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3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  92 ratings  ·  44 reviews
The shift is coming. Soon. Dr. David Carter knows this. However, he’s a geologist, so ‘soon’ means anywhere from tomorrow to a thousand years from now. People are dying. Now. Drs. Jordan Abellard and Jillian Brookwood are standing at the edge of SuperAIDS. Or are they? They won’t be able to figure it out if they can’t get some authorization signed - and soon. But they’re p ...more
Kindle Edition
Published (first published January 1st 2008)
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Apr 05, 2013 Katy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of bio-medical sci-fi thrillers
Recommended to Katy by: LibraryThing
Please note: I read this book in August 2011 after winning a copy via LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. I'm just adding some formatting.

Truth Behind the Tale: According to geological records, the Earth’s magnetic pole switches about every 60 million years. The last such swap was about 65 million years ago – about the same time as the last massive dinosaur die-out. The Earth is 5 million years overdue …

My Synopsis: The story revolves around a group of scientists and doctors – Jordan
Glenda Christianson
I received 3 books form this author. As a self professed "book cover snob", I set the books aside. The cover just didn't grab me. After reviewing several books that I didn't care for, I was looking for a change of pace and picked up Resonance.

This book certainly delivered the change of pace I was looking for! It starts out with several seemingly unrelated characters and their strange medical and scientific discoveries. The story switches abruptly from one group of characters to the next, making
Sarah Sammis
Resonance by A.J. Scudiere is a disaster novel wrapped up in some speculative science fiction. As with any disaster book, the novel has an ensemble cast: Drs. Jordan Abellard and Jillian Brookwood of the CDC who are seeing people with weakened immune systems dying at unexpectedly high rates; Dr. Becky Sorenson is following strange biological phenomena like mutated frogs, confused birds and bees making hikes in unusual formations and Dr. David Carter who can see changes in the geology of the rock ...more
Sarah (Workaday Reads)
Just when you thought you've read every possible global disaster scenario... Move aside global warming, volcanos, earthquakes and asteroids. Magnetic pole reversal is here, and it's scary. This book will have you carrying a compass, watching for strange animal behaviour and questioning every stomachache.

I loved this book. It's no secret that I'm a fan of world-threatening catastrophes. This book highlighted one possibility that I haven't really seen featured very often. It did so in a dramatic y
You turned my world upside down. It's a phrase that is thrown around quite often, without a second thought about what it could imply. What if one day the world really did start turning upside down? You can't escape it, the world isn't waiting for you to adjust. It's going to follow it's course, and give itself the biggest face life its had since T-Rex ruled the world.

Jillian, Jordan, David, and Becky all come from radically different backgrounds, all with PhDs in their own fields. All four of t
Melissa Caldwell
I LOVE natural disaster type stories. I love movies like The Day After Tomorrow and Outbreak. Movies and books that are fiction but based on things that could happen, and might. These things are more terrifying then even my beloved Zombies, because they are plausible. So Resonance, is right up there with those stories in my views.

This is a fast paced story, that is terrifyingly laced with scientific facts and nail biting suspense all rolled into one! It thrilled and chilled me to the core to ima
I hate to do this, because I used to work with the author. It feels a little bit disloyal to say that I was disappointed with this book. It started out very well, grabbing me within the first ten pages and keeping me riveted for about three-quarters of the book. And then it just ended. There was little exploration of what caused the magnetic shift or why it happened, and little discussion of what happened after it. Yet it was built up to be this gigantically important thing, and after it happene ...more
The earth's magnetic field is reversing. In little pockets of geography, north is south and south is north. Unfortunately, this is affecting the animals and people in a very bad way. Frogs are mutating, people are dying. I loved the characters in this book, Scudiere is very good at making you like people in the story. A good medical/end of days thriller. While it went a little sci-fi at the end, which didn't really match the rest of the story, it was very action packed and a bit romantic.
Vanessa Del valle
This book is amazing! The concept is great! It really makes you wonder if we'll see something like this in our lifetime. The way the author writes is so natural and easy to read... the characters speak the way you think, so it doesn't seem fake or artificial. You will finish this book really quick because there is never a dull moment.
Something is causing disturbing changes across the planet Earth. A geologist discovers evidence of a magnetic shift at the poles, two doctors from the CDC are investigating a flu-like killer disease and a biologist finds mutated frogs and other oddities in the animal world. What do these seemingly unrelated events have in common? Each is occurring in a hotspot, a pocket of reverse polarity. The polar shift, a reversal of earth’s north and south pole’s magnet field, has already begun.

