The Late Great Planet Earth
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The Late Great Planet Earth

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A blockbuster in its time, The Late Great Planet Earth offered Christians and non-Christians of the 1970s a wake-up call to events heralding the return of Jesus Christ. The years since have confirmed Lindsey's insights into what biblical prophecy says about the times we live in.
Audio CD, 5 pages
Published August 1st 2007 by Blackstone Audiobooks (first published 1970)
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Aug 03, 2008 Werner rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Not recommended
Recommended to Werner by: A college classmate
Written in a world steeped in social injustice and oppression, a major theme of the Old Testament is that this deformation of society is a result of rebellion against God, and that God is on the side of the oppressed and will act decisively at the end of history to usher in a new order of justice and righteousness for vthose who respond to Him in faith and obedience. The New Testament builds on the same foundation, recognizing in Christ the promised King of the new order and looking forward to h...more
Seth Pierce
"Interesting book isn't it?" asked the man sitting next to me on the plane.

"Um...yes" I said, unsure of how to effective communicate the reality of this book's impact on Christian eschatology and the reality of its ridiculousness.

Steeped in Scofieldian Dispensationalism, this little work inspired the Left Behind novels and has altered the landscape of Bible believing fundamentalists everywhere--with the exception of scholars who wish this theological framework had never found the light of day....more
May 22, 2009 John rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: everyone....
This book is what answered the questions that I had about why we were here, what was wrong with the world and where we were heading...

in other words, after reading this book I gave my life to Jesus Christ... March 1975.

The problem with the world is sin. God provided a solution, found only in Jesus Christ.
Lee Anne
Interesting to see the pagan reviews on this one. Funny how they say "none of this has happened". Just wait! ;-) They themselves are fulfilling scripture with their very comments! (2 Peter 3:3-14; Jude 17-19)
The 1970's were an incredibly strange time. If one wants to get a real feel for the decade, this book, arguably the key seminal text in the then-burgeoning "Born-Again" Christian movement (which quickly evolved/devolved into the Moral Majority movement of the 80's), is a definite must on the reading list. This mighty screed, perpetrated by the infamous Hal Lindsey, is one of the few books I've ever read simply to see what all the buzz was about (LGPE was quite the sensation, especially toward th...more
Dec 04, 2008 Tim marked it as misc  ·  review of another edition
Just like reading the end of the year horoscopes the following year, nothing that Hal presented at prophecy ever came to pass. He simply did what a great many people did during the 70's; he rode the coat tails of former fear mongers and wrapped his book with the supposed reliability of the bible. Let's face it, the language of the Old Testament invokes fear because it is nearly always synonymous with doom, the end of things, catastrophe, disaster, etc.
Reminds of the book, "88 Reasons why t...more
I read this back in the late Seventies or early Eighties. It was very compelling reading at the time. Lindsey was so convincing in what he was saying, but it really was a bunch of bull.
Pretty much started with my high school days search for the truth. Read it and act accordingly.
Fundamentalist claptrap...
This is the meat of the "Left behind" series. Consider it the adult version. Hal Lindsay does a great job of researching and quoting the research of others regarding the biblical prophesies of the end times. He makes it interesting by applying what he discovers to his current time,the late 60's. He is not a prophet, he freely admits that, but he tries to apply the prophesies to the then current times. Israel's emergence as a nation, the Soviet union and the rise of a European common market.

I giv...more
Bob Ladwig
I actually thought this book was great when I first read it as a young Christian, as I have matured and rejected dispensationalism and it's theological mother premillenialism, Lindsey's explanations of the prophetic writings of the Bible really fail to make much sense. Lindsey's interpretation is espescially meaningless to the 1st century church to whom the book of Revelation was written initially, yet the book promises to be beneficial to the readers thereof, and they were expected to understan...more
Curtis Chamberlain
I read this book the first time way back in 1988, I think. I was amazed then, and I am still amazed now!

What an accurate Biblical accounting of end times prophecy! Hal Lindsay leaves no stone unturned---no mystery to be discovered---in his explanation of what is to come according to the Bible.

Fact-filled, historically and scientifically accurate, this book leaves no doubt as to the future for believers and non-believers alike. Every believer should be praying that non-believers get hold of this...more
Tom Lombardo
Feb 16, 2014 Tom Lombardo rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Anyone researching the End Times movement
Hal Lindsay’s The Late Great Planet Earth kicked off what has become an incredibly influential spiritual and political phenomenon in American life – namely, the belief that we are living in the “End Times.”

