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Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl, #4)
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Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl #4)

4.03 of 5 stars 4.03  ·  rating details  ·  79,307 ratings  ·  1,345 reviews
Paperback, 342 pages
Published April 1st 2006 by Miramax/Hyperion (first published January 1st 2000)
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the code on the bottom of the pages says the following:

A recruitment letter from the centaur Foaly, technical consultant, to the lower elements police.
Trsuted ally,
If you have decoded this gnommish message, then you are a deputy officer in the lower elements police. You will not be aware of this fact because it is the custom of the LEP to mindwipe oour human allies. We do this so they cannot remember being recruited. If you cannot remember the fairy people or our underground city, then you can
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
By Eoin Colfer
342 pp. New York, New York
Hyperion Books for Children
ISBN 0-7868-5289-5
The boy genius is back at it again. With two years of fairy memories erased from his mind, Artemis Fowl is back to his criminal mastermind self. This time he has his eyes set on a painting that sits in a very secure German bank vault. But this theft is only the first of many adventures that Artemis takes in the Opal Deception. With trolls, gunfire, and a plot to expose the fa

The Opal Deception was definitely my favourite in the Artemis Fowl series back in the day. It comes off the back of a huge cliffhanger in the previous book, the stakes are higher than ever, and this book definitely continues the trend established in The Eternity Code of taking a dark turn. The previous book had serious consequences for our characters, but they were ultimately rescued from those consequences, with admittedly a large cost paid. The Opal Deception goes even darker, with consequence
Mark O'Neill
Remember what happened last time? The LEP decide that Fowl is a security risk to the Fairies and so Foaly wipes the minds of Fowl and Butler. Then they rest easy thinking that is the last of Artemis and his schemes. But in this book disaster strikes. Opal Koboi has come out of her coma and she is vowing revenge on those who foiled her plans before. So that's bad news for Short, Root, Foaly, Mulch and of course Artemis and Butler.[return][return]Koboi frames Short for murder and Short therefore h ...more
Artemis Fowl begins another fantastical adventure with Captain Holly Short, Mulch the Dwarf, and Butler to save the world as we know it. I had forgotten how entertaining and truly enjoyable these books are. Shame on me. I really liked getting back into this world and reading the funny one liners the characters say to one another. The writing is hilarious and very fast-paced. There is always something important happening to keep you turning the pages, and the characters are so lovable that you ca ...more
Shea Taylor
The reason why I chose Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception, is because it was one of the few books in the series that I have not read yet and it seemed interesting from the title. Other than the last two books I have not read yet, this one caught my attention for the fact that I skipped it and I needed to read it to understand the story better. Not much more reason why I picked this one, the book cover does have some interesting art on it, but nothing that would catch my attention.
The book itself w
Sarah's Reviews
When an enemy from his supposed past resurfaces, Artemis must come to terms with what he doesn't remember in order to have a chance at saving his life, friends, human civilization and the fairy world at large from certain destruction.

The Opal Deception takes a more serious tone than its predecessors, with some truly life threatening peril and death.
Artemis' continued personal growth makes the book an enjoyable and worthy installment. Readers should be aware that the story contains descriptive bo
The Artemis Fowl books are very good when you need a break from heavy 'grown-up' books. They're fun little adventure stories, and this book isn't an exception. It's not totally light: there is substance -- death happens, the characters are in real danger, actions have consequences, the friendships formed between the characters are real...

But it's easy to read, a quick read, and it's a lot of fun. In this book, I could've done with a bit more weight given to the death of a main character, but I l
Opal Koboi is back and set on getting her revenge on everyone who foiled her evil plan to destroy the LEP. Artemis has reverted to his old life of crime. He has become the same hard-hearted, criminal mastermind that we knew from the first book. Opal goes after Holly and Root. And after taking care of them, goes after Artemis. Will he be able to outsmart the evil but admittedly brilliant pixie? Or will this be Artemis' downfall?

