Larceny and Lace (A Vintage Magic Mystery, #2)
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Larceny and Lace (A Vintage Magic Mystery #2)

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  1,244 ratings  ·  84 reviews
With all the stress of opening her new vintage clothing store (in a renovated old morgue) Madeira Cutler feels like a bag of bones--until she discovers the real deal, unearthed by an intruder, in an old body drawer. And the bones are as vintage as Maddie's stock, or so says Maddie's resident ghostly hunk, Dante Underhill.

Could the break-in have something to do with the loc...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published August 4th 2009 by Berkley (first published July 3rd 2009)
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Gevera Bert
Couldn't get into it. The excessive, fake, cutesy swearing really turned me off.
This book was tough. I enjoy reading quick mysteries and light 'romance mystery' type fiction things for down time at work or at home when my husband is watching something crappy on tv. this was not a 'quick mystery' it took me forever to finish.

Not because it was insightful or long, but because it was so poorly written, scattered with bad english and grammar, and full of over the top, unneccary characters. Where there should have been detail there was none, conversly there was WAY too much deta...more
Hollie Robb
Book synopsis:

Madeira Cutler is busy opening her new vintage clothing store in what was once the town's morgue when she discovers an intruder snooping around a bunch of bones in a body drawer. Now, she'll have to dig up more than the past to solve a crime.

This was one of the most strangest books that I have ever read. This author was way too distracting for me, she was all over the place. She has 5 different charters that did not add to the story, they didn't need to be in the book at all. They...more
I enjoyed this book just as much as the first book in the series, A Veiled deception. I loved the relationship between Mad and Werner, and kinda rooting for him now even though I still like nick. The struggle within Mad to embrace her mothers belief is intriguing because it comes so naturally but she is still unsure. The relationship shift between Harry and Fiona was also charming to read about. The characters just keep growing and you keep learning more about them. A few new characters were int...more
This is the second book in the “A Vintage Magic Mystery” series. I liked the first one, A Veiled Deception enough to pick this one up to read. I have mixed feelings about this cozy. When it comes to cozies you expect to suspend your disbelief and when it comes to paranormal cozies, doubly so. There are just some places that the characters reactions veer off into the ridiculous.

There is plenty to like in Larceny and Lace. I love the theme, vintage clothing and the covers of this series are beauti...more
Vicky Beltz
Cozy mystery - a girl comes home to open up her dream vintage dress shop, but murder happens.
too much product name dropping.
Once again Madeira (aka Maddie or Mad) Cutler, former New York fashion designer, finds herself smack dab in the middle of a mystery. After purchasing the old Underhill Funeral Chapel, curtesy of her friend and centenarian Dolly Sweet, remodeling it and walking in to prepare it for the grand opening of Vintage Magic, is it any wonder she gets a little cranky when a theif breaks in when she's only been there an hour? Even Dante, the resident ghost, can't help Maddie ID the culpret.

It isn't until a...more
For an escape simple read this book is taking time to plow through. The story line is interesting - buy an old funeral home, renovate and open up a vintage clothing costume shop in a small town. The story comes complete with a resident ghost who keeps the new owner appraised of all the comings and goings in the shop. The author though seems fixated on designer clothing and making sure the reader is fully aware of every nuiance of cloth on the characters in the book, right down to the Jimmy Cho s...more
Shirley Worley
Clothes whisperer Maddie Cutler has moved from big city New York back to her hometown to open her new vintage clothing store in an old building that used to house a morgue, but now houses a resident (and friendly) ghost. With the help of family and friends, she has just a few short weeks until her grand opening to furnish and decorate the building and unpack the boxes and boxes of vintage clothing. In the process, Maddie's building is broken into, a fire across the street uncovers a murder, and...more
picked up A Veiled Deception, the first of the Vintage Magic mysteries, a few weeks ago and just decided to read it the other day. Just after I finished it, I happened to be at Borders with $5 in Borders Bucks, happened upon the sequel and picked it up.

