War Slut
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War Slut

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In a future where everyone in the world has been drafted into the military, there is only one enemy left to fight . . . ourselves.

Five exhausted soldiers are sitting in the middle of a frozen Arctic wasteland, waiting for something to happen. They don't know why they are there or what they are supposed to be doing. Their superior officers have stopped giving them orders, t...more
Paperback, 73 pages
Published September 18th 2006 by Eraserhead Press
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Dan Schwent
Crying Hugh Jake and the rest of his platoon hunt draft dodgers in the Arctic wastelands with their shape-shifting sex droid, the War Slut, in tow. Will any of them leave the polar desert alive?

War Slut is reminiscent of John Carpenter's The Thing. It has that paranoid feel. The strange doll creatures the soldiers find in the Arctic are suitably creepy. Sweet, the War Slut, was actually a fairly sympathetic character. Jake was okay. The rest of the characters were pretty thin, as was the story.

Anthony Chavez
A good satirical look at war and societies need for it, taking place in a world where society is at war with the "draft dodgers" because apparently from birth you are drafted and everybody is a soldier. The last enemy to fight... ourselves?

The main character in this story, Hugh Jake who suffers from weepy leaky eyes and narcolepsy, and his military battalion are sent from North Africa to the Arctic to snuff out one of the last draft dodger resistances.

Mellick stays true to his form keeping the...more
Stephan van der Linde
Another Mellick I like! The king of Bizarro-stories..

A few soldiers are looking for the lost "war slut" someone who can change her form into anyone the soldiers want for their sexual desires.
In a freezing icy environment the soldiers got to deal with a invincible enemy, they think..

Weird characters, weird weapons (little icicles, little sawblades as bullets) and another crazy stuff.

Mellick's trademark. A fun read.
Pedro Proença
"But this isn't about realism. Realism isn't my style. This is about the absurd."
Carlton Mellick III ends his author's note on this.
In a near future (?), everyone in the world is in the military, in a eternal war against... the draft dodgers, people who are not in the military.
The protagonist is a narcoleptic soldier, who is deployed along with his unit in the Artic, chansing draft dodgers, according to his superiors. But, after a major battle, few members of the unit are left standing. The offi...more
Sonny Meadows
A surreal tale of war which made me feel the pointlessness of it nicely. The unrequited triangle of love worked well within the context of the theme, adding to the sense that nobody wins in a situation where pointless conflict takes over human lives. The action was very creative, but not all that exciting, maybe because the cluelessness of the characters made me not care too much about their personal fate, but, again, added to the sense of pointlessness. Mellick weaves relatable characters into...more
I first read War Slut in 2008 and thought it was brilliant. "Social commentary! What weird images! War is bad but why do we need it! Gender bending fuck toy soldiers that fall in love! Yeah!"

I was young...so young.

Let's be serious: Carlton Mellick III is no literary genius. I'd hesitate to even call him literary. He's a weird sort-of-anarchist dick who pumps out poorly-edited manuscripts with a hardcore 'avant-punk' following, and that is totally fine. I won't deny that when I was in university,...more
Oh wow. Imagery. Sweet, sweet imagery.
"They are like butterflies made of razor blades."

The way ammunition was described in this book, was absolutely refreshing.
Connections to books, saws, butterflies, and water balloons. I mean, seriously... A+ imagination.

I like Mellick's notes at the beginnings of his books. They kind of give you a little bit of a feel as to what was going through his mind (idea wise and where he drew his inspiration from) while he was writing the story. Like the one at the...more
"But this isn't about realism. Realism isn't my style. This is about the absurd."

Carlton Mellick III ends his author's note on this.
In a near future (?), everyone in the world is in the military, in a eternal war against... the draft dodgers, people who are not in the military.

The protagonist is a narcoleptic soldier, who is deployed along with his unit in the Artic, chansing draft dodgers, according to his superiors. But, after a major battle, few members of the unit are left standing. The offi...more
R.A. Harris
WAR SLUT begins with a preface letting the reader know that Carlton Mellick III doesn't intend for this to be an accurate military story. Then he begins his story.

A love story. I know, a love story titled "WAR SLUT"? Well, Carlton Mellick juxtaposes these two things (love and war) over one another very nicely, and adds a heap of weird things into the mix for extra flavour.

