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Road Trip of the Living Dead (Amanda Feral, #2)
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Road Trip of the Living Dead (Amanda Feral #2)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  265 ratings  ·  55 reviews
Celebrity party girl Amanda Feral is back from the dead, and hungrier than ever for a good time. With her zombie gal pal Wendy and vampy gay sidekick Gil, this stone cold fox is dressed to kill, on the prowl, and ready to take a big juicy bite out of Seattle's supernatural nightlife.
Mass Market Paperback, 261 pages
Published March 1st 2009 by Kensington (first published February 27th 2009)
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There are some books I just don’t like that others really do. Some make me laugh and yearn in ways I can’t explain. Then there are such books where I have a horrible reading experience where I want to throw the book out the window and wish I had never picked it up to begin with. I have read really great reviews about the author and his first book. And when I was given his second book in his series about a zombie heroine to read, I thought why not give it a go? How I wished I was never given the ...more
Melissa Hayden
We are six months after the end of Happy Hour of the Damned, and everyone has pretty much moved on since the zombie outbreaks. Gil has started his own Resurrection business, making money turning people undead. While waiting for a client of Gills, recently deceased wealthy-rich man, to rise from the grave Amanda mentions to Wendy and Gil she received a call from her mothers hospice care nurse saying her mother is in ending stages of stomach cancer. With the rising of the new vampire things start ...more
4.5 stars. i think i enjoyed this better than the first! i'm not sure if it was actually that much better or if i've just gotten bitchier (and thus able to better LOVE amanda). Either way, great read!
Road Trip starts off not too long after the events in Happy Hour and right off the bad things get started. Gil, the vampire gay best friend (who doesn't have one) has opened a new business where he turns people into vamps with class, for a price. We find Amanda, Gil and Wendy in a graveyard waiting for Gil's client to "wake up" and give him the 5 starts treatment. Things go wrong and the guy, a billionaire that hold grudges, goes after Gil.

In the mean time, Amanda finds out her dying mother is
Mandi Schreiner
In Mark Henry’s second Amanda Feral book, we find the gang needing to get out of town. First, Gil, Amanda’s vampire pal has decided to start his own business, Luxury Resurrections. What better way to make some money than to turn people into vampires? He offers a premium service, unfortunately his first client, Richard Markham gets urinated on by a ghost as he rises from his grave, which wasn’t really included in the million dollar price tag. Markham is pissed and as Gil, Amanda and Wendy flee th ...more
Tiffany Danner
4.5 stars but i am rounding up! :)

I opened up Road Trip of the Living Dead and prepared myself to be entirely grossed out by Mark Henry’s sick and twisted sense of humor again. He did not disappoint and I quickly found myself gasping and giggling at Amanda Feral and her “pottymouth.” I mean how can one not love her?

"I’m a total shoe slut. Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin: this is an open invitation. Feel free to run a train on me. The cost? Stilettos, duh."

In Road Trip of the Livi
Melissa Hayden
We are six months after the end of Happy Hour of the Damned, and everyone has pretty much moved on since the zombie outbreaks. Gil has started his own Resurrection business, making money turning people undead. While waiting for a client of Gills, recently deceased wealthy-rich man, to rise from the grave Amanda mentions to Wendy and Gil she received a call from her mothers hospice care nurse saying her mother is in ending stages of stomach cancer. With the rising of the new vampire things start ...more
Romancing the Book
Reviewed by Jen
ARC provided by author for review

Amanda Feral, our zombie heroine, is going on a road trip from Seattle to South Dakota to have closure with her mother who is dying. But she and her friends (including another zombie, a vampire and ghost) end up on the run from an angry vampire and his werewolf goons, picking up a couple humans and encountering a plethora of paranormal beings.

