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Alexander (Alexandros #1)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  3,318 ratings  ·  123 reviews
The first volume of Alexander describes how the combined discipline and passion of his parents formed the talented Alexander, then portrays the start of his great adventure to conquer the civilised world in ancient times.
Paperback, 447 pages
Published July 1st 2001 by Pan Books (UK) (first published 1998)
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Tariq Alferis
"وأنت أيها الإسكندر المستيقظ في بهيم الليل
إلى أين تحوم بك عيناك؟
وأين يجول بك قلبك؟
تريد قهر البلاد البعيدة
حيث تغيب المجرات.
وحيث تتلاشي اخر أمواج المحيط"

.الإسكندر فتى الحلم،الجزء الأول من ثلاثية فاليرو ماسيمو مانفريدي، تسرد الملحمة التاريخية والروائية حياة العظيم ابن فيلب ملك مقدونيا "إلكسندر"، الكتاب مُمتع بشكل مش عادي، مع أنه أغلب المعلومات التاريخية معروفة لكن عندما تمتزج المعلومات التاريخية بالحبكة الروائية حاتكون طبعا شىء مِليح، نجح فاليرو بتوفير رُوح لكل شخصية، لدرجة كان فيه ارتباط بيني وب
الاسكند : فتى الحُلم
بيد أن العنوان هو صفحة اختصرت في جملة ( كلمتين )
ايها الاسكندر الحالم ، إن العالم بين يديك .
اكاد اموت حماسة للعودة إلى البيت و امساك الكتاب الثاني من الثلاثية .
In Italy, Valerio Massimo Manfredi is a well-known and respected historian, writer and tv personality. He's also considered an archaeologist, although in reality he's a specialist in the topography of the ancient world and never studied archaeology in its own right. These days, most of his work involves writing novels and adapting books set in classical antiquity for film and television.
The strong point of his books is his detailed topographic knowledge of the ancient world, which usually makes
Aug 14, 2008 Teresa rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fantasy readers, historical fiction
As a fantasy reader, I've always wondered where authors such as Tamora Pierce get their inspiration in creating their worlds - surprisingly enough this wonderful narrative about the early life of Alexander the Great, closely resembles the many heroes in their wild adventures into their universe. Manfredi has wonderfully concocted a story full of hate, struggle, intrigue and adventure. It just goes to show that war, power and heroism is not only found in fiction - I believe the best thing about t ...more
Cassandra Kay Silva
I thought this was pretty good, but I read it side by side with Virtues of War by Pressfield, and frankly Pressfield blows this guy out of the water. It is a three part undertaking and I think the first one was very good, but the writing was a bit bland. Lucky for the writer Alexanders life was incredible so of course the stories are brilliant. With three books to do it in, Valerio can cover a lot of ground that other authors miss when recounting Alexanders life. Overall its a wonderful topic an ...more
Arun Divakar
History remembers some men and women more than others. This immortality could be on account of deeds good or bad. The name of Alexander of Macedonia is entwined with warfare on a global scale and a conquest the kind of which the world had not seen until then. Personally I find in him a charismatic leader of men, if not for which the soldiers under his command would never have marched to the ends of the earth. Countless books and visual representations later, I still find the topic of this man to ...more
Lynne Norman
I loves me historical fiction I do. And this introduction to a trilogy on the life of Alexander the Great is an extremely well-written and well-researched novel that really does transport you to ancient Macedonia. Manfredi tries - and succeeds - in giving a balanced account of people's actions - painting them not as heroes or villains but human beings with warring emotions and difficult decisions to make.
Ahmed Ibrahim
"وأنت أيها الإسكندر المستيقظ في بهيم الليل
إلى أين تحوم بك عيناك؟
وأين يجول بك قلبك؟
تريد قهر البلاد البعيدة
حيث تغيب المجرات.
وحيث تتلاشي اخر أمواج المحيط"
بداية رائعة للثلاثية.
Bryn Hammond
Empty, for me - in psychology and style - and a pity because I want a worthy novel on the subject. A great novel for a great man... the search goes on.
Holly Lindquist
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I know that so many people love this book, which is my this is hard for me to say: it was okay - just. I have read many fantasy books, many books with epic scenes and fantastic characters, but this wasn't one of them for me. I felt the characters were under-developed, and quite predictable. The story itself failed to sweep me away. And probably one of the most disappointing things about this book, is the pace of the writing. As I was reading it I hoped desperately that the sense of urgency in so ...more
I read this book in translation. It was every bit as good as a Mary Renault novel for catching the sense of time and place. In some ways I think it was superior to Renault and that is almost sacrilege to lovers of historical fiction. Renault's prose was always magnificent but she portrayed Alexander as a perfectly Hellenized Greek which he was not. He was a Macedonian and his Balkan heritage is always given a short shift only for the reason Aristotle was his tutor. Prince Alexander was not well ...more
Alexander has stood as one of the great men of history for dozens of generations. His legend is as large as the lands he conquered. With so much written and embellished about Alexander, its nice to have an even-handed account like this, one that shows the motivations of Olympias and Philip, as well as Alexander. I find him the most compelling historical personage and it is refereshing to have such a clear view of his childhood and preparation for the crown. In most biographies, or even historica ...more
I've only recently discovered the joy of learning history the easy way - by reading a fictionalised version. This is the first of three books telling the story of the life of Alexander the Great. In this first book, we watch Alexander grow from a boy to a man, educated by Aristotle and Callisthenes, groomed for monarchy by his father, Philip of Macedon, making the friends that would stay with him through adulthood, and finally taking the throne. The language is sometimes flowery but I'm guessing ...more
More like 3 and a half stars but I'm inclined to be as generous to Mr. Manfredi as he was with me.