The plot shi
Allizabeth Collins
Like clockwork, every 60 million years, the Earth's magnetic poles reverse. 65 million years ago, the Earth's magnetic poles switched leading to the destruction of the dinosaurs. Planet Earth is 5 million years late for the next reversal. By the time the scientific community realizes what's to come it may already be too late.
A group of four scientists and medical doctors begin noticing that there are things changing in their areas of study. David, a geologist, realizes that the Ear
Great characters, lingering story.

Audio version published by Skyboat Road Company in 2008.
Multicast Performance
Duration: 16 hours, 25 minutes

The premise behind Resonance is simple - the magnetic poles are starting to switch and it is starting to cause frogs to be born deformed, messing up migration patterns and kill people who are in "hotspots" (areas where the reversal has already started).

Scudiere does a great job of creating believable characters and her five main characters are quite strong
Resonance is a modern-day science fiction story set in the United States. The main characters are one flavor of scientist or another; Becky is our biologist with a special interest in amphibians, David is our rock licker (geologist), and Jillian and Jordan are the CDC medical doctors. A. J. Scudiere did a great job of making all the educated folk real people with flaws, accents, hopes, and the occasional slang. The story starts out with a few oddities – a few folks sick and slipping into comas, ...more
Jessica Bronder
Something strange is going on in the world. First we meet David Carter, a geologist. He is at a dig but he is more interested in the local rocks than dinosaur bones. About 65 million years ago, it seems that the Earth’s magnetic field switched. He is looking for is proof of that event.

Jordan Abellard and Jillian Brookwood have just started working with the CDC. Their mentor is a grouchy old man that made it clear that they are basically going to be diagnosing minor illnesses. After Jordan’s brot
Melysah Bunting
I recently read Resonance by A.J. Scudiere. It's a mystery novel where scientists, geologists, and biologists must save the world. A polar shift begins, and these professionals must corroborate what's taking place. People are dying, animals are mutating, and all kinds of crazy things are happening.

There's mystery and a sort of love triangle mixed within various view points. I enjoyed the varied points of view. The characters are very relatable. There are three scientists: Landerly, Jordan Abella
*free copy won on off site contest*

I found Resonance to be a fast paced read. It felt just like many of the recent disaster movies that have been released. The characters were well fleshed out. Some you hated, some you loved and some you loved to hate. I thought the story also had the perfect mesh of speculative science combined with current knowledge.

Still, there were a couple of things that got to me the more I think about it. If you don't want spoilers you should skip down to the end now.

“This novel is fiction, except for the parts that aren’t” - Michael Crichton. Some of the best fiction contains enough of a grain of truth to make the book absolutely believable and engrosses our imagination beyond the norm. Resonance is just the book for you. This book is great for those who are in the know and those who want to know more. This book also keeps you moving from one scene to another and holds you until the end. I would highly suggest reading this if you are a science fiction fan ...more
I received this book from a contact of Teresa Reading Corner. I think it came from the audiomovie publisher. What is an audiomovie you ask? Well it is an audiobook with extra items added to it. Items like sound effects and music. When there is a phone ringing in the story you will hear a phone ringing in the background. You will also hear the other person on the other line in a muffled voice, as if you were really listening in on a conversation. Sounds great right?! Well yes and no! I wanted to ...more
C.C. Thomas
With the Mayan apocalyptic dateline approaching, I expected so see many more books and movies about the end of the world, but they are only trickling out, it seems. This is one on the market that is worth the read.

In this book, the shifting of the magnetic poles has changed life on Earth and leaves a bevy of main characters trying to figure out just what's going on.

Jordan and Jillian are new doctors at the CDCP investigating odd deaths
Becky is a grade students who finds an inordinate amount of

This book is 27 chapters of polar shifting. The author writes very good science fiction, the book is easy to comprehend-especially for those of us who may not be science fiction buffs. The great thing about this science fiction book? The author makes no mention of 2012...the concept that is so prevalent in books these days.

The main character? Well, there really is no main characters, but there are a bunch of characters that the author focuses on. The book
I had high hopes for this book based on the cover preview, but it didn't completely live up to my hope. I love the premise: the pole are shifting and people are getting sick. It seemed very realistic, but then something happened it became a bit too hokey for me to swallow. What became the most difficult for me to appreciate was when characters started to die, but then were talking and interacting in the next chapter. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be realistic or not.