I was excited to have the opportunity to get an advance copy of this book when Mark and I were setting up h
Ok, my rating for the second book dropped here and I really hesitated in giving it 4 stars instead of three. It's not that the book is really any less funny. But, it is kind of a lot more gross. However, the story line is solid (really love the ending) and the writing is still great. I just think that some of the zombie stuff was a teeny bit over the top for me. What can I say, I wanted more undead partying and less descriptions of them eating people and entrails and that sort of thing. Mind you ...more
This is the second installment of Amanda's post-life memoirs. Gil's latest client in his new "vamping" business--"Gil's Luxury Vamping: Creating Quality Bloodsuckers Since 2007"--takes offense at an unexpected extra service while crawling from his grave. Gil, Amanda, and Wendy decide it would be prudent to leave town for a while. Fortunately(?) a destination is easily chosen as Amanda's mother is in a hospice in South Dakota. The trio take off for the funniest road trip you've ever read about. W ...more
TW Brown
Road Trip of the Living Dead

Somewhere in Mark Henry’s basement, a poor wannabe celebutante sits chained to a desk with a stripped down computer as the only source of illumination. That is simply the only way to explain how superbly he slips into a female skin as Amanda Feral with such convincing style. Mr. Henry should expect Clarisse Starling to knock on his door any day now, but until that time, the poor wife in his basement must continue to put the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose agai
Ethel Ellen Frazier is about to cark it, so daughter Amanda Feral is road-tripping for closure's sake. There are some murders along the way, but this plotline isn't clear enough, which is strange, because murders should have major focus. But reading Amanda Feral for the plot is like watching Toddlers & Tiaras for the role models: we all know that's not why you're here. You want characters more effed-up than you, and fashionista zombies certainly are. Namely ones who use tampons as butt plugs ...more
Book 2 of Mark Henry's Amanda Feral series certainly doesn't lose a bit of its snark. This time around she's on a road trip with her zombie pal Wendy and their gay vampire sidekick Gil, heading (unwillingly) to visit her dying mother. Only there's a pissed-off client of Gil's new celebrity vamping service after them, not to mention a former cop turned werewolf and a young woman with a score to settle.

For me as a reader, though, Amanda's particular brand of humor seems most at home in Seattle, so
I really can’t find anything appealing about taking a zombie and making them into a loveable main character. It just doesn't work no matter what you do. Perhaps, if the writer is really good you can have them as a goofy as a sidekick, but as the main focus of a so-so story, no. Not gonna happen. I just kept thinking of those mindless zombies that want someone’s brains to munch on. BRAIIINSSS!!! Ugh. No thank you.

This book was so horrible I literally threw it at the wall swearing over all the tim
Alana Abbott
This is no club opening. Zombie Amanda Feral, gal pal Wendy, and vamp cohort Gil are on the road, making a mad dash away from the newly-vamped gangster who is out to end Gil's unlife. Facing such savage threats as werewolf thugs, vengeance seeking girls with guns, overly-polite cultists, and K-Mart shopping, the gang makes their way to the deathbed of Amanda's mother. Amanda's not interested in closure, but she wouldn't mind making sure her Mommy Dearest is ushered off into the next world perman ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I really enjoyed this sequel to Happy Hour of the Damned. It was funny and gory, sexy and disgusting, all at the same time. Amanda Feral is a great protagonist; she's fabulous. Her mother is dying and Wendy and Gil accompany her on a road trip from Seattle to Rapid City, South Dakota, so that she can get "closure." Hilarious yet dangerous adventures ensue, and Amanda remains wonderfully snarky through them all. I have even developed a fondness for the footnotes: occasionally a few pages would be ...more
Lori Whitwam
Hey, Mark, if you're keeping track of things... I'm reading it now, and loving it already, and I'm only up to the "buying skanky clothes at the thrift shop and modifying them accordingly" part!

OK, review... the only reason I didn't go 5 stars is that it's almost impossible to out-do a first book, because part of the appeal to the first one was its unique premise. Still, no complaints on this one. I almost never give 5 stars.

Take two socialite, fashion-conscious zombies, add a gay vampire and a K
This was a fun, fast read by an author I really enjoy. But....I had a major issue with the author's overuse of footnotes. Mark made such liberal use of footnotes in order to make sarcastic comments that it sort of ruined the story for me. One or two might have been funny, but he used so many that they became majorly annoying. Do we really need a biting comment on practically every page?