Very good and completely worth it. Character development is astoundi
In artemis fowl the opal deception, Opal Koboi breaks out of her mental prison to take revenge on the people who put ther their: Commander Julius Root, Captain Holly Short, Butler, Foaly, and especially Artemis himself. After killing Commander Root she threathens Holly into thinking that she would then attack Artemis and Butler. After saving these wo Holly seeks their help to stop Koboi. unfortunately Artemis and Butler have no memories of the fairies and cannot help them until Mulch Diggums, co ...more
Jacob O
Artemis Fowl is an unlikely hero he makes big mistakes that sometimes cannot be fixed, this 13 year old boy is a genius but this time he has gone back to his criminal ways. The young man has to keep the fairy world and the modern world separated but there is a fairy who thinks she is helping the fairies when she is not, her mission for herself is to eliminate Artemis, will she do it? You'll have to read the book to find out! What I think about the book, I personally loved this series, every book ...more
Jun 20, 2014 Natasha rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any sci-fi/fantasy fan
Recommended to Natasha by: my brother, who happens to have very good taste in books

freaking out
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... IT DID.

Anyway. The Opal Deception is the revenge of Opal Koboi. That's right, she's back, and she plans to kill Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Foaly, Butler, Commander Root - pretty much everybody who played a role in her downfall. And chances of Artemis Fowl remembering his past are almost zero... right? (A little suspense there for you guys. Mwa ha ha ha :) )

Here's a few previews:

A certain character is alive.

Someone else is dead.

Our favorite tw
As a late-comer to the Artemis Fowl phenomenon, I'm glad I did eventually pick it up. These books are really fun and highly entertaining. The Opal Deception didn't disappoint.

Here we are, all mind-wiped and uncertain, everything under and above ground going crazy all at once, but still the heroic group pulls together to fight yet another battle. And quite the group at that: 14-year-old Artemis, his behemoth bodyguard Butler, the dwarf-thief Mulch Diggums, and the ever-fiesty fairy, Holly Short.

Janne Varvára
The fact that Eoin Colfer makes you care so passionately about his characters, makes this book both painful and engaging.

Having only read this book once before, years and years ago, I'd totally forgotten how it went. Which made it even scarier.
Especially seeing Commander Root suffer, and losing him like that is utterly heartbreaking; I love his bad-tempered self so much! What a waste.

This book is also a little different from the other three in the sense that our dynamic duos are split up. Follow
In the beginning Artemis and Butler have been mind-swept, their memories of the fairy world and their adventures have gone. Since it has been a couple of years since I read the last AF book I was a little fuzzy myself. How they regained their memories was ingenious and believable. The idea that selected memories can be completely erased from the human brain and never recovered has struck me as bogus. That some bits and pieces can survive even if significant sections are gone makes more sense.

Jan 26, 2015 Catherine rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Young Adults
Shelves: reviewed, 5star
Once again, another five-star book. A three-star being the average and four being quite good, I believe that this book is truly amazing and certainly deserves to be rated as such.

I enjoyed Opal's escape scene and felt that it was suitably explained. Although it might seem like a slow beginning, I like the updated progress on Opal's condition. The fact she's been in a "coma" for about a year is amusing because in the second book she had seemed somewhat like an unstable character. In this, she see

Originally posted on my blog:

I like this cover, mostly because I think it gives a good idea of how the pixies look like, especially the eyes. You can also see Artemis and Holly against a troll, which they face in the book. The troll looks more beast-like than what I imagined, but it suits their description and behavior better than what I had in mind.

The writing was quirky and humorous (especially the dialogue) and never once treated the readers lik

Criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is back…and so is his cunning enemy from Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident, Opal Koboi. At the start of the fourth adventure, Artemis has returned to his unlawful ways. He's in Berlin, preparing to steal a famous impressionist painting from a German bank. He has no idea that his old rival, Opal, has escaped from prison by cloning herself. She's left her double behind in jail and, now free, is exacting her revenge on all those who put her there, including Artemis

The book that I chose to read was Artemis Fowl, The Opal Deception, by Eoin Colfer, a foreign author from Ireland. This book falls under the genre of fantasy, blending realistic elements with an underground society of creatures such as centaurs and fairies. This book is an installment in a multi part series, all of which revolving around Artemis, a young criminal mastermind, with this story revolving around his experiences with the evil fairy Opal.
The story begins with what would be expected
I was glad that this book was able to not concern itself too much on the Fowl parents. Instead, it focused on Artemis's own transformation from criminal to hero as an independent decision based on his concern for others who are important to him.

