Istanbul: Kenangan Sebuah Kota
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Istanbul: Kenangan Sebuah Kota

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Dalam buku ini, Pamuk memberi makna lain terhadap kenangan dan kesedihan seorang individu: sebagai jejak sejarah yang menghubungkan masa lalu dengan masa depan sebuah kota, bahkan sebuah peradaban. Namun, buku ini bukan hanya cerita tentang sebuah kota nun jauh di sana, melainkan sebuah buku indah yang mengisahkan banyak hal.

Sebagai seorang novelis terkemuka, Pamuk secara...more
Paperback, 563 pages
Published February 2009 by Serambi Ilmu Semesta (first published 2003)
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It is just lucky that I happened to read Menocal's Ornament of the World just before this, as it perfectly prepared me for the psychological labyrinth that is this book. It introduced me to a beautiful, helpful image for Pamuk's creation- the "memory palaces" and "memory gardens". This is not an introduction to Istanbul, it is a memory palace worthy of the wildest child's fantasies that haunt this tapestry. Perhaps John Adams, the minimalist composer, put it best when discussing his piece On the...more
Arakah Mushaweh
من بين خمسين كتاباً يصطفون في قائمة الكتب في الكيندل .. وقع اختياري على أورهان ، قرأت هذا الكتاب لأنه أورهان المبدع كما قرأت له في كتابه ألوان أخرى الذي لم أكمله بعد .. ولأنها اسطنبول التي أعشق .. هذا الكتاب الذي ما إن تبدأ بقراءة أول صفحة حتى تفوح لك ذاكرة الأمكنة .. هذا الكتاب المتعمق في ذاكرة اسطنبول .. حزن اسطنبول ، بيت العائلة المتمركز في اسطنبول ، الأبيض والأسود في اسطنبول .. حزن البسفور والياليات التي لم تعد موجودة بعد انهيار الخلافة .. كل هذه التفاصيل التي تشوبها رائحة الماضي بل هي من ال...more
Pamuk adds another layer to Istanbul’s proverbial description as “the bridge between east and west” by showing how the major Istanbul modernists – poet Yahya Kemal and novelist A.H. Tanpinar, new names to me, I have to follow up – derived a poetics of post-imperial ennui and urban decay from the melancholic image of their city recorded or dreamed by travelling French writers in the nineteenth century. “[T]he roots of our hüzün [urban melancholy] are European: the concept was first explored, expr...more
This was not, first of all, the book I espected it to be. It was not truly an autobiography of the author, who gave nothing at all away, at least in the context of the west (perhaps it would shock conservative Turks that he apparently had a sexual relationship with a girl as a young man, but I don't know what Turkish mores are, so I shouldn't judge) and gave away little in terms of the city that he was supposedly also biographying. It gave tantalising hints of things, and there were potential th...more
This is the second book by Pamuk that I have read. I would like to point out that it seems that this book should be read either before or after The Museum of Innocence because I found myself making it notes of where the novel and this memoir collide.

I've never been to Istanbul, but now I want to go. What Pamuk does is not only describe his family but a city as a conflict between East and West. While it is not something that my own western city feels, it is somewhat akin to the feeling that Phila...more
It feels very odd to be writing this review now, sitting in a car on my way back home, feeling bored and tired for no particular reason. And out of nowhere this book- which I finished more than a month ago, and entirely gave up on ever being able to write a decent review about- comes to my mind unbidden, as though deeply connected with my present state of mind. This is going to be one of the most personal reviews I’ll ever write, but that’s merely because Istanbul: Memories and the City has af...more
ليس كتابًا هو بل موسوعة أهداها كاتب مرموق لمعشوقته "اسطنبول" فخرجت مليئة بالتفاصيل التي أدهشتني لبساطتها وصدقها وألفتها.
ومما زاد من غنى الكتاب الصور الفوتوغرافية واللوحات التي انتشرت بين صفحاته، فكان كل مشهد يصفه الكاتب تجد بجانبه الصورة المعبرة عنه، فشعرت معه أنني قطعت تذكرة سفر لاسطنبول وأنا جالسة بمكاني. وعجبتُ لكم التشابه بين مصر وتركيا، وبين اللغتين العربية والتركية.

الترجمة بديعة ولكن عابها شئ واحد وهو طول الجُمل المبالغ فيه، فتجد فاصلا بين مبتدأ الجملة وخبرها يصل لأربعة أسطر مما أربكني معظ...more
The most enchanting thing about this book is its symmetry. He opens with a statement that from a very young age he suspected that somewhere in the streets of Istanbul, there lived another Orhan so much like him that he could pass for his twin, even his double. In the last chapter, his father apparently led a double life just like in his imagination.

