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Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History
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Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History

4.24 of 5 stars 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  452 ratings  ·  38 reviews
In this long-awaited sequel to his international bestseller The Holocaust Industry, Norman G. Finkelstein moves from an iconoclastic interrogation of the new anti-Semitism to a meticulously researched exposé of the corruption of scholarship on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Bringing to bear the latest findings on the conflict and recasting the scholarly debate, Finkelstein
Hardcover, 343 pages
Published August 28th 2005 by University of California Press (first published 2005)
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Ned Rifle
This is a thorough and well researched book - no surprise there. What makes this book far more enjoyable than others on the Israeli-Palestine conflict is that it is framed as an elaborate and detailed rebuttal of Alan Dershowitz's 'The Case for Israel'. Alan Dershowitz is a horrid but hilarious character, always one to go to for an original idea (see his idea to put the separation wall on wheels: "I proposed, actually, that the security fence be placed on wheels and constantly be able to be mov ...more
This is a careful, comprehensive, concise work that provides understanding of why Israel is so reviled in the world and which indicts, through its focus on one highly visible, well-connected, "media-savvy" apologist, Alan Dershowitz, an entire class of mainstream elite. This elite regularly justify war crimes and horrific human rights abuses on TV and other media. The sections on collective punishment (destroying homes of the accused, their family members and sometimes neighbors, even with them ...more
Jordan McPeek
Israel/Palestine: terribly complex issues, tread carefully, don't want to be anti-Semitic. Finkelstein says not really, that's just so much smoke thrown up by pro-Israeli apologists to keep people from examining the issues. This book tackles many of them, primarily through closely examining the work of Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard law professor and a leading proponent of Israel, and comparing it to reports from various human rights agencies. When reading opinion pieces like this, I assume I'm ju ...more
Ahmed Daabel
This is a scholarly, very tightly reasoned book. It will not sway ideologues or zealots, but will clarify issues for anyone who is open to rational argument on the inflammatory subject of Middle-East politics and reality. Firstly, the book points out the moral and intellectual corruption of Dershowitz and his crowd. Alan Dershowitz, holding a named chair at the Law School is, for some reason, immune.

During the 1967 war, I happened to make the comment that "Palestinians are people with rights, t
أحترم هذا الكاتب اليهودي وأسجل احتقاري لحكامنا العرب اﻷشاوس، الذين لا يجرؤ واحد منهم على النطق بسطر واحد مما جاء في هذا الكتاب عن توحش الاحتلال الإسرائيلي الغاشم، فما بالكم بالإتيان بفعل يهدد خطط الاحتلال؟
Simon Wood

Norman Finkelstein first appeared in the 1980's with his thorough debunking of Joan Peters "From Time Immemorial" which had been widely praised on publication by Zionists and other supporters of Israel who were overjoyed to read an "academic" work that supported the Zionist assertion that the Palestinians didn't exist. Finkelstein in a memorable contribution to "Blaming the Victims" showed Peter's magnum opus to be a tissue of lies, distorted quotations
Hussain Ali
لم أكن يومًا ما مهتمًا بالصراع الفلسطيني - الإسرائيلي بشكل مفصل، كنت أكتفي بما أسمعه في نشرات الأخبار وما أقرأه في الصحف، إلى أن وجدت هذا الكتاب في أحد المكتبات، وما جذبني ليس العنوان بتاتًا، بل إن ما جذبني لأمسك هذا الكتاب وأشتريه لأضمه إلى مكتبتي هو اسم المؤلف "نورمان فنكلستاين".

"نورمان فنكلستاين" يهودي أمريكي الجنسية استاذ العلوم السياسية الذي فُصل عمله كأستاذ في جامعة ديبوول بسبب انتقاداته اللاذعة لاسرائيل والغطاء الذي تشكله الولايات المتحدة لممارساتها، نعم ما جذبني هو الإسم، فقد مر علي اسمه
Norman Finkelstein is a hero of truth. This book offers a rare look at the dishonest history and publicity manufactured by the Israel lobby. In every generation since Biblical times the Jews seem to produce prophetic figures who are doomed to speak truth to power -- Finkelstein is such a one.
A wonderful guide on the correct methods of academic citations.
Serious scholarship that illuminates a painful history.
Henry Lockett
I think that Finkelstein puts too much focus on discrediting Alan Dershowitz; he sometimes comes across as petit. However one of the main aims of the book is to illustrate how stretched the definition of 'anti-semitism' has become, and much of Dershowitz's writing is a shining example of such abuse. So perhaps the popularity of his book 'The Case For Israel' warrants the critical review given in 'Beyond Chutzpah'. The record needed to be set straight.

Finkelstein's footnotes and references are ex
In a certain way, this is an appendix of what has to be Finkelstein's centrepiece, which is the Holocaust Industry. It represents the ongoing fight against nasty types like Alan Dershowitz, like Daniel Goldhagen, like Joan Peters.

When I first happened upon Finkelstein, I think at the beginning of the last Gaza conflict in 2014, I was stricken by his views and his idiosyncratic expressiveness. I live in a country where Israel has few defenders and it seemed strange, then, and even shocking, to se
This book (and, frankly, most of Finkelstein's books) could just as aptly be titled Norman Finkelstein Complains about People and the Dumb Things They Say. To be honest, that's largely why I read his books. I find something about his moral outrage and indignation utterly fascinating. And they can be quite funny--he's a sassy little malcontent who just can't help but be recklessly abrasive.

