舞踏会の夜に魅せられ - 華麗なるマロリー一族
Johanna Lindsey
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舞踏会の夜に魅せられ - 華麗なるマロリー一族 (Malory-Anderson Family #2)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  8,652 ratings  ·  208 reviews

Scottish heiress Roslynn Chadwick needs the safety of marriage to protect her from an unscrupulous cousin and from the army of fortune–hunting scoundrels who covet her wealth and beauty. And Anthony Malory is everything she has been warned about.

A ruthless, irresistibly handsome English rogue, Malory's sensual blue eyes speak of limitless pleasures. How Roslynn wishes she

488 pages
Published (first published 1985)
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Katrina Passick Lumsden
To me, there's nothing at all enjoyable about watching an irrational bitch treat her new husband like shit merely because of the wrongs she's constructed in her head. It goes on seemingly forever, and is justified as her "Scots temper". How thoroughly insulting to Scottish women. There's a difference between having a temper in justifiable circumstances and making things up to justify treating someone badly merely because you wish to. This would have been an enjoyable read if the heroine had been...more
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
This is probably one of my favorite Malory books, although I think that Anthony is an absolute cad. He is a complete rake, and he certainly gets hoisted by his own petard when he decides to pursue innocent Rosalyn, who's on the lookout for a husband, not a lover. He's never met a woman like Rosalyn, who is Scottish to her toes, and not one to fall easily for his charms. However, he is a Malory, so she does fall, eventually. But she ends up getting the husband she came looking for.

This book has s...more
Why was she always so self-centered, never considering anyone's feelings but her own?

Just what I was thinking for the second part of the book. I am so frustrated with this book! I am so glad this is the fourth Malory book I've read because otherwise I might have given up. How can a wonderful author like Johanna Lindsey take to so lovable character and a great villain and screw up the romance?

I love the Malory family as always and I was bouncing up and down in the first part. Anthony is one hot...more
Ah, the beginning of a huge love affair for me. This is the introduction to my "guilty pleasures'. Books that are pure escapism, a bit cheesy, a bit bawdy, but intoxicating, none the less. I fell in love with the Malory's (Tony in particular) fact, I want to be adopted by the Malory family. The men, are strong, and a bit unconventional, and their women, equally unconventional and refreshingly strong and independent. Johanna Lindsay is a great narrator, she entwines the reader into the plo...more
Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana
RATING: Welp!....It was a great book for something written in 1988. However, the hero is a dick and the heroine is a bitch. The communication issues were petty AS HECK! I just feel like the plot was hellishly lazy and rather bored me at times and dragged on. The characters were not likeable. They were just insanely rich and so they had the time to listen to no one and act selfish as freak. The beginning was so promising! I rather enjoyed her book "The magic of you" ( i think it's called that) H...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Roslyn is one of the most Unlikeable Romance Heroines Ever.

I would have given this a 4 stars but the heroine Roslyn Chadwick was such a shrew that towards the last third of the book end I wanted either Anthony Malory or her cousin Geordie to give her a good Spanking. The premise of her putting stupid conditions on a marriage and then over reacting at the slightest hint of indrescretion was totally unbelievable and extremely tiresome as the book went on. She was childish and her spending the mon...more
Lee Anne
A pretty cute romance, about a Scottish heiress who flees to London to escape marrying her despicable cousin, and falls under the spell of a confirmed rake. I liked how Lindsey keeps you guessing at what obstacles will keep these two apart; for example, you might think that when the heroine mistakes the hero's nephew for his son, this would cause a rift for a large portion of the plot, but instead the misunderstanding gets cleared up almost right away.

Roslynn has a lot of spunk, though for such...more
Blech!the most god awful sex scene in existence