In the first book, Madeira Cutler goes back to her (fictional) home town of Mystick Falls, Connecticut to help with her sister Sherry's wedding to Justin Vancortland. At a dinner party on her first evening home, Maddie finds an ex-girlfriend of J...more
I enjoy Annette Blair's books. They're fun, frothy, cute and clever. They're also quick and easy reads that entertain without requiring any heavy work on the reader's part.

This is the second in Blair's Vintage Magic series about Madeira Cutler, escapee from the New York fashion world, who's come home to Mystic, Conneticut to open her vintage clothing shop. In the first outing, Maddie got embroiled in a murder when her sister was accused of killing her rival for her husband-to-be and Maddie had t...more
Jeannie and Louis Rigod
Sep 02, 2011 Jeannie and Louis Rigod rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: persons loving mysteries and romance with a touch of other-worldness.
Each new novel in this delightful series makes me enjoy it more. Our sleuth, Maddie is starting her new life as sole-proprietor of a vintage dress store. The store comes with beautiful clothing, antiques, and even its own handsome, and winsome ghost, named Dante.

As Maddie arrives to her store (tired by a non-ending final work day, driving home to Connecticut from New York, and an antique quilt is found by Dante (Yes, our Maddie can talk and see him,) filled with bones and other treasures. Maddie...more
Although I didn't fully enjoy the first book, I figured since the second book was just sitting right there I'd read it. I wish I hadn't.

The main character's connection to the murder that comes up is sketchy at best, and the police's handling of the first crime is completely unrealistic (from what very little I know about police work, which isn't much, they still need probable cause to arrest a person).

Madeira walks in on a break in (twice)--doesn't bother to report it. She comes across the old b...more
Madeira Cutler is finally leaving her life and job in New York behind as she moves to her family hometown in Mystic, Connecticut. Maddie has huge plans which includes opening a vintage clothing store in a renovated morgue. The building needs much work, but Maddie is determined to have it completed by opening day. Unfortunately, an obstacle gets tossed in her way when an intruder breaks in and old bones are discovered in one of the morgue drawers.

Meanwhile, the building next door goes up in flame...more
The main reason I tried this one was the average rating of 4.0. It sounded like a fun little mystery with some paranormal thrown in. And it was, kind of. I didn't manage to finish, because the cutesy-ness was really getting to me.

The main character is a fashionista who opens a vintage clothing store...ok, fair enough. But she's apparently so far gone into the world of fashion that she says things like "oh scrap! If I don't get the Hermes out of here, he's going to knock me on my Ascot." This is...more
I had mixed feelings about this, and didn't feel as strongly for this installment as I did for the first. I liked it, I did - the mystery was solid and there were some genuinely amusing interactions between the characters (particularly Maddie and Werner), however I did have some issues. As another reviewer pointed out it seemed as everything was just conveniently handed to Maddie in regards to her business - so there had to be some suspended disbelief or alternatively the belief that she is jus...more
Maddie's at it again! I like that Maddie's cases always come to her, and she takes them reluctantly--she's not out looking for trouble, trouble (thanks to her vintage clothing visions) just comes knocking on her door (or in this case, is found in her soon-to-be shop). I LOVE the sexual tension and chemistry between Maddie and Detective Werner. I was pretty pro-Nick--Maddie's hunky on-again-off-again FBI agent--in the first book (probably because Maddie was), but the tide of our affections might...more
I'm reading this series out of order. I read Death by Diamonds (#3) first. I enjoyed it, but felt something was lacking. I liked Larceny and Lace better. Perhaps if I'd been reading in order???!!! Madeira Cutler has moved from New York to her childhood home of Mystic Falls where she is opening a vintage clothing boutique in an old mortuary she has remodeled. Her store is inhabited by a good looking ghost named Dante Underhill. Mad has a cat named Chakra. Her Aunt Fiona is a witch as was her moth...more
Feb 16, 2011 Arati rated it 3 of 5 stars Recommends it for: vintage couture lovers, cozy fans
Sometimes you just need to be in the right mood to appreciate a book…I remember trying to read Larceny and Lace a couple of months back and failing completely to get into the story. After repeated failures, I decided to leave it in peace and turned to other books and genres…the best decision I could have made, though I admit it didn't feel that way then (I hate leaving a book once I've started on it). Coming back to it after all these months, I found myself engrossed from page 1 (I decided to re...more
✿Emma-Louise Violet
Enjoyed this book a lovely story which made for a sweet and gentle read because sometimes thats just what you need, well with a bit of murder, greed and paranormal activity thrown in too, it's on my reading list after all. A series which I am going to be rather fond of in a comfy cozy way & enjoy reading :)
Jennifer Wilbanks
This is the second in the Vintage Magic series. This is a very fun cozy mystery series that marries vintage clothing, cats, witchcraft and humor. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of writing in the first book - A Veiled Deception - and was not disappointed by the second. The main character is well developed and likable. The plot lines are well conceived, though one must accept that some aspects are far fetched on the basis of it being a cozy mystery and the main character having "special...more
Maddie Cutler is close to opening the dream of her life, a vintage clothing store in her hometown. But when a fire leads to the discovery of a body in the nearby playhouse, and a set of human bones is discovered in her own shop ( well it had been a funeral home), Maddie and her friend, Eve, cannot help but be drawn into the mystery. Using her skill of psychometry and natural curiousity, Maddie finds herself upto her vintage designer hemline in danger.

