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Dieettitytön huimat seikkailut

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Huippusuosittuun blogiin perustuva tosikertomus taistelusta kiloja vastaan.

23-vuotias australialainen Shauna Reid päättää tammikuussa 2001 kohdata viimein totuuden: hän painaa lähes 160 kiloa ja omistaa Australian suurimmat alushousut. Hän purkaa häpeän ja itseinhon tunteensa blogissaan, jonka hykerryttävän humoristinen tyyli koukuttaa yhä uusia lukijoita.

Ylipainoisista su...more
Hardcover, 400 pages
Published January 2009 by Otava (first published January 1st 2008)
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Sunita Ray
The plot of Shauna Reid's book sounds almost like a chick lit book...girl goes on weight loss plan looking for self-worth and conveniently finds a tender and caring Scottish man to sweep her off her feet who loves her just as she is. There are definitely aspects of Dietgirl that are Bridget Jones-esque, but knowing that it is a true story makes the book so much more meaningful. The book is laid out like a diary, with most entries including the date of the author's weight loss journey and her cur...more
Molly Morgan
Mar 31, 2009 Molly Morgan rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Molly by: Calissa Wiley
While I certainly acknowledge what others have said, as far as Shauna only recognizing her potential and finding self-acceptance once she favoured the number on the scale, I still hold this as one of my favourite "fat girl loses a bunch of weight and gets happy" books. Her sense of humour is really quite comedic, and I particularly LOLed so hard at the part where she catches Gareth with his bum out the window, tooting due to the curried lentils she'd made for dinner earlier that evening. I'm not...more
One of those "I picked this up at exactly the right point in my life" books. Also one of the few "blog book that is even better as a book than a blog" books. When I first picked it up, I skimmed a bit in the middle, a date with Gareth, and was thoroughly charmed. I'm glad I did that, because starting at the beginning when she was so filled with self-loathing was harder to get through. But this was utterly rewarding and has made me think a lot about my own life and the Fat Girl Issues we share th...more
I read this because it was recommended to by a friend. It's one of the better books of this type that I've read, and occasionally it does feel like she was in my head. At other times I felt very disappointed that she seemed to be "drinking the koolaid" just a bit too much. Good, not great, but certainly not bad, Shauna Reid writes an engaging book about weight, family and serendipity.
I thought I was the only Fat Girl in the world. I mean, I thought certain things were Katie Issues, but it turns out they're a particular strain of Fat Girl Issues. I've never been anywhere near 350lb physically, but if I hadn't put a stop to things last year I easily could have been, given time. And I think 350lbs is about where my brain's been living for the last eight years. Like The Blue Castle did for me around this time last year, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl has changed me. I've alr...more
Aug 01, 2009 Kimberly rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who needs to know there is hope to be found
Recommended to Kimberly by: Jennette Fulda
I must confess that I had never read DietGirl's blog before picking up her book. I had just come off reading PastaQueen's memoir, Half-Assed, and wanted something else to continue to provide me with motivation. I picked up the book because she had recommended it on her own blog. Shauna's tale was emotional and realistic. The ups and downs she faced in dropping the pounds (kilos) touched me in a very personal way. This isn't a feel good book, although you certainly feel good after reading it and...more
Rachel Wagner
It is difficult reviewing this book because it is a memoir. However, that does not negate the fact that I hated it. I bought it thinking I would be inspired but it had the opposite effect. Plus, I think it sends the wrong message to women. Just because you are heavy does not mean you have to sit at home like a hermit binging on food all day. I am overweight but I have friends, I travel, I swim, I go out and have fun. In fact, there are very few things I cannot do. It's like Reid is saying the on...more
Tamara Evans
Reading the Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl was just the thing to read to inspire me to lose weight this year. There were several things that I loved about this book. First, I liked that Shauna was easy to relate to. As she began and traveled on her weight loss journey, you sympatized with her when she had setbacks and rejoiced with her as she lost weight. This book engaged me from the first page to the final page and I coudln't put the book down. I saw alot of myself in this book and I feel that...more
Joyce Jagodzinski
I decided to make this my March reading project after seeing this on Katie Kempski's profile. It caught my attention and went to check it out at our local library and I am so glad I did. It was a great story, differnt that what I expected and gave me some insights to something I have dealt with all my life, trying to free myself from a life of poor food choices and trying to overcome the exercise limitations I placed on myself. I give it 4 stars out of 5! So I have been able to honor my New Year...more
Best book of 2008, since that was the release date, and 2009, since that was when I read it. First book that's made me cry in a long, long time. First book whose real-life love story set my heart a-flutter. Most inspirational book ever, maybe? I'm sure Ms Reid knows this but the story was so much more than her (truly amazing) weight loss. It was when she finally let go and dove head-first into Life and Experiences and Freedom from 'The Body' (boy, can I relate) that she became a Superhero. I lov...more
I have lost over 100 lbs myself, so I could relate to the struggle itself in the book, but I couldn't relate to the author. I have always been confident and outgoing, even when I was over 300 lbs. I always went out, socialized and took advantage of life, so it was tough for me to relate to that aspect. I just couldn't get into the self-depracating humor of the book. Much preferred Jen Lancaster's sassy and savvy take on weight and such... guess this just wasn't my cup of tea. Bravo to the author...more
Natalie Pyles
Shauna Reid’s weight-loss battle is the real deal. Originally a blog, this account take you from 351 pounds to 175 pounds with weekly journal logs. You get way more than you bargained for in this book. First of all it is set in Australia. This is cool. Second, she does some world traveling. That is also cool. Third, there might be an adorable love story. This is lovely. I loved this book. Anyone who has every tried to diet for even 5 seconds will love it, too. A tad longer than it needed to be....more
Celia Powell
This was OK - Shauna Reid is a warm, amusing writer - but I think it was better in a blog format. I just don't enjoy books that began as blogs.
A sweet story (and I'm super-glad for the author's happy ending), but a good example of why most successful blogs make pretty crap books.
Becky R.
Like many readers, I picked this book up in the hopes of getting some inspiration from Shauna's story. It's hard not to be inspired by someone who lost so much weight the hard, old-fashioned way through diet and exercise. Shauna spent years and years, not weeks and months, to lose her weight, which feels more real than what we so often see in the media. In this blog turned book, Shauna chronicles more about the head space she was in over the course of five or six years. Yes, she learned to eat h...more
Okay, so here's a little background info before I start:

I would have absolutely never picked it up myself at the store. Looking at the book cover, it screamed chick-lit, airy, and trivial. That said, my mom is the one who bought this book for me, one birthday or holiday or special occasion, at least several years ago.

I actually tried to donate this book, but then I felt bad, because my mom had really thought highly enough of it to buy me a copy. I wondered her motives - did she think *I* wanted...more
Katie Johnson
If I could give this book 10 stars, I'd do it! Shauna Reid is an amazing writer and I hope she keeps writing-it's obviously her calling.

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl is Shauna's personal story of how she lost over 150 pounds (sorry, I can't remember the exact amount) while she blogged about her weight loss over a period of many years. (Her blog: 'The Adventures of Diet Girl', she's also one of the hosts of 'Two Fit Chicks and a Podcast')

It's a story of triumph and failures and it'll win yo...more
Tracey Hackett
I loved this book from start to finish! Even though the plot is one all too common to many of us, the author's personality shines through clearly with every entry in this unique and enjoyable memoir. This is the perfect book for any woman who wants to lose a few — or more — pounds (and who hasn't wanted to at some point in her life?). Over the course of six years, Shauna Reid lost half her weight, and I think she's courageous for allowing us to so intimately follow the ups and downs of her weigh...more
Diana Stegall
This is not the kind of book I normally read, but I was so unexpectedly moved that I have to review it here. I usually hate memoirs but Shauna Reid is the most delightful person, so charming and funny and well-intentioned that only a Scrooge would root against her. I teared up multiple times and read favorite passages out to my boyfriend as I read, and as soon as I finished I looked up her blog to see how she's doing now. She has pictures on her Flickr of events from the book, FYI - the Vegemite...more
The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl is part memoir and part chicklit and heavily weighted towards the ups and downs of dieting. It's not a book for everyone, but I think it'll speak to any woman whose had to struggle to lose weight. It's not a diet book really but as Dietgirl shares her experiences, you feel like you're living through it with her. As I'm balancing Weight Watchers and the Cohen diet, I felt the book could have been written for me.

