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Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Time of Your Life (Season 8, #4)
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #4)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  5,741 ratings  ·  281 reviews
Willow and Buffy head to New York City to unlock the secrets of Buffy's mysterious scythe, when something goes terribly awry. Buffy is propelled into a dystopian future where there's only one Slayer -- Fray, the title character of Joss Whedon's 2001 series, the first comic he ever wrote. Their uneasy alliance falls apart, leading to the death of a major character from the ...more
Paperback, 136 pages
Published May 6th 2009 by Dark Horse Books (first published 2009)
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This was very interesting. We got to see Dark Willow again when Buffy traveled to the future.
I may need to reread this volume again to see if I missed something, but it seems to me that Whedon totally dropped the ball on this episode of BUFFY SEASON 8. What should have been an awesome story -- Buffy's crossover into the world of Whedon's first comic work, FRAY -- is poorly executed, poorly explained, and nonsensical plotwise.

The overall goal of the story seems to show a dark future for Willow and a foreboding sense that the Slayer Army will ultimately fade away. But there's no tension
These "Season Eight" trade paperbacks/episodes are entertaining and capture a little of the old feel of the series, but so far they've all been good but not great. In book four, Buffy goes to the future and meets Fray, the sole surviving Slayer. In the grand tradition of every time traveling superhero comic book story ever, the two of them have to fight each other. Also, we meet Dark Willow (again). Normally I'd say this entire subplot seemed a little bit pointless, though entertaining, but Whed ...more
Color me stupid, but I just realized while reading this fourth volume that the evil group Buffy has been facing in the comics is called 'Twilight'.


Since Stephanie Meyer shamelessly ripped off countless ideas and concepts from Joss Whedon, I gotta assume that the man is taking a not-so subtle dig at She-Who-Writes-Sparkly-Vampires.

Whedon has been continuing the adventures of Buffy and her friends from where the finale of the series left off. And while it's been interesting, Whedon's comic
Allison (Crazy Something Maybe Reviews)
The only reason I'm giving this 2 stars is because I love Moline (apparently most people don't? How can you not like Karl Moline's work? It's so bright and pretty!) and I love Melaka. If the volume didn't have those 2 elements, I'd give this zero stars. It was that bad. As a whole though, this story made no sense. I DID NOT GET IT. (view spoiler) ...more
Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I really didn't think I'd ever see Melaka in another comic. So I'm more than thrilled that Moline came back to add her into another story arc. And let me say, it was done really, really well. But I don't want to spoil a lot of things, so here's my list of things to look forward to in this volume:

-Melaka and her whole world once again prove to be amazing. Harth is still
$5 to anyone who can explain the plot of this one to me, thanks.
Melbourne on my mind
This was a decidedly average addition to the series for me. It felt a lot like Whedon and the other writers went "HEY. What about if we try and get more readers for Fray by merging it into the Buffy comics?!", and they set about building an entire volume based on that. It really didn't work for me. I didn't care about Fray, I didn't care about why Willow was still alive in 200+ years time, I didn't care that Buffy somehow got magically teleported to the future to meet Fray, I just flat out didn' ...more
In a Sentence: Time of Your Life takes Buffy on a trip to the future and takes a deeper look at the character of Willow.

My Thoughts

As much as I love Buffy and Xander, Willow has to be my all-time favorite Buffy character. Which is why Time of Your Life is probably my favorite Buffy comic so far in the series, even though I'm usually not much of a fan of the whole "trip to the future" idea for a plot line.

In Buffy's trip to the future, she encounters Willow, and Willow's not exactly the same
I'm very sad to say that it sucked. Just sucked. I waited a long time for this and was really excited for it. I enjoyed the first 3 volumes of the series. But I spent the vast majority of this book being completely confused. I'm sure that if I had read the Fray stories it would have made a bit more sense. As it was, it wasn't until I looked at the back cover that I realized that this was a crossover between the 2 series. Which might have been cool as a stand-alone story, but as the last quarter ...more
Lisa MH
Favorite Quotes:
Melaka Fray, “I fig we stake some lush haunt, lurks come out, we skin 'em for stories. Yeah?”
Buffy, “Does any part of that sentence involve me beating something up?”

Tree person-thing, “Let us show these abominations the forest's rage!”
Xander, “Followed quickly by the forest's denial, bargaining, and then short, painful acceptance.”

I enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as the previous three. I can't connect to a lot of shows or books that jump into the near future (flying car
This fourth volume of Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic collects # 16–20 of the title and returns to four issue story arc plus a single issue story format. It also sees the return of Whedon himself on the writing on the four issue arc (i.e. The Time of Your Life) in collaboration with Karl Moline, with whom he apparently did the Fray: Future Slayer mini series (which I, unfortunately haven't read).

The story is good and offers a crossover with the aforementioned Fray. But once
This is another solid entry in the Season 8 trades. After a rough start that had more to do with my expectations than with the quality of the work, I've found my footing with Buffy Season 8 and am enjoying the ride.

The main arc in this book is a crossover with Fray, the slayer from a futuristic Manhattan. At first, the storyline justification for this felt like a flimsy excuse to get the two Buffyverse characters together, but a surprise appearance by a notorious Big Bad makes me suspect that th
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Michael Cairns
This series goes from strength to strength and is a worthwhile addition to the Buffy canon.
To begin, a brief outline. Following the ending of Buffy on TV, Joss Whedon did a whole bunch of different things, including writing a comic called Fray, a futuristic take on the slayer. In this, the fourth volume of collected comics from season 8, Buffy gets sent through a portal and winds up in the future, first fighting against, then fighting with Melaka Fray, said future slayer.
It’s rare that the mag
Andy Shuping
Buffy and Willow head to NYC to find out the story behind the scythe's power and what it can really do. And Dawn has now shrunk down to normal size, kinda of. Down to centaur size at least. But as soon as Buffy and Willow are gone the missiles hit the land and the castle is destroyed and alien shapes come out to play. Meanwhile Buffy has been sucked into the future, having exchanged places with a demon. And she must battle her way back to the present against an old friend.

