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Postern of Fate
Agatha Christie
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Postern of Fate (Tommy and Tuppence Series #5)

3.29 of 5 stars 3.29  ·  rating details  ·  4,373 ratings  ·  291 reviews
Paperback edition for ISBN13: 9780007111480.

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford have just become the proud owners of an old house in an English village. Along with the property, they have inherited some worthless bric-a-brac, including a collection of antique books. While rustling through a copy of The Black Arrow, Tuppence comes upon a series of apparently random underlinings.

Published (first published January 1st 1973)
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Troy Blackford
People seem to really dislike this one, but if you go into it understanding it is the last of the books she wrote during the period where her mental faculties were failing, when she was writing things like 'Elephants Can Remember,' it really isn't completely horrible. Tommy and Tuppence are elderly in this story, and much of the banter centers around not being able to remember things - you can tell this was a preoccupation with Christie. Interesting enough as a story though it links a little wit ...more
A very tedious, dull and disappointing finale for the Tommy and Tuppence series. Not even sure why she wrote it--and I rather wish I had not wasted my time reading it...
The last of the Tommy and Tuppence books from Ms. Christie and I have to say the worst. It's all a bit wishy washy and there's no clear resolution, which is odd for Christie. Until the end I had been expecting a lot more, but it was a bit of a damp squib, sad though I am to say that about one of the Queen of Crime's works.
Laurel Young
"I like people who stick together and enjoy their marriage and go on enjoying it." So says one of the Beresfords' friends, and I agree. The chief charm of Postern of Fate is seeing dear Tommy and Tuppence once more. Unlike Miss Marple and Poirot, who start out elderly and retired (respectively) in the 1920/30s and age very little for the rest of Dame Agatha's career, Tommy and Tuppence age believably over the years. The "young adventurers" were introduced in Christie's second novel, The Secret A ...more
Forewarned is forearmed: POSTERN OF FATE was the last book Christie wrote, and is and generally conceded to be her worst (actually, she was dictating into a tape recorder at this time, and had been doing so since the late 1960s, which accounts for the rather conversational tone of the later novels). She was still at the height of her powers with 1967's ENDLESS NIGHT (quite a departure for her), but her subsequent decline was marked and swift (it's now believed that an undetected early senility m ...more
This book was okay... the mystery was a little confusing and though T&T were still cute they didn't interact much (if I'm recalling correctly) which is the best part about the books. While I'd *highly* recommened the first three T&T books, I'd not really recommened the last two...
"The last novel Agatha Christie wrote (published 1973), and it can best be described as out-of-focus. The whole thing reads like a first draft; where were her editors? Tommy and Tuppence are back, having just moved into a new house, and they unearth a cold case mystery dating back 60 years to a beautiful spy from pre WWI.

However, Agatha was preoccupied with navel-gazing and recollections of childhood, and the central mystery only occasionally interrupts these endless remembrances. Weirdly, all
I love Agatha Christie. Adore her, even. I read her on practically every vacation, because she's brilliant and fun. Which is why I hated this book so much. It was dreadful for anyone to have written, but especially Christie. Postern of Fate is a mystery with no suspects, no action, no clues, no climax. Did she even have an editor for this? The second to last chapter was a random family reunion that had nothing to do with the story. Perhaps it would've been a good epilogue, but you just don't sti ...more
Tommy e Tuppence não são, de todo, os meus investigadores preferidos dos romances policiais de Agatha Christie, mas este A Porta do Destino conseguiu mesmo surpreender-me. Tanto que o li em pouquíssimo tempo.

