The Final Storm (The Door Within, #3)
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The Final Storm (The Door Within #3)

4.37 of 5 stars 4.37  ·  rating details  ·  2,178 ratings  ·  149 reviews

Now includes THE LOST CHAPTERS, four previously unpublished chapters with author commentary and editor notes!

Still staggering under Paragor's relentless attacks, Alleble's remaining allies flee from the four corners of The Realm to safety within the Kingdom's walls. But there is little time for Alleble to mourn before Paragor, the Wyrm Lord, and the deadly Seven Sleepers

Hardcover, 338 pages
Published September 5th 2006 by Thomas Nelson
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Oct 15, 2008 Kait rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Nicole, Hanna, Matt, Jon, Steven, Samantha,
Recommended to Kait by: Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour
First things first: Did anyone else want to run out and take up sword fighting/archery/erm, dragon riding after reading this, you know, just in case? :)

I rarely enjoy Christian fiction. Typically, I find it to be sub-par and just too about Christianity, and not so much about plot. Wayne Thomas Batson obliterates this pattern (for me). Both The Door Within and Rise of the Wyrm Lord were excellent, but for some reason, the final book in the series really blew it all out of the water for me.

Shantelle Mary
A dynamic ending to the Door Within Trilogy… I think The Final Storm deserves five stars. It definitely did NOT end how I expected it to; but it was incredible anyway! The very last paragraph just makes me smile again and again. :)
So The Final Storm takes off right where The Rise of the Wyrm Lord ends. An accident, a conversion, an escape… Two more humans come from the Mirror Realm to join Antoinette in the Glimpse Realm. Dramatic battles ensue. Dear friends see their end. Giant spiders attack...more
Wow. This book is great. Enough battles and peril to satisfy the adventure-lover, enough secrets to satisfy the mystery-lover, and enough coolness to satisfy the... well, cool-lover!

All around great. Granted, some might see it as "just another fantasy book", but it most certainly has characteristics that distinguish it from others in its genre.

For instance, there is an unlikely connection between Earth and The Realm... but I won't spoil that for you. :-D Also, there is a good dose of Biblical al...more
I just finished the 3rd and last book of The Door Within trilogy and i know these books are amazing, you've got to be crazy not to like these books! I hated books because i would read the back and enjoy it, then when i read the book I'm disappointed because i did not like the book. I didn't know if i could trust these books either but I'm glad i did. Some people think that as you get older you become less creative, clearly Wayne Thomas Batson has proven many people wrong. I found many creative a...more
Aug 28, 2008 Cson rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone!
The conclusion to Wayne Thomas Batson’s best-selling The Door Within trilogy does not disappoint. In record time Wayne has all three protagonists with trouble up to their helmets. Paragor has amassed superior force, technology, and ancient forces for the final assault on an unprepared Alleble. Not to mention King Eliam seems to have abandoned them all. You won’t want to miss Wayne’s trade-mark lightning-paced, action packed adventure.
Storm Marie White
The book is great but I found the ending of this book unsatisfying, but the same goes for the entire trilogy. I was very glad that Aidan was more prominent in this book, and it was a quite moving book.
The Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Final Storm really felt like they were originally one book but cut in half for the sake of having three books of relatively the same length, and unlike the first book, could not be read on it’s own. You won’t understand this book unless you read the other two, or a...more
Imprisoned in the fortress of Paragor, Antoinette Reed still tries desperately to convince Kearn that Paragor’s promises are empty. Meanwhile, Aidan loans the Scrolls to Robby in hopes that they will convince him that The Realm is real and that King Eliam is the one to follow. But Robby is not easy to convince. In The Realm, Kaliam readies Alleble for the assault by Paragor’s forces that is sure to come, bringing all of those loyal to King Eliam under the protection of the city’s walls. But with...more
J. Tobias
Jun 07, 2010 J. Tobias rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone!
Paragor has unleashed his ultimate weapon; the ancient Wyrm Lord.

Relentlessly attacking the allies of Alleble, the Wyrm Lord is wreaking havoc. The allies of Alleble gather up their remaining forces and flee to Alleble, seeking refuge.

Once there, they find Alleble in chaos. A hero has fallen, and the Glimpses of the King are beginning to lose hope against the final storm unleashed against them.

