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Civil War: X-Men
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Civil War: X-Men (Marvel Civil War)

3.79  ·  Rating Details ·  2,932 Ratings  ·  74 Reviews
Enough is enough. The tension between the X-Men, the 198 and the O*N*E* has finally reached breaking point. As Civil War rips apart the Marvel Universe, the X-Men also find themselves crumbling from the inside out. Will they admit defeat, or will they finally start to fight back.
Paperback, 112 pages
Published April 25th 2007 by Marvel
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Jun 01, 2016 Jeff rated it really liked it
Shelves: comix
The X-Men’s Civil War involvement in a nutshell: Emma Frost says to Tony Stark (and I paraphrase), “Yo, we ain’t playin’, bitch, yo! We are gonna be neutral yo.”

That’s it!

Ya’ll come back now. Ya hear?

Fine. Okay. There’s more.

This story is on the heels of the House of M crossover event and the 198 mutants that hadn’t been de-powered are left camping out in front of the X-mansion, guarded/protected by some “friendly” Sentinels.

Before you can say, “Pass the Smores”, Shatterstar and Domino “rescue”
This was a fairly "meh" story arc in the Civil War. Sure, we have the X-men not agreeing with the Superhero Registration Act, and yeah this leads to a bit of problems with the pro-government forces, but really this is standard mutant angst with them doing their own thing. Honesty, I could have skipped this one without missing anything.
Mar 14, 2012 Sesana rated it liked it
Shelves: superhumans, comics
So this was pretty pointless. The X-Men are really marginalized in the Civil War events, and this book barely even begins to address that. The storyline (which owes more to Decimation and the history of mutants in the Marvel U than to Civil War) is kind of a throwaway plot, and takes up too much space for so little return. It's not bad, just pointless.

Let me try and make the best of a bad title. David Hine wrote District X. A Great series about Bishop as a cop in Mutant Town. Followed by House of M: Mutopia X. And X-Men: The 198 (A Decimation Tie-In) Some subplots from those series continue here. (So it's not totally nonsense to me.)
Maybe any other title would of made it more tolerable. Another artist too.
The problem with the X-Men and Civil War is that technically they are always in a civil war. Choose a side, Magneto or Xavier. X-Men or X-
Lance Schaubert
Sep 26, 2012 Lance Schaubert rated it did not like it
If you're going to build up "a Marvel event" and sell it as a "Civil War..."
If you're going to let it extend across every single mainstream comic series you run...
If you're going to let every other long-standing Marvel Hero play a part on one side or the other...

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU MAKE THE X-MEN NEUTRAL?! They obviously have a STRONG opinion about mutant registration and have for a VERY long time. I don't care if they've got the most to lose as a people being consistently monitored--the grea
Travis Duke
Apr 02, 2014 Travis Duke rated it liked it
For the time era, this book isn't bad in fact I enjoyed it. The pace is good and the art is better then some art from this time period. Of coarse the story isn't stellar but the Xmen and bishop make it work
May 09, 2013 Dan rated it it was ok
I love the X-men, and also the Civil War storyline, but this was just so disappointing. Seemed like a very rushed story and too over the top at times.
May 17, 2016 Julia rated it liked it
Shelves: marvel-comics, 2016
3.5 stars
Apr 05, 2011 Anne rated it really liked it
3.5 stars. It wasn't anything incredible, but it fit in with the Civil war story line.
Andrew Greatbatch
Aug 14, 2015 Andrew Greatbatch rated it really liked it
Scotty <3 <3
Jun 13, 2016 Rusty rated it it was ok
X-Men!!! For the first time, maybe ever, I’m talking about those guys. Weird when I think about it, as for a wee bit in my youth they were my favorite comic. I had a run of them that went all the way from the end of the Phoenix saga up until – well, until I started getting kinda bored with the comic and quit reading them altogether, which was somewhere around issue 200.

If memory serves, that was 5 year or longer run I had, it’s impressive to me, considering the resources I had (almost none) and
Oct 30, 2016 Trebro rated it did not like it
So this is what the X-Men have come to? Marginalized by there only being about 200 of them, partnered with Sentinels--Sentinels for God's sake--and taking Tony Stark's help after befriending Captain America long enough to get the information they need.

X-Men, you people suck. No wonder Wolverine has (sort of) defected to the Avengers.

If this snapshot is indicative of the X-books now, I am sad. They act like also-rans in a world of powerful figures, can't beat a single Sentinel, and Toad--the Toad
Mar 10, 2012 Michelle rated it it was ok
No one talks about this TPB/event because it's not good. Unless you love Johnny Dee, random forgotten mutants (when was the last time Caliban was relevant? Who knew Sabra and Micromax had such great chemistry? Why do I have to wiki every character just named?), or to read more about Bishop losing his mind and going against the X-Men - he seems to drank a whole gallon of the Bad Idea juice that Cyclops has been sipping.

This is pretty much to show that the mutants did somthing beside sit around an
This is a run-of-the-mill X-men story that could have been a one shot totally unrelated to Civil War, but is till enjoyable due to decent writing and solid art.
Nov 27, 2016 Connor rated it liked it
A decent X-Men story, but barely related to Civil War. I feel like it just takes place during the same time as Civil War with the Avengers.
Chris Romanelli
Sep 07, 2015 Chris Romanelli rated it liked it
In this graphic novel, the story follows the X-Men during a large dispute and separation among the Marvel Universe. After a large massacre of innocent people, one of the main characters, Wolverine, takes it upon himself to catch the one who did it. However, the government has also sent operatives to do the same task, but Wolverine does not care and continues his pursuit. After the villain, Nitro, is caught, a new act is established that forces all mutants and heroes to register themselves as ...more
This book wasn't that great for me. I'm new to the Marvel comics, really new to all X-Men who weren't featured in the movies. I wanted to read this comic because it's in the Civil War timespan and I've slowly been working through all of those comics. Unfortunately this just didn't work for me.