Contrariamente a Poirot e Miss Marple que nos são dado a conhecer quando já se encontram na terceira idade, Tommy e Tuppence são introduzidos por Agatha Christie como um jovem casal que se interessa por resolver mistérios, sejam em forma de assassinatos ou não. Neste A Porta do Destino, o úl
I read Postern of Fate because it was on the free shelf at the library and I was looking for something light to read. After a quick flip-through I determined I hadn't read it before, so I brought it home. After I started it I realized why I haven't read it before. It's one of Christie's last novels, written in 1973 or something like that. I've found that the quality of Agatha Christie's writing really deteriorates with any of her later stuff, written after 1965 or so. This is a Tommy and Tuppe ...more
I usually don't review volumes from huge series of similar novels, but I feel I should warn people against this one book. It's atrocious. Everything happens in dialogues, which could be interesting, if only something was really happening. Unfortunately, the dialogues repeat the same things all and over (sometimes even characters themselves realize that they've spoken of something already), revelations are revealed several times, all information is repeated, and all this is mixed with tons of dig ...more
I can't give it two stars because it's Tommy and Tuppence, and I am very fond of them. However, this is another embarrassing example of old Aggie attempting to combine her classic detective style with her later-in-life obsession with New World Order and conspiracy theories, and it's awful. There's no proper resolution, minor characters are picked up and dropped at random, and she bangs on about Mr. Robinson being "yellow-faced" in a really ugly way. Lady, you can't call people "yellow" unless th ...more
I slogged through 4 (out of 6) discs in this audio and finally it defeated me. I cannot believe this was written by the queen of crime as it plodded along since the beginning of the story.

Not only that, she wrote the Beresfords as doddering seniors who seemed to ramble on about the smallest, inconsequential things. Tuppence more so than Tommy. For all intents and purposes, I could have been having tea with the dear and I would get the same story. There was alot of irrelevant stuff going on.

This was horribly written, much to my dismay. Most of the dialogue was rambling and irrelevant, so I skimmed. I do not skim! The resolution was out-of-the-blue and practically meaningless. Little plot, few characters...shocking from Agatha Christie! Our main duo was boring, and I'd adored them in all the earlier books.
With the current trend in unearthing cold case crimes I thought I might enjoy this delving into a mysterious death from 60 years ago (well 60 years from 1973 or so) a bit more than I did. Added to the fact that it is a Tommy and Tuppence story, I was raring to go, but alas, it suffered from a few of the problems I have found with later Christies. The plot was a bit loose; there was an awful lot of dialogue that didn't move the story along - and after I had got quite annoyed by people saying to e ...more
Beth E
I love this book. Tommy and Tuppence may be doddering old people, but they are still as cute as ever, and they still have "it"- they can still solve a mystery with the weirdest clues you ever saw.

I love how Tuppence wants to re-read all the books of her childhood, and this leads her to a mystery. She's my kind of woman. I also appreciate that despite their flaws and their age, Tommy and Tuppence continue to be great together and to possess marvelous skills.

What confuses me terribly though, is th
I'd heard a lot, mainly here on Goodreads, about this being Christie's last novel, but it's also one of the most confusing of her novels. There's lots of talking, and when I say lots of talking, I mean that it could probably do with being about 100 pages shorter. The idea behind the mystery is intriguing, but so much time is spent getting to it and then lots of time wasted investigating the past that I found myself flicking forward to see how many pages I had left before it was all over. The mos ...more
In which a retired pair of amateur detectives discover an age-old mystery right under their noses.

So it has come to this. "Postern of Fate" was Agatha Christie’s final written work, and it is undoubtedly her worst. Yes, worse than those tawdry thrillers she churned out in the 1920s, or the spurious supernatural short story collections of the ’40s. In her defence, the octogenarian Dame Agatha was probably suffering from early onset dementia, but her editors should’ve seen sense in not damaging he
This was my first Agatha Christie book, read because my girlfriend really likes her and wanted me to read it, and man, it beats Madam Bovary as a book that I finished but was left forever scarred by due to its awfulness. It wasn't even a mystery, just a couple of old farts saying the same things over and over again, "So something happened here, you know, you here some things, something happened then, a long time ago, and people say things, and some things some people don't want other people lear ...more
Este o carte cu o actiune mai simpla decat celelalte romane ale Agathei Christie,dar nu este o carte rea.
Vanessa Panerosa
This book starts off very strongly. The premise is exciting, eerie and provocative. However, I must say it's the worst Christie novel I've ever read. I finished it yesterday and am still so utterly confused by the ending. There's a whole list Tuppence makes full of "clues" and many of them are never answered or even touched upon. There are no real suspects or even solidified characters. The ending is lackluster with no twist or even resolution and a great deal of the novel is long dialogues that ...more
This is the very last book from Agatha Christie, and anyone who has made it through some of her later writing probably already has a notion of what that means. Having said that, it is by no means as loopy or scattered as I was expecting, and it was certainly better than "Elephants Can Remember" in my opinion. It does drag a bit; it does seem rather obvious in places; there is a chapter or two of rather baffling deja vu (at least for the reader, the characters seem to have had memory loss altoget ...more
Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)