As the clouds gather, and Alleble prepares, the Glimpses hold onto one last shred of hope; the prophec...more
Jun 30, 2008 Wayne rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)

Hi, Final Storm Readers!

Wayne Thomas Batson here. I wanted to thank all of you who put Isle of Fire on your ToBeRead list. I'm honored to be worth your time.

Isle of Fire will release the first week of September. It is available for preorder on Amazon as well. In fact, if you preorder it on Amazon and email me to tell me you have ordered it, I'll send you a signed and personalized bookplate sticker for your new book.

email me at:

Here's the official Isle of Fire blurb:

"A great...more
This is the third and final book in The Door Within trilogy, in which Aidan and company fight the evil Paragor for the last time. I have mixed feelings. Now, I accept that this trilogy could not have ended with a cop-out like "and then Aiden woke up snug in his bed", but several of my questions were never answered, such as what happened to the green-eyed/undecided folks. The motives of Paragor's followers are similarly unclear: he promises them power, and yet they obviously do nothing but serve...more
A fine ending to the series, and I especially liked how Robby's adventures are different than Aidan's and Antoinette's, since he at first was under the influence of another well-developed character, the human mirror-image of Paragor's trusty and ruthless lieutenant Rucifel. This allows a more interesting and engaging subplot than Robby simply "becoming" good.

The multiple story lines revolving around the main characters are all interesting and intertwined together well. Also, the characters in th...more
Read the epic conclusion of Wayne Thomas Batson's Door Within Trilogy, The Final Storm!
While a search goes out for Aelic in The Realm, Aidan Thomas travels back to Maryland to talk with his friend Robby, unaware of his allegiance to Paragor! While meeting with Robby a glimpse named Count Eogan tries to convince Aidan to join the fight against King Eliam, after Aidan refuses the count tries to kill him but is stopped by Robby as Aidan is drawn once again to the realm. Antoinette is still a capti...more
The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson is the exciting conclusion to the Door Within Trilogy. Darkness begins to envelope the Realm as the evil usurper, Paragor, begins to unleash his forces. The Glimpses, inhabitants of the Realm, still loyal to the good King Eliam must stand strong and be wiling to sacrifice their all for the hope of finally defeating Paragor. Aidan and Antoinette, both teens from our world who we met in the previous books, both meet in the realm as they attempt to escape from...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Apr 22, 2012 Adam rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone 9 and up.
Recommended to Adam by: My school librarian.
(Spoiler Alert for those who have not read books 1 and 2)

Things are looking grim for the land of Alleble. Paragor, the Betrayer, has unleashed ancient monsters to help him take over the Realm. The Wyrm Lord, the greatest of all Dragons, and the Seven Sleepers, the greatest of all Wolves, have been unleashed. Antoinette Reed is locked in a tower in Paragor's stronghold, forced to watch all these horrors be unleashed upon the land.

Meanwhile on earth Aiden Thomas's best friend Robby has fallen into...more
Noah Arsenault
The Final Storm, written by Wayne Thomas Batson, is an allegorical Christian fantasy fiction with many moral themes and lessons. Aidan Thomas, a mid-teen boy, is in Maryland, planning to visit his friend, Robby, to convince him to ally himself with the one true King. Meanwhile, his other friend, Antoinette, has been captured by Kearn, Robby’s twin in Alleble, but he has been impressed by her skill at the sword. She has been trying to turn him to the True King, but hopes look dim. Aidan gets thro...more
Jul 09, 2008 dragonnesswarrior rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone
Recommended to dragonnesswarrior by: no one
Sadly the last book in the trilogy, it nevertheless ends well, unlike some books where you'd wish they'd just keep going because of an unsatisfactory ending. I thought the end would be sad, not only because the trilogy ends, but because of something that happens at the end. The ending surprised me and I was very satisfied. This book keeps up with the themes of "never alone" and being assured that although things could look hopeless, behind the dark clouds a light shines. God is in control and th...more
Wow!! An awesome and epic story. The Final Storm is about Antoinette and two other people from the world. With battles and sad deaths The Final Storm is definitely a book you'll want to read. There are two heroes, and strange, powerful, ancient creatures set free from a long sleep. A truly impressive story with very awesome decisions made from the characters. I recommend it for all people 11 and up!!
Justin Record
This book is amazing, it has the deep intricate back story that separates it from all other knights and dragons and princesses books. It has adventure, peril, romance, and best of all dragons. Why all of american high schoolers are not required to read these books i do not understand. A great trilogy by a great author!
With Antoinette still in the Realm, Aiden is worried. She had already been there longer than he had. Aiden and his father, who now believes, go to Maryland, where Robby, Aiden’s best friend lives. But Robby’s father is back, and is teaching Robby that Paragor’s way is right. Aiden must help Robby as best he can to believe in King Eliam. When Aiden is sent home by Robby’s dad, Aiden and Robby meet at their old clubhouse in the woods. There, Aiden tells Robby as best he can about King Eliam and Al...more
Youth Bibliophole
Fill in the blank with =, < or >
(Hoards of Paragor +The Wyrm Lord +The Seven Sleepers )__(The Three Witnesses +Allebian Soldiers +Falon )