Her loins were aching, an inferno of moist heat, and when she felt something touching there for the first time, her body instinctively closed around it, hungering for the pressure in that burning region. And it managed to fill her, a glorious, welcoming fullness that she pushed against, locking her legs around him so she wouldn't lose it, finally feeling she had gained a measure of control. She wouldn't let go, and the pressure built in her, grew, u...more
Hated this.
Possibly my least favorite of the Malory series.
The heroine is so incredibly annoying that I cannot stop rolling my eyes.
The plot is stale, the dialogue boring -- I had such a hard time getting through this, and this review is a reminder to myself to never read it again as the completely forgettable storyline makes me re-read it by accident.
Diar Dwi Oktasari
Berhubung saya sudah jatuh cinta dengan Anthony Malory disini, apapun yang dia lakukan dan seburuk apapun kelakuannya, saya akan tetap menyukainya. Bisa dibilang, ini berada di nomor 3 daftar Malory series favorit saya.
Ceritanya bagus, tapi kenapa Roslynn nya harus keras kepala banget? Ya ampun, adegan yang paling tidak saya suka itu saat Anthony yang sudah bersungguh2 ingin menjadikan Roslynn istri sahnya dan tidak hanya di atas kertas, tapi Roslynn malah menolaknya. Ya ampun, jelas2 dari awal...more
Jane Stewart
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
OceMei Belikova♥
Roslynn yang orang Skotlandia bener2 ce yg super duper keras kepala.
awalnya suka si,cuma dia terlalu merendahkan diri nya sendiri dan suaminy Anthony.kalau aja dia mau lebih percaya dgn kata2 suaminya dan gak gengsi gede2an ,maka gak akan ada konflik berkepanjangan yg buat gw sdikit bosen bacanya.
tapi terhibur dgn adu mulut James - Anthony ,Anthony - Nicholas ^^
overall si bagus cuma konflik berkepanjang agak bosenin.hehe.
tp slalu ending nya buat gw yg tadinya rencanya mau kasi bintang 3 jadi ber...more
Sheila Melo
The Story of the Rake Anthony Malory

TENDER REBEL is the second book in the Malory Family series. It is the story of the youngest Malory son Anthony Malory. Readers were introduced to Anthony in LOVE ONLY ONCE. Anthony is a cheerful rake and when he firsts sees Roslynn Chadwick he is determined to have her. Roslynn, however, is looking for marriage to save her from the evil plans odds her cousin who is planning to force her into marriage to steal her fortune. When Anthony and Roslynn end up marri...more
Peep (Pop! Pop!)
One of my favorite scenes is in the beginning when we first meet James. A surprise uppercut from your brother is always funny. No really, who just uppercuts someone out of the blue? Oh the other scene I liked was when they came home drunk.

I did think that her insistence that Anthony get a (view spoiler) was just plain dumb. And then get mad at him for close to a month? That annoyed me so much. It’s what she wanted in the first place! It seems she had forgotten why they w...more
Review yang saya berikan sangat subjektif, sangat bergantung pada selera pribadi saya.

Ini adalah novel Malory Family yang paling saya suka. Mungkin karena saya jatuh cinta kepada sosok Anthony Malory. Hahaha! Penulisnya menggambarkan Anthony sebagai sosok yang sangat tampan, berambut hitam, tinggi, kulitnya tidak putih pucat (bule). Ia juga orang yang tidak bisa serius dan suka bercanda, menurut saya, apalagi kalau dengan James.

Hal lain yang saya suka dari novel ini juga karena besar cerita, mun...more
Kitap güzel sıkılmadım ama açıkçası Anthony'e daha iyi bir hikaye yakışrdı diye düşünüyorum:)Çok basit kaldı ve bir çırpıda biten bir romandı.Evlenmeye gelmiş bir iskoç kızı zorunlu olarak sözde evlenme olayı ve sonradan gelişen bilindik bir hikaye.Yazarımızı bu kitapla değerlendirseydim sanırım tadımlık kitaplar yazan bir yazar der kitaplarını okur ve ikinci kez okumazdım.Keşke bu kadar beklediğim bir karaktere daha iyi bir hikaye yazsaydı.Umarım sizler daha çok beğenirsiniz...
3/5 stars...

Some Minor Spoilers...

Okay, where to start? I loved the beginning of this book and I loved returning to the Malory family. I also have an intense love for Anthony! I love him so much! He seems like a dream! Throughout the novel, he had me grinning like a dork...and swooning! But, uhmmm I really disliked Roslynn. Oh man...I liked her in the beginning because she seemed like such a strong female who fought for what she wanted...but that ended after the first 50 pages. She was such a bi...more
Lelyana Taufik
Satu lagi kisah seksi keluarga Malory, antara Anthony oh so damn sexy rogue dengan Roslyn Chadwick.
Sebagai playboy paling di minati di Inggris, Anthony bertekuk lutut di kaki Roslyn yg mungil.
Always love malory family's stories..this one was my fave ... love Anthony
Meljean Brook
Ah, a total guilty pleasure, this one. I first read it when I was around twelve (I do a joint review with my inner child here) and it's still one of those books that I can open and lose myself in the sheer crack-tastic awesomeness that was late-80's, early-90's Lindsey.
Sabrina Jeffries
Okay, I'm cheating here, and I don't like them all equally, but I do love the Mallory's. They're all funny. I especially liked Love Only Once (the first book), Gentle Rogue (my favorite), and The Magic of You (where the heroine chases the hero shamelessly).
"Tender Rebel" was another disappointment. Based on the GoodReads rating, I was almost expecting to find it on par with "Lord of Scoundrels". However, it seems that I simply cannot come to like any of Johanna Lindsey's characters.

