Castle Perilous (Castle Perilous, #1)
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Castle Perilous (Castle Perilous #1)

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  679 ratings  ·  29 reviews
Imagine life in an ironically magical world where 144,000 doors separate fiction from reality. A place that can hypnotize even the most grounded philosophy major and deliver a fantastical rhyme to his reason. A place where a best buddy resembles a shaggy carpet, and adventures surpass a boy's dreams? welcome to Castle Perilous.
Paperback, 212 pages
Published December 1st 1999 by (first published 1988)
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Kat  Hooper
ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.

Castle Perilous is a giant castle with 144,000 rooms that are portals to other worlds. These portals are constantly shifting in and out of other dimensions and occasionally they temporarily open up somewhere on Earth. At those times people may stumble into the castle and not be able to get back out. They become one of the permanent “guests” who have great food, luxurious accommodations, and servants to wait on them. Best of all, they get to explore some of...more
This was a fun, pretty typical fantasy. I read a later book years ago & always wanted to find the rest of the series, but never got around to it. It was tough putting together series back before the Internet & easy inter-library loans. This was a casualty of that barbarous period.

The writing was pretty tight, the world interesting, & the magic was pretty typical. Good characters on both sides & plenty of tension. Glad I finally got around to it.
Как известно, самые потрясные книги приходят к нам по воле случая. Вот так мне попался ДДЧ со своим Замком *_*

Замок, который называют Опасным. Попасть в него можно через порталы, коих 144 000 (причем цифра не с потолка). Просто заблудившись на подземной стоянке, упав в расщелину, шагнув в проем, появившийся на месте стенки... Ага)

Огромный замок, созданный при помощи магии, его своеобразная геометрия (Эшер плачет), неиследованные миры, стабильные и не очень порталы, Гости из разных миров и как...more
Gene, an unemployed philosophy major, finds himself magically transported to a wondrous castle that’s home to 144,000 portals to as many worlds and realms. It’s run by a genial wizard who welcomes all who come as Guests; even better, everyone who lives there develops a magical talent. But terrible forces besiege the castle and threaten to destroy it forever.

This is fun, light fantasy; the premise is a wonderful idea and an enormous wellspring for infinite flights of the imagination (many worlds...more
Read this book years and years ago when it first came out (1988). Found it in a box when I was cleaning out closets, remembered enjoying it, and decided to re-read. Still enjoyed it very much. It's a classic fantasy--sword battles, mysterious castle, sorcerers, doors to our world (and many other worlds), demons, lost scrolls, humans who are weak in our world but become heroes in the fantasy one, and lots and lots of magic. And Snowclaw, my favorite furry character. It has all the fantasy tropes,...more
This series was a great "guilty pleasure" when I was younger. Would I enjoy them as much now, as an adult? Maybe not. But at the time they were a lot of fun. I loved the idea of a magic castle filled with doors that opened onto an almost unlimited number of worlds.
So far, it's fun, just REALLY random
It had good ideas: the magical castle that has two-way portals to other worlds that may or may not go to the same place the next time you visit them. And the castle is constantly reassembling itself even as people who stumble upon it are trying to make sense of it all. Hence the name "Perilous" because floors could fall out from under you, or strange creatures could attack you from their home world portal, etc. Reminiscent of Piers Anthony's Xanth, everyone who enters the castle will develop mag...more
Fantasy Literature
Castle Perilous is a giant castle with 144,000 rooms that are portals to other worlds. These portals are constantly shifting in and out of other dimensions and occasionally they temporarily open up somewhere on Earth. At those times people may stumble into the castle and not be able to get back out. They become one of the permanent “guests” who have great food, luxurious accommodations, and servants to wait on them. Best of all, they get to explore some of the stable portals leading to exotic pl...more
Feb 18, 2014 Bill rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: pfft
This would be a decent book to read on public transportation while thinking of something else if any of the book's plot, character development, or jokes had been better developed. Boys in middle school might like it (and there's nothing inside that most parents should be too concerned about--barely a PG), but anyone else should beware.

There is no character development to speak of, although the dialogue each character speaks is somewhat distinguishable from that of the other characters. The plot...more
Matt Kelly
Nice, lightweight humorous fantasy series that I read back in the 90s. Amusing, but not as good as the Discworld series in the same genre.
A favorite book from my youth, recently found and devoured.
Jan Bednarczuk
This is one of those books that has an interesting premise, but then does nothing with it. The premise and setting were really good, but the plot and characterization frankly sucked. None of the characters made any sense. One was evil and scheming for no real apparent reason. Two hooked up and became romantic partners, again for no real apparent reason. It was just all silly and pointless, and the only thing that kept me reading to the end was, again, the interesting premise/setting. Too bad the...more
I'd have to echo the review that mentions poor character development. These are fairly flat characters. You have to read the entire series before get to know them. However, this isn't anything close to fine literature. It could easily be a cartoon or a TV show. That said, it was fun to read. Fluff fantasy, but still quite readable. Three stars for the setting.
A castle with magical world where 144,000 doors separate fiction from reality and move anytime they wish. Unique characters, from anywhere and anywhen converge in Castle Perilous.
An interesting and fun read. One of the rare occasions when each novel in the series gets better. Light reading, often humorous.
My mother found this book at a garage sale and passed it along to me. It is a really easy read. I agree with my mother that after reading it, I wanted to read it again to try and catch the things I missed the first time.
I would recommend this as good goofy fun.
Arthur Gibson
I thought this was a great idea. Almost infinite possibilities. Believable core group of characters. A fun read. Conflict, emotions, problems to solve, heroes, villains, and an all around good time. Nice setup for the series.
I found this book and decided to read it. It was a quick, easy, and fast read. Not very well written, but kept me interested. Lots of suspense that really leads to nothing. Weak development of the plot.
I Read the Castle series in the 1990's and loved them. They're short, hilarious and really entertaining if you are a fan of fantasy.I'm re reading the series and enjoying them again on my ereader.
brian dean
Acceptable but bland. I got the book at a used book store and might continue reading the series if the prices for books 2,3 ... were similar but only if I had no other book at the time.
I loved this series, everything about it is fabulous, It's like Ghormenghast meets Buck Rogers where everyone gets a SuperPower. I love it, I love it, I love it.
I came across this book randomly and I'm glad I took the time to read it. It's a humorous fantasy story that's fast, easy to read and full of adventure.
Read this ages ago and remember really liking it. Might have to see if I can find an ebook copy somewhere and read it again.
This was pretty good. It's kind of silly and was an entertaining read when I didn't want anything too serious.
I read all the Castle Books as they came out. I seem to remember loving them...
A fun little romp. Nothing serious but a quick enjoyable read.
It was a weird book, but not the worst that I'd ever read.
This is such a cool and unique book, I really recommend it.
Not quite what I expected, but good nonetheless.
slow start to a pleasant romp
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John DeChancie is the author of over two dozen books, fiction and nonfiction, and has written for periodicals as widely varied as Penthouse and Cult Movies. His novels in the science fiction and fantasy genres have been attracting a wide readership for more than fifteen years, and over a million copies of his books have seen print, many in foreign languages.

John's first work was...more
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