Pamuk manages to intermingle the story about Istanbul and himself - reflecting each other along the way. The writing style is mostly visual - his tr...more

(Sorry for the English.. This was originally written for the book discussion here )

This is a very rich book.. Rich in emotions, sadness, life, even references!
It takes you deep into the streets of Istanbul, the real Istanbul, not tourist's Istanbul.. It will make you fall in love with Bosphorus, and feel the great attachment of the people of Istanbul to it.. Like it's somehow the main pillar or their very own existence.. I really understood this "dependence" feeling that author was talking a...more
Jenny (Reading Envy)
Along with The World's Literature group, I have been reading a lot of books set in Turkey this year. Just check out what I've covered so far!

Istanbul: Memories and the CityBlissBirds Without WingsA Conspiracy of AlchemistsThe DervishSnowThe Dervish HousePurple Citrus & Sweet Perfume: Cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean

One of the best known Turkish authors has to be Orhan Pamuk. I've only managed to read one book of his so far, but there are many more on my to-read list to get to. I actually think reading this autobiography/memoir first will add some understanding to any of his books that I read in the future. It covers his childhood in Istanbul, up through his college ye
الكتاب ممتع، و أظن المشاكسين سيحبون طريقة حديثه عن ذكرياته و عن مدينته و أهله لغاية في أنفسهم، فهذا الباموق مشاكس من الطراز الأول
أحب دهاءه و مكره و سخريته و غمزه و لمزه الشريرين

الجميل في أورهان شعورك بصدقه حين يتحدث عن مدينته... بعيدا عن تلك الرومانسية المتكلفة أو الشوفينية القومية التي تجعل الكتّاب يرسمون مدنهم عادة... و خصوصا تلك المدن التي كان لها ماض تليد في التاريخ و لكنها صارت مدينة متخلفة في العصر الحاضر... و حين ذكر أيضا أن التغريب هو من جعل الكتّاب المحليين ينظرون لخرائبها و أزقتها ال...more
انتهيت من قراءة الكتاب منذ فترة..أجلت الكتابة عنه في محاولة يائسة على أمل أن أتمكن من أن أعطيه حقه لكن هذا لن يتحقق.. حين اقتنيته لم أكن متحمساً جداً له فأنا لا أحب كتب السيرة الذاتية ولا كتب التاريخ فكيف إذا كان عنوان الكتاب يوحي بأنه عن تاريخ مدينة واحده..الكتاب رحلة في طفولة المؤلف ونشأته في اسطنبول..يعشق السياح المدن ذات التاريخ العريق لكن باموق يقدم لنا ما يختلج في صدر من يسكنون هذه المدن المحملة بإرث الماضي العريق في مقابل الحاضر المخيب للآمال..في أحد فصول الكتاب يبدع اورهان باموق في التقا...more
Ayu Palar
About a year ago, when I was brainstorming the topic for my master’s thesis, I stumbled upon the idea of space and identity relationship. Since then, I’ve always been interested in how space and place can affect the formation of one’s self. Reading Istanbul has strengthened that particular idea. Not only describing the physical condition of Istanbul, Orhan Pamuk also wrote about his love-hate relationship with the city. Istanbul isn’t just his home; it is the city that always inspires him.

I app...more
Were Orhan Pamuk active on Twitter back when he was writing Istanbul: Memories and the City he could have saved himself and his readers a great deal of time and frustration by simply distilling this work down to "Boo fucking hoo #firstworldproblems" and leaving it at that.

Instead, we're left to slog through four hundred pages of angsty ennui which purport to represent the zeitgeist of a city that mourns the days it stood at the center of the world but in fact do little more than chronicle the th...more
عبد الحميد بوحسين
أورهان باموق طفلا و شابا،اسطنبول في زمان اندثر،السوداوية كسمة للمدينة و سكانها ،و مواضيع أخرى تؤطر هذا الثالوث الذي يشكل العمود الفقري للنص
تنساب الكلمات و الجمل بشكل أبعدني عن سأمي خلال تصفحي السابق لروايتي باموق "إسمي أحمر" و "ثلج" (أتمنى أن يكون مزاجي حينها هو السبب).هنا استمتعت بالذكريات
هنا وجدت نفسي في مدينة عظيمة(وجها لوجه مع الصور المرفقة التي تمثلها) بدات تفقد ألقها بعد انهيار العثمانيين.مدينة تتجه عل متن مركبة فضائية نحو التغريب ،لتترك عمارتها لجمال الخرائب الخاص و أسلوب حياتها الخاص لزم...more
"Se la città ci sembra bella e magica, anche la nostra vita dev'essere tale."

