The Children of Sanchez
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The Children of Sanchez

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A pioneering work from a visionary anthropologist, The Children of Sanchez is hailed around the world as a watershed achievement in the study of poverty�a uniquely intimate investigation, as poignant today as when it was first published.
It is the epic story of the Sánchez family, told entirely by its members�Jesus, the 50-year-old patriarch, and his four adult childr

Paperback, 544 pages
Published February 12th 1979 by Vintage Books (first published 1961)
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در واقع این کتاب یک داستان نیست. یک روایت بی پرده و واضح از زندگی یک خانواده ی مکزیکی در دل سالهای 1952-1954 و البته همراه با واگویی خاطرات تک تک شخصیتها و بیان آمال و احساسات و افکارشون هست.نویسنده یک انسان شناس هست که تونسته به شکلی خوب واقعیت زندگی این افراد رو به شکل روایت بیان کند.راستش کتاب دردناکی است. پر از خشونت،فقر و حتی گاهی پوچی زندگی انسان.گاهی تحملش سخت می شود چون می دانی که اینها قصه نیست. از طرفی همین قصه نبودنش،همین روایت تلخ و شفاف از زندگی برای جذابیتش کافی است.زندگی زنان قصه...more
Santiago Rivas
El libro en español, solo fué editado 2 veces, una en octubre del 64, y la segunda en diciembre de ese año, pero en febrero del 65, la sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y estadistica demandó al libro por considerarlo denigrante, la procuraduría de la republica determinó que no habia delito qué perseguir, sin embargo el fondo de cultura economica, no volvió a editar el libro nunca mas, mi abuela lo leyó en los 60's y cuando le mencioné el libro me dijo que todavia se acordaba mucho de ese libro, que...more
Biography of the Sanchez family of Mexico City between 1940's and 1950's. I read this when I was 16 and a junior in high school and it was an eye opening experience. I learned that 2 or more people experiencing the same event do not view it the same way or react to it the same. I decided to read it again and see what I got this time. This time it made me mad that the 4 children could not see what would change their lives and get them out of the poverty and hard lives they were living. Tradition...more
This is a difficult story to read because it follows a family through the cycle of life where the children can't quite rise above the poverty and ignorance of their time and situation. It struck me as the embodiment of why the macho culture of men having mistresses who produce second, third or fourth families to feed hinders the children. It robs them of a better life when their father can't live with them and support them all. A very sad but deeply moving book. It sticks with the reader for yea...more
حس نزدیکی با روایت های آدم هایی از طبقه ای دیگر...کشوری دیگری...جهانی دیگر...نزدیکی با تمام حس های انسانی انگار که خودت باشی
Mohsen Rajabi
Apr 11, 2014 Mohsen Rajabi rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Mohsen by: Masumeh
این جمله، جمله ای است بسیار معروف که:
So many books, so little time
که معنایش اینطور است که: آه که کتاب ها چه قدر زیادند و زمان چه اندازه کم.
این کتاب، در حالی توسط یکی از دوستان گودریدزی معرفی شد، که کتاب هایی همچون ژرمینال، شوایک، طبل حلبی و چندین کتاب دیگر از کتابخانه و کتاب هایی مثل دکتر ژیواگو و وداع با اسلحه و چند کتاب دیگر را از دوستان امانت گرفته بودم و دو کتاب گیلیاد و خانه را آماده داشتم... مشغول خواندن کتاب پوست انداختن (که راجع به دو زوج مکزیکی است) بودم و اولویت کتاب هایی که گفتم هم، ه...more
H. P. Reed
The Children of Sanchez is not really, as the extended title claims, the autobiography of a Mexican family. The raw material had to be organized by someone, Oscar Lewis, presumably. That said, the book grabbed me and has never let me go. I had to abandon my privileged critical nature at the door, however, since to read this as a member of the American middle-class and using that critical yard-stick is to do an injustice these people and to oneself. I had to be open to the differences in our expe...more
Farzane Fahimian
شوهر خاله ام می گفت جوانی ربطی به سن و سال آدم ندارد. چیزی که مهم است این است که تو زندگی چقدر بدبختی سر آدم آمده باشد. می گفت:
- می دونی سن یه آدمی که موهاش خاکستری شده، چقدره؟ نه! هر تار مویی برا خودش داستانی داره ... سرنوشتی داره و عاقبتی. موهای سفید مال بدبختی های زندگی است، مال شکست ها، مال گرگهای زیادی است که دور و ور خودت دیدی.

Luis Fernando Franco
Que libro tan... duro

Cuando me lo recomendaron pensé que sería una novela costumbrista con tintes cómicos. Que lejos está mi percepción de lo que encontré.

El libro es un estudio etnográfico de la sociedad de clase baja de los años 60's en la Ciudad de México, cuenta la historia de los hijos de Sánchez en la voz de sus cuatro hijos: Manuel, Roberto, Consuelo y Marta. El prólogo y el epílogo son de Jesús Sánchez, el padre natural de los cuatro.

