Mr. and Miss Anonymous
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Mr. and Miss Anonymous

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  1,672 ratings  ·  224 reviews
"New York Times"-bestselling novelist Michaels delivers an unforgettable story about the unexpected turns in life that can pull people apart--and the twists of fate that bring them back together.
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published May 1st 2009 by Kensington (first published January 1st 2009)
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2.5 stars

PG-rating-equivalent: Everything more than the merest kissing takes place "off camera", and though there is pre-marital sex, it is clear that they'll be getting married just as soon as the Horrifying Mystery is cleared up and they have enough time to put together a Spectacular Wedding Event.

A fun read, but chock-full of plot holes and stuff that makes you go "whuh?!"



Ok, so Pete and Lily both feel guilty about their donations. But really, the implication that...more
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Leah (packfan20)
The description of the book is very misleading. It appears to be a love story, however, that is barely expanded in the book. Fern Michaels seemed to have had trouble deciding which type of book she wanted to write so she combined a love story, murder mystery, paternity case, ghost story and FBI story into one. I felt that none of the story lines were developed and pieces were just thrown together. Some characters did not have names and were called "the man", "the boy", and "the soccer player" un...more
This is the first book I've ever read by Fern Michaels because I've always considered her (and for several years I actually thought Fern was a man) to be an author for old ladies. I was delightfully suprised by how much I liked this plot. I could not always enjoy the plot, however, because I was so appalled by the atrocious dialogue. Seriously, I do not think dialogue could get more unrealistic than this! One character, who is supposed to be having a "conversation" would speak uninterrupted for...more
This was a painful read. The plot had potential but it took forever to fully develop and then everything resolved too quickly yet with many loose ends. The love stories were not believable.
I think that the concept of the plot and story was awesome but the writing was off and choppy. It did not flow together and, I did not know who's viewpoint was telling the story. it went back and forth, being in one characters head to the other persons head. The writing was not up to par. Naming of people wasn't good at all, some people were called a girl or a boy or maid then turned into her name. Not telling us her maid had a name. I really had high hopes for this book and it really spit in my...more
I wasn't crazy about this one. I thought the couple's angst over their donations was too over the top. I don't think the relationsip/love story between Pete and Lily was ever developed satsfactorily. I knew more about the dog's emotions than I did about the main characters. And the ghost of Tom...I really don't think that was a good fit for this novel. I think this novel tried to be too many things..a romance, a suspense/thriller, and a paranormal and couldn't quite get any of them completely ri...more
Shauna Freeman
This was excruciatingly difficult for me to get through. The plot sounds interesting enough and summary made it sound more like a love story, which turned out really not to be the case. I got frustrated with the constant running around, irrelevant storylines, and bad descriptions. There were so many parts describing in great detail what the dog was doing and I just wanted to skip forward. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs and have one of my own but didn't understand or like how the dog was so huma...more
Katie Kenig
Okay, so I didn't love this book. It went just a tiny bit too far with a little weirdness I couldn't reconcile.

Mr. and Miss. Anonymous is the tale of two donors - college students who make those extra few bucks they need to pay tuition by donating sperm and eggs to a fertility clinic near the Berkley campus. They both eschew the offered counseling, and find themselves suffering from terrible regrets twenty years later, when they run into one another at an airport while heading back to Berkley fo...more
Really got into this book super fast. The prologue had me but by Ch. One it REALLY had me wanting to see where we were now in these 2ppls lives. I HAD to take breaks since im mom to 4 but i started this upon stumbling onto a few new books today on sale thru a fb page i follow and despite being well into a number of books which is something very new to me as opposed to finishing one fully before moving on to another, the concept of this one had me starting it and ive no doubt ill b finishing it t...more
It was an okay book. The story was interesting, but at times it seemed predictable and cliche. I actually listened to this one as an audio book and I think that skewed my idea of it. While it was fine to listen to, I didn't care for the voices the reader chose for the characters.

It was an interesting plot line - man donates sperm and then finds out 19 years later that there is a boy that looks like him involved in a school shooting. He does everything he can to try and find the boy and help - t...more
I was very excited to read this book; the storyline sounded really promising. College students Lily and Pete meet each other outside a sperm bank/fertility clinic where they have donated in order to pay for their college tuition. They meet again years later while on their way to their college reunion. Neither one has ever made peace with their donations since they both feel that something was sinister about the clinic. When they return to California, they decide to investigate the clinic and a r...more
I listened to this one and it was enjoyable. Pete and Lily, two college students in need of money to pay their tuition, donate sperm and eggs at a fertility clinic to raise the money needed for them to finish college. The long term effects of such donations is not one I had given much thought to. But when they are reunited on a trip back to a college function many years later, they learn they are both having the same doubts and unsettled feelings about what they did in college. A love story of t...more
Most of the ratings seem low for this book, perhaps the readers have forgotten that fiction means taking an idea and weaving a story. Are the events possible? Yes and that is a bit frightening. Will it ever happen? Let's hope not or perhaps like the story the events have occurred and were hidden from the news.

