. Why let your children shoot things at each other--whether it be water, rubber darts, BBs, or paint balls--if you don't want them to shoot bullets at each other? After all, that's what guns are for. To shoot bullets. Bullets that are...more
This was a good, quick, albeit depressing read. A fictionalized account of a school shooting in middle American, the book is told through anecdotes from a wide variety of characters, including the shooters friends, enemies, and various classmates, teachers, parents, etc. Interspersed throughout the book are statistics about gun violence. The author has definate ideas, but no firm solutions, about the problem of school shootings. It is a provocative look at a disturbing and pertinent subject. I'm...more
Tyler Clark
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,,Es gibt ein Sprichwort: Worte sind nur halb so verletzend wie Schläge.Völliger Blödsinn -
Der Schmerz der Schläge verschwindet mit der Zeit , doch Worte bleiben für immer im Gedächtnis und verletzen immer und immer wieder."

So bewegend und packend - WoW.

Emotionaler als John Green und " Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht".
Das Buch spricht mir aus der Seele und hat mich extrem gefesselt.
Es ist ein grandioser Mix aus Gesellschaftskritik und Spannung.

Eines der besten Bücher ü...more
Elie Sassine
Give a Boy a Gun is about two high school students who have been bullied throughout their life and decide to take a stand against it. They hold up their high school dance and hold all the kids hostage. Gary ends up killing himself and Brendan is attacked by a group of people that got their hands loose. This story talks about the effects of bullying and the gun culture in America.

"Here's why. You made my friggin' life miserable"(17). Brendan was bullied throughout his whole life and it made him...more
Ashley dillon
Give a boy a gun is prolly one of my favorite books now. I loved the way it was written. Different quotes and thoughts from ppl who actually knew Gary and Brendan. Idk but during the whole book i was sitten there thinking to myself, "what do they do? how does it end?" i could not put the book down. I even cried a few times. Its horrible that they had gotten to that all time low in their life, where they felt that they had no other choice but to do what they did in order to solve everything. i me...more
A true story of what happened at Middleton school. NOT fiction.

Two boys 3 years of high-school together they are haunted, laughed at, tormented and bullied to the point where they both SNAP. In this book it's not because they are gay, they aren't. Because they are to those bullies: lower life forms on the food chain.

The book contains the following contents:

- Final letters of both boys prior to their vengeful mission to make them all pay. The bullies on the football team and the school teachers...more
I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was really interesting. It was about a group of friends that always got bullied. Two of them (Gary and Brendan) get really fed up with it and make a revenge plan. In the town that the book takes place in the football players are worshiped in the town. If your not on the football team or the cheer leading squad your an outcast. If you dress differently from everyone or you don't cheer for the team your also an outcast. Gary and Brendan both hate there life and school. They'r...more
Corey Svrcina
"Give a Boy a Gun," by Todd Strasser goes in depth and into police reports for a High School Shooting in a city called Middletown. The story uncover the lives and plans of Gary Seale and Brendan Lawson in order to exact revenge onto those who didn't treat them well. Strasser's book opens up the true horror in High School bullying.

"I will kill every friggin' one of them. It's gonna be Columbine all over again, only better" (Strasser 71).
This was an email sent from Brendan to Gary. The quote unco...more
this book has some pretty harsh things in it. it has lots of conflict and is about bullying. its about jocks picking on 2 kids for years. physically and verbally. which cause both of them to go on a shooting rampage in their school in search of revenge.
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Ariel Uppstrom
I've been wanting to read this for some time now. This is a fictionalized story of two boys who create a plan to get back at their high school tormentors. The way the book is written is interesting. It is done as short excerpts from interviews with people involved in the event. These are sewn together to for a coherent retelling of events. Though I found this an interesting way to write the story, I found it difficult to keep the names in order in my head and really create a picture of the chara...more
Eva Leger
Jul 10, 2009 Eva Leger rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: young people...ones who don't follow others beliefs easily
Recommended to Eva by: found it on-line somewhere
I wouldn't have read this if my daughter hadn't pulled it out but I finished it in about a half of a day and I'm glad I got through it. It's obviously meant for young people and I think it's probably a good for teenagers also but my only problem with it is the author and how he's totally against owning guns.
I'm well aware of the school shootings and I'm also well aware of the Constitution. I have the right to bear arms and I want to make sure if someone walks in my house with the intention of h...more
I wanted to give this book less than 3 stars. For me, 3 is kind of the cut-off between pretty good and not great. In the end, I felt the content was important enough to warrant three stars.

This book addresses school violence, particularly involving guns. The book is published in 2000 and was perhaps written out of reaction to the Columbine shootings. Still, since school violence--and particularly bullying, as the book discusses--is still prevalent, I don't think it is dated. The story is told fr...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Shawn Sorensen
One of those issues that's always in the background and frequently, painfully in the foreground: bullying. Human beings, by nature and insecure within a complex existence, need to create pecking orders. We do our best, through openness and thoughtfulness, to mitigate the pain and unfairness to everyone caught in the hierarchy.