Un Pamuk malinconico, piegato su stesso, ripercorre i ricordi della sua infanzia e adolescenza, la sua passione per la pittura che abbandonerà per diventare uno scrittore e racconta la sua città, che è anche la sua essenza, e guardandola con gli occhi della nostalgia la vede in bianco e nero e sfumature di grigio, le nebbie sul Bosforo, le ville e i vecchi palazzi anneriti dal tempo, che ricordano gli antichi fasti di u...more
Istanbul adalah memoar dari peraih nobel sastra 2006 asal Turki, Orhan Pamuk. Namun berbeda dengan memoar-memoar lainnya yang biasanya lebih mengutamakan kisah hidup si penulisnya, dalam memoarnya ini Pamuk tak hanya berkisah mengenai sejarah hidupnya. Dengan cara betutur seperti dalam novel-novelnya , Pamuk mencatat penggalan memori kehidupan masa lalunya yang dikaitkan dengan memori kolektif Istanbul, kota kelahirannya yang begitu ia cintai. Jadi bisa disimpulkan bahwa buku ini merupakan serpi...more
This is the best book I've read about Istanbul, a city I have visited many times and always find something new in. For photographers it cannot be bettered, and the photos are on every page. Pamuk weaves the city into his personal history, his family descended from the upper echelons of Ottoman society. Although I find him somewhat spoilt, his interpretation of why this great city is so different from all others is plausible, and the usual guide books are left standing. I've always since my first...more
كان يجب أن أكتب فوراً حين فرغت من قراءة الكتاب ، إلا أن لحظاتي الأخيرة مع الكتاب كانت قبل أن أخلدَ إلى نومٍ لم تكن اسطنبول للأسف من نصيبي في الحلم .. في الواقع إنه لمن المفارقة الكبيرة أن أقرأ عنها بينما أكنُ لها في عميقي بعض البغض ، فزيارتي الأخيرة لها لم تكن بتلك الزيارة التي تذكر ، بل إنني سعدتُ بالرحيل حين أزف .

ما قرأته عن اسطنبول بعيني باموق بدى مختلفاً جداً ، لم أستطع للحظات التمييز بين اسطنبول باموق و تلك ( الاسطنبول ) التي أعرف ذات الإزدحام المزعج و الجو الخانق والأسواق المملة و المباني...more
Johan Radzi
Membaca Istanbul adalah seperti membaca sebuah diari seorang pemuda yang merakam detik-detik kota peradaban itu melalui tingkapnya yang suram. Orhan mengajak kita untuk duduk dan menghisap rokok bersamanya melihat masyarakat yang terpisah oleh jurang besar - kaya dan miskin - serta perasaan Huzun yang menghukum orang-orangnya yang sayu dan tertuduk kerana robohnya sebuah empayar besar.

Orhan dilahirkan dalam sebuah keluarga Borjuis Sekular. DIa tidak merasai keperitan hidup sepertimana yang menim...more
A book that makes me want to visit Istanbul just to walk around and see the sights that Pamuk describes and develops in this book. Reading his prose is an experience of “painterly” writing, where you cannot help but have a vivid image in your head of the surroundings and atmosphere conjured up with the words. But it is also a portrait of a sensitive young boy coming of age in a place and time where the borders between worlds are unpredictable. Not only are the Western and Eastern worlds in confl...more
Claire McAlpine
A wonderful post-visit read, happy to have discovered the city on its own terms, certainly didn't feel the melancholy that Pamuk writes about, inherent in its citizens and the city itself.

A fascinating and original insight that only someone who has lived there all their life and never left can have(at the time of writing anyway), and one who has read many if not all those works by Western intellectuals on the subject of his city of birth and absorbed all that artwork that attempts to but never...more
I am shortly going to Istanbul for the first time and, rather than a Rough Guide or Lonely Planet it seemed that this Nobel Prize winning author might be a rather better guide. It is largely autobiographical and recounts his growing up in this great City. He is at his best for me when it becomes a memoir of his early life - a portrait of the artist as a young man. It is not quite so good when talking of other Istanbul authors of the 19th & 20th century. The chapter on his 'first love' is mov...more
Hajar Ahmed

مذكرات باموق عن اسطنبول ليس دليلاً سياحياً لسائحٍ مّا أحبّها و أراد القراءة عنها أكثر، فضلًا عن التعرّف عليها بواسطة هذا الكتاب.
هذه المذكرات لا تُقدّم هذا و لا ذاك .. إنّها تُعنى بجانبٍ آخر ، بتلك الأشياء التي لا تُرى، بحُزن باموق و نظرتهِ لها من طبقته الاجتماعية ، هذا الكتاب مسقط ذكرياتٍ شائك و شائق في آن.

