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The Fortress of the Pearl (Elric #8)
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The Fortress of the Pearl (Elric Chronological Order #2)

3.75  ·  Rating Details  ·  2,358 Ratings  ·  57 Reviews
The seventh installment in the prolific Moorcock's series about warrior Elric of Melnibone is set early in the warrior's career, opening as the Lord Gho Fhaazi seeks the principal seat on the ruling Council of Seven of the city of Quarzhasaat. He lures Elric into seeking the Pearl at the Heart of the World--the price of admission to the council--by addicting him to a slow- ...more
Paperback, 212 pages
Published December 1st 1990 by Ace (first published 1989)
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Rob Thompson
Jan 30, 2014 Rob Thompson rated it liked it
In this post I review some the themes (and frustrations) I identified when reading The Fortress of the Pearl by Michael Moorcock.

Firstly, I was (and still am) a great fan of the Elric books having read these extensively as a teenager. This story takes place during a previously ambiguous period between Elric of Melniboné and The Sailor on the Seas of Fate and has Elric questing (as usual) following on from inadvertently swallowing some slow acting poison. He needs to retrieve the "Pearl at the He
Elizabeth Wallace
I read this book years ago, and honestly, I have no idea why I held on to my copy all this time. It's pretty "meh" when you get right down to it. Only 230 pages and it goes on FOREVER in places, the pacing's bad, Elric's a whiner, and Moorcock pulls stuff out of nowhere all the time (last 50 pages of the book and Elric suddenly remembers a story he heard when he was wandering the marketplace at the beginning of the book, but Moorcock didn't MENTION any of that in the beginning, Elric just happen ...more
I found the first Elric book entertaining and it piqued my interest. After reading this novel, however, I can say that I am sufficiently hooked on Elric. Although this is the eighth novel in the series (according to Goodreads), I read this one immediately after the first because I am reading the Elric stories in order of their internal chronology (see this list)

In the first one-third of this novel, Elric finds himself in the scorched desert realm of Quarzahasaat some unspecified amount of time a
Ramón Nogueras Pérez
Dec 18, 2012 Ramón Nogueras Pérez rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy
Michael Moorcock es uno de los autores más imaginativos que existen en el panorama de la fantasía, que no destaca precisamente por su creatividad. Decir que esta puede ser una de sus novelas más imaginativas es, por tanto, decir mucho.

La Fortaleza de la Perla sigue la historia de Elric allá donde el primer libro de la saga la deja. El Emperador Albino de Melniboné abandona su decadente patria y la deja en manos de su traidor primo Yyrkoon (quien ya trató de asesinarle) para salir a explorar el m
James Oden
Apr 04, 2011 James Oden rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy
Ok, I have to admit that I have been reading and re-reading Michael Moorcock's works and specifically his Elric series since I was in my teens (that's 30 years or so). I can never get enough, even though his stories are counter-intuitive to what one normally expects from a story. There is never a happy ending in sight, his "heroes" are more villain than savior, and an overall gloomy perspective pervades his books. It is in this morass of negativity that Moorcock shines. Ultimately, despite all h ...more
Ignacio Senao f
Nuestro héroe salé de su país en busca de aventuras. Rápido la encuentra: un joven está encerrada en el mundo de los sueños, tendrá que entrar a buscarla. No será fácil, las peores pesadillas allí habitan.
Felipe Guerrero
Aug 21, 2015 Felipe Guerrero rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Buen libro, no me gustó tanto como el primero pero aun así es bastante bueno.

Ese Elric es uno de los pocos personajes de la literatura fantástica que hace lo que haría yo si estuviera en su lugar. Larga vida al emperador albino.
Pavlo Tverdokhlib
Feb 02, 2016 Pavlo Tverdokhlib rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: heroic-fantasy
When we last left Elric, he just succeeded in defeating his cousin and rival Yyrkoon, confirmed his right to rule Melniboné, saw reunited with his lost love and claimed the soul-sucking sword Stormbringer. And then he decided to throw it all away, go travel among mortals, and leave the defeated Yyrkoon in charge while he's travelling the world and learning things he hoped may have him improve Melniboné. Leaving aside the commentary on how no one ever knows what happiness is until it's gone, we n ...more
Eric Orchard
Jul 03, 2014 Eric Orchard rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy
A nearly perfect fantasy.
Chris Gregory
Jul 02, 2015 Chris Gregory rated it it was amazing
Written later than the other Elric novels, this one is much less swords & sorcery and more metaphysical metaphor. It stands out from the others and is entirely different from them, in being not a conan-esque fantasy saga, but rather a journey into inner realms, and the unknown, the land of dreams. Which you would think is the stuff of pure fantasy, but this fantasy borders on the metaphysical realms of worldly discussion, crosses them, takes something, and leaves something.... It's the one o ...more
East Bay J
May 15, 2015 East Bay J rated it really liked it
Shelves: novels
The weird thing about Moorcock writing Elric novels decades after the initial, classic Elric stories is that his writing style changed. Also, perhaps, that the older stories were stories and not necessarily fully conceived novels. Like Howard's Conan stories, Moorcock wrote the first many Elric stories as he thought of them rather than in any kind of chronological order. Reading The Fortress Of The Pearl felt a little strange.