The premise sounds interesting enough for a historical romance, so I'm not sure how the writing bungled it so badly. I skimmed through a few reviews before beginning and was prepared to dislike Roslynn. Imagine my surprise when, a third through the book, I was so disgus...more
Tierna y rebelde es la segunda parte de la saga de los malory.. aqui el hermano mas apuesto, y el mas libertino de todo londres, cae inevitablemente en las redes de Roslynn Chadwick que era una exquisita heredera escocesa y el matrimonio sería la única forma de hallar seguridad: debía protegerse de la maldad de un primo y la ambición de cuanto cazador de fortunas codiciaba su belleza pelirroja y su enorme matrimonio.
Anthony Malory representaba todo aquello contra lo cual la habían prevenido: era...more
3 1/2 stars. I liked this book but for some reason, I just didn't love it. The Malory books are so popular but I can't say any of them would make my top notch list. Still, worth the read.
Anthony ve James dayı olmasa kesinlikle kitap hiç çekilmezdi. Roslynn cadısı yüzünden aslında üç hatta iki yıldız vericektim kitaba ama işte Tony'ciğimden dolayı kıyamadım.
Kita bisa mengenal lebih intim tentang Paman Tony di Tender Rebel, Tony adalah bungsu dari Malory bersaudara, dan paling tampan.

Tapi ada yang salah dengan buku ini karna sialnya Tony malah jatuh cinta dengan seorang wanita Skotland bernama Roslynn yang terkenal bertemperamen dan keras kepala, sifat yang hampir sama dengan Tony yg sama keras kepalanya. Makanya buku ini tebal karna bercerita tentang sulitnya mendamaikan perang dingin mereka :D yang sepertinya harus dibantu pihak ketiga biar mereka...more
Roslynn Chadwick ist eine reiche schottische Erbin, die nach London kommt um einen Ehemann zu finden. Die umwerfende Schönheit mit den rotblonden Haaren ist auf der Flucht vor ihrem Vetter Geordie, der es auf ihr Vermögen abgesehen hat und schon mehrfach versucht hat, sie zur Ehe zu zwingen um an das Erbe zu kommen, das ihr gemeinsamer Großvater ihr hinterlassen hat. Obwohl Roslynn längst keine junge Debütantin mehr ist, schlägt sie dank ihrer Schönheit doch ein wie eine Bombe. Die Männer stehen...more
Serban Georgiana
Atat de mult mi-au placut membrii familiei Malory !
La prima vedere pare o carte tipica historical romance,dar tot farmecul este det de personajele minunate pe care Lindsey le-a creat.Sunt pline de farmec si de umor,iar situatiile in care-i surprindem sunt pline de suspans.Nici actiunea nu lipseste,pentru ca avem parte de rapiri.Eroina noastra scape singura din toate aceste incercari,dar reuseste sa ma calce pe nervi atunci cand nu are incredere in Anthony.
Acord partu stele,si abia astept sa cite...more
Alexandria Tale
Roslynn was sooooooo annoying I wanted to slap her. She was a selfish, suspicious, irrational bitch, and I think Anthony deserved better heroine than her. She accused him cheating on her, when all he did was helping her. Her temper was unbelievable. She just wanted to protect her heart, but didn't even care that she hurt her husband's instead. She didn't stop there, after Anthony found her enemy and beat him up, she didn't feel grateful to him. She tried to use him to have child instead. She agr...more
Book 2: Tender Rebel
Roslynn Chadwick is not wealthy. Her grandfather has just passed on and left her everything. Her distant cousin, Georgie, thinks she should marry him as he wants to share in her inheritance. Rosylnn leaves her home in the Highlands of Scotland and goes to London, she must find a husband before her cousin finds her. She stays with her friend Francis, who had her heart broken and was left with a baby from the rake she loved. She tells Roslynn to stay away from the rakes. Althou...more
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Johanna Helen Howard was born on March 10, 1952 in Germany, where her father, Edwin Dennis Howard, a soldier in the U.S. Army was stationed. The family moved about a great deal when she was young. Her father always dreamed of retiring to Hawaii, and after he passed away in 1964 Johanna and her mother settled there to honor him.

In 1970, when she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becom...more
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“Anthony: Now lower your dress a little-
Roslynn: Anthony!
Anthony: This is no time for offended modesty... You're the distraction.
Roslynn: Och, well, in that case.
Anthony: That's quite low enough, my dear...
Roslynn: I was only trying to help,
Anthony: Commendable, but we want the chap to ogle you, not bust his breeches.”
“Anthony grinned at her, knowing that would probably infuriate her all the more. "My eyes have been a-wandering, as you put it, for the last nineteen years. Give them a rest, Roslynn. They settled on you and don't want to move on.” 30 likes
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