Actually, there isn't all that much of Artemis in this story, but that's okay, too, as the nemesis from The Arctic Incident, Opal Koboi, is after everyone who helped thwart her last series of dastardly deeds. Not only does Artemis need saving (and remindi
Review pendingI'm not sure what more to write about these books than I already have! I love them - obviously, as I'm on book four an plan to listen to the fifth very soon. I love the worlds, both Artemis's and the Fairies'. And the way Colfer writes is so ingenious. So fun, so witty, and so touching. But best of all is that I adore the characters. And Colfer has managed to keep them consistent and true, but has also let them grow.

My concern after the end of the last book was that we'd just "star
Colfer, Eoin – 4th in series
Miramax Books, 2005, Hardcover
Artemis had his mind wiped of his memory of the fairie world and has returned to his criminal ways. He and his man Butler are in Berlin to steal a famous oft-stolen painting so that Artemis can be the youngest person to ever have stolen it. Meanwhile, Opal Koboi, that evil pixie who has been in a self-induced coma, has foiled authorities and is out for revenge on enemies, particularly Artemis
Stories like this scare me that I may have forgotten something, somewhere along in my life, as well. I wish fairies didn't feel the way they do about keeping themselves so secretive at times. But these particular fairies, who mostly seem to be cross adult men, don't sound like much fun anyway; so I don't mind that they keep to themselves, if that's what they prefer.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Loved having Opal back - she's a great villain and it's fun to see her take on Artemis. But the whole mindwipe/recovery arc for Artemis was done in book 2 already - it seemed a very lazy take on the issue. I think I was supposed to be sad to see one main character go, but I never liked that one anyway.
Rebecca Carlsen
"Artemis Fowl and The Opal Deception", the 4th book in Eoin Colfer's brilliant "Artemis Fowl" series was, as expected, excellent! For those of you who haven't come across these books, Artemis Fowl is a young criminal genius, from a long line of Irish criminals, who discovers an underground world of fairies (literally - they live underground!). I enjoyed this book immensely, the perfect antidote to the horrendous rubbish I exposed my poor brain to earlier this week (The Strain), and my faith in a ...more
I read this book because it was in the series. Artemis impressed me when he had contact lenses on after he was mesmerized by the LEP. I was surprised when in the book Artemis had contact lenses on after he had woke up from the mind wipe. Even through I knew Artemis had already done the impossible when he cheated the LEP's time-field, I didn't know that he could do the impossible again when he had cheated the mesmerizing process without the LEP knowing. When Artemis was mesmerized, the LEP was th ...more
For a race of superior beings most of them sure are stupid. Also they're pretty prejudice towards women you'd think they'd be a little above things like women can't be police officers.

Artemis should have stayed mind wiped for the entire book if not longer, but it was obvious he'd remember everything at some point during the Opal Deception.

Too much Opal, wasn't a fan of this book.
Altea B
This book, the fourth in the Artemis Fowl series was the best yet. As readers of the last book The Eternity Code already know, SPOILER ALERT, Artemis, Juliet and Butler were mind-wiped of their entire adventures with the People, and are now criminals again. Well, not Juliet. She's a wrestler now.

But anyway, in a hospital for rich fairies, Opal Koboi is in a coma. Her minions wake her up and replace her with a clone. And so begins her plan for world domination. (I know this is super cliché, but
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Eoin Colfer (pronounced Owen) was born in Wexford on the South-East coast of Ireland in 1965, where he and his four brothers were brought up by his father and mother, who were both educators.

He received his degree from Dublin University and began teaching primary school in Wexford. He has lived and worked all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy. After the publication of the A
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