Bad Guy Background
1=Any glimpse (a being that lives in the Realm) who chose to follow Paragor (An evil king in the Realm)
2=The first dragon, shape shifter, fire can melt stone is so powerful
3=The first Wolvin (Wolf) pack, learned to shape shift from The Wyrm Lord

Good Guy Background
4=As to existence-??, three heroes from ancient prophecy, believed in by go...more
Carol Catinari
This was very interesting book. It tells of the war in the Pacific, WWII. The action is told through the eyes of the trenches, decision makers and eventually the bomber pilots (among others). At the same time, the Japanese narrate what is happening, including generals, their underlings, even a doctor in Hiroshima. The book gives very personal accountings of a world-changing event. I am very glad I heard it (book on cd)).
The Final Storm finishes up the series by revisiting Alleble for one final battle with evil. The cast of characters returns in addition to one, Adian's friend Robby, who if you remember we heard about in book #1.

The Final Storm stands out to me as the book where Wayne really enjoyed his world-building. Several of the creations(i.e, jumbo bug forest, Balesparr and its' warriors still stand out to me this day.

In a very fitting summation to the series which has dealt with loneliness, stubbornness,...more
Oct 21, 2008 Nathan rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This book blew my mind. I love reading books about dragons and midevil times with knights, castles, and all of that other stuff. The battle scenes were pretty cool, and it explained a bit about strategey in battles to (which I enjoyed). The plot was very well structured and it was very well detailed. As I read through the stories, I felt like I knew the Characters very well, such was the detail. I'd have to say that this is definently a book to make my top five favorite books (and that's saying...more
Jul 17, 2008 Alexandria rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everyone!
The Final Storm is the third in a trilogy of fantasy books for middle-age readers. If your kids are fans of C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, they (and maybe even you) will probably love these books as well. The story is not too hard to follow, but is still masterfully woven together. The characters are very lovable and reading about their friendly antics is quite entertaining. It has great moral lessons and doesn't include the inappropriate material other books in this age group may have....more
The Final Storm is a spectacular finish to a great trilogy. The evil Paragor has more power than ever, and things look bleak for Alleble and the followers of King Eliam. It is up to Aidan, Antoinette, and Robby, three teens from our world, to stand up for the truth, whatever it might cost them. This story is fraught with adventure, humor, danger, fear, sadness, and joy. Usually in any book, there is something I dislike. However, here I can find nothing to criticize. A must read for fantasy lover...more
Lisa  (Bookworm Lisa)
Aiden, Antoinette and Robby come together in this book to save the land of Alleble.

War is ravaging the land. Paragor stand with his army of thousands to take over from the "everlasting" King Eliam. Paragor foolishly believes that he has all of a prophecy stating his as victor. He thinks that he can take over the kingdom and the people just because he wills it to be so.

I like these books because they illustrate the different hearts of people. You have the power hungry, who believe money and power...more
I could not wait to get my hands on this book after reading the first two. From the beginning, the story catapults towards the climax of the saga - when Aidan, Antoinette, and Robby will have to face Paragor himself. Overall, the book was an excellent final installment of the Door Within trilogy, but what disappointed me was the somewhat insensitivity of the very end. At the very point of the climax, the point of view changes from the comfortable and engaging third person limited to third person...more
Nick Giannaras
Again, great book to end the Door Within series. His writing caused me to find his other books as I have added them to my personal library. Sweet ending, and I am a sucker for epic battles.
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