Postern of Fate is the last novel written by Agatha Christie which features the husband-wife detective duo, Tommy and Tuppence in their last adventure. I have to admit that I am an ardent fan of Agatha Christie and studiously read and re-read all her books. They are a class apart and able to wow the readers even today, decades after their publication when the times have changed along with the advancement of technology to solve crimes. Her stories are not a
✿ Deni
I just can't stand Tommy and Tuppence! I didn't like any of the books that have them as main characters and, as I expected, I didn't like this one neither: they are pompous, annoying and talk without saying anything. I really hope this will be the last book with them in... give me some Poirot, please!!

This story actually seemed promising to me, as it starts with a house full of books and finding clues in them but unfortunately, that's all I liked about it: the plot was so slow that it feels like
Nancy McKibben
May 13, 2014 Nancy McKibben rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Christie fans
Shelves: mystery, reviewed
Postern of Fate
By Agatha Christie

I thought I had read most of Agatha Christie’s work, but an article about a BBC series planned for 2014 to celebrate Christie’s 125th birthday alerted me to Tommy and Tuppence, the married sleuths of four novels and a book of short stories. The books were not that easy to locate, and I ended up first reading The Secret Adversary, the first book, published in 1922, followed by Postern of Fate (dreadful title!), the last book in the series, published in 1973. Tommy
I love Agatha Christie, and I love Tommy and Tuppence (the main characters in this book), but this book is...not good. It doesn't hang together at all; there's nothing clever about it; the writing is all over the place. My understanding is that while this wasn't the last Christie published, it was the last Christie written, and I think she was kind of losing it. Please don't read it if you've never read Christie. It'll ruin her for you, I'd bet, and she doesn't deserve that.
Absolutely love the way this story begins - Tuppence, looking through old children's books in the house they have just bought, finds a very disturbing message (I won't give it away), and is off on another hunt for the truth. Yes, the rest of the book goes downhill, however, I still enjoyed it - and considering all the new light cast on Christie's life, I can only shake my head in amazement at what this wonderful woman accomplished in spite of everything.
Masih dari buku pinjeman readingwalk.

Rasanya dulu gw pernah megang buku ini, tapi ga yakin apakah dibaca ato engga, soalnya itu buku pinjeman kakak gw, dan baru sehari-dua hari udah dibalikin lagi, jadi kayaknya belom yah. Mana judulnya aneh, dan katanya ceritanya ga jelas. Intinya ini adalah pertama kalinya gw betul-betul baca.
Merupakan seri Agatha Christie yg kurang begitu populer, yang menampilan pasangan Tommy dan Tuppence Beresford. Mereka adalah agen intelijen Inggris, yang sudah beberapa
Jann Barber
For September, our mystery book club members are to read a book by Agatha Christie. I have been a fan of hers since I started reading her books decades ago when I was a teen.

This book is one of the few she wrote about Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. They are retired by now, yet manage to stumble onto evidence that at least one, and possibly two murders occurred in the house they have just bought. At the time, the deaths were explained logically, but Tommy and Tuppence start digging and find that t
This book was too bizarre, and I'm giving it more than one star simply because it's bizarreness amused me. This was Agatha Christie's last book, and the sendoff of the Tommy & Tuppence mysteries. Tommy & Tuppence are old and retired themselves, and they and the story meander around, sometimes delightfully, sometimes (oftentimes) infuriatingly.

Nothing ever really resolves. Clues are dropped and never picked back up. Certain "mysteries" are clear right away but take forever for the charact
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880
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“You don't appreciate a faithful husband when you've got one,' said Tommy.
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