لنقل فقط أن بعض الحقائق يتورّع الآخرون عنها لعُريّها فحسب، و هذا ما يُدهشني في باموق صراحته المجرّدة، و التي لا تجرؤ أن تقولها عن نفسك فضلًا عن عائلتك، و لكنه يكتبها دون تحفظ أو تشذيب و كأنها...more
هل من العاديّ أن ترى (قدساً) في كل موطنٍ جميل؟

هل من رابط -و ان كان عجيباً- بين "اسطنبول" و "القدس"؟

هل حدثَ أن عشت يوما أحداثا لم تكتب لك في مدينة لا تنتمي اليها؟

هل ارتبطت ذكرياتك خلال فترة معينة بشيءٍ مجردٍ كما ارتبطت ذكرياتي خلالها بكتاب؟

قبل قرابة الشهر أنهيت(اسطنبول: الذكريات و المدينة)، الكتاب عبارة عن سيرة ذاتية للكاتب التركي (اورهان باموك) يروي فيه قصته مع مدينة أحبها حباً اختلط بآلاف المشاعر الأخرى، الغضب حينا، الكره حينا آخر، الرغبة في الهروب حتى. كنتُ قد أصبت بحمى هذا الكتاب قبل أن أشتر...more
it's a memoir that transcends in philosophy, love and beauty anything else has been published !
Orhan is a brilliant writer filled with ecstasy and melancholy .... liberty and conservativeness and all these conflicts that make this piece of art more profound , philosophical and colourful !and the photographs within the book made the image of his culture and life more alive and picturesque <3
His love of his city moved me so much and made me yearn even more to visit Turkey and to behold this swe...more
Joy Stocke
Paying attention to beauty in all its forms, but especially its melancholic form comes naturally to Orhan Pamuk, who tells us in his new memoir, Istanbul, Memories and the City, that before becoming a writer he had planned to become a painter.

By the time he reveals that fact he has used his painterly eye and gift for language to draw us into a world where life with his charming, philandering father, his beautiful, sad mother, and his older brother echoes and reflects the complicated, melancholy...more
من النادر ان تقرأ سيره ذاتيه بدون ان تشعر بالملل, اما عن اسطنبول الذكريات والمدينه فلا يحدث ذلك .
لقد جذبنى الكتاب من اوله لأخره .
لو أمكن ان اقيم الكتاب بأكثر من خمس نجمات لأعطتيته ع الفور.
هذه أول قراءاتى للأدب التركى, وكانت بدايتى ممتازه مع أورهان باموق ,من الصعب كتابه نبذه عن الكتاب , يصفه بشكل جيد , ولكن من الممكن كتابه بعض العبارات كمقدمه .
لقد امتعنى باموق بحياته التى عشتها معه من خلاال الكتاب , فلقد لمسته طفلا فضولياً, مراهقاً متمرداً, وشاباً يأخذ مواقفه باستقلاليه تامه.
لا يمكن ان يصنف الكتا...more
This is a cleverly en beautifully written book. Unfortunately it fails to captivate the reader completely.

It's a biographical novel, and those have a tendency to be overly sentimental. Pamuk decided to side-step this possibility by distancing himself from his writing. He's very objective and descriptive when he tells his story. Almost like an academic text. Literally. The quotations and namedropping echoe an academic book far more than it conforms to the genre of the biography. That distance su...more
Orhan Pamuk begins his memoir, Istanbul: Memories and the City, with a meditation on his doppelganger, the other Orhan in his life when he was a young boy. This is both an indication of the budding artist within and a metaphor for the city without, the city in which he was to grow up and live. Capturing a sense of the Istanbul of memory and tradition and juxtaposing it with the Istanbul as seen by outsiders, especially the literary lights that visited Istanbul over the years, Pamuk creates a ric...more
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Ferit Orhan Pamuk is a Nobel Prize-winning Turkish novelist. Pamuk is often regarded as a post-modern writer. As one of Turkey's most prominent novelists, his work has been translated into more than forty languages. He is the recipient of numerous national and international literary awards. He was the first Turkish person awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on October 12, 2006, commended for bei...more
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