My favorite parts of this book were those that focused on Alan Dershowitz and his Case for Israel. The speci
Nov 05, 2008 david-baptiste is currently reading it
this is a second edition--i didnt read the first one so is al new to me--norman finkelstein is one of the most extraodinary scholars of words i've encountered, as he combines, to me , any way, a literary, legalistic, historian's approach, really out of a Talmudic tradition i think--he's a brilliant teacher, really, as i feel like i am learning continually how to read and examine words in reading him and following his thought--one of the best speakers i ever heard on issues and matters of languag ...more
A helpful, damning, and at the same time entertaining read. Finkelstein began his career by debunking the false claims and scholarship of Joan Peters' wildly popular "From Time Immemorial". Alan Dershowitz has arguably written today's equivalent in "The Case for Israel". It too is wildly popular, often distributed for free by Israeli embassies, student groups, and even by Evangelical supporters of Zionism. Finkelstein takes on Dershowitz the same way he took on Peters and exposes him as a bald-f ...more
Totally destroys Alan Dershowitz's credibility. A little shrill, to say the least.
Timothy Faust
Just, you know, some light reading.
There are two parts to this: an opening section on the way that charges of 'anti-Semitism' are used to smear and intimidate anyone who is critical of Israel's policies, and a sustained dissection and attack on Dershowitz' book 'The Case for Israel'.

You've probably noticed that in recent years television pundits have been leveling charges of anti-Semitism at critics of Israel. Even if the critics are Jewish; even if they are Israeli citizens; it doesn't matter. By definition, now, if you criticiz
The books is mainly a response to Alan Dershowitz's "bestseller": The Case for Israel. The title calls to mind an earlier Dershowitz title "Chutzpah". The discussion is mainly focused on arguments brought forth in The Case for Israel, but anyone familiar with the Middle East conflict can benefit from the research.

People have short memories and the longevity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict means that there is almost no living memory of the actual events leading to 1948 and only vague memory o
Finkelstein uses tenacious argument backed by rigorous research to shred Zionist rationale for the Israeli apartheid. Finkelstein is himself the child of Holocaust survivors and he has chosen to take the part of the weaker party--that is, he stands on the side of the "human race" rather than any one group, whether defined by "race" (a fictitious notion) or any other criteria-- in this divisive debate. We can all learn from Mr. Finkelstein. Would that all of humanity were so logical and compassio ...more
Firstly, I should say that this is both a well-written and well-researched book, and deserves to be read by anyone interested in the Middle East conflicts. While it's probably only going to be read by people with similar beliefs to Mr. Finkelstein's (and those of myself, for that matter), it should be read by a broader spectrum, even though it almost certainly won't be (obvs).

But I should also add that it is a bit snarky and a bit polemical, which might annoy you, and that especially whenever Al
Lazy Seagull
I can't say that I was always a fan of Finkelstein's rhetorical style, but the dude has some fantastic points to make.


Andy Statist
Beyond Chutzpah destroys two birds with one stone. First, Finkelstein dispells the myth of an inexplicable, ever growing antisemitism which will lead to Shoah 2.

Second, he takes apart the most common arguments in favor of the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine as espoused by Alan Dershowitz in The Case for Israel using documentation from human rights organizations.

I disagree with Finkelstein's emphasis on ICC and UN law. This is minor compared to the information within this book. Comes wit
Shaherzad ahmadi
Very factual; it's not pro-Palestine or anti-Israel (this might be disappointing for people expecting an intense and lively diatribe of pro-Israeli commentators. It genuinely is fact-filled, so it can get somewhat dry). Finkelstein lets the facts speak for themselves and by the end of it you kind of have to be mentally deranged to support Israel.

Also, a very careful analysis of Alan Dershowitz's contribution to this field of study (basically, Finkelstein proves the guy is a crackpot - shock. Bu
Meticulously researched and footnoted but quite a dry read.
Ethar Mahmoud
Jun 30, 2014 Ethar Mahmoud marked it as to-read
معاداة السامية الجديدة
Jared Della Rocca
A fascinating, fact-filled, yet easy to read refute of a variety of Alan Dershowitz books, including "The Case for Israel" and his autobiography "Chutzpah". Finkelstein presents side-by-side counterpoints, utilizing reports from international organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as Israeli organizations such as their human rights commission. Very interesting and well worth the time spent reading it.
Vidur Kapur
An extremely well researched book that extensively searches through the human rights record to illustrate Israel's atrocities over the years. Additionally, the book serves as a magificently detailed rebuttal to Alan Dershowitz's 'A Case for Israel', again backed up by a pile of evidence from internationally respected organisations, as well as the United Nations itself.
يوسف أحمد
نورمان فينكلستين (من الآخر) مابيعتقش!

لقد قاد الكاتب الصهيوني المشهور آلان درشويتز حملة نازية أشبه بحملات مطاردة الساحرات في القرون الوسطى ليقوم بطرده من الجامعة، ويكفي أن تقرأ هذا الكتاب لكي تعذره!!!
Samir Fathy
برنس الليالي فنكلستاين الكبير، اللي بيكره الصهاينة وأحياناً اليهود رغم إنه منهم زييينا
ترجمته مش قد كدة لكن بحاول أدخل لعالمه بشكل أوسع، وبقرأ الكتاب لأني بحب الكاتب نفسه أكتر
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Norman Finkelstein, son of a holocaust survivor, is a fierce and controversial critic of Israeli policy, especially toward Palestinians. He has had a tense rivalry with his pro-Israel counterpart, Alan Dershowitz. In 2007 DePaul University denied his tenure, a decision for which Dershowitz lobbied. For his views and suspected connections to anti-Zionist groups, Israel has denied Finkelstein entry ...more
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