CMIII asks, what is it that makes a relationship? Is a relationship something we create in our own image? is it possible to b...more
Christopher Reynaga
This story kicked ass!

Probably my favorite Mellick story so far. It has all of Carlton's famous edginess, but it also combines a subversive, almost poetic undercurrent about the ravages of patriotic lies and war that made me think of "Fahrenheit 451", and even "All Quiet on the Western Front". This is in-your-face Mellick, but with a lot of heart.

Mellick's already well loved by readers interested in taboo and the bizarre. I only wish I could press this into the hands of readers who might be take...more
I've read better Bizarro Fiction (and in particular by Carlton Mellick)than this and was hoping for more than what I got. Some pretty interesting ideas in here, but the story just seemed to develop without any real coherence.

With this type of literature, you win some and you lose some. I lost when I read this. Fortunately, it was short.

This was a dud.
William M.
Mellick tackles a rather large concept here about society's need for war. While I personally think conflict is necessary in many cases, this book takes an extremely satiric view that was a joy to read. Author Mellick always keeps the reader on their toes and just when you think you know what he's up to, he pulls the rug out with yet another surprise.

Some annoying typos aside, there are some fascinating concepts in this book, especially the details involving the war sluts and the reasons the mil...more
Stevie Tee
This is the fourth CM3 book I’ve read. This one is more on the weird side of things than the bloody and violent. Told through the perspective of a soldier that gets stranded with his troop on their way home after a war, the story unfolds giving us glimpses into the soldier’s dysfunctional lives, by how they relate to the “Warslut”, which is a life form with the ability and duty to morph into whatever sexual desire the soldiers may have, for the purpose of moral. That’s not even the weird part. T...more
Second book of Mellick's collection. Two things you can trust of him:
1. His books, being part of the 'bizarro' genre, will always, always, be original. You will have absolutely no idea how things will begin, and how they will end. You'll never be familiar with the world and its characters (meaning you will never feel like you've read about them somewhere else). There will be no expectations - there shouldn't be.
2. (view spoiler)...more
With this one I... I just don't know. A quick read, one sitting, interesting premise but left me wandering WTF was this about? Might be a case where some fridge logic is needed... or not. Dunno. Will read a few more novellas from CM3 before I'll make my mind if some serious deconstruction is needed or if trashy, stupid, at times incoherent fun is all these bizarro-thingies are aspiring to be. :P
Eric Guignard
Great book to read in one sitting, when you just want something crazy and different to free your mind. It's dark bizarro fiction, with soldiers, cyborg slut sex, and fighting for survival in a surreal wasteland. It's quick at 100 pages (large font) and holds your interest at each page. Funny and imaginative, another success for Carlton Mellick III.
I can't quite tell what I think yet. Some of the Lynchesque elements of this new "Bizarro" genre are kind of annoying, but I can't say this book was ever boring. Its spareness was also compelling, and the idea of the war slut, slave sex worker in an totally militarized culture, was pretty fascinating.
A short tale of soldiers in the Arctic who are on their final mission to track down draft dodgers. The story is funny and also adds a little social commentary about war. The ending is odd and not what I expected, but that's not a bad thing. If you like Mellick's writing, you would do well to read this one.
I'm horrible at reviews, so I never do them, but I do have to say the idea of library bullets, or how they were described, I loved it. So creative.

Well all of the bullets were, but I just really liked that one.
For a short read this was really quite good fun. I can see where The Thing references come from, but they are a tad lazy. It was a pacy, quite funny and the ending was unique.
Rich Meyer
A wonderfully strange and surreal reading experience, like most of Mellick's work. Very Rod Serling, if Rod Serling had been in a weird relationship with David Lynch.
Weak effort from author, very poor research done in what could have been entertaining due to the possibilities presented.

At least it was short...
Chris Bowsman
I liked this one a lot. The end is a little wonky, but overall the story is good.
Another short story parading as a novel. Read the others first.
Zue Jernstedt
This book had a very good concept. Short and not so sweet.
Meh, it was okay..
Eric added it
Jul 09, 2014
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Carlton Mellick III (July 2, 1977, Phoenix, Arizona) is an American author currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He calls his style of writing "avant-punk," and is currently one of the leading authors in the recent 'Bizarro' movement in underground literature[citation needed] with Steve Aylett, Chris Genoa and D. Harlan Wilson.

Mellick's work has been described as a combination of trashy schlock...more
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