Dietgirl holds little back. We meet her when she's...more
Lori Whitwam
I borrowed this, and held off starting it. I didn't think I was going to like it, frankly. Though I am formerly morbidly obese, I never had the strength (courage? will-power?) to lose my weight the "old-fashioned" way - diet and exercise. But I feel such a sistership with people who are or have been obese. The stories of their humiliation and struggles and self-loathing and agony touch me so much. Only a couple of dozen pages into this book so far, and I've had numerous sobs catch in my throat,...more
I'm GOING to lose weight in 2011, so this will be the first of many weight loss memoirs I read to keep me inspired.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a realistic look at someone who lost 1/2 of her body weight. It wasn't in an extreme and fast way like on The Biggest Loser ... it was slowly, safely, and with some hiccups along the way. Shauna dealt with real life things - changing jobs, family issues, moving to another country, meeting the love of her life and getting married, planning 3 wedding...more
Sara ♥
I really enjoyed this book! I was very very nearly inspired to put the book down and go work out! But alas, I had to figure out how Shauna's story ended! I was so excited the first time Gareth walked into the story. :)

I am going to exercise tomorrow. If nothing else, I learned that it's not about the number on the scale, but about how you feel about yourself and your body. (For me, I'd like to get more toned all over and have my "skinny" clothes fit again. I know it's possible — I'm not THAT fa...more
Amanda Marshall
This is a witty and inspirational true story of a woman that lost over half her size. Just the kind of book to read when wading into the resolutions of January. I just love her honestly in her journey's high's and lows, and her humor is right on target.

On a personal note, I entered to win one of her book giveaways but accidentally missed the part where she instructs goodreads members that they'll need to go to her website to enter. I however left a comment on goodreads and Shauna couldn't have b...more
I find that with books, I usually either get into them very quickly and can't put them down, or I go very slowly and sometimes don't finish. (Probably why most of the books on my GoodReads list come highly rated, because if I finished them, I liked them.) Anyway, this is a book that goes very quickly, in part because the author's tone is very engaging and funny, although also because her language is very informal (the book is a republished version of a blog she has keep for many years), which so...more
A book about a girl who lost half her body weight to go from approx 25 stone to 12.5. This is an adaptation of a blog she kept throughout those years so it charts her progress, successes, and challenges she faced, from a first-person perspective (and the blog is still going now, which is an added bonus).

Having battled with my weight for most of my life I found this book very relatable. The author conveys well her changing attitudes towards food and exercise over time, and often stops to think ab...more
I finally finished this book today, having spent the better part of four days either voraciously reading it or forcing myself to put it down and go to work, etc., only to return to it hours later. I've been a fan of dietgirl.org for a long time, but reading Shauna's book was an incredibly moving experience for me. I think regardless of whether you do not have a weight problem, and yet especially if you do, 'The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl' will make you vacillate between laughter and tears as...more
I definitely enjoyed this book. I liked how it had a bit of chick-lit aspects to it. I could relate to it in some ways because I used to be overweight myself. What i didn't like was that I felt Shauna never quite found a balance so that she could stay healthy and happy. It's completely normal for people to fly off the handle and gain a few pounds, but she does this several times. Even in the present day she has gained back about 50 lbs. It's just frustrating to read. Why should I look up to this...more
A sincere book by a young woman who undergoes a 3-year journey to weight loss and self acceptance. Written in diary-style weekly installments, the author undertakes the physical and emotional work to understand herself. It gets a little slow at times, then picks up nicely in the end. Some parts are heartbreaking, some made me a little impatient (girl, yes, your guy LIKES you okay lol). By removing a lot of the filtering, this gave me a lot of insight into the mind and heart of someone who truly...more
I bought it because I heard about it on a blog and then read the blog it's based from and wanted to check it out.

I enjoy reading diet memoirs, and this one was pretty good. It read in an episodic manner, as if it a diary or blog. My only issue with it is that some of the entries read like straight cut and paste sections from the blog. They referenced things that might have been mentioned in the previous blog entry but were not present in the previous section of the book. I'm a pretty observant r...more
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Shauna Reid grew up in Australia and now lives in Scotland. Her book The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl is out now from HarperCollins in the USA and Transworld in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and beyond.
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