Most of the characters in this story are alone and want to be part of a family. Those who have family members are dissatisfied with their relationships. Add to this a fertility clinic and...more
Virginia Markhart
Another Fern Michaels. Hopefully, next time, I will remember that I do not care for her style of writing. This book was so hard to get through. Great plot, but very poorly written. I do not care for the "spirits" who talk with the main character. The last book by Fern Michaels had this same thing going on too. And starting another thought at the end of a paragraph is just awkward. Way too much unresolved. Really. Could a mass murder of children in a fertility clinic scam go without mass media at...more
This book was terrible!! The writing was so stiff that the theme from Dragnet kept going through my mind. I use to read Fern along time ago, but had not read any of her more resent books. Maybe I picked the wrong one to get back into reading her. Total waste of time. Thank god I took it out from the library and didn't waste any money on it.
Roxann Olsen
The writing was awful. The so called chemistry between characters was completely unrealistic. On a positive note the plot/story was the only thing that kept me reading.
I was all primed to say that this is my first and last Fern Michaels read. But, before I write her off, I'll allow a second chance and read another.

I thought the plot was intriguing. I don't like her style, I guess. Everyone has practically the same personality, the same arid wit, the same manner of speech. I know well-established, well-renown authors are given wider berths and longer leashes, but this book was riddled with cliche expressions. I imagine it would have been better executed by some...more
I agree with many of the other reviewers, this was not written/edited well. Very choppy. In my head the characters sounded like computers. The plot was different and could have been interesting, I just kept feeling like I was missing out on some back story. It may have made sense in the author's mind, but it did not translate to paper.
I was tempted to stop reading many times, since the conversations were so terrible and unrealistic. I didn't, thinking at least the plot would get better... Big d...more
Mr. & Miss Anonymous was not one of Fern Michael's usual books about love with a spicy amount of sex. This story had a touch of romance, a murder to be solved and a very smart young man as a witness. The plot involves power, big money and corruption but it also involves the exploitation of children in a most foul manner.

The various elements of the plot came together at the end of the story in a manner that was realistic, still with the sad element of the lost children to be found, but with a...more
Sam Parker and Lily Madison were both impoverished students when they first bumped into each other leaving a fertility clinic after making paid donations. The money from the sale of sperm from Sam and eggs from Lily had allowed them to complete their college education. Almost 20 e=years later, they again run into each other when they both return to their alma mater for a fund drive. Although both have been wildly successful, neither have married. While talking, they see a televised announcement...more
J. Ewbank
This book by Michaels shows again why she is a popular writer. A few years ago I would have thought that the topic was not believable but now it is in the realm of possibility. Good character sketches, a very interestingand unusual plot. I ejoyed it.

J. Robert Ewbank author, "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"
Lily and Peter help pay their tuition making donations to a fertility clinic. One day they run into each other outside the clinic and find they have alot in common and a mutual attraction to each other. Twenty or so years later they bump into each other on the way to an Alumni fundraiser and the old sparks fly and also alot of questions regarding previous "donations". A news story captures their attention, especially when a photo of a young boy that is on the news looks just like Pete. From a ma...more
I really enjoyed this book. It had me on the edge of my seat, wondering, will they ever see each other again? will they fall in love, and will they find there children, what happens the clinic, and how do they solve this mystery? I have read it many times, definatley worth the read.

Lisa Abrons
This has been a painful read. It's slow and predictable. The near misses are so cliche that I find myself extremely annoyed.

*******Spoiler Alert*******

Read some more. It just gets worse. The author wanted the Josh character to have someone to talk to while on the run so...he now talks to the ghost of his murdered classmate who is hanging out with another murdered classmate who speaks through the ghost because Josh can't hear her. The ghost has all sorts of very helpful ideas and suggestions but...more
I had to re-read several parts of this book. I was confused and frustrated by all the scene changes, keeping track of all the bad guys, killers, the heroes and the dead.
Took me a while but I finally finished the book, then wished I had all that time back. Don't know what it is but fell flat for me. Ah well, got try new books or else you'll never find those really good ones.
Barbara Drinkwater
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book took me about a few days to read. Only because it really wasn't my type of book. I mean it was an interesting story and all but I just wasn't really into it. It is about a couple of college kids who can't pay for college so they decide to sell their eggs and sperm to a sperm bank/fertility clinic to help what they think are people trying to have babies. They meet and have an instant attraction only to go their seperate ways in life. They meet up at an airport while they are heading to...more
The writing was terrible at best, the characters were sub-par but the actual story line was pretty good. It read like a Japanimation cartoon. Little to no suspension and all thoughts were in complete sentences, leaving the reader basically aware of every thought process, necessary or not. Most we're not. Glad to scratch it off my list. Will not be recommending it to any of my friends.
Fiona Russell
I only read to chapter 3 before I had to stop the painful experience of reading this book. I only have it a star because it needed a rating but I wouldn't even give it a half star
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Fern Michaels isn’t a person. I’m not sure she’s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence. Fern Michaels® is what I DO. Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir. Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth. I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day. To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I...more
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