The book is about diffe
Wow! That's right, it was wow! Story was amazing! The CDC is investigating a strange new deadly killer disease....or is a disease? Animals are flipping out too, but what' the link? Two CDC doctors, a biologist and a geologist have to work together to solve the mystery... how can that possibly be related? Read the book and find out! It also took a twist in the middle I never even saw coming. Awesome character development, too. I mean, I actually KNOW these people now. It would have received the 5 ...more
Erin O'Riordan
The last time the earth underwent a shift in magnetic polarity was approximately sixty-five million years ago...the same time the dinosaurs died out. What would happen if such a reversal took place in modern times, as scientists expect it will? Resonance is an exciting science thriller that answers this question.

Individual scientists, including smug geologist Dr. David Carter and young biologist Dr. Rebecca Sorenson, notice strange changes in the earth and its creatures. Frogs with six legs are
I love sci-fi thrillers. I’ve read a majority of Michael Crichton’s novels. Even picked up some Robin Cook books in my younger years. My husband and I get a kick from watching disaster movies. I was excited to read a new to me author of sci-fi/disaster novels.

Resonance by A. J. Scudiere starts off with series of events that seem unrelated but of course they are. There are frogs with four hind legs and bees that are flying in columns. Soon, CDC Drs. Jillian and Jordan discover that people are sud
Steven Brandt
Okay, I had never heard of A. J. Scudiere until I was contacted with the possibility of reviewing some of her audio movies so I didn’t really know what to expect. The summaries sounded good but those can be deceiving sometimes. Well, I received three audio movies from Ms. Scudiere’s publisher and decided to begin with Resonance. I think I knew right away that I was going to like it.

The story begins with snapshots of the main characters in their various locations: an archaeologist who has just di
Erin Berry
A Review of AJ Scudiere's “Resonance” - 4 stars

I enjoy sci-fi and suspense. But, the sci-fi needs to be plausible and the suspense needs to be able to keep me from sleep. This only partially works for Ms. Scudiere's novel.

I found the premise very interesting but never really fully explained as to why shifting the magnetic poles would cause animals to go into a coma and potentially die. If that was the case then wouldn't we see strange results from analysis of people in MRI machines or from the
Michele Tater
Book Title: Resonance
Author: A. J. Scudiere
Publisher: Griffyn Ink
ISBN: 0979931003
Reviewed by Michele Tater for Review The Book

I found this book scientifically fascinating. It was divide up into 27
chapters, which takes the reader through what is called a polar shift. I found that the scientific jargon, that is found all through “Resonance, to be explained in such a way that most would understand what was happening. It also showed that mother earth is an unpredictable and uncontrollable force tha
Nov 01, 2014 Michael rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who watches the Sci-fi Channel
I received this book through the Good Reads Give Away Program! And by-golly, am I glad that I did!

My Short Summary

A.J. Scudiere creates a science-fictional world, that I almost want to describe as post-apocalyptic. We follow two scientist who work for the Center of Disease Control, a geologist, and a biologist who try to save humanity for what its worth. The events that wiped out the dinosaurs are about to be repeated... Throw in a love triangle, wonderful character developments, thrills and c
David Caldwell
I won a copy on Goodreads Firstreads.

When I received this book in the mail, I was wondering why someone was sending me a brick.This is a large and heavy book.It is an around 480 pages trade-sized novel.The price really amazed me when I saw it.It is only $9.99.I would have thought a book this size would have been $15 or $16 at least.

From the description and the back of the book, I figured this would fall into the scientist to the rescue group of books.It did start that way and followed that path
Julie Barrett
Resonance by A.J. Scudiere
After reading Phoenix by the author I searched out and got several others of her books. She can tell a tale that holds your interest and are fascinating to learn about.
Book starts out with the southern and northern axis, poles and why over time things have needed realigning and why animals grow differently. The magnetism over time have reversed themselves, polarity shift in hot spots around the world.
Jordan and Jillian work at the CDC and are sent out on cases to deter
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It’s AJ’s world. A strange place where patterns jump out and catch the eye, very little is missed, and most of it can be recalled with a deep breath. It’s different from the world the rest of us inhabit, but anyone can see it - when we read. In this world, the smell of Florida takes three weeks to fully leave the senses and the air in Dallas is so thick that the planes “sink” to the runways rather ...more
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