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The Switch
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The Switch

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  2,720 ratings  ·  180 reviews
When they first met Lord Jeremy William Radcliffe, Charlie and her twin sister, Elizabeth, were escaping from their uncle- taking turns acting the young gentleman to avoid detection. But Charlie couldn't help falling head over heels - and out of a window - for the handsome lord. Of course, that was only the beginning; Lord Radcliffe insisted on showing "him" and her lovely ...more
Paperback, 362 pages
Published February 1st 2007 by Leisure Books (first published 1999)
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Running from forced marriages, Charlie (Charlotte) and Elizabeth flee from their home and their evil uncle in the dead of the night. But two young women traveling on their own will draw too much attention so in an effort to avoid raising eyebrows, Charlie dons the clothing of a young man.

Unfortunately they haven't even cleared the window before they are caught by William Radcliffe who upon hearing a slightly altered version of their story decides to help them. And so begins the hijinks.

This bo
I needed a change of pace from my usual paranormal / sci fi fare and I LOVE THIS BOOK!!

The Switch refers to twin sisters who are trying to escape horrible marriages that their uncle is selling them into. One sister dresses up as a man and hijinks ensue. First off let me say with all of the role switching, things could get a bit confusing. But it was HILARIOUS to hear Radcliff's inner thoughts when he thought that he was lusting after Charles who was actually Charlotte. The characters had such sl
This book is hilarious. A little bit silly but hilarious.

I know comedy is a matter of opinion. However, I'm pretty sure most people can find something to laugh at within the pages of this book.

Basically the plot revolves around two sisters: Beth and Charlie.

They are orphans and under the care of an evil uncle who cares nothing for them and plans to marry them off to old/cruel men who would use them as glorified incubators for their heirs.

Charlie (Charlotte) is a feisty young girl who will not a
Jane Stewart
Pleasant and enjoyable romance novel.

I debated between giving this 3 or 4 stars. When I finished reading it, my reaction was I liked it and I had no problems with it. That fits my definition of 3 stars. I wanted to give it more than 3, but I decided to stay with my initial reaction and definition.

It's a fun story about twin sisters Beth and Charlie (Charlotte) who run away from their uncle who plans to sell them as brides. To reduce their chance of discovery, they dress as a boy and a girl, taki
Beth and Charlie are caught red handed. Or red ... dressed. Trying the sneak out the window of an inn that they and their uncle are staying at, Lord Jeremy William Radcliff comes upon them and berates them for trying to leave the inn without paying. Charlie is dressed as a boy even though she is a girl.

The pair (identical twins) explain that they are running away from their uncle (who is their guardian) because he is marrying one of them off to a brutal man who only wants to sire a son and is s
Katrina Passick Lumsden
OK, so this one's pretty bad. Not terrible, but it's definitely one I'll never bother with again. Charlie is obnoxious and overbearing, and one can't help but think Lord Radcliffe is a bit of a simpleton for not figuring things out long before the end.

But it was towards the end, when Charlie once again rushes headlong into trouble without any thought to the consequences, that I decided I hate this story. Seriously, the girl's an idiot. So if you don't want to read about a termagant with the int
Caroline Yamashita
Quando li a sinopse, parei tudo o que estava fazendo para ler.
Eu SABIA que seria muito engraçado.
E foi! E foi também incrível!
Charlotte e Elisabeth são gêmeas. Seu tio Harry as vendeu para casamento com uns caras muito esquisito, um com fama de assassino de esposas, já que era viúvo por 3 vezes e o outro como pervertido.
Então as duas moças resolvem fugir, mas não como duas irmãs. Charlotte vira Charles! Um menino.
Eis que estão fugindo e se encontram com Radcliffe, um lorde inglês que promete aj
The Switch

The Characters

Charlotte “Charlie”
Elizabeth “Beth”
Lord Jeremy Radcliff - I was quite confused at the end of the story when Charlie calls him Jeremy, during most of the book he just goes by Radcliff

Other various friends, foes and waifs.