A veces, desde nuestra clase media, solemos decir que...more
Profesor Alvarez
El mejor analisis antropologico de la cultura de la pobreza, un libro que debe ser leido por cualquier profesional si se quiere entender las condiciones extremas de la humanidad.
Giovaennchen Lozano
Más que una novela, es un estudio sociológico sobre una familia pobre del barrio de Tepito del D. F. en los años 50. La descripción de la pobreza, la ignorancia y las condiciones sociales de la época son desgarradoras. Lo leí hace muchos años, 16 creo, y en ese entonces parecía que el tiempo no había pasado. Hoy en día creo que muchas cosas han cambiado, pero muchas ideologías y situaciones sociales siguen siendo las mismas. Un padre ignorante que no sabe educar a sus hijos, el hacinamiento, el...more
Debra Anne
Read this book 20 some years ago and it never turned me loose. Just re-read it and it is as compelling as I remember it. If you feel something for Mexico beyond the level of tourist, this book will take you there. This book was written in 1961, but I suspect that things have not changed all that much. But beyond being about a poor Mexican family, it is the story of a human family, made of human beings who who cannot see beyond their own sorrow in order to enlist each other's help in their desper...more
Thing Two
Oscar Lewis took a tape recorder with him when he interviewed the Sanchez family of Mexico City in the 1950's. Jesus Sanchez was a widower with four children to raise - Roberto, Manuel, Consuelo, and Marta. Lewis interviews the children, now adults, who hold nothing back when expressing their hostility towards Jesus, each other, police, the government, and life in general.

I grew up listening to the soundtrack of the movie made from this anthropological study. It's fascinating to me to, now, rea...more
Chi Chi
I really enjoyed Pedro Martinez, because it lead some insight into the Mexican Revolution, Aztec heritage, Mexico City, etc. Children of Sanchez should have, in theory, given the reader insight into growing up poor in Mexico City from approximately the '30s-'50s. In reality, all I could think was that this family was a collection of some of the worst human beings that I've ever come across. Lying, cheating, beating, robbing, etc. The only thing that made this book more depressing was that it was...more
Gilberto Garcia
Excelente libro, no muy lejos de la realidad que se esta viviendo actualmente en el México del siglo XXI.
Eduardo De
The Sons of Sanchez is a very mature book. Not mature in the way of sex and all that stuff. It is mature in the way the book tells the story. The story is aobut a family´s luck. It is a very sad story but that is how life is. I wouldn´t recommend this book to much people but I would to those who like to read about life. Personally I thought it was an ok book. Neverhteless, if you think you want to know the truth to some people´s misery, then read the book.
Stuart Turnbull
All in all a good read. Although, the four-children narrative can often be repetitive and a little heavy going. Part 2 particularly seemed quite drawn out. Part 3 provided both the content and rhythm to keep going to the end.

Very interesting piece in term of an exposé of impoverished Mexican family life. I would question whether some of the content has been sensationalised by the contributors or the author to exaggerate the barbarism of everyday life...
Kara Jacobs
I read this book as an adolescent, and I still love it, perhaps partly for nostalgic reasons. In its day, it was revolutionary--using anthropological methods to get some big fat slices of a poor family's life in Mexico D.F. Okay, maybe it does go on a ittle too much in parts, but it sure gives you a good feeling for what life was like for those people.
Probably not bad from a sociological point of view, but I must admit to some skepticism about how much of this case study is actually true. Some meta material I've read suggests that the answer is "not all that much, really." Read as fiction, this simply wasn't all that interesting, so I'm afraid that I'm bailing around page 85 or so.
Teddy Carter
This is a record of the lives of several generations of a lower class family in Mexico. Reads quite easily and authentically. It was fascinating to read about the intimate details of their daily lives - their impressions of the world, and their living conditions, down to the food they ate each day.
I was excited to read the book, but quit halfway through. I read quite a bit, but got mucked down by the severe dysfunction of the family and the lack of indication that anything was being gained. I'm a fan of Latin America in general and am willing to toil quite a bit, but I just couldn't do it this time.
Marc L
Knappe beschrijving van de derdewereldtoestanden en mentaliteit. Prachtige illustratie van Oral History.
this book, delving into the intamacies and relationships of a family in mexico city, was fundamentally formative in my intelectual, spiritual, andsocial developent.
a brave book, a challenging book...
I was so floored by this book. Even though it was written years ago, it grabs you in and keeps you. It is kind of sad (to me anyway)......but it's a great story of a family in the slums of the Motherland.
Reads like fiction. The individual stories of the subjects of this study are presented seamlessly. Their ability to survive in spite of desperate poverty is inspiring.
Classic story of daily life of dirt-poor families in Mexico City. Unbelievable.
Great anthropological/sociological study.
These people you get to know very intimately.
One of, if not possibly, the worst books I've ever read. Nothing to recommend it. Poorly written, despicable characters, no plot, endless suffering.
Victoria