It's a less bleak work than the original Elric stories. Something of t
L’anno scorso, dopo aver letto il terzo volume della ristampa della saga di Elric di Melniboné, pensavo la saga fosse finita, e che quindi fosse terminata anche la ristampa.
Dopotutto il finale del libro Stormbringer non lasciava molto spazio per un proseguio, e la sua epicità era perfettaper chiudere questa saga.

Ci ero rimasto male quando avevo scoperto che invece no, la ristampa continuava.
Un po’ temevo qualcosa che temporalmente si svolgesse dopo Stormbringer, un po’ temevo si trattasse di fil
Nov 17, 2011 Πέτρος rated it liked it
Notice: I have made a review for every book of this series and they need to be read in order since they are supposed to feel like an on-going impression. So if you read the second without reading the first will feel rather off.

I am mostly focusing on the style of storytelling and a lot less on if it reads well or something sophisticated like that. For the same reason I tend to have lots of SPOILERS which means that if you read this text you will know THE OVERALL PLOT and how much I DIDN’T like
Nov 05, 2013 Tomás rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Llegué de manera tardía a esta saga (nunca fui amante de las largas sagas de espada y brujería o como se llame) pero, aparte de otras tantas cosas mientras leía, no podía evitar preguntarme como todo el mundo que conozco que lee este tipo de ficción argumente que Tolkien es el mejor escritor de fantasía. A ver, no voy a negar el gran universo que Tolkien creo pero Moorcock lleva todos esos planteos a otro nivel. El universo creado por Moorcock me parece mucho más rico y sus personajes muy intere ...more
Michael Lawrie
Jan 30, 2013 Michael Lawrie rated it did not like it
I picked up a bunch of Michael Moorcock's Elric stories last year (used, thankfully)because I loved hearing stories about the torn antihero and his soul-stealing sword from friends and popular media (Blue Oyster Cult did a song around Stormbringer). Moorcock also influenced a great many of the role-playing games I enjoyed as a kid. I had not, however, actually sat down to read his work.

It turns out that thinking about Elric and Stormbringer is far more satisfying than reading about them. When I
Elric,I'm wating

Primero debo dejar en claro que este libro está impecablemente escrito, con un vocabulario, redacción y ambientación excelente, con unos personajes bien estructurados y una trama inmejorable desde el punto de vista de construcción de una novela de aventuras y fantasía. Un una palabra, el libro las tiene todas... menos un alma.
En el orden original, esta novela fue publicada en el octavo lugar y en 1989. Por ello, leerla luego de el primer tomo de la saga se me hizo extraño e i
Oct 25, 2015 NickM rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Hmm, I do enjoy Moorcock's fantasy works, but for some reason this one didn't gel with me. Elric is on his travels, a thing happens, then another thing. It's fairly formulaic, to the point where I had most of the narrative beats figured out a long time before we got them.

The prose is good, but at times over-wordy. Descriptions are many, and there are plenty of action scenes to pick up the monotony of the story.

Hit and miss, make of it what you will.
Shannon Appelcline
Feb 14, 2016 Shannon Appelcline rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy
When I first read this book I found it somewhat disconcerting, because it's very un-Elric-like. I read it more as a Cugel the Clever story, with the sometimes-cruel trickster Elric moving through a harsh landscape. However, my larger problem with the story is that it's very slow, particularly in the later sections which focus on a journey through random dreamscapes. It's very similar to "To Rescue Tanelorn ...", a Rackhir the Red Archer story that I'm not fond of for various reasons.