This book is a vivid, tense look about a few factors that caused a school shooting. It's fiction, but painfully real. One speculation is that it would have been to close t...more
Heather Colacurcio
I've read a lot of fiction and non-fiction regarding school violence and this is truly one of the best. Strasser blends fact and fiction in order to alert his reader; we must discover what causes violent behavior in teens, even if it means examining our own behavior more closely. Bullying along with gun control are some of the controversial topics Strasser touches upon in this little book. I may have read this in a few hours, but the impression it made upon me will last a lot longer. Although I'...more
Ally Femrite
I really liked the book over all. It really made me think about the servarity of bullying that takes place in school. I personally have never been bullyied and I can not even imagine the pain that those two boys felt. I really enjoyed the way the book had detail and how it really expressed the way that Breandan and Gary felt. I think that the boys did what was best for them because neither of them really had much to look forward to in their own eyes.
The book made me think about the Columbine s...more
Michael Taylor
Jan 17, 2012 Michael Taylor rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone
Recommended to Michael by: Jen
Ok, let me start by saying, I've never read a book by Todd Strasser that I didn't like. And Give a Boy a Gun did not change that opinion.

Reading the book was like watching a documentary, which I must say I enjoy doing. The book pulls the reader into the lives of people who are dealing with a school shooting. The driving force behind the book is bullying, an all too common topic in our world.

This book is very short, but the discussions it creates can be phenomenal. I think this book is a MUST rea...more
Max Feldman
Max Feldman
English 8-9

Book Review

The second book I read was Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strauser. I enjoyed this book very much. This book displayed several genres like mystery and realistic fiction. I liked this book because it shared many details about each situation. This book doesn’t really connect or relate to any book. One of the very small parts I disliked about this book is all of the comments about the situation. I would rather have more of summary through the book not comments, whe...more
I debated betweeen giving this book a 4 or a 5. A 5 because I think this is a book that every teacher, parent, counselor... working with teens should read. It does a great job of presenting different opinions and feelings of those working with teens and teens themselves. It made it clear that there is not any easy answer to the troubles in school, and also gun control. It had eye opening statistics. However, I wouldn't say it is always the most exciting read. It is mainly little snippets of peop...more
I think this book is probally the best book i have read so far. It highlight the controversial question if people should be able to get thier hands on guns not used for hunting. This book makes you think about pay more attention to the people around you. Alot of different people can relate to the problems in the story. I personaly could really relate to the book because im in high school and alot of the things go unfixed. It is not a long read by it is the story details make you never want to pu...more
Brian Asencio
It was intense. It has a lot of conflict with Brendan and Gary. They had so much conflict that they even had to get to the point where one of them committed suicide and the other one didn't get to. They were harassed by the kids at their high school every day. then once they got to the point where they were tired of it, they stole guns from their neighbor and held the school hostage. i don't want to spoil any more so I recommend you read this book.

Thursday- 58 pgs
Friday- 60 pgs
Saturday- 67 pgs
Give a Boy a Gun is probably one of my favourite YA novels. The story is about Gary and Brendan, two high school juniors who have been bullied constantly for the past three years. Inspired by events like Columbine, they eventually decide to strategically shoot up their school. The whole book, however, is told as little interview snippets after the fact by some of their classmates and teachers, and shows the progression of the two boys' hatred and aggression. Another cool part is at the bottom of...more
Robin Conley
I am always intrigued by these types of stories (school shooter) because there are so many ways of telling them, and each different way creates a different impact. While I enjoyed this story, I think it was very clear that Todd Strasser set out to deliver a message. Which is fine, it's just not my favorite type of story. I enjoy stories that are meant to tell the story as completely as possible, and I find when a story focuses on itself, rather than delivering a message, it has a much stronger i...more
Mya Ayika
Give a Boy a Gun

Vivid, distressing, and all too real, Strasser’s latest work of fiction explores the minds and hearts of a group of students, parents, teachers, and community members whose lives are forever altered by a tragic school shooting. After years of harassment and casual cruelty from the football heroes at Middletown High that is tacitly endorsed by adults in the school, two disturbed, volatile boys arm themselves to the teeth and storm their school dance looking for payback. Although t...more
Tully Lapish

I checked this book out of my school library one day. A few weeks later, the hallway's of Sandy Hook Elementary erupted in pandemonium as Adam Lanza shot a total of 26 people- 20 kids, and 6 staff members. Lets just say, I never returned the book.

The bullets that ring out in schools across the nation take with them precious life, security, and piece of mind, before fading away into newspaper articles and withering sidewalk memorials.

This was the first book I had read by Todd Strasser, and it is...more
The insightful novel Give a Boy a Gun, by Todd Strasser, is a unique story about two boys who were driven to start a school shooting and then commit suicide. This book is best for people who are looking for a serious, mature, and perspicacious story, and even those who aren’t. Give a Boy a Gun is written from the perspectives of teachers, friends, fellow outcasts of the two boys, and even those who made their lives miserable: the jocks. I would highly recommend reading this book for many reason...more
Alex Kahn
This book was very scary. Not in the fact that it was a suspense or horror, but because it could happen anywhere. It was VERY well written and I would suggest it to everyone. If you ask me, I think that everyone should learn from Gary and Brendan. If everyone stopped bullying others, these things might never happen. Me being a victim to bullying in my elementary days. So I know exactly what these poor boys lived through. It can be stopped by anyone at anytime and they attempted the change
Wow. This really messed me up in a way. I know it's fictitious, but sometimes, the quotes were just so mundane it seemed totally real and was really disconcerting. The book is portrayed so that some of these comments are just so downright insulting and idiotic that it almost makes you sympathetic towards the shooters. Seriously, from what everyone's saying, their life really did seem like hell on earth, and especially all these teachers that tormented them as well or/and never did anything, sayi...more
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