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My Rotten Life (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie, #1)
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My Rotten Life (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie #1)

3.51 of 5 stars 3.51  ·  rating details  ·  417 ratings  ·  102 reviews
Ten-year-old Nathan Abercrombie is having a really bad day. First, Shawna Lanchester, the prettiest girl in his class, doesn’t invite him to her party. Then he gets picked last in gym class. Things couldn’t get any worse…until he gets doused with an experimental serum that turns him into a half-dead zombie!

Nathan soon discovers that being half dead isn’t all bad. He doesn’
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
Published August 4th 2009 by Starscape
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**Spoiler Alert**

This is a cool book to read!Have you ever think how it would feel like to be dead and to not be able to feel any pain? Well this would be a great chance for you to read this book. This book is obviously fantasy because it has a type of supernatural in it. As you can see in the title it has the word zombie in it. I actually loved this book because there is one part that only the bravest people can do which is almost taking your life for a person.

This book is about an ordinary
Katy Vance
I am giving it three stars because it didn't make me laugh out loud, but I think that 9-11 year old boys will be rolling as Nathan Abercrombie almost loses one of his fingers to the neighbor's dog and hangs from parallel bars to upchuck his food (zombies can't digest, you know). I like that it's a series which will appeal to boys who enjoy mild gross-out humor. I see this as an upper elementary book or lower middle school book for had to please readers.
My son, who is 10, found this book to be amazing. We read it together. He also found it quite funny. I found it started out really slowly. If my son hadn't been enjoying it, I wouldn't have finished it. However, though it was somewhat silly, I ended up enjoying the book as well. My son is excited to continue with the series. Easy to read with fun characters.
Mrs. Downs
GR Level: O

Elementary: FIC LUB

Sometimes you might feel like you just don't quite fit in. Sometimes you have a totally rotten day where it seems like EVERYTHING goes wrong. . .that is exactly what happens to Nathan. He would do anything to get rid of the feelings that come from feeling like a loser. When someone tells him they know the solution he's willing to try it out, and he finds that their is a price that comes with having no feeling. Will he ever learn that being a zombie isn't all that it
Sometimes you might feel like you just don't quite fit in. Sometimes you have a totally rotten day where it seems like EVERYTHING goes wrong. . .that is exactly what happens to Nathan. He would do anything to get rid of the feelings that come from feeling like a loser. When someone tells him they know the solution he's willing to try it out, and he finds that their is a price that comes with having no feeling. Will he ever learn that being a zombie isn't all that it is cracked up to be?

I thought
Tremendously cute tale about friendship, and overcoming embarassment that involves zombies.
This book is pretty much as you would expect based on the title... 'Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie'. Nate be comes a zombie in error and the book talks about how he, and two of his friends, strive to find a cure for his 'condition'. This is a book about bullying and social standing, yet it doesn't deal with this topic in a very sophisticated or detailed way. Probably best for grades 3/4 as it is a bit immature. I am sure that kids will love the descriptions of Nate's fingers becoming deta ...more
Nathan Ambercrombie was having a really bad day. He has been getting picked on constantly by the popular kids at school and by his teachers. The this strange girl Abagail offers him a way to make all the hurt and embarrassment go away. Her uncle has developed Hurt-be-Gone and Nathan signs up to try it. Unfortunately, his friend Mookie spills the entire serum on him and bad things start to happen. Nathan does feel anything but he also doesn't eat or go to the bathroom anymore and he starts loosin ...more
Nathan Abercrombie is not popular and he's having one of the worst days ever. The girl he likes has just ripped his heart out and then he gets picked last for baseball teams, even after the kid who spends his life with his hand jammed into his armpit/nose/ear/etc. Just when it looks like his day can't get any worse, his friend, Abigail invites Nathan and his best friend, Mookie, over to her uncle's laboratory. Nathan is accidently doused with a strange chemical that leaves him a half zombie! Wha ...more
Brian Williams

By David Lubar

Yet another book I picked up at ALA11 in New Orleans. They were giving away copies of this already released book. That trip is going to be memorable for years to come for so many reasons but most of all the fact that meet so many cool people and brought home some great books.

My Rotten Life: Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie is a book I didn’t get from standing in a line but a book I found when I was sitting down for a rest wor
Both my 10 yr old son and I read this book. I received the sequel to this book as an ARC, and after reading the first chapter, I HAD to buy the this book. I prefer reading books in sequence, even though sequel stood nicely on it's own.

