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Der unsterbliche Prinz
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Der unsterbliche Prinz (Tide Lords #1)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  2,802 ratings  ·  139 reviews
He's insisting he's a Tide Lord and he's begging us to try kill him, that is.

When a routine hanging goes wrong, the survivor announces he is Cayal the immortal Prince, a Tide Lord. However, the only known record of the immortal beings of Amyrantha is the Tide LordTarot...and everyone knows it is only a parlour-game, an amusement.

Arkady Desean, an expert on the l
Paperback, 652 pages
Published April 15th 2008 by Egmont Lyx (first published March 1st 2007)
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The routine hanging of a murderer goes wrong, and when the victim can speak again he claims to be an immortal Tide Lord, and then begs them to try again . . . . . . to kill him, that is.

Firstly, this is one of the best written books I’ve read lately. Very compact, the story flows at an excellent pace, with every sentence contributing to the plot, character development, setting ambience and worldbuilding; an economy of words I haven’t seen since I’ve read Prince of Thorns. The narration gravitate
I bought The Immortal Prince in Australia during summer 2007. I was looking for something that looked undemanding enough to make for good travel reading and also carried the store's "local author!" tag. I hadn't heard of Jennifer Fallon before, but the first chapter seemed nicely written, so I picked this up.

The Immortal Prince felt like the first book in a series (and it is) -- the plot is just beginning to unfold, there isn't any great emotional crescendo, and the ending is left wide open (tho
I broke my "e-book only" rule and ordered this because it looked like I would really enjoy it, and I did indeed! It has a great epic fantasy feel to it, but the characters are very well fleshed out and enjoyable. The conceit of these extremely dis-compassionate and capricious immortal figures was very intriguing, and all the "king-capades" (as I like to call this genre) were interesting because the characters aren't totally cookie-cutter. Will read the next two for sure! (FOR SOME REASON 2 and 3 ...more
I hate to give a Fallon book three stars, but there it is. I was hoping this book would get me out of the funky mood I've been in, but it didn't. So, is it me? Am I just not in the mood to accept a new series? I can't even really point out any hufw flaws with this book. I didn't connect with any of the characters. I didn't like the way it was set up, that it kept going back in the past, in a first-person narrative, but I wasn't allowed to experience or be a part of the story. Arkady kept going b ...more
This book was a struggle for me, from start to finish. The overall feel is a book that feels like it's paving the way for other, more exciting events in upcoming books. Most human characters were sort of stereotypical with a twist; the "ice duchess" and academic, intelligent, unaware of her perfect beauty and starved for love; the immortal "prince," who's actually the good-looking rogue who hasn't fully seen the error of his ways; the honorable duke, trying to do the best for the people under h ...more
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That was the trouble with hiding for a thousand years. People forgot about you. Or they twisted your story around so much they turned you into a myth; they scorned your very existence until you began to wonder if you were real, or just a figment of your own imagination.
In this fantastical world, Jennifer Fallon blends fantasy, magic, romance and politics together to form a wonderful and fantastical story. With great characterization this story really comes to life. It's the first book in the

This is a series which I have liked and the first book is very deceptive in its approach. The story begins by introducing the readers to Arkady, Stellan and Cayal. Ordinarily this would be a run-of-the-mill fantasy that I would avoid like the plague, but with this being written by Jennifer Fallon, it takes on a whole another level.

This book is set in a world wherein Immortals ruled the world and threatened its existence many times over. These immortals are called Tide Lords and Cayal says he's
I don't consider myself a squeamish reader by most standards. And this is not a book to be squeamish about. Not really. However, when talk of the Crasii, or humanoid animals, came up it got in my way of enjoying this story.

And I did enjoy this first book. I very much found myself drawn into the Immortal Prince Cayal's long lifetime and lore. I enjoyed how human he and his fellow immortals seemed. For all that they have all lived for many thousands of years the twenty two immortals still squabbl
Bryan Giger
This is an excellent start for the Tide Lord’s quartet. Here, Fallon blends as great deal of magic, romance, and adventure plus her signature touch of politics together. The book also has a plot that I have never read before. The Immortal Prince is a book that would keep the reader guessing at its many unexpected twists and turns.
The opening paragraph of the book already captivates the reader with its unique storyline. Cayal the immortal prince of legend was looking for a way to die or close to
I though this was a great start to a new series about the Tide Lords, immortals that have been out of power and sight for so long that the human population of the world doesn't remember they exist. It reminded me a lot of Greek and Roman mythology where the gods squabble with each other and wreak havoc on humans in the process.