It was boring, mostly because it made no attempt to explain what was going on. I understand that there weren't clear sides in this conflict. Everyone is always changing their mind about whether they suppor
Brad McKenna
Dec 05, 2015 Brad McKenna rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
The X-Men remain neutral in The Civil War. Well, all except Bishop that is. Which is an interesting twist because he's a soldier from the future where Mutant Registration was forces. His reasons, though, work fairly well.

Without having read House of M, there's a lot missing. The main crisis in this collection is Domino and Shatterstar breaking the 198 (that is those non-X-men mutants that survived the Scarlet Witch. Can't say more, because I've yet to read House of M myself) out of the Xavier I
Jan 03, 2013 Jenevieve rated it really liked it
Another one taking place at about the same time and answering the question of where were the X-Men while Iron Man and Captain America and their sides were duking it out. Easy, for those of us who don't actually follow these on a regular basis, they were trapped at Xavier's Institute like Indians on a reservation. There were Sentinels standing guard and no one was allowed to enter or leave without permission of the government (SHIELD I think). A few mutants came along and blasted a hole in the ...more
Amy Firman
Jun 13, 2016 Amy Firman rated it liked it
This contribution to the Civil War series was not really needed. This was my first X-men comic and it was good to learn about the various characters outside those included in the films, but it was a little underwhelming. The X-men spend most of the civil war storyline as neutral, not wanting to get involved. I mean they do have problems of their own most of the mutants still alive after M-Day are trapped in the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, with the perimeter being patroled by sentinels ...more
Annette Jordan
To some extent the X-Men have always been on the outside looking in- kept separate from the rest of the world most of the time, and now already listed and numbered following previous events, their natural inclination is to be against registration, or at the very least not to help with the rounding up of the anti registration super heroes. This is where they stand during Civil War, separate, apart until they may be forced to take sides. But no matter what they will take care of their own kind ...more
Sep 08, 2007 Brad rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics, marvel, x-men
My new theory is that the X-Men and deserts don't mix. Jungle? Sure. Outer space? Can be fun. Islands? Especially if they're alive! Even tundra's okay, but I can't think of a single good X-Men comic set in a desert. Did anything good happen when the X-Men were in Dallas? And X-Force need not be remembered.
This book is much more closely tied to Marvel's Decimation crossover than Civil War. Shatterstar and Domino bust a bunch of "the 198" out of the X-Mansion, and the living original X-Men track
Feb 03, 2012 Emma rated it it was ok
Shelves: marvel, comics
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Paul Mirek
All of the Civil War material I've read has been almost universally unmemorable, but Hine at least brings some of the darker flair of his independent work to this X-Men tie-in. Of course, the X-Men have always been known for their bickering, so it's not really too much of a stretch to set up two fundamentally-opposed sides, but it is interesting to see Cyclops and his group in the role of skulking fugitives while Bishop navigates a maze of D.C. bureaucracy. Plus, a bonus for horror month: one of ...more
May 02, 2012 Ryan rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: justok
Like all heroes in the Civil War stories, the x-Men have to choose sides. Unfortunately, the X-Men continually switch sides throughout this story. I found myself double checking every dozen pages to find out why one character is fighting beside someone they were clearly opposed to just pages before.

They (the writers/editors) almost managed to kill off a minor character of little importance, but changed their mind at the 11th hour. This concept is a fitting description of the entire story: seems
Jeff Harris
Nov 28, 2015 Jeff Harris rated it liked it
Shelves: x-men, graphic-novels
Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot about this graphic novel, as I only read it once. I did have generally positive feelings about it, especially the way that author David Hine brought the four living original X-Men back together again for a mission that brought them into opposition with Bishop and his allies, Sabra and Micromax (wow, random Excalibur throwback, much?). It's entertaining enough, but not nearly as impressive as the main Civil War series -- not by a long shot (not to be ...more
Aug 05, 2015 Silas rated it really liked it
Having picked off most of the other Civil War tie-ins, I figured I would check this out. This is quite different from everything else from the event, and Iron Man even gets a chance to not look like a complete tool (which is saying something for a Civil War comic). I guess I didn't know the state of the X comics at the time, but it is only somewhat linked to the event, even less so than the X-Factor tie-in. Still, it proved interesting, and managed to stick to the theme even while being only ...more
Mar 29, 2012 Rik rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
For me, this Civil War book came last, after I'd finished with the prologue, main arc and Civil War: Spiderman. And what a disappointment. The art isn't fairly average and the story meanders and swerves all over.
While there are glimpses of greatness, the sheer number of characters makes this tough to get into, as with many X-Men books. The connection to the Civil War storyline seems fairly tenuous, to boot.
Joey Flores
Mar 18, 2013 Joey Flores rated it liked it
The story start off good then slow down until the fighting starts which I think start half way through. I actually enjoyed the art work, but it was strange that not a lot of mutants take part in the Civil War. I can understand the X-men but they're a hundred other guys that could've gotten involved and it strange that Wolverine didn't jump in. The only person you see get involved for a few panels is Cable he really doesn't do much. All in all the trade was still.
Apr 18, 2015 Jane rated it liked it
I enjoyed this and am not quite sure why people are so pent up about the X-Men being mutual. The X-Men have always tended to be the fence sitters as they always seemed to me to be the ones seeking peace and acceptance over a 'kill all humans' regime, so I don't find it a great surprise that they are sideless. I think the greatest surprise here is the working alongside the sentinels but still whats a story without a few surprises?
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