This book was absolutely hilarious. It had both my older son and I cracking up (the younger son hasn't gotten a chance to read it since it fell into the clutches of boy#1).

Nathan thought his life was rotten until Abigail's estranged uncle spilled Hurt-Be-Gone on N
My Rotten Life by David Lubar talks about an unpopular boy thats having a really bad day. Just when he thinks things can't get much worse, it does. After being picked on by kids at school, a strange girl Abigail,
invites Nathan to try out an experiment that could cure his pain of embarrassment. Just as he's about to try the -Hurt-Be-Gone invented by Abigail, his best friend Mookie spills it on him which brings things downwards from there. As the three try to find a cure for Nathan,
Weird things
Most kids have bad days. But Nathan’s days get an unusual twist when he gets doused with a potion to erase feelings and instead gets turned into a zombie. Nathan’s natural (or rather unnatural) progression into one of the undead is persuasive. It shows, oddly enough, the perks of losing all feeling in your body—not needing to eat or sleep, performing all sorts of strenuous physical activities without getting winded (a boon for a kid with asthma), being able to face tense situations without break ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jaglvr for

Never say that you are having a bad day. Nothing can compare to the day Nathan has had!

When he wants to just get rid of his bad feelings, the new girl, Abigail, suggests that her uncle has a magic potion in his lab that can do the trick! So Nathan, his best friend, Mookie, and Abigail head off to the lab to get the "Hurt Be Gone." But at the lab, Nathan is splashed by some strange liquid and soon, he starts to feel weird.

When he reports to Abigail that his
Pamela ☼what?!? you want more gruel☼ Tee
Some days just stink.

Nathan Abercrombie is having the worst day of his life. To say that it was horrible would be an understatement. First off, he's diss'd by the prettiest girl in school-- the one he just happens to have a huge crush on. Then he's chosen last during gym. And then... and then, in a foolish effort to ease the heartache of being stuck forever at the losers' table, he gets talked into visiting a mad scientist, where he accidentally gets doused with an experimental fluid that leaves
Mar 09, 2010 Sarah rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: grades 3-6
Recommended to Sarah by: 5/6
Nathan thinks he has a rotten life...but things get much worse after he gets some experimental liquid called “Hurt-Be-Gone accidentally spilled on him! After that, parts of his body start losing feeling, he stops digesting food, and he doesn’t need to go to the bathroom!

His friends Mookie and Abigail help him get the ingredients for the mixture that will stop him from becoming a total zombie—ingredients that include a scale from a rare breed of fish and
a strange mushroom. The problem is, he mus
Nathan Abercrombie is the second skinniest kid at school. He spends most of his time with the second tallest kid, the second fattest kid, and the second fastest kid. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and he’s used to being picked last for sports in PE, but for the most part, it doesn’t bother him. Until, the girl he’s been crushing on for a long time embarrasses him in front of the entire cafeteria. He is desperate to stop feeling the pain in his heart.

Things only get worse for him when Abigail,
Nathan isn't the coolest kid in the class - not even close. In fact, he was having a pretty bad day until he decides to look into his friend's crazy uncle's experimental Hurt-Be-Gone - only it accidentally gets poured all over him. There was one fatal error in the concoction - instead of using the corpus flower, he had used the corpse flower, and now, Nathan is slowly becoming undead - a zombie.

But life as a zombie isn't half bad. He doesn't need to use his lungs any more so gym class is no swea
Nathan Abercrombie was your average Second-Bester, not quite the worst at something, but still not good enough to really be noticed. That didn't stop him from having his heart stomped on by his crush, getting picked last at PE, and being taunted for his lack of video game skills. Desperate to not feel rejected anymore, he take quiet Abigail up on her offer to fix him. Her mad-scientist uncle is working on a formula that make people not feel sad anymore, Hurt-be-gone. After an accident leads to a ...more
May 21, 2009 Carmine rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: 3/4th graders, most likely boys
Recommended to Carmine by: ARC
cute premise-...boy agrees to become guinea pig in a science experiment that promises life without pain after being dissed by popular girl. Things go awry when the potion slowly starts turning him into a zombie- now that he doesn't sleep he can master video games to wow his peers, breath under water, do hundreds of pull ups, etc. The quest to undo his increasingly corpse-like physiology brings him closer to his friends- his old buddy, the chubby boy with flatulence issues and his new friend, the ...more
Have you ever wanted to be a zombie?