Amanda was fun in the first book, Happy Hour of the Damned, but not quite as amusing in this one. Maybe I just
Horror reveals to us the dark mirror of our souls. As someone who grew up in Montana--constantly wondering "no really, Butte, what the fuck is that?"--and since moved to Seattle, I'm someone who can appreciate the eastward descent into utter madness these undead cosmopolitans take. Mark Henry accurately depicts I-90 through eastern Washington as the sulfuric desolation it really is, although he does focus on all the worst rednecky and uncivilized parts of eastern Washington and Montana, ignoring ...more
I absolutely love Amanda Feral. I love the interesting take on the supernatural, I love the snarky side comments, I love that Mark Henry has created what is, in my mind, the anti-Twilight. In this go round, un-dead socialite Feral is on the run being chased by any number of baddies, trying to save a young girl's life, with mother issues.

It is a rare book which keeps readers on the edge of their seats while making the laugh (literally out loud) at the same time. I have never ha
Blodeuedd Finland
What went wrong? I liked book 1, even when she ate people, but here, I was just lost. I just found myself sitting up and saying what? all the time. Maybe it was me, tired, not interested, maybe I should have put it down. But as it was now it was one big what? How did that happen? Excuse me?

It still was semi funny and weird, and then I have nothing more to say. I was confused! What can I write in a review then?

I was going back and forth between a 2 and a 1. But I just wished the book to be over s
Well it is definitely a road trip from Hell. Amanda's Mother is in a old folks home and is not expected to live much longer. Wendy and Gil give Amanda a hard time about not wanting to go see her but they don't understand how horrible her Mother was growing up. Gil ends up getting in a bit of trouble so they skip town. Their road trip takes a lot of unexpected turns and they meet some new, strange people. I think this book was great, Mark Henry's writing is awesome. It always has me laughing one ...more
Ok, this book just didn't do it for me. Yes, some of it was humourous, but most of it was just disgusting. It was too gory and skeezy for me. And a lot of the jokes were too dirty, either sexual or toilet humor, even for me. I didn't like the characters either. Blah. The only reason it got a 2 rating because if you break it down into the basic plot, it was okay. This is not one book that I would recommend.
Jess Haines
Mar 27, 2010 Jess Haines rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who have read and enjoyed the first book, HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED.
Shelves: urban-fantasy
Amanda Feral's friend, Gil the gay vampire, makes a terrible mistake and pisses off a client. To keep their undead bodies intact, Amanda, Gil, and Wendy take a road trip--to visit Amanda's mother, no less.

I was heartily amused by ROAD TRIP, and do recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first book, HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED. I'll be doing a more in depth review on my blog at some point, once I finish the series.
So snarky, so bitchy! No wonder I love Amanda Feral. This book wasn't as good as the first one but I did enjoy it. It was amusing to see what sort of trouble the main characters could get into on the way to visit Amanda's dying mother.

One of the things I have to say is how much I love the use of footnotes throughout the two book, it just added another thing to giggle about in my opinion.
Book 2 of Mark Henry's Amanda Feral Series. She's still a b*tch and funny as hell. All the regular (well as regular as a Zombie, Ghost, and Vampire can be) crew is back, and some new friends are along for the ride (a dirty talking werewolf, a character only known as fishhook, and Amanda's Mother).
I'm eagerly awaiting book #3!
WynterAngel Zsun
The Author did it again capturing the funneh in all the ridiculously hysterical situations his dear characters r put in. Luvd the flashback scenes. Luvd FishHook! ... So odd! ...

This book is a welcomed addition to the series. Amanda's new beau is dreamy and her Mom couldn't b more perfect.

Again not for the sensitive!
JoAnne Kenrick
Mark Henry is an amazing writer -- hilarious and totally original. I loved Road Trip, and can't wait to read the third installment. Awesome stuff, I recommend the series to fantasy readers. Who'd have thought it, I love zombie books. More precisely, I love Mark Henry's zombie books :O) KUDOS gallore
Catherine Schaff-Stump
The book seems to start a bit slow as Henry finds his pacing, but he hits his old stride just in time to have Amanda and Wendy chow down on some neo-nazis. Amanda continues her snarky narration of life as a glamazombie. Candace Bushnell meets Night of the Living Dead, and I am continuing to enjoy it.
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MARK HENRY traded a career as a counselor to scar minds with his fiction. In stories clogged with sentient zombies, impotent sex demons, transsexual werewolves and ghostly goth girls, he irreverently processes traumatic issues brought on by premature exposure to horror movies, an unwholesome fetish for polyester and/or witnessing adult cocktail parties in the swingin' 70s. A developmental history ...more
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