The End Times is a period of amoral turmoil that precedes the rise of the Antichrist and that culminates with the return of Jesus Christ. Believers are convinced that prophecies from the Apocrypha and the New Testament – especially The Book of Revelations – are coming true all around us, “prov...more
I got right into this book at high school! It became the topic of a running debate between an atheist friend and myself. I recall making bold predictions about world events that were going to leave him speechless when they were inevitably fulfilled! Yes, well, about that... :) Let's just say I won't be recommending this book to anyone nowadays.
Wow, that was a blast from the past! For some reason unknown to me Ned ordered this book on inter-library loan and so it was right in front of me when I finished my last book and I thought, why not read this 1970 vintage "classic"? It sure reminded me of the way things were back then. Interest in astrology, man landing on the moon, worry about the "population explosion", the Russian (actually USSR)communist threat, the mysterious communist Chinese, the threat of nuclear war. Yep, those were the...more
This book, called one of the biggest bestsellers of the 1970s, was interesting as an example of sensationalist pseudoscience popular during that time and gives some insight into the premillennial interpretation of bible prophecy. The authors try to apply the ancient prophecies to their own time and now, four decades later, the book is hopelessly outdated. It claims the communist Iron curtain countries, lead by Russia, will invade Israel and all this should happen within 40 years of the founding...more
Dad gave me this book to read. I tend to be wary of books about why a certain religion is right/wrong etc, but I was intrigued by the fact that this was labeled as "No.1 non-fiction bestseller of the decade" by the NY Times on the back cover of the 1977 publication. So far the book started out on a logical tract, talking about how seeking knowledge of the future is a part of human nature. Of course, when this book was written asking people "what's your sign" or if their vibrations were wrong was...more
I picked up this book when I saw it in my local library, because I remember my mom and dad studying it with a group of people from our church when I was a teen-ager. Since then, the Left Behind series has come out along with a whole slew of end-times fiction and non-fiction books. So the ideas don't seem as controversial and "new" as I'm sure they did 30 years ago. It was very interesting to read from the perspective of what is going on today. Although the political landscape has changed a bit (...more
As far as the first three chapters go, the book is okay. Then chapter four comes and from here on out the reader should reference what Lindsey writes and the Scripture he quotes with the notes in The Orthodox Study Bible and the RSV of The New Oxford Annotated Bible With the Apocrypha Expanded Edition. Then keep in my mind that Lindsey is a Chiliast--Chiliasm is a heresy condemned at the Council of Nicea way back in Anno Domini this book, like Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012: The Return of Quet...more
Mike (the Paladin)
A fairly interesting read. The book is based on a fairly literal read of prophecy and an attempt to apply modern political forms to match it to an end time picture.

Oddly later I read some of the same ideas elswhere and wondered who wrote it first.

Read, enjoy. i to am a Christian and believe prophecy is in the Bible for a reason, but I also believe Christ when he said His return would be a t a time "you think not". I sort of think prophecy may be there somewhat so God can say "see I told you so."...more
Okay, so I only got halfway through, but I could probably tell you what he's going to say in the rest of the book anyways.

It's so dated that it's completely predictable. At the time, it would have been fascinating, but right now, it's just old and tired. I've heard it before: maybe some of it would come as a surprise if I'd never read the Bible before, but that wasn't the case.

Also, it's written in a jokey sort of "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" style that is just overly corny. Bleh.
Jan 26, 2011 Trina rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Trina by: My father
If I was a better student of history I think I would have enjoyed this book more. As it stands I was only able to vaguely piece together some of the events as they were and events that the author predicted would occur. I am sure in its day it was a mesmerizing and sobering book, today it is a look back at the mindset of a generation, their fears, motivations and proclivities.
George Shubin
This book reflects pop christianity at its worst. It's filled with speculation and inconsistent hermeneutics, and most importantly, history has proven the complete bankruptcy of the dispensational scheme of biblical interpretation. Anyone who continues to hold on to this fantasy is not reading from the Bible but reading into it.
Dated, (1970) but he had a big following with his
various books, based on his own interpretation
and predictions on the Biblical Book of Revelations.
There is always risks in trying to "date" and "guess"
the mysterious Book, and one generation later, some
of his guesses were a bit off. Still, it was a good read
at the time.
Tre Pryor
According to Biblical prophecy we’re approaching the end of the final age. Historical signs, centered mostly around the nation of Isreal are pointing towards the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is a fascinating book written in 1970. Several events predicted by the book have transpired since the time of its writing.
This was a reread after about 30 odd years.I was impressed then,beeing young and impressionable.This time the only thing that got my attention me was the prediction that China would emerge as a Worldpower.Also, the emergence of the African -Arab block was a little suprising,but here we are.Is it a lucky guess?
I love how once the shift is made from Occult to Christen prophecy, it becomes the work of a "sociopath" or "of interest only to fundamental Christians". This is the seminal paperback work of, Hal Lindsy in witch he explores the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in the 20th Century.
Interesting look for it's time considering how things actually turned out. Still some very good, very intriguing points. Was asked to read for my point of view. I will share it with that individual. If anyone else has read this book and wants to discuss, I'll add my point of view.
Mister Woo
I've been reading this book because I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the prophets of the bible. I think Nostradomus is full of shit along with the Myan calender. I'd rather read the truth tinstead of vague bullshit from some nut who practices astrology and alchemy.
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Hal Lindsey is an American evangelist, best known for his books on end times prophecies, including the bestseller The Late Great Planet Earth.
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