Remember how at least o
Jan 18, 2015 Peter rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2015
This episode in season 8 of buffy is written by Whedon again. It is also a crossover with his Fray graphic novel. It has been a long time since I read the Fay graphic novel, so I was a bit unclear on all those characters.

The good thing about this book is that Whedon is the master in the sort of dialogue used in the Buffy tv series. The downside is that the storyflow is a bit chaotic. Something I don't really get with his tv shows but have seen show up in some of his comics.

In this trade there is
While I don't really care for the format, this graphic novel had a decent story line involving time travel, among other things. There were a couple of unexpected twists. But, ultimately, the comic book format only allows for so much in the way of story development. It always leaves me feeling dissatisfied. However, as I am a huge fan, I can't resist the draw of reading more Buffy. :)
Federiken Masters
Feb 06, 2011 Federiken Masters rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Buffystas amantes del comic en general.
Recommended to Federiken by: Sus autores y sus bajísimos precios.
¡Menos mal que me leí Frey hace tiempo! Esa vieja miniserie es casi imprescindible para todo el que quiera disfrutar al máximo esta brillante saga. Pese a lo espoilero de la portada, me deparó varias sorpresas, pero no están en ellas el disfrute del tomo, sino en cómo sigue enriqueciendo el universo post-tv de Buffy y cómo termina de canonizar la mini anterior de Whedon. Interesantes interpretaciones, reinterpretaciones, pistas camufladas, ¡hasta el capítulo de Loeb está bueno!
No será el mejor d
well, still crazy and impossible to follow! There's some time travel for reasons, cringeworthy "futuristic" dialogue, and then... some stuff? Happens? Maybe? And okay, it's not out of the realm of possibility that an episode of the show would begin with Time Travel For Reasons, with Buffy wandering through a cemetery and then ending up in the future. But she and the gang would investigate what happened and how, and the viewers would be in on it, and at the end it would make sense and we'd be on ...more
Second reading of this volume.

I read "Fray" a couple years ago and I was fairly impressed by it so I was pretty excited when I realized that Vol. 4 of Buffy season 8 was going to have a crossover.

Whedon's writing is smooth as he folds old characters into a new(er) world. All the humor and heart that made the series a success is present in this volume as he blends two worlds together and carries two different plot points at the same time.

Karl Modine's artwork is a great fit to Whedon's words and
What in the world is going on with Buffy Summers? I don't know what is going on, but this story was extremely disjointed and strange. There were some funny parts I'll admit. Once again we see a character not grieving for someone they really care about who has died. Once again we have time traveling that doesn't really effect the story. Once again we have Xander and Dawn sharing dirty jokes and making me feel extremely uncomfortable. Just a bunch of redone stories that don't excite me reworked he ...more
Renee Nicole
I wanted to love this, but I'm thinking its actually the weakest book of season eight yet. The Fray crossover had potential, but seemed a little... contrived. The appearance of Dark Willow was anticlimactic, and the dream sequence at the end was kinda dumb. But I am totally loving the Xander/Dawn story, who woulda thunk?!?

This Twilight thing better be good.
Why five stars, you ask?

Centaur Dawn
Evil Willow
Time Travel
Xander/Dawn Witty Banter
Cartoon Sunnydale
Mostly Naked Good Girl Willow

Mostly that last one, I think. Don't judge me.

Also, I get a little choked up every time I see ALL THE SLAYERS band together.

Oh, and this reminded me that I never picked up Fray: Future Slayer. I need to remedy that shit soon.
Ashley Ferguson
This review and more can be found at The A P Book Club!

I kind of feel like this volume would have made a lot more sense/been more exciting if I had read Fray first. I mean, it's exciting enough and there's just enough information to figure out what's going on, but it doesn't seem like it's the full story. It also doesn't really seem to fit in with this season. It's more like one of those episodes from the show that has nothing really to do with the Big Bad and just goes off on its own little tan
Emily Green
In Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life, Buffy is sent into the future and meets Fray. Not knowing whether to trust each other, the two Slayers can either work together or waste time fighting. An initial alliance leads to the question of why Buffy would be drawn to this point in time, and by whom.

The answer not only shocks Buffy, but disturbs her. If she makes it out alive, will she ultimately be happy that she did so? And if she makes it back to her own time, will it be any more clear in
So far, this is probably my favorite book from BTVS: Season 8. All of the books have been good, but this one focused on the past and the future. I felt very nostalgic for Season 1 of Buffy after reading this one.
Austin Francis
In this graphic novel, Buffy is a vampire slayer (not to state the obvious) and she is sent forward in time for a reason she must figure out. She finds a slayer from the future and learns a little about the legacy she leaves behind. The two of them must work together to save both the future and the past.
I was confused throughout the whole thing. The book didn't make a lick of sense, but I probably should have read the previous seven seasons and three books before this one. It does start to make
I've been having a crappy couple of days, so it was really nice to get to read the best of the Season 8 bunch. I needed some Whedonesque snark. I'm disappointed in the lack of actual Robot Monkeys, though.
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Joss Whedon (born Joseph Hill Whedon) is an American screenwriter, executive producer, film and television director, comic book writer, occasional composer, and actor, and the founder of Mutant Enemy Productions and co-creator of Bellwether Pictures.

He is best known as the creator and showrunner of the television series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)', 'Angel (1999–2004)', 'Firefly (2002)'
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