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The Unsuspecting Mage (The Morcyth Saga, #1)
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The Unsuspecting Mage (The Morcyth Saga #1)

3.62  ·  Rating Details ·  2,707 Ratings  ·  249 Reviews
“Want to be a mage? Then do we have the job for you…”

Sounds great for a veteran role-player. When on-the-job training entails battling demons, learning magic through trial and error, and living in a world without toilet paper, things could get rough. But to be dropped in the middle of a forest and having to do it on your own with no instruction…welcome to James’ world.

Kindle Edition, 338 pages
Published May 20th 2008 by Brian S. Pratt (first published December 1st 2005)
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Fernando Zazueta
Feb 13, 2012 Fernando Zazueta rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I dare you to read this book. It is that bad. If you can get around how annoying reading in present tense is, a character which is as one dimensional as a character in an old video game and every cliche in the fantasy genre, you are still looking at a terrible story. The only thing this book needs to read as a dialogue for a video game are the words "HP" and "MP". May God have mercy on our souls.
May 11, 2011 Eliza rated it did not like it
I first discovered The Unsuspecting Mage while looking for new things to add to my Kindle. The blurb was interesting so I got it and read it. Although I made it through the story, it was a difficult trek. The first challenge was the awkward present tense that made the story feel like it was forcing you along with the characters and wasn't even consistent through the book. Another thing that I didn't like was the inconsistency of speech used by James who goes from talking like a modern teen-aged ...more
Jun 15, 2012 Steve rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No One
If a high school student published his notes from the D&D campaign he was running, you would have this book; if he happened to be failing English at the time. There is no central plot arc, just the main character (James) roaming around doing small quests (like a role playing game. Indeed, I have done many of the quests, such as "rescue so and so" or "find the bandits that raided this caravan" multiple times), so maybe it doesn't even qualify as that. D&D campaigns have actual goals. What ...more
Herman Gigglethorpe
The Unsuspecting Reader

I don't even play tabletop RPGs, and this book is obviously a thinly-veiled Dungeons and Dragons game. A fantasy and D&D nerd named James suddenly falls into a generic fantasy world after answering a cryptic newspaper ad, and has to go on a poorly defined quest. Pipeweed is even directly ripped from Lord of the Rings! I didn't know this at the time, but the city of Trademeet is better known as a location in Baldur's Gate 2.

The creature who summoned him doesn't even te
Mar 01, 2011 Cath rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Fantasy and Roleplaying lovers!
Let me start out by telling you that I absolutely loved this book. The Unsuspecting Mage was a free book for the Amazon Kindle & i can never resist anything with the word 'free', so I downloaded it straight away, not really expecting anything great.

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Larry Ruddell
Jun 30, 2011 Larry Ruddell rated it did not like it
Got this free for my Nook through Barnes and Noble. While the story line is fine it is clear why Mr. Pratt has had to self publish his books. He seriously needs an editor. Inconsistent language, redundant talk and narrative, and overt moralizing interfere with the story line and add least 200 unnecessary pages to this book. Maybe the writing will improve in the future installments but unless I able to get the next one free also, I will probably never know.
Sep 28, 2010 Kathryn rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: No one
Shelves: fantasy, on-my-nook
The Unsuspecting Mage was a freebie on the Nook. The description sounded like fairly standard fantasy, and it was free, so I figured it was worth a read. While I did finish the book and enjoyed it for what it was, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, because its few strengths are far outweighed by the quantity and intensity of its weaknesses.

The most glaring weakness of the book is that it is written in present tense. While I will absolve Pratt of pretension (which is frequently the cause, or perh
Jan 22, 2011 Tish rated it it was ok
Shelves: kindle
I could not finish this book. Believe me I tried. Usually I can force myself through a book. Sometimes I continue reading when everything in me says MOVE ON and I'm rewarded but honestly I couldn't talk myself into finishing it. Maybe there's plot eventually. I have no idea. I read about 60% of this book. All that I read of it was the main character traveling and then fighting battles he shouldn't be able to survive and yet somehow does, then he travels some more, gets into some more craziness h ...more
Joel Calhoun
Sep 01, 2010 Joel Calhoun rated it did not like it
Teribad, was free on my nook, not worth it.
Mar 01, 2012 Joel rated it it was ok
For what this is, it's fairly good. Unfortunately, what it is is the kind of book an agent or editor somewhere would reject as not-quite-good enough for publishing. I think it was self published, and thus we get a peak past the industry curtain at the embryonic novel.

