Runaways, Vol. 9: Dead Wrong (Runaways, #9)
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Runaways, Vol. 9: Dead Wrong (Runaways #9)

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The beginning of a whole new Runaways Comics legend Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) and super-star artist Humberto Ramos (X-Men, Wolverine, Spider-Man) run back to Los Angeles with your favorite teen heroes. But it's not the same city they left so long ago. The Runaways try to stay off the radar, but the sins of their parents won't make that possible... Collects...more
Hardcover, 136 pages
Published March 25th 2009 by Marvel
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Nicolo Yu
Except for an issue or two that I’ve read of Joss Whedon’s arc on the characters, this is the first time that I’ve read Runaways not written by Brian K. Vaughan. Terry Moore is an eminently capable writer whose work on his own characters in Strangers In Paradise is critically acclaimed. The artist on the art, Humberto Ramos, whose expressive art and affinity for depicting teenagers (Crimson, Impulse) makes him a perfect fit for these characters, so much that I wished he could have with Vaughan o...more
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This felt like a huge step backwards for Runaways as a book. Chase's character growth? Thrown out the window. I can't be the only one who thinks that his character regressed to something like the second or third issue of the original series. That alone is very disappointing. But the central story, about a group of Majesdane soldiers come to collect Karolina, just wasn't very good. That Karolina is going to be put on trial for her parents' actions (which lead to the destruction of their homeworld...more
Chris Aylott
Spent last night and some of this morning catching up on several volumes of Runaways, the Marvel comic about a bunch of modern-day super-Boxcar Children battling evil in the streets and skies of Los Angeles. Unless they're in New York, or in the past, or dealing with the complications left by their dead villain parents, or all three of the above.

Nothing deep here, just some good characters and storylines. I have to wonder if at this point they're making the series and assuming it'll be mostly r...more
Federiken Masters
May 25, 2011 Federiken Masters rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Fans del género y de la serie.
Recommended to Federiken by: Su (mala) fama
Había escuchado que la serie perdía toda su gracia en esta etapa. Y fue grato encontrarme con que no es así. Si bien deja la sensación de "lo mejor ya pasó", la historia de esta tomo está bien contada y narrada. El dibujo de Ramos le da la onda necesaria a una serie "juvenil" y desenfadada y el guion de Moore, aunque algo más cargoso que los de Vaughan y Whedon, se defiende. Las referencias pop están ahí, el lenguaje adolescente está ahí y los dilemas existencialistas también. A lo sumo la premi...more
Though I didn't like the artwork in this volume, I enjoyed the story overall. (Even if I predicted several of the twists.)
Runaways vol 9 #1-6

Art: Humberto ramos is a good artist in his own right if you want to see his work at his best look up DV8 humberto ramos and you might come up with something really amazing. However for his work on runaways here,even by a manga fans standers, the art work is a little over exaggerated and he draws clothes in black lines while he draws the characters in colored lines making one girl's shirt look more like a droopy green back exposing a little more bobbie then need be and only on...more
Man.. the art. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I thought it looked bad on the cover, but that it was just the cover, and maybe I could get over it. Then the introduction is from the youngest member of the group, so I thought maybe the whole thing was her point of view and I could handle perhaps the more childish style. But.. no, that didn't seem to be the case.

And just when I thought I was finally getting used... well, ignoring it fairly well, it would get even more horrid. UGH!! Chins, and noses particularly, b...more
I've seen some people complain about the writing in this book. I actually thought the story was interesting; except for the Howard Stern-esque radio jock. But writer Terry Moore did something Brian Vaughan never did, or Joss Whedon(but Whedon only wrote 6 issues), and that is give some real emotional depth to the world. Sure, in Vaughan's run, which are far cooler and more kick ass than Moore's, the kids have to come to terms with their parents being evil and with their own powers, but they neve...more
Inge wrote: "I just started this series and I think I'm in love. I do not like the rating you gave this one, as it doesn't give me much to look forward to." Ohhh noo, it's amazing! I really love this series as a whole. All the Brian K. Vaughn installments are brilliant and the Joss Whedon arc is perfect.<--I gave a bumbling YA book presentation on it last season...but this new Terry Moore direction is pretty poor, as are the other recent one-off crossovers. The art is dumb--from the amorphous...more
Not being a superhero comic reader for the most part, it's a little weird to read comics with so many different artists depicting the same characters (I guess Sandman would be one honking exception to this rule). But I was able to adjust ok. One of the things I liked about this series is the day-to-day life challenges of living with super powers, villains for parents and being teenagers. I stopped readin the series in the last volume, because it was all timetravel and other Marvel universe chara...more
A great continuation of Runaways, Moore keeps the humour and the characters intact from BKV and Whedon's run with his own subtle flair and personal touches. Ramos's art which at first I thought was too great a departure from the previous styles, but by the second issue I realize was a great fit and really suited this title and kinetic storytelling, I'm now sorry to see him leave.
This is probably one of my favorite volumes of Runaway so far. It was legitimately interesting, and while it still suffered from resolving too fast and having quite a few things that didn't make sense, it was nevertheless actually moving and interesting, and I thought the art style was actually spot on.

What I didn't like is how the author basically nyxed the continuity from the previous volume, especially with Klara. Klara would not have been able to cope with things as well as she was, and she...more
Bianca Woods
Merely good. Honestly, no one seems to understand how to write this series other than Vaughan, and the art was never better than when Runaways was drawn by Alphona. It's not to say this comic was bad, it's just the story telling (while exploring some good ideas) wasn't particularly tight and he characters weren't as well characterized as they were during Vaughan's time with the series.

