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A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media
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A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media

3.87  ·  Rating Details ·  643 Ratings  ·  104 Reviews
Do the mainstream media have a liberal bias? Sure they do, says CBS veteran and New York Times bestselling author Bernard Goldberg. But the media crossed an important line in the 2008 presidential race, moving from their usual unthinking liberal bias to crass partisanship of the crudest kind, practically acting as spin doctors for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. ...more
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Published March 9th 2009 by Tantor Media (first published December 23rd 2008)
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Mar 01, 2009 Robert rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: politics
The New York Times wrote more stories about the tax filings of Joe the Plumber than it did about the combined tax evasion of three nominated Presidential cabinet candidates. The pregnancy status of a Vice Presidential candidate's daughter received 10 times more front page coverage than a Presidential candidate's 20 + year relationship with an outspoken bigot who preached hatred towards America. Why?
Feb 23, 2009 Erin rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: parcbench, politics
With a title like this, you can't say you didn't know what you're getting yourself into! If you're a conservative, you know Bernie Goldberg's work, and I enjoyed Bias quite a big (which is what put him on the map). Bias had a lot of authenticity because he worked for CBS for so many years and really understood that culture and what the world of television news was like. I do respect his point of view.

This book isn't long (barely 200 pages) and Bernie just zips through his points bam-bam-bam. De
Recommend it for all the folks who keep saying the media equally treated both candidates....especially Whoopi Goldberg who can't doesn't know the difference between a reporter and a commentator. The book is filled mostly with statistics from independent research that clearly shows the bias. It is a QUICK read with short chapters and shouldn't take more than a day. It took me about a total of 4 hours. Does anyone think it's ironic that at least 3 reporters (at least 2 from the Chicago Tribune) ar ...more
Wendy Rabe
I'm not sure why I felt compelled to read this, since I lived through it. My hope is that the blatant stumping that the media did during this election will undermine their credibility with Americans. The press' unapologetic partiality should have the average citizen scared to death -- and determined to diligently educate themselves about the issues. With information available through the Internet and conservative news outlets, seeking out the other side is possible but requires effort. The probl ...more
Jan 29, 2009 Jeff rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
A fitting eulogy for the death of what the Founder's intended and envisioned when they created freedom of the press. Gone are the days of relying on the media to keep the government in check. An amazing book that can't be written off as some conservative's piece of opinionated fodder, mainly because he has actual research conducted by non-profit and independent organizations of journalism and others that produce shocking results. Obviously some opinion is interjected, and yeah liberals may take ...more
Feb 11, 2009 Tressa rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: politics
I love Bernie's style of writing. He tells it like it is and doesn't hold anything back, even when skewering himself. In his last book there was a chapter about how he grew up as a Democrat, got a job in the media, and then slowly came to see the error of his ways.

The best chapter in A Slobbering Love Affair is "Pansy Ball," about Chris Matthews and Olbermann fawning "reporting" about the new love in their lives: Barack Obama.

I was dumbfounded, shocked, and outraged the way women candidates wer
Mar 09, 2017 Michael rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
And this is why Trump won in 2016.
I am not into politics. I don't talk politics with friends. But I do know a bit about journalism, having studied it in school many years ago. What I learned back then is that reporting news is about giving the facts and covering important issues that matter to the public. After living through the U.S. presidential election of 2008, it seemed to me like a lot had changed in the world of journalism. It was no longer about providing a service to the people — it was about journalists doing all they ...more
Ken Roebuck
Jul 26, 2011 Ken Roebuck rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
GREAT TITLE! Goldberg hits the nail on the head with his apt depiction of the mainstream media’s relationship with Barack Obama as “A Slobbering Love Affair” which has become apparent after the inauguration has turned him into “celebrity in chief”. Barnes & Noble where I bought the book has a whole table display devoted to Obama piled high with books, tapes, videos, posters and other commemorative Obamabilia. Goldberg asserts that the elite media’s liberal bias, for the first time in journal ...more
Jun 26, 2009 Mick rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
News flash. The left-leaning, mainstream media was in the tank for Barack Obama during the historic 2008 Presidential election.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