The good: the reasonably likable main character has an adventure and wins in the end.

The bad: the plot is that of a video game and sometimes character interactions read like uninspired dialog trees.

Let me give you an example. Or he
Nov 14, 2010 Teri rated it really liked it
This author is self-published and I can't believe that for as long as this book has been out, I haven't heard more about the series or the author. I downloaded this as a free "teaser" for my Kindle and was introduced to the fantasy of Brian S. Pratt and what appears to be a 7 volume series of the Morcyth Saga.

I really like the way the book is written in present tense and how it follows James in his journey to a new magical land. The details make it easy to get lost in the world and feel as if y
Jan 07, 2011 Sarah rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Hated it. The story drug on forever. Never finished it, got too bored.
Jan 02, 2011 Maxine added it
did not finish.. was like having teeth pulled.
Vincent Wood
Oct 24, 2010 Vincent Wood rated it it was ok
I wanted to enjoy this book, I really did. But alas, I did not. I seriously considered giving this book one star, but I honestly have trouble doing so for a book I did finish to its end because one star to me means it is pure crap and by finishing it, there must have been something in there that convinced me to not put it aside and read something different.

Now the concept being this book is unoriginal. Many other books follow the script of someone in the real world suddenly finds themselves in a
Feb 23, 2010 Sonia rated it it was ok
Shelves: have, e-book
I was very tempted to give this e-book one star. The only saving grace that gave it two was that there were some entertaining aspects. Some of the fight sequences between James and his adversaries were fairly creative. Pretty much that's the only thing that saved this book.

James the protaganist, while likeable, was groan-worthily Christ-like. Unfortunately, it made me like him less. Also his obsession with hygeine bordered on germaphobic.

Miko was fairly likeable, but it didn't appear as if Prat
Apr 11, 2012 LazerWraith rated it did not like it
Shelves: fantasy
Probably one of the lamest books I've ever read.

1. Very amateur writing. Tons of action verbs are used over and over (nodding, explaining, asking), and the sentence structure is a bit weird sometimes. "Okay" and other modern words were used frequently in this non-modern world. And the authors couldn't even be consistent in choosing "ok" or "okay."

2. The characters were 1/2-dimensional. There are two types of people in this world: Gruff and rude, and kind and polite. Almost nothing else.

3. Unr
Jeffrey Michael
Nov 07, 2011 Jeffrey Michael rated it liked it
Shelves: favorites
This book was a difficult read. I enjoyed the story line and the character development but found several issues that kept it from being and outstanding book. There were several incongruities that just nagged at me as I read the story. I found several references in the story that just seemed out of date. One point in particular was when the youth was comparing his surreal experience to 'The Twilight Zone'. I sincerely doubt that a youth of today, especially one that spent nearly all his time read ...more
Michelle Reynoso
Let's start with what works. The book is imaginative, easy to read, and filled with magic & adventure. I like the way the main character, James, learns how to use magic - it's done in a very realistic, believable way. I also like the easy flow in the language of the book. But on the same token, there are some issues. The book ends with no real resolution. The Unsuspecting Mage is book one of a series, but it should stand on its own, and I kept thinking as I was reading toward the end that th ...more
Aug 20, 2011 Mattr rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: No One
If only I were 12 again. Willing and able to read a rambling, poorly described series whose protagonist (Mary Sue alert) is dumped into a magical world he alone of all he knows is capable of surviving. I would have empathized with his D&D skills, his possession of knowledge not practical in modern day to day life, etc.