Much of the plot revolves around Arkady Desean, an academic and wife of the Duke, trying to figure out if a prisoner who didn't die at his hanging is really insane or an i
joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire*
there is absolutely no reason for anyone to read my thoughts about this book, as this is going to be a RANT, not a review.

why on EARTH does half the the focus of this book have to be a homosexual duke? i mean, really, diversity in fiction is fine -- though a little forewarning would've been appreciated. but the whole situation is utterly ridiculous. he has a wife, who we are repeatedly told is the most beautiful woman ever, but he only wants his lover. the WIFE, on the other hand, is totally loy
Lina Al-Midfa
If you liked Jennifer Fallon's work, then you'll definitely enjoy The Immortal Prince.

Looking forward to a decapitation execution, Cayal (The Immortal Prince, or so he claims) wants to die. Guilty for the murder of seven men, his fate is sealed. He is to be executed, but unfortunately, the executioner is on vacation, so he has to settle for a normal hanging.

When the hanging goes wrong, for Cayal simply does not die, he is sent to Lebec Prison; Recidivists' Row, reserved for the most dangerous c
Well, sadly I finished the first book in this series. Mostly because I enjoyed it until the end. I really didn't want it to end. I did guess some of the twists, but some of them I didn't see coming, too much.

Her main character, the Duchess, does quite well in defining herself through the book. Or rather, it's trying to define herself as an academic, and prove herself, in a world filled with men thinking woman are good just for babies. But factor into this the fact that magic is real, and the ma
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An interesting premise but many of the characters were two-dimensional, there was quite a bit of backstory, and not much action until the last few chapters Also the Crasii, human-animal hybrids bred as slaves, were often not well-realized and occasional somewhat ridiculous. However the world is well-developed and the premise is different. I think that there is promise that the story will develop, as this is only the first of four books.

**I have now read subsequent books and the series does impro
fuckin awful. it's so damn annoying, it just goes on and on about cayel's past. the only problem in the book is proving cayel is actually immortal. i spent the second half of the book hoping that the girl whose name i forgot would fall in love with cayel and some how make the book worth the effort it takes to get through it, because i'm a hopeless romantic at heart, she dosen't by the way. it was awful and the girl was stupid she watches cayel cut off the fingers of his left hand and then doesn' ...more
A little wordy would be my complaint. The beginning dragged, especially with so many different characters introduced at once.
Still, an interesting concept of magic (the whole tide thing sort of makes sense) and the storytelling overall was pretty good. Okay, fine, I kept thinking Time Lord instead, but that's me. For now I'd say this is a bit above average fantasy, but that could change with the next book, depending on how the author handles it.
Also, don't like the anthromorphs. I just don't.
This ended up being another one of those books that I really wanted to like but ended up being disappointed. I think it's more of a not my cup of tea kind of thing. The premise is really interesting but for me personally I kept slogging through and the writing was just too dry for me. I didn't really care what happened to anyone, I just wanted something to HAPPEN. Perhaps if I'd stayed with the book it may have gotten better further but I did not have the patience to do so. bummer.
Hmm. So it started off well. About a third of the way in, it kinda lagged. I was afraid the whole book was going to be Cayal telling stories. The characters in the real time of the book were very interesting characters. I loved Arkady and Stellen and their situation and their relationship. The first few stories were interesting, but then I got tired of them. We were given a bunch of names and a bunch of info, but no real connection with it. It got old. Loved Warlock and his banner and relationsh ...more
Just interesting enough to finish, but not engaging enough to continue the series. The characters are not particularly likeable, or well developed. The world does not make sense, and the politics discussed in this volume would be enough to destroy any non-fantasy government.

I dislike the concept of the crasii - especially the unjustifiably cruel origin and perpetuation of the races - and its 2-dimensionality.