And thus, when former CBS veteran/current political pundit Bernard Goldberg came out with his media critique, A SLOBBERING LOVE AFFAIR, I thought his book would be an exercise in rhetorical redundancy. The major newspapers and the networks, along with CNN and MSNBC, are comprised of journalists who are decidedly and unabashedly liberal. Unles
Sep 07, 2009 Kate rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This book is a really accessible analysis/critique of the media's unprecedented kid-glove treatment of Barack Obama during his run for the presidency. Goldberg backs up his assertions with lots of direct quotes from broadcasts & articles. Whether or not Obama is a brilliant leader who will redeem us, a radical who will ruin us, or anywhere in between, is not the point.
The premise of this book is that the media didn't let the American public make up their own minds. Goldberg does not level an
Apr 03, 2009 Andrea rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Goldberg has a valid point to make, that the mainstream media in the United States (and globally, for that matter), failed to do its job as media by uncritically and unashamedly supporting Barack Obama from early in his candidacy for president. Goldberg points out the failure of the various media outlets to ask Obama any hard questions and to apply to him the same level of scrutiny that they did to McCain.

The most frightening revelation in the book comes in chapter 16, when Goldberg tells us ho
Bojan Tunguz
May 18, 2011 Bojan Tunguz rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
The US presidential election of 2009 was historic in many respects - the first black presidential candidate by one of the major parties, the first female VP candidate on the Republican ticket, and probably a host of other "firsts" that only news pundits and political junkies care about. The election was also unprecedented in the following regard: never before has the media been so blatantly and unapologetically in the pocket of one candidate. The overwhelming media bias in favor of Democrats and ...more
Linda Lipko
Sep 01, 2009 Linda Lipko rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
For those of you who are Obama supporters and see this title listed and start to react by thinking "Wow, wait, this is an unfair statement", hold on to your opinion for a minute while I say:

1) Goldberg does not accuse the media for McCain's loss; there are many reasons for the republican fiasco including the fact that their candidate did not accurately get his message across.

2) Golderg is not making a statement that Obama was a terrible candidate,

What Goldberg is saying is the liberal media did
Mar 23, 2009 Melissa rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
So far I am loving this book. It says everything I wanted to say during the election but didn't for three reasons, the first being that most of my friends already knew, second, those that didn't wouldn't listen and third I am nowhere near as well spoken as Goldberg. Plus my immediate family, including my mother and brother are far left and I hate political arguments that end in excruciatingly awkward silence over dinner. I do disagree with Goldberg on one point though. He believes that Obama, th ...more
Ted Magnuson
This book is a classic rant. The author needs a clue--he wonders why Oprah didn't interview Sarah Palin during the last elections. The tragedy is that people would believe this dude. While the sideshow stunts of the extremes may be entertaining, books of this nature detract from the steady-eddie business of running the world
Bleh. This hastily-done, unnecessarily-rude book added nothing "new" to an issue that one couldn't possibly miss. I'm not sure why I thought it would. Not at all up to the par of "Bias". No need to read this one--if you followed the news in the past year at all, you already know practically everything Goldberg has to say.
Mar 18, 2016 John rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: politics

Top 10 Obama Gaffes
Human Events | Sunday Jul 10, 2011 3:01 AM

The Left had a grand old time with President George W. Bush’s mangling of the English language, and let Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann make a slip of the tongue and the mainstream media will turn it into a major news story. Not so with President Obama’s verbal missteps. Here, to bring balance to the ridicule, are the Top 10 Obama Gaffes:

1. How many states? Vice President Dan Quayle was virtually laughed out of Was
Jul 29, 2011 Dachokie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: politics
The title may antagonize ... but the substance is there, March 2, 2009

Yes, the title is an antagonistic teaser... and it probably has been the main reason for people to pan this book without even reading a single page. This is a sad fact, because Bernard Goldberg is relevant, honest and is skilled at writing in a common-sense manner that most everyone can appreciate ... whether you agree with his position or not. Golberg also provides plenty of legitimate sources to back claims and maintains a l
Feb 18, 2009 Rhonda rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: read-in-2009
If you liked Bernard Goldberg's Bias and his other bestsellers, you'll like this one, too.
He states that this is NOT the same old bias as in the past, that the media cossed the line this time in the 2008 presidential race. He maintains that the media was IN LOVE with Barack Obama, that they launched their own campaign to assure his election, and that gushed and were giddy with excitement in his presence, unlike any other before.
He gives many examples, and quotes, and his chapters cover topics
Sep 30, 2012 Sangeeta rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
first off, agreed; there is generally a liberal bias in the mainstream press.