The Story

A dizzying tale of twins searching for freedom from their oppressive/abusive uncle and his machinations. Or at least that is the way it starts out. As we continue we find a love story, adventure and even more dastardly foes.

All and all
The Switch
1 Star

Twin sisters, Charlotte “Charlie” and Elizabeth Westerly, are on the run from an uncle determined to marry them off to the highest bidders. Escaping out a window, Charlie, disguised as a boy, collides with Lord Jeremy Radcliffe, who takes it upon himself to aid the “brother” and sister. Alternating between male and female costumes, Charlie’s attraction to Radcliffe only increases the more time they spend together, but can she trust him with her secret?

Utterly ridiculous!

Lynsay Sa
*sigh* My first thought after sighing is, Why did I read this *rap?. How did I even get my hands on this book? Then, I remember that I have read other Sands books in the Argenue line and have liked them. Also, I remember getting this at the 10 for $1 bin at my used Book Heaven. I see why it was that price. It was terrible, pretty much from beginning to end.

I am both a cheap drunk and a cheap reader. Buy me a Margarita and I'm toast. Entertain me and distract me with a decent story and interestin
This was my first Lynsay Sands read. She has a real knack for writing oddball female leads and alpha males which are completely endearing. Charlie was hilarious and poor Lord Radcliffe never knew what hit him when he rescued Charlie & Elizabeth and took them under his protection.

Amongst mistaken genders/identities, Lord Radcliffe unwittingly ends up taking in stray animals, a prostitute and orphaned family… all in a hilarious way. I couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction to Charlie’s antics
LOVED this book. Very funny, fast paced, and thoroughly enjoyable. This is now my favorite book by Sands. Set in England. About a set of orphaned identical twins who decide to take their fate into their own hands. They runaway from their uncle and their undesirable prospective bridegrooms in search of more acceptable husbands. Their uncle, who ran the family estate into debt, is basically selling the twins into marriage to whomever will pay the right price. Their plan is to escape to another unc ...more
The Switch
by Lynsay Sands

Genre: Historical Romance

When they first met Lord Jeremy William Radcliffe, Charlie and her twin sister, Elizabeth, were escaping from their uncle - taking turns acting the young gentleman to avoid detection. But Charlie couldn't help falling head over heels - and out of the window - for the handsome lord. Of course, that was only the beginning: Lord Radcliffe insisted on showing "him" and her lovely sister safely to London.

But how could he do that? With every touch, Ra
Rebecca (everyday reader)
Charlotte and Elizabeth are twins who are escaping their greedy uncle and the arranged marriages he has made for them with two unsavory, cruel, and old men. The Earl of Radcliffe meets them and offers them his protection and assistance, not knowing they are not a brother and sister pair. Radcliffe falls for 'Charles' and fears his reaction to a so-called boy because their passion explodes when they're together. Beth finds a husband, a blackmailer comes forward, Gretna Green gets lots of business ...more
Cute! I love "twin" plots and the switching back an forth. However , i didn't like that one of the twins had to play a boy and that Charlotte kept being it! I didn't think that it was fair (i didn't think that Beth was being fair) to be making Charlotte do it all the time.

Charlotte was a strong female character and Radcliffe was very lovable!

The kidnappings and the escapes were a little over the top... But overall - cute!!
Danielle Chedid
This is my second historical romance, and I really enjoyed it! Light, funny, easy to read, and thankfully with far less sex than I was anticipating (ahem, Grace Burroughs), it was a good read. I did think it dragged on a bit toward the end however, and really could have been about fifty pages shorter. Ignoring that though, I would very much recommend it.
This book is not technically good. The dialogue doesn't feel true to the time period. There are numerous plot holes and glaring inconsistencies. The POV switched so often without warning, I often had a hard time understanding. Many of the scenes were incredibly cliche, and predictable. Many other scenes were entirely inappropriate for ladies to be in (so often they were alone together.) And the villian was your typical one dimensional evil lord. This is why I've given this book 3 stars

Because I
It was an okay book. I give it 2.5 stars. I only read Lynsay Sands every once in a while if the book sounds really good. Mainly because I have yet to read a book written by her that I have loved. I have never read anything awful either. She seems to sit right there in the middle. She is just okay. And that is where this book was. In the middle at just okay. I thought the ending was a little drawn out. It felt like it had 2 endings. Did we really need 2 bad guys? Once the whole scene with the unc ...more
Horribly disappointed in the book.