Unfortunately, I'm not 12 and this book wasn't marketed as YA. I wouldn't even be able to recommend this to kids, because it wouldn't challenge them. Don't get me wrong - we a
Feb 11, 2011 Renee rated it it was ok
I obtained this book free through Barnes and Noble on my Nook. While I appreciate the elements of the story, I do believe the author would have benefited from an editor. The grammar and style errors were somewhat distracting, especially the author's tendency to shift points of view between characters in the middle of scenes (sometimes paragraphs!) with no transition, so it becomes a somewhat confusing read. Also, an editor would have really helped in trimming some of the repetitive and meanderin ...more
Nov 01, 2011 Karen rated it did not like it
Shelves: e-books, fantasy
I am the sort of person who will read almost anything all the way to the last page regardless. It takes quite a bit to get me to give up reading something mid stream. That said, I couldn't finish this. The tense and the writing style just drove me up the wall. The concept was an old standby....modern kid gets dumped into alternate/fantasy reality and has to cope. It was refreshing that some of the mundane issues inhearent in such a situation were not glossed over. Unfortunately, I just could not ...more
Jul 21, 2014 May rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/D&D lovers
So many people thought this book sucked, but I didn't. I'll tell you why. This book is written beautifully, if you forget that one grammatical error. And if you're looking for Romance, try somewhere else. The book is written in present tense, which I think is REALLY cool. The other people are a bunch of babies, and if you are too, go read a mainstream book like Harry Potter or Eragon (which were both AMAZING). If you aren't, I dare you to read this book, because you won't be able to put it down… ...more
May 23, 2011 Crystal rated it did not like it
Gary Stu in a fantasy setting while inconsistently and poorly written and this is The Unsuspecting Mage. If it wasn't free, I wouldn't have gotten it and if I didn't need to catch up with my book challenge, I wouldn't have kept reading until the end. (And even then, I admittedly glazed over quite a few large portions where nothing but James bragging or being mystically better than everyone was going on.) I recommend staying the hell away from this book.
Dec 03, 2010 Tracey rated it liked it
This was very reminiscent of some early video games for me. Anyone who's played a role-playing game (in person or the first computer based ones) will find the story telling style very familiar. If you like it, the story keeps you interested, however, the not-quite-choose-your-own-adventure feeling is not what I would normally call good writing. I did enjoy it though.
Mar 12, 2011 Traci rated it liked it
I had a bit of a hard time with this book at times, jumping from first person to third person back and forth and so manny typos. The story line was good and about halfway through you find the rhythm, just to be left in a lurch with the way it ends. 969 pages was a bit crazy, yet I still find myself wanting to read book 2. There are 7 all together, help me now :)
Kenneth Morris
May 20, 2016 Kenneth Morris rated it really liked it
Short but good

This is a good read. It's a good snack between heavier reading like J. R. Tolkien or George r r Martin.
Jun 25, 2012 Christopher rated it really liked it
Good start to the series. My only gripe is that the author edits his own books and you can tell with some grammar issues as well as word usage. But it is a good start to a good series.
Oct 30, 2010 Carrie rated it did not like it
Shelves: fantasy
Entertaining plot. I have ordered the second book, but can't get past the fact that it reads like a middle school student wrote it or it is a real bad D&D play by play script.
Nick Bolock
Dec 13, 2015 Nick Bolock rated it liked it
The Unsuspecting Mage by Brian S. Pratt is an interesting point of entry into the author's Morcyth Saga, filling with magic, recklessness, and bravery.

Before I set into the review, there is one thing that I feel is worth pointing out.That is that the book heavily leans on the Role Playing Game genre of either tabletop fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons or like video games such as Final Fantasy.

To begin: the basic premise of the book is main character, James, is a boring and bored, nerdy so
Brett Lee Lynam
Nov 20, 2016 Brett Lee Lynam rated it liked it
An interesting story which has believable characters and actions; something not always present in fantasy books. However, the writing style is somewhat simple and there are a number of grammatical errors in the book (tenses shift from third to first person frequently, some spelling errors etc - so this is likely the editor's fault).

Overall it is a fun read but the lack of polish detracted somewhat from the book.
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Brian was born in Modesto, California. He graduated high school in 1985 and went straight into the Air Force where he was trained as an Avionic Specialist on the F-117A Stealth Fighter.

When his tour of duty was over, he joined Pizza Hut as a delivery driver where he quickly rose to become a General Manager of a delivery unit in Edmonds, WA.

Then after a short stint as a taxi driver, he spent two ye
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