I read "The Obama Hate Machine" by Bill Press a couple of months ago, and found it to be eye opening, in a negative way, how (certain elements of) the press are manipulated by a relatively small segment (the 1%?) of the population. Also, the history of acrimony at the highest levels of politics all the way back to the first presidency was very interesting stuff. The Obama Hate Machine was serious, well written and thor
Bernard Goldberg is a former CBS reporter who infuriated his bosses by going public with what he considered to be a hatchet job on then—GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes and his flat tax proposal.

Goldberg has since parlayed his excommunication from the mainstream media into a regular gig on Fox News, a series of books, and frequent appearances on popular talk radio programs, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

His latest book is a slim effort, a quick read, and doesn't really cover an
Mary Lou
Truth spoken here, but nothing new to Goldberg fans.
Feb 15, 2009 Amanda rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: current-affairs
reading this book dredged up all the bad memories that I had from the election. This is a book that looks at the mainstream media and the ridiculous bias that they used to influence the American public and the presidential election. everyone complains that FOX is such a conservative station, well take a look at just about every other station out there (hint, hint - MSNBC and CNN) and you'll get knocked out by liberalism. When the mainstream media's only role in the election should have been as a ...more
Mar 27, 2010 Lisa rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I liked this book alot, its informative but not over-the-top. It speaks to issues such as: Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers. It talks about the media's portrayal of Obama as the next coming of Christ and Michelle as Mother Theresa. Were these fair depictions? How about the "other" side? How were they portrayed by the same media outlets? The one-sidedness of the reporting during the presidential campaign is also examined. It discusses how opinions infused with journalism when its not an "op ed" piece ...more
I liked this book because it confirmed that I wasn't delusional. =)

It's a fast read; the book and chapters are really short. Compared to Goldberg's "Bias," "Slobbering" seems kind of un-meaty and sort of like a rush job.

Regardless, Goldberg did a great job recording things the media did to unabashedly promote Obama, and provides some interesting insight here and there. For example, I could never figure out why the media (and liberals) despised Palin SOOO badly (I knew there was something more to
Feb 18, 2011 Eric rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
So the analysis of the media's obsession with Obama during the election was pretty solid. his oopinion was that they wanted to feel a part of the first black president being elected and did what they could to stiffle the opposition coverage. The author does make the book lively and funny. He explains that the media isn't full of liberals by some planned attack but they just are; suggesting that hiring more conservatives would take some of the biased out of the reporting. My favorite line when th ...more
Oct 10, 2009 Sheralyn rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Goldberg created the perfect title to sum up the truly pathetic mainstream media. I enjoyed his witty description of "journalists". In this book you will reflect on how ridiculous the great 'Saint Barack' was dazzled up to be through bad journalism for the sake of Liberal snakes & the hype of his supposed JFK/Lincolnesque appeal. Regardless of his past affiliations (Ayers & Rev. Wright), no one knows who this guy really is, and they (the left-wingers) obviously don't care. All I have to ...more
Decent book. Nothing we didn't already know about the media coverage of "the chosen one." Good information. The media no longer allows you to form your own opinion...they're opinion is practically forced down your throat. Freedom of speech is a precious thing. But it seems that having a voice and standing up for your values and the things this country was founded on is not politically correct. This has nothing to do it political affiliation, but everything to do with values.
* Honesty
* Reverence
I wish that I could say that I was shocked and surprised at what I learned in this book - but it was all right there in front of us during this entire election. There are some other disturbing events/comments behind the scenes that I was not aware of. I'm afraid that the people who voted for this media hyped empty suit will definitely regret what they have done to this country. This guy has some scary radical ideas and associations that should have been looked into more thoroughly - now look at ...more
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American writer, journalist, and political pundit. Goldberg has won twelve Emmy Awards during his career. He is currently a commentator for Fox News and a correspondent for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

From 1972 to 1974 he worked for CBS News as a producer in Atlanta; he became a reporter in 1974 and correspondent in 1976.

Goldberg frequently contributed to the CBS Evening News and CBS news
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