Being a long-time fan of the history and mythology of Alexander The Great, I was hesitant as usual to read a fictionalized account of his life, but what I've realized is that fictionalized histories are not the problem, but those who write them are. When too many liberties with the facts are taken, merely to suit the author's needs, disaster strikes. However, when done properly, as I've now experien
Historical fiction has the power to transport you to a different era. One that is much more powerful and beautiful than the one you're in right now. To me, a well written work of historical fiction, is one of the easiest ways to time travel. Like Ashok Banker's Ramayana series.

With a protagonist, as powerful, manly and dynamic as Alexander, nothing less than sweeping me off my feet would work. In this case, i felt like i was reading my history textbook. The narrative in this book is straightfor
Non sono obiettiva con questa trilogia, meglio metterlo subito in chiaro.
Non è perfetta, anche se la ritengo senza dubbio il miglior lavoro di Manfredi, le "libertà storiche" che l'autore s'è preso non sono poche e non sono nemmeno tutte secondarie, ma è una trilogia che adoro.
Per motivi "affettivi", è stata il mio portale su Alessandro, quella che mi ha spinto a conoscere sempre più questa figura fenomenale, troppo spesso usata a motivi propagandisitci nel corso della storia, troppo spesso dist
.. كتاب رائع.. بحق.. .. يأخذنا برحلة جميلة الى الماضي..تعرفت الى الاسكندر اكثر فاكثر.. الاسكندر شخصية عظيمة.. اصغر قائد حيث حكم العالم من الشرق الى الغرب..!

إقتباسات من الاسكندر: فتى الحلم\\
" يشبه الأمر إحراق الكتب، من أجل بيع الرماد، أليس كذلك؟!"
_أوليمبيا الى الاسكندر
" إنتبه يا بني فالطعنات في المعركة تأتي من جميع الجهات"

"“و كم من الدماء كانت ستُراق؟ أجبني على هذا السؤال! و كمن كان عدد الأرامل اللواتي سيلبسن الثياب السوداء حدادا على أزواجهن،وكم عدد الامهات اللواتي سيلبسن الاسود حدادا على او
Kitabı okurken sanki o zamanları yaşıyorsunuz . İskender'in babasıyla annesiyle ve arkadaşlarıyla olan ilişkisini okurken sanki o zamana gitmişsiniz onları görünmez bir zırhın ardından izliyormuşsunuz hissine kapılıyorsunuz.
Makedonya'nın Yunanlarla ilişkileri sırasında , barış için İskender'in Yunan yurduna gidiyor ve oradaki güzel atmosferi yaşıyor çok etkileniyor, sanki bu güzel atmosferi yaşayan İskender değil de sizmişsiniz gibi. Sanki o anda o toprakları , Akropolis'i işitebiliyor ve görebi
كواحدة تعيش في مثل هذا العصر من التقدم والاستقرار النسبي ، هذا العصر الذي استبدل الدروع بسترة واقية للرصاص ، واستبدل طبول الحرب بالبنادق والرشاشاات ، وصوت حماس المحاربين بصوت مكتوم لأمل مفجووع بالفرار ،، لم الاحظ قبل الان او ربما لم اعير اي انتباه لذلك الزمان الذي كون جزء من نقلله كبيره لدى تاريخ الكتير من الشعوب ،، قصة لتلك الحضارات غير تلك التي تخصنني ، لتلك الاسماء والشخصيات الغريبة عن لغتي ،، التي لم الحظ وجودها سوا عن طريق هذا الكتاب !!
I've found some of Manfredi's other books to be quite dry and dull, so it was a pleasant surprise to find this book was the opposite. Alexander is a character you can get behind. His story is really interesting and engaging. I don't know anything about this period in history and I can't even get my head around how long ago it was. These nations were civilised years before the Brits. We were still running around like tribesmen and painting ourselves blue, my how far we've come.