Meh. Mass-market-produced fantasy with average writing (so many typos in the book!). Interesting premise, I suppose, but not really novel (ref: CS Friedman) and I guessed all but one of the "surprises" about three sentences after they were introduced. Will probably read the next one, just to give it a chance.
I picked up THE IMMORTAL PRINCE at an independent bookstore (Sundance Books in my hometown of Reno, NV) in a concerted effort to try a book from a female fantasy author of whom I had never heard.

Overall, I consider the experiment a success. This isn't an amazing book, but it's enjoyable. The characters are solid and fun to read about, as is the plot. It's a good book to use for taking a break from heavier stuff and settling in to relax.

Arkady Desean, the main character, is my favorite. She's sma
read it. kept waiting for something to happen. lots of mystery and intrigue. don't like good people being used by evil, and yet, it's probably more true to life.
I honestly adored this book, and would have loved to give it 5 stars. I just couldn't do it after seeing all the editorial mistakes throughout the book. I've stopped reading books for bad editing and obvious errors. I ridiculed 50 Shades of Grey for these types of errors(as well as other things).

I hope all this shows that the book is definitely worth a read if I could look past that.

The book itself is wonderful. The plot is very exciting, only dragging in certain parts. I love the world building
I love the premise of this book, and it was really hard to put down
The Tide Lords Quartet
I have not read a straight fantasy like this is a while, and it was a nice change from the romance and Urban fantasy. One thing I love the most about fantasy books is the world building. I am fascinated by the different world and creatures, and universes people can create in their minds. The human imagination is something to behold. Fantasy is the ultimate escape, and these days...I need an escape from reality every so often. Fallon does a great job in world building. Amyr
Jennifer Jacobs
This is the book that introduced me to Jennifer Fallon and I am eternally grateful to the friend who suggested we go to Borders on a whim and I found this treasure. A instant page-turner, I absolutely loved The Immortal Prince and all of the Tide Lords saga as a whole. Of the quartet, I have to say that this one was my favorite. I loved the main characters of Arkady, the hardened book-worm whom all see as a pretty face, but never really realize the truly beautiful and intelligent soul beneath th ...more
Schon lange herrscht Ebbe, die die Gezeitenfürsten ihrer Macht beraubt und sie zu einfachen Unsterblichen macht. Schon längst haben die Menschen ihre Existenz vergessen, sie sind nur noch Gestalten aus den Legenden der Crasii – Mischwesen halb Tier halb Mensch, geboren um zu dienen. Da ist es kein Wunder, dass niemanden den Worten Kyle Lakeshs Glauben schenkt, er sei der Gezeitenfürst Cayal, obwohl er gerade eine Hinrichtung überlebte. Einzig die Crasii erkennen ihre Meister wieder – und einige ...more
I was quite pleased with this first book of the Tide Lords series. I have not read Ms. Fallon before. Since my library carries the series, it was only an investment of time to investigate her potential. Conceptually, the Tide Lords are unique and the plot development was well paced. The Tide Lords could have been fallen angels or any immortal but it worked better that they were once humans that were changed. The influence of the tide on their magical powers is a twist that I have never come acro ...more
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Fallon is the author of 17 full-length bestselling novels and a number of published short stories in genres ranging from horror to science fiction.

In addition to 4 complete fantasy series - The Demon Child trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles, the Second Sons Trilogy,The Tide Lords Quadrilogy and the Rift Runners series - Fallon has written both a tie-novel and short fiction for the TV series, Stargat
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“Solitude is an interesting companion. It is both enemy and friend, comforter and tormentor. I spent a lot of time in Dun Cinzci's meat locker trying to decide which. Fortunately, when I tired of solitude, I had guilt to keep me company. Guilt is an even more interesting acquaintance than solitude, let me tell you. Solitude is a harsh but essentially benign attendant. Guilt, on the other hand, is a living, breathing creature, cruel and remorseless. It eats you from the inside out; devours what little hope you have left. It feeds on you, growing stronger with every accursed replayed memory, every useless recrimination." ~ Cayal, The Immortal Prince” 3 likes
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