I'll probably pick up the next few Runaways collections to see if it gets its steam back, but if the series cont...more
So I was afraid when the creators of Runaways decided to stop actively creating them but the teams that have picked up the story since then have been great. It took me some time to adjust to Humberto Ramos's artistic style but it grew on me. The plot threads of this story have remained interesting and the pages continue to turn at lightspeed when I read them. The new additions to the Runaways team have only enriched their charm and the family bonds they have formed really draw the reader in. In...more
Pretty crappy. The worst of all the Runaways books. It doesn't come close to the genius of Brian K. Vaughan when he started the series, and it it doesn't even hold up to the Joss Whedon run. The art is sloppy, terrible, and doesn't match the tone or characters that we've come to love from this series. Instead they look like ridiculous cartoons that don't emote anything. There are also a buttload of plot holes in this volume. Who are these Majesdanian warriors? What is up with the radio DJ? Wtf t...more
Rebecca Honeycutt
Disappointing. I have great love for Terry Moore, and still have the SiP comic that he signed for me when I a 15-year-old purple-haired fangirl. And so this volume was a big let down. Not as funny or as edgy as previous volumes, and the ending felt cheap, since something EXTREMELY similar happened in a Young Avengers storyline. I miss BKV. *sigh* Terry does, however, get points for having Xavin shape-shift into Kevin Smith :-)
As for the artwork....HATE it. It's fine just as artwork, but for Runa...more
Ahhh, yes. The oft discussed Moore/Ramos arc of the series. For me, the writing itself wasn't bad (not like BKV though), but my main issue was the art. I do. not. like the art. Ramos' style maybe suited well for other titles perhaps, but I felt it was wrong for this one. I felt he made the characters look too much like caricatures. But then I guess I was spoiled by Alphona's wonderful art from when the series was in it's prime. For me, a good story or series can be utterly ruined by poor art, no...more
So far, the worst of all the Runaways comics. Just about everyone was out of character for this entire volume and the cartoon-y style was obnoxious and changed the character designs almost enough to make them unrecognizable. When did Karolina grow 4 cup sizes and Xavin shrink at least 4-5 inches? Where did Molly get 5 different hats when they supposedly have no money or luggage and are staying in the Stein's house, not the Hayes' house? I realize Nico has gone through a lot of difficult things r...more
Emily Green
In Runaways: Dead Wrong aliens come to earth searching for Karolina, who they accuse of committing genocide of an entire planet. At first, the gang is baffled by the claims, and they fight to protect their teammate, but eventually, a settlement must be reached.

With a different writer, Terry Moore, of Strangers in Paradise fame, I hoped that Runaways would leap off the page, as I keep hoping it will—but, alas, nope. This series is just destined for mediocrity. And yet, like semi-tasteless brownie...more
more like 2.5. do NOT like the new artist. :/
Definitely going to have to pick up the rest of the novels in this series. I had heard they were good, so when I saw this book (shrink-wrapped--volume unknown) on the discount shelf at my local bookstore, I snapped it up. It was worth $5 to see what the hubbub was all about.

Once I found out it was volume 9, I wasn't expecting to understand much. I clearly had not idea which character was named what, but the narrative was really good and the illustrations were awesome.

I will definitely be picki...more
Losing Vaughn and Whedon is too much for this series. I didn't like the artwork and the story was just alright. In volume 9, the survivors of the Majesdane-Skrull war come to get their vengeance on Karolina who they view as responsible for the mess. I liked that the parents' crimes came back to haunt them but didn't care enough about the side character who leaves the team at the end for me to really care about the ending at all. Not terrible but not worth your time unless (like me) you feel comp...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Not bad, but not that great. I'm always glad to visit the Runaways but in Moore's hands the characters just don't have the spark they had with Vaughan. I also didn't care for Ramos' art, which is really cartoony and flat. And why the hell don't they do more with Old Lace? I mean, the team had a freakin' psychic dinosaur in it, but she hardly ever does anything other than get debilitated in the first 3 seconds of a fight, when she doesn't just disappear completely. Come on Runaways team: more din...more
Picked this up from the library assuming it was the first "volume", when really it was the first trade of volume 3. As such, I didn't have much of a clue what was going on. Wikipedia helped (but spoiled, naturally), and by the end of it, I understood how important events were to the characters involved, but I didn't feel connected myself.

Having a character who was constantly changing shape and being filled with oddly inconsistent artwork didn't help the headache.
Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
The Runaways were my first foray into graphic novels and I have enjoyed everyone from vol. 1 to vol. 8. Brian K. Vaughn did a great job with the first 7 and Joss Whedon...well it is Joss do I need to say more. However, there was something just off with vol. 9. Terry Moore just seemed to be one step off with the characters. No one seemed right. Even the illustrations seemed off. I was sadly disappointed.
That cleansed my brain very nicely from the horrible novel I read right before it. The themes of unity and discord were very nicely done, and the sacrifice at the ending was very moving, regardless of how effective it turns out to be. Molly and Klara are fast becoming my favorite comicbook characters, though (but that's mainly because I haven't read anything about Cinderella from Fables for a long while :).)
The Runaways are back, but this time with a new writer and artist. OK, Brain K Vaughan is a hard act to follow, as was Adrian Alphona as artist, but I can't understand why Marvel gave the book to someone with such a different artistic style. It gone from a fairly realist style to OTT-cartooney, which detracts from the serious element of the story. Liked the story - the art...notsomuch.
Not as bad as I thought knowing there was going to be a drop off from Vaughan and Whedon. All in all it had fun bits and pivotal moments for the Runaways. I found the anime stylized art wasnt to my liking for this title , probably because I was so use to Adriano Alphoma. Plus I got my trade for $7 clearance sale which is about what I think its worth.
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