I really enjoy these books. Blair has a real...more
Nicole Romine
A charming cozy mystery that works in some very subtle paranormal elements. The romantic story was less significant in this book than it was in the first book, which I welcomed as this author can be overly kitschy, especially when it comes to that topic. Here’s a brief sampling of such sigh-worthy moments: “He wasn’t the first enemy I’d ever made. He would be the last. But he might be the deadliest.” Da, da, da – talk (or write) about some clichéd suspense-building. Nonetheless, the heroine is i...more
This is the second book in the series and in this one, Maddie is opening up her Vintage Magic clothing shop, only of course murder follows. First the playhouse across the street burns down killing the owner. Then Maddie and her friends find human bones wrapped up in a quilt they find in the shop, so of course they decide to find out what happened, getting themselves into danger along the way.
I didn't hate the book, but felt like there were to many characters and I got a bit confused. I like all...more
I picked both of these books up because I loved the covers and thought they sounded like fun. That is exactly what this series The mysteries are not that convincing and the main character has a way of not cussing by using words that sound similar to the swear word that has a way of driving me nuts!! But I can get past that and just enjoy them for what they are. Fast, fun, easy-to-read cozy mysteries. After a while the cast of characters grow on you and now I'm finding that I want to s...more
Really love this series so far. I love Werner! Is Mad with the wrong guy?
I'm not usually one to like books that are for fashionistas. That said, though there are a lot of designer names mentioned, I could look beyond that to the well written story. The theme is familiar--pretty young woman, dating a law enforcement hunk of a guy, stumbles into a murder and in solving it almost gets herself killed. The only twist here is that there are too hunky law enforcement guys. Still I enjoyed reading about a new heroine that I could like and with enough pluck that I could respe...more
I enjoyed the previous book in this series so I decided to read the next one. Just as entertaining as the first one. The girls, Maddie and Eve, get themselves into lots of tangles, close encounters with the law, and then the ghosts and witchy things. It's nice to read the books in order, just because the characters grow from one book to the next and you have an understanding of the background of the characters. But this isn't a requirement.
Vintage clothing shop owner Madeira Cutler has enough to contend with before the grand opening of her store, but finding some old bones leads her to a long ago murder. The killer is still alive, however, and determined that Maddie doesn’t get a clue about what happened. With the help of her psychic abilities and a resident ghost, she follows the threads, weaves the clues together, and gets to the cut of the crime. Cleverly magical.
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Annette Blair's romantic comedies owe their beginnings to a root canal and a reluctant trip to Salem Massachusetts. Though she had once proclaimed she'd never write a contemporary, she stumbled into the serendipitous role of Accidental Witch Writer on that trip. Funny how she managed to eat her words even with an aching jaw. Magic or destiny; Annette's Bewitching Romantic Comedies became her first...more
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