Definitely not my normal fare. Silly, gross humor, crazy plot, fun characters. Good elementary appeal. There are disadvantages and advantages to zombiness. Like, you can't eat (well, you can, but the food won't digest and just sloshes around in your stomach), and you can't feel pain, which means you don't notice when your fingers fall off. But on the other hand, you can't feel pain! And you can do things that would normally be really hard (like playing video
Sheppard Memorial Library
My 10-year-old loved this book and I enjoyed it too. Nathan Abercrombie is accidentally turned into a zombie by a mad scientist. As he becomes more and more "dead", he finds abilities and advantages to his current state. It's funny and silly too. I found myself envying him--he doesn't have to sleep or eat any more!
Fifth grader Nathan feels like he has nothing going for him and he feels pretty down about it. Abigail, a fellow "loser" tells him she can get her uncle to cure him with Hurt-Be-Gone. Instead of just taking a sip of the concoction, Nathan spills it all over himself and finds he can't feel a thing. Soon he isn't even breathing or blinking....he has become a zombie! Abigail, Nathan and his friend Mookie must find the elements of the cure before Nathan stays a zombie forever!

Cute, quick, smart youn
Kathleen Behrendt
This first book in a series sets the stage for the rest. Fifth-grader Nathan Abercrombie is so tired of having his feelings hurt by the popular kids (last to be picked for teams, not invited to parties, etc) that he agrees to try an experimental formula, Hurt-Be-Gone. Unfortunately, he gets results he wasn't expecting - he turns into a half-dead zombie! The action progresses as his friends try to find a cure for Nathan. The twist at the end of the book is totally unexpected and will be appreciat ...more
Amy Brown
Great book on CD. Two narrators, one for the female voices and one for the male voices. Loved this story (which I'm sure is just the first in a series). A boy Nathan Abercrombie accidentally gets doused with an experimental liquid called hurt-be-gone. Instead of taking away hurt feelings, it's slowly turning Nathan into a Zombie who can't feel any pain. Can Nathan, with the help of two friends, find a cure before he is completely dead? This book would be very easy to booktalk. There's a gross ou ...more
Abby Johnson
Nathan Abercrombie is worse than the school's biggest loser - he's one of the Second Besters, the kids who are only ever second best at anything (and completely invisible to everyone but each other). When he is doused by a serum that slowly turns his body into a walking dead zombie, Nathan will have to figure out the antidote before it's too late.

It's wacky, but not stupid and I'd quickly hand it over to boys in grades 3-5. Nathan and his antics will be appreciated by fans of Diary of a Wimpy K
This is David Lubar's trademark goofy blend of humor and horror (horror meaning he goes for the gross-out and is rarely actually scary). Nathan is 5th grader who gets an experimental compound accidentally spilled on him at a kooky scientist's lab. He ends up slowly turning into a zombie, and is desperate for a cure - and maybe his new friend Abigail can help. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments and kids who like books about characters with special abilities will enjoy the story as Nathan disc ...more
I really was suckered in by the title, I mean, "Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie"? What's not to like there? This is the first in a series for juvenile readers. Nathan is in 5th grade, and is having a very bad day, which leads him to try an experimental emotional killing drink called Hurt-Be-Gone. Instead of killing off his negative emotions, it kills off his body, literally. Nathan is now a zombie, but somehow, no one except his 2 friends notice. The story was so-so, I enjoyed the zombie p ...more
Poor, Nathan Ambercrombie! Always, getting picked on by the popular kids at school. Til one day, Abigail offers him a way to make all the pain go away. So, they go to her uncle who has developed a serum called Hurt-be-Gone. Unfortunately, Mookie accidently spills the entire serum on Nathan and that's when tragedy strikes. Nathan can't feel anything. He can't eat or go to the bathroom like a normal person. Most of all, he is losing body parts. It is then he realizes that he is turning to a zombie ...more
My 5yo son and I read this a few chapters at a time, but he lost interest halfway through and I finished it on my own. It has a few nice messages, and the characters are more complicated than I expected. However, it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, and the action was kind of slow. I'm not sure who the target audience is, elementary or middle school, but it will take a special kid to stay through the slow development and delayed resolution to appreciate the heart-felt life lessons inside ...more
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David Lubar created a sensation with his debut novel, Hidden Talents, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. Thousands of kids and educators across the country have voted Hidden Talents onto over twenty state lists. David is also the author of True Talents, the sequel to Hidden Talents; Flip, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror selection; several short ...more
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