I don't know how h
Mohamad Dahrouj
غالبا من ينشأ في بيت امبراطور يصبح إمبراطورا أعظم من أبيه شرط أن لا يكون مدللا حتى لا يفسده الدلال كما يحصل اليوم في بلادنا . نشأ الاسكندر وتربى على الزعامة والقيادة كان له اب وام ايضا حريصين على ان يكون ابنهما قائدا مميزا رغم الخلافات الهائلة التي تقع بين ابويه. كتاب يستحق القراءة إنه الجزء الأول من حياة الإسكندر الكبير .
Aljoharah Alobaikan

انها احدى اروع الروايات التي قرأتها
ايقونه تاريخيه اغريقيه تعتبر الجزء الاول من ثلاثية فاليريو ماسيمو
تأخرت في قراءتها بسبب ظروف خارجة عني
والا كنت أنهيتها بشكل اسرع لما فيها من آثاره وتشويق
انصح بها لمحبي التاريخ
2nd best series of books I've ever read. Excellent historical fiction about an indomitable spirit.
Asmaa Masr
تُحفة جدًا
مزيج من الأدب الراقي
و التاريخ و المُتعه ..

شُكرًا يا إيريني <3
رواية مكونة من ثلاثة أجزاء؛ تتحدث عن سيرة الأسكندر المقدوني الكبير؛ منذ ولادته، وحتى وفاته، رواية ضخمة الحجم؛ (من ثلاثة أجزاء)؛ شيقة، يقوم فيها الكاتب فاليريو بسرد قصة حياة الاسكندر؛ بصورة رائعة؛ من خلال رواية.. هذا أسلوب رائع؛ أن يتم شرح التاريخ؛ في صورة رواية؛ تتمتع بكم هائل من التفاصيل؛ التي يصعب إيجادها في كتاب تاريخي واحد، أو اثنين؛ فيما يتعلق بسيرة الاسكندر المقدوني.... لقد تم تصوير الاسكندر؛ كشخص طبيعي؛ جنسياً؛ أي ليس بشاذ؛ كما يُصوره البعض؛ الرواية تم نشرها إلى لعربية؛ عن طريق الدار العر ...more
Amo i romanzi storici ed ancora una volta ho apprezzato il modo di narrare di Manfredi, bravissimo a rendere vivissima agli occhi del lettore contemporaneo un'epoca così lontana (il tutto in modo perfettamente aderente alla realtà storica).
E' bello tuffare la mente in un'epoca in cui gli esseri umani erano ancora uomini con la U maiuscola, oggi abbiamo tutto ma forse ci manca proprio ciò che sta alla base, una relazione genuina fra gli uomini e il vivere un sogno possente come quello che animò
Leggere A Colori
Valerio Massimo Manfredi è un archeologo, conduttore televisivo e scrittore italiano. Non l’ho mai visto all’opera con la prima professione citata, ma devo dire che negli altri due casi non deve prorpio rendere conto a nessuno. Suo grande merito, secondo me, è quello di saper attirare l’attenzione. A quel punto il gioco è fatto: non riuscirete più a distogliere lo sguardo dal libro.

Continua a leggere su
Blablabla Aleatório
Em algum momento da vida você já ouviu alguma coisa sobre ele, um dos maiores conquistadores do mundo antigo é figurinha carimbada nos livros de história. Se nestes podemos acompanhar a trajetória de suas conquistas, na trilogia de Manfredi nos é permitido conhecer a pessoa de Alexandre Magno mais a fundo, seu nascimento, sua criação, educação, suas primeiras conquistas, enfim os acontecimentos que moldaram o grande conquistador. No primeiro volume Manfredi se atém aos primeiros anos da vida do ...more
Yvan Argeadi
RECENSIONE: http://atelierdiunalettricecompulsiva...

Era il 1998 quando, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, archeologo e storico di fama internazionale, pubblicò il primo volume della trilogia dedicata a colui che storici e studiosi ritengono essere stato il più grande condottiero di tutti i tempi, grande non soltanto sul campo di battaglia, ma anche e soprattutto in quella guerra spietata e senza esclusione di colpi che è la vita: Alessandro il Grande.
Ne Il figlio del Sogno, Manfredi ripercorre la giovin
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Valerio Massimo Manfredi (born 1943) is an Italian historian, writer, archaeologist and journalist. He was born in Piumazzo di Castelfranco Emilia, province of Modena and is married to Christine Fedderson Manfredi, who translates his published works from Italian to English. They have two children and live in a small town near Bologna.
Valerio Massimo Manfredi defines himself as an "Ancient World To
More about Valerio Massimo Manfredi...

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“History sometimes reproduces, at a distance of many years, the same combinations of circumstances that generate great achievements. But nothing ever repeats itself in exactly the same way.” 14 likes
“There are no simple answers to complex problems.” 12 likes
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