With that sa
Jul 22, 2013 Christopher rated it it was ok
Shelves: fiction
In retrospect, this came out not too long after I read the first six books, but somehow I never got around to it. The first half set up a pretty good, albeit straightforward Elric story, but the second half fell into a common fantasy novel trap: putting the hero through a series of linear encounters in an environment that doesn't have to make sense, because it's a dream (or nonsense world or just a story or whatever). It doesn't help that the dream world, in this case, appears to be based on som ...more
Jun 19, 2016 Vanessa rated it did not like it
Shelves: fantasy
Too slow and plodding and nothing really happens. Elric comes across as alternately a gullible fool or a sensitive hero, neither which are what I want from an Elric story. The second half is weird and nonsensical because "dreams" (ever had anyone describe their dream to you? It's about as awkward and uninteresting as this story.)
Do not recommend.
You can't get much more classic "Appendix N" than Michael Moorcock's tales of Elric and his runesword, Stormbringer. Definitely recommended reading for anyone who wants insight into what Gygax, Arneson, and company had been reading when they came up with Dungeons and Dragons . . . and it is fun fantasy in its own right!
Vanessa Vallos
Jun 08, 2014 Vanessa Vallos rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy
on ne reprend absolument pas a la fin du tome 1. Un coup d'oeil sur la version vo et je m'aperçoit que le numero 2 français et est fait en numero 8 vo ... ok ..

du coup, j'ai pas compris beaucoup de passages qui faisait reference à d'autre tome "futur" à des personnages " passé"

bref, j'ai aimé l'histoire, mais bon, ç aurait mieux compris avec un contexte ...
Jan 11, 2011 Ithlilian rated it it was ok
Shelves: fantasy
Reading The Fortress of the Pearl after Elric of Melnibone is a bit of a downer. The Fortress of the Pearl had no character development, and no events that pertain to the grand scheme of things. It's a mediocre adventure and is not redeemed by the characters. Elric is brooding and sycophantic, prim and proper. One second he is sucking up to someone, the next minute he is threatening to kill everyone. The main part of the novel is made up of the dream world where the pearl is located which is mos ...more
Le cycle initial d’Elric comportait sept volumes qui formaient un tout cohérent. Quinze ans plus tard, Moorcock va intercaler deux tomes intermédiaires dans le cycle. La Forteresse de la Perle est l’un d’eux. Il a l’inconvénient de briser la linéarité du cycle et de tomber comme un cheveu sur la soupe. L’intrigue est quant à elle dans la lignée de l’œuvre de Moorcock, mais la reprise de ses thèmes par d’autres auteurs font que ce roman paraît un peu aseptisé. Enfin, on retrouve l’incapacité chro ...more
Jan 15, 2015 Eve rated it really liked it
Of the Elric Saga, this was my favourite book. The story was completely engaging, with not too much comings and goings as the others. Also, it has a great character, Oone, just to balance the depressing heroe.

A bit better than the first novel, primarily because of the somewhat imaginative dream world. But this is still far far away from what serious fantasy can accomplish.
Tony Espy
Apr 22, 2013 Tony Espy rated it really liked it
I recently started re-reading the Elric series, and decided to do so based on the internal chronology instead of the as published order. The Fortress of the Pearl is the second book, and follows Elric's journeys through the Young Kingdoms, and focuses on the search for the Pearl, a legendary treasure of immeasurable worth.

Elric's search brings him into contact with all kinds of crazy monsters, evil sorcerers, and the stuff of dreams ( more dangerous than you think ). I really enjoyed re-reading
Apr 27, 2015 Brian rated it really liked it
Well, I totally read them out of order. Or to say that Michael Moorcock wrote them out of order would be more accurate. But this was a fun entry in the series. There were bits that reminded me of Locke Lamora, and some Abhorsen as well.
Jorge Cienfuegos
Mucho más compleja, elaborada y mejor escrita que la primera parte y, paradójicamente, también más aburridilla.
Apr 23, 2014 Toby rated it did not like it
Pointless dungeons and dragons guff. Why ruin a brilliant saga with this rubbish?
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Michael John Moorcock is an English writer primarily of science fiction and fantasy who has also published a number of literary novels.
Moorcock has mentioned The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Apple Cart by George Bernard Shaw and The Constable of St. Nicholas by Edward Lester Arnold as the first three books which captured his imagination. He became editor of Tarzan Adventures in 1956,
More about Michael Moorcock...

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