I thought it would be interesting but it just left me bored and confused at times as Beth and Charlie traded identities back and forth.

The time period of the book left me guessing at times. I first thought it was a Regency romance but then you have a wig being mentioned, then the farthingale and the stomacher. I can't place it now, but I was thinking maybe the 1700s? Don't know and this annoys me since I like to have an idea of when a story takes place. That's
Mahareni Sukadi
Lumayan lucu dan menghibur sih, meski daku agak mumet pas si ini jadi itu, si itu jadi si ini, yang sana nyamar jadi begini, yang satunya nyamar jadi begitu, bla bla bla. Mana tiap ada aksi penyelamatan, satu rombongan besar ikut boyongan ke sana ke mari. Mesti gitu Mrs. Hartshair dan anak-anak balitanya ikut aksi pengintaian, kayaknya terlalu berlebihan banget. Trus bisa gitu si Radcliffe berdebar-debar melihat Charlie hari ini, kemudian besoknya udah biasa lagi gak ada perasaan apa-apa karena ...more
Loads of fun,but the disguises and subterfuge lasted a bit long for my liking..

What started off as a sweet little gender confusion to save two sweet twins from being forced into almost life threatening marriages,ends but more like a kinda Lucy and Ethel ( I Love Lucy) feel about the story ,but instead of crazy hi jinks to get noticed or be in "Ricky's Show" , it's always to either a blackmailer or stopping some sorta injustice like saving puppies or rescuing a country girl from a brothel or a ga
Felita Hardigaloeh
tema cross-dressing emg ga banyak diambil, makanya penasaran dg cerita hisrom ini...

dlm hal ini lady Charlotte harus berpenampilan sbg gentleman kalau ga mau paman mereka yg serakah menjebak mereka ke pernikahan. Charlotte aka Charlie dan saudara kembarnya, Elizabeth memutuskan utk pergi ke London, menjual perhiasan ibu mereka dan bersembunyi sembari mencari calon suami di London.

beruntung mereka bertemu Radcliffe di perjalanan, yg mau membantu dg memberikan pendampingan dan tempat tinggal. tp
Zel Polev
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Pat aka Tygyr
This is a historical romance. Lord Radcliffe sees a young man helping a young woman escape from a second story inn window. He decides it is none of his affair. The girl had given the stable boy alcohol with a sleeping potion. So the couple quickly saddle their 1 horse and prepare to steal another to quickly get away. Radcliffe is waiting for them. His younger sister and her husband had been killed by bandits not too long ago. He decides he will offer himself as protection to London. The 2 were n ...more
Mariel Grey
I found The Switch by Lynsay Sands to be a clever story and an enjoyable read. The story revolves around identical twin sisters, Charlotte and Elizabeth, who have been left in the care of their callous uncle after the death of their parents. After their uncle arranges marriages for them (i.e. sells them off) to untenable husbands, one of whom is alleged to be a wife beater and possible murderer, they plot their escape to Uncle Ralphie, an uncle they trust.

Because twin girls traveling alone woul
Briskly-paced modern-style romantic comedy in a Regency setting. Identical twins Elizabeth and Charlotte (Charlie) run away from their nasty uncle and his plans to marry them off to unsavory suitors. For safety on the road, Charlie poses as a man; after falling in with an unsuspecting gentleman who offers to let them stay in his London town-house, the sisters decide to switch roles from time to time so that each gets a chance in society to attract a husband before their uncle can find them.
One of the things I love about Ms. Sands historical books is the humor that never lets up. The Switch is a very amusing and at times confusing book. Confusing only when Charlie and her sister where playing each other. Charlie and Beth are identical twins who are attempting to escape being sold into marriage by their uncle. They decide to flee with one of them dressed as a boy. They meet Radcliffe as they are fleeing and h takes them under his wing.

Radcliffe spends much of the book thinking Charl
I am always up for a hidden female trope where our heroine must pretend to be a man to achieve some goal or overcome an obstacle or merely to remain free. I also rarely review or even track the romance novels I read unless I find them exceptional in some way.
The Switch was exceptionally poor. Romance novels are not always the most dedicated to plot or historical accuracy, but I think this book is worse than most. The events in the story seemed especially contrived and slapstick with obstacles to
Jaime Criswell
I usually enjoy Lynsay Sands for a bit of fun, light reading. This book was just intolerable for me though. How long can the dressing as the opposite gender bit work? It is just unbelievable that a smart rational person would even buy such a ruse. That made this book very hard for me to read. I like my leading men to be smart. If the leading man believes that the "boy" he is weirdly attracted to is truly male for over 3/4 of the book - that is just too much for me.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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LYNSAY SANDS is the nationally bestselling author who is known for her hysterical historicals as well as the popular Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series. With her witty and charming personality, Sands describes books as, “Waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life.” She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to ...more
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“How did you convince her to remarry you?” Tomas asked curiously, drawing Radcliffe from his thoughts.
Making a face, he admitted, “I had to draw up a contract stating that I would never again condescend to her. That I would discuss business with her on a daily basis were she interested, and…”
He sighed unhappily. “And that I would take her to my club dressed as a man.”
Tomas gave a start. “What?”
“Shh,” Radcliffe cautioned, glancing nervously around to be sure that they had not been overheard. No one seemed to be paying attention to them. Most of the guests were casting expectant glances toward the back of the church, hoping to spot the brides who should have been there by now. Glancing back to Tomas, he nodded. “She was quite adamant about seeing the club. It seems she was jealous of Beth’s getting with those ‘hallowed halls’-her words, not mine-and she was determined to see inside for herself.”
“Have you taken her there yet?”
“Nay, nay. I managed to put her off for quite some time, and then by the time she lost her patience with my stalling, she was with child and did not think the smoky atmosphere would be good for the baby. I am hoping by the time it is born and she is up and about again, she will have forgotten-“ A faint shriek from outside the church made him pause and stiffen in alarm. “That sounded like Charlie.”
Turning, he hurried toward the back of the church with Tomas on his heel. Crashing through the church doors, they both froze at the top of the steps and gaped at the spectacle taking place on the street below. Charlie and Beth, in all their wedding finery, were in the midst of attacking what appeared to be a street vendor. Flowers were flying through the air as they both pummeled the man with their bouquets and shouted at him furiously.
“Have I mentioned, Radcliffe, how little I appreciate the effect your wife has had on mine?” Tomas murmured suddenly, and Radcliffe glanced at him with amazement.
“My wife? Good Lord, Tomas, you cannot blame Beth’s sudden change on Charlie. They grew up together, for God’s sake. After twenty years of influence, she was not like this.”
Tomas frowned. “I had not thought of that. What do you suppose did it, then?”
Radcliffe grinned slightly. “The only new thing in her life is you.”
Tomas was gaping over that truth when Stokes slipped out of the church to join them. “Oh, dear. Lady Charlie and Lady Beth are hardly in the condition for that sort of behavior.”
“How are you going to get in?” Stokes asked anxiously.
“I shall try the windows first, I think,” Radcliffe said with a frown as he straightened out his skirts. “I fear using the front door would be too much of a risk.”
“Aye,” Stokes said, then, “My lord, you…er…your purpose may be better served did you try to…er…keep your face turned away from anyone you encounter.”
“Aye,” Elizabeth agreed encouragingly. “And mayhap if you tried not to look quite so tall, you might be able to avoid some unwanted attention.”
“And if anyone does approach and question you, you might merely cover your face with a handkerchief and titer.”
Radcliffe blinked at that suggestion from Bessie. “I do not have a handkerchief.”
“Oh!” Whipping one from her sleeve, Beth handed it to him as he got out of the carriage. “Good luck, my lord. I know you will save her.”
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