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The Fifth Victim (Griffin Powell, #2)
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The Fifth Victim (Cherokee Pointe Trilogy #1)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  1,344 ratings  ·  85 reviews
Some things shouldn't be seen...
Cherokee Pointe, Tennesee. Deep in the Smoky Mountains, the victim lies, sacrificed on a makeshift altar---the gruesome work of a killer who has evaded the authorities in state after state. FBI agent Dallas Sloan knows the scene all too well---just as he knows the killings won't stop until there are four more bodies...

Some warnings won't b
Mass Market Paperback, 350 pages
Published April 1st 2003 by Zebra (first published January 1st 2003)
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The Fifth Victim was an engrossing and very suspenseful book. I really enjoyed the two main characters and the sweet romance that develops between them. The fairly explicit descriptions of the violent acts committed by the villain would be too rough for some readers. I found this first book in the Cherokee Pointe Trilogy well worth reading, and will definitely read the other two.

Special FBI agent Dallas Sloan is on a personal quest to find the monster who brutally murdered his teenaged niece in
Darcia Helle
I know I'm in the minority here but I just could not get into this book. I found there were too many characters dumped in all at once. The book opened with a graphic in-your-face scene. Then we go through pages and pages of various people, all with their backstories, all at once. I found there were too many characters with viewpoints. There was no one main character that stood out right away and too much information dumped on me that I didn't immediately need.

I also didn't like the way some of
This is the first book in the Cherokee Pointe Trilogy by Beverly Barton. It's not the first book I've read by Barton but it was fairly amazing. I loved the characters and the entire story line.

FBI Special Agent Dallas Sloan comes to the town of Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee; after connecting the murder of his niece and at least twenty other women in the various states surrounding Tennessee with a murder in the small town. After driving into a ditch, Sloan ends up at Genny Madoc's cabin. He is highl
Shera Melton
From the beginnning, this book irked me. It just did not set right with me at all. I didn't feel a connection to any of the characters, the dialog felt fake and forced, and the writing style was sometimes very frustrating. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't really like it either. I kept reading because I wanted to know who the killer was, but it it wasn't for that I probably would not have finished this book. There were too many weak females, and the characters you are supposed to care about ...more
Jan 10, 2008 Kathrynn rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Romantic Suspense
Book #1 of trilogy.
Book #2 is "The Last To Die"
Book #3 is "As Good As Dead"

I picked this up not knowing it was part of a trilogy. Genney, abit of a recluse, uses her strong pyschic abilites to help find a serial killer. Dallas is an FBI agent that arrives to aid this small community; and he has a personal vendetta, too.

I enjoyed the story, but the first half of the book contained quite a bit of reiteration. It could have used a good edit. Oh well. It was still a good read--suspenseful with a dos
Alex is The Romance Fox
I liked the plot and the two mc's, Genny and Dallas but I really wanted a bit more on them.

There were so many characters thrown into the story that had my head reeling, trying to keep up.
I know that the secondary characters are part of the build up for the next books but I would have loved to learn a bit more about Genny and Dallas's lives before they met.

There was so much going on that I sometimes lost the "plot" but I was surprised at the killer's identity....

Not exactly one of my fav's by thi
Having been recommended this book due to my growing love for crime novels, I was left sorely disappointed.

The book had a whole host of characters that were fleshed out almost as soon as you met them and I struggled to keep track of who was who. With characters being introduced half way through and revealing side stories that seemed completely irrelevant to main plot.

Every character in the book seemed to be having an affair or was just plain creepy with the exception of the two main characters w
What a hodgepodge mixed up weird novel.

Initially the plot as in the actual crime was a good idea which had me hooked almost straight away. A serial killer who sacrifices his victims and drinks their blood finally killing a fifth victim and eating their heart. The initial prologue drew me in with this storyline and a psychic waking up from a vision where she had seen the murder happen. However it just got worse instead of better.

There was a motley crew of characters. Genny short for genevieve wa
Svetlio Vasilev
Not that I expected much from a book I just purchased as a multi-buy filler, however, this one made me cringe, roll my eyes, and growl all the way through. The author had a certain affiliation for the word 'pussy', yet used 'sex' instead of penis which I found oddly sexist in a way. Sexism is rather entrenched in the book and not so much in the violence against women but more so in the way female characters are portrayed and viewed by the male protagonists. The notion of one saving her virginity ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Started with a bang but fizzled out.
The dialogue is poorly scripted and the characters are superficial. I found it difficult to care about any of them and the paranormal aspects were poorly integrated.
Good read. This book is a mixture of romance and thriller and works well. Part of a series,looking forward to the next one.
There were good points to this book, and bad points. I didn't exactly like it all that much, but I didn't really dislike. Mostly, I just thought it could have been written better.

Plot-wise, it was a good book. I enjoyed the storyline and the main characters; a fairly typical good vs evil / serial killer story. Barton did an excellent job of keeping you guessing about the bad guy. She gives you a number of suspects and I could never quite figure out which on it was because none were overly obviou
3 1/2 bintang untuk buku Beverly Barton kedua yang Qbaca :D
Melihat ceritanya mirip2 Dream Man, hanya ini lebih serius dan humornya nyaris ga ada :/

Menceritakan tentang kasus pembunuhan di Cherokee Pointe. Korbannya adalah wanita, yang diletakkan di atas altar dan kemudian dibelah tubuhnya dengan sadis. Ternyata kasus pembunuhan semacam ini tidak hanya terjadi di Cherokee namun juga di negara2 bagian lain, dimana setelah korban kelima diperlakukan sama dan dimakan jantungnya, pembunuhnya menghila
cherokee point buku 1

cherokee point digegerkan dengan ditemukan mayat seorang wanita muda terbelah 2 dari ujung kepala sampe ujung kaki(ueww yuck).

Genny Madoc, gadis yang memiliki gift mendapat penglihatan pembunuhan tersebut yg langsung mengabari sepupunya, sheriff jacob butler tentang pembunuhan tersebut.

ini pembunuhan paling sadis menurutku. duh korbannya dibelah jadi 2 trus si pembunuh meminum darah si korban. aaaaaaaaaaa bisa muntah2 aq euyyyy jijay bajay bener deh.
bahkan salah 1 wartawan
Mike Shaw
This was my second Beverly Barton book (Don't Cry was first) and it is the first in a three part series, which is good because there are so many characters that I need to know what happened to. This is a well written and thought out story and very character driven. There were 4 times that I thought I knew who the killer was and 4 times I was wrong, although I did hold on through the whole book that it was Dillon. Was I right or wrong on that? You'll have to read the book to find out. I enjoyed t ...more
Mary Gilligan-Nolan
First time for me reading a Beverly Barton book and I picked this one up for one euro, so I got great value for my read. I liked this story. It involved an F.B.I. Agent, who is tracking a serial killer, who murdered his niece and is doing so at this point on his own time, as he has become almost obsessed with catching the killer. The killer in question, is more than deranged and is sacrificing his victims, drinking their blood, all in the belief he will become invincible, or something like that. ...more
Mirella Grace
Waktu pertama baca dan nemuin nama Jazzy Talbot, saya langsung inget perusahaan tempat kerja dulu... Yah, terakhir kerja kantoran, saya jadi merchandiser garment merk Talbots, USA sono... ehh, ketemu tokoh bacaan dengan nama Talbot. Gak cuma di buku ini aja lagi. Ada beberapa novel (yang blum saya baca) dengan tokoh bernama Talbot. Segitu populerkah nama ini??

Mengenai jalan cerita... Bagus ceritanya... Siapa pembunuhnya pun, aku gak bisa nebak. Baru pas bab-bab terakhir aja ketauan, dan terus te
I really liked this book.
FBI agent Dallas Sloan is a bruised soul, losing his niece to a mad killer. The search for this madman leads him to Cherokee Pointe where he meets Genny, whose sixth sense goes against his rational thinking... until he gets to know her better.

It's rather obvious they would end up together. The only thing about this book that really bothered me was everybody's good looks - seemingly without flaws. It felt unnatural that basically everyone around was handsome and beautiful
Angelina Hosein
Depan-depanya seru

tapi entah mengapa kalau para pembaca menyadari dari pertengahan itu udh ketahuan siapa pelakunya sudah gitu pembunuhanya gak sadis.... Romancenya Kuraaaanggg!!!

Overalll setelah menjajaki bab terakhir ratenya Drop
I have to confess, it took me two tries to get into this book. I started it a few months ago and just wasn't able to get past the first few chapters. However, this time when I restarted the book I really got into the book and did not want to put it down. I found I needed to get about 20% into the book and then it just hooked me. I love Genny and her ablilites and Dallas. He is not sure if Genny is for real or a circus trick. This book was a great read once you get into it, I have to warn you Bev ...more
This is my first Beverly Barton novel and I really enjoyed it. It is a classic serial killer story but with an interesting twist. The story is set in Smokey Mountains and the heroine is a psychic and of mixed Cherokee heritage. Dallas Sloan arrives in town to help the sheriff find the serial killer as his niece was a victim. Dallas and Genny become involved and she uses her psychic gifts to track the killer. The author has a nice pace and there is good development of the characters. You come to ...more
Jan 17, 2010 Holly rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Holly by: Mom
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! This was the first Barton book I read and I fell head over heels for Dallas Sloan and Genny Madoc.

The only reason I picked this up was because Genny was psychic. That's it. I wanted to see what she would do with that gift and it was so cool! And Dallas stole my heart as this big macho man who didn't want to find love but couldn't avoid it even though he wanted to. It references destiny every now and then, like how it was his destiny to meet Genny and all that fun stuf
Basic story good, but took away one star as I'm not into mysteries getting solved depending upon "visions", etc. Liked other books in the series a little better.
Tantri Setyorini
Bagian ritual-ritualannya seru dan misterius sih. Apalagi deskripsi pembunuhan di awal buku yang sadis banget. Bagian cenayang-cenayangannya juga bagus. Sex scene aku skip semua. Hehehhe..entah kenapa nggak mood aja. Pembunuhnya siapa, woohoo, tebakanku sejak bab-bab pertama nggak meleset tuh. Hehehe..
Ini buku Griifin Powell yang kedua ya? Kok aku nggak inget pernah baca ada Griff di buku ini? Sekedar lewat pun nggak ada tuh seingetku. Apa aku yang kelewatan ya?
Cover Indonesianya untuk buku-buku
Interesting cross between paranormal, small town, romantic suspense, and mystery. While the bad guy becomes fairly obvious about 2/3 of the way through the book, catching the bad guy is a tale well-told.

The romance was, in my opinion, a little weak. Perhaps precognition doesn't work well for me in a romance. Perhaps that is why my library has it in Fiction rather than Romance.

The supporting cast of characters was engaging, quirks and all. Description of small-town life in a remote mountain area
I just finished this book this afternoon. I would have given it a bit higher rating, as the storyline was very engaging,the characters were well-developed and very likable, and as [a previous reader] stated, there were "twists around every corner". However, Ms Barton continuously (incessantly!) and persistently, referred to the satanists as "witches", and unfortunately, that bothered me! I, personally, find it irksome when people perpetuate the steroetype that witchcraft and satanism are interch ...more
Mouse Croghan
Lame. But not the worst of its genre. Wouldn't bother reading any of her others. Badly written and about as suspenseful as most American b grade thrillers. Not.
Yet another thrilling read. The book was really easy to get into and had short sharp chapters that made it easier to keep track of what was going on.

The story follows Genny, who has the ability to see into the future. This second sight allows her to help the local sheriff work out when and where he is attacking his latest murder victim. It also leads Genny into trouble...

The book was good but the ending was very predictable, the very end of the book could have been a bit longer with more suspens

udah tamat...bagus dan menegangkan..sampe 2 bab terakhir baru dikasih tau siapa pembunuhnya...gak ketebak deh.....
udah gitu co nya agent fbi...nilai plus buat gw..
gennie madoc juga cenanyang yang kuat....gak lemah..sampe pas mau di bunuh pun dia bertahan..
endingnya bagus....penjahatnya dapet akhir yang mengenaskan hohoho....

gw kasih 4 bintang..
en ternyata ini trilogy...
2 lagi tentang sepupu gennie si sherrif jacob bu8ttler dam temen gennie....jazzie talbott....
semoga dastan terbitin...
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Beverly Marie Inman was born on 23 December 1946 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA. Daughter of Doris Marie and Walter D. Inman Jr. A born romantic, she fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast epic at an early age, when her grandfather bought her an illustrated copy of the famous fairy tale. Even before she learned to read and write, her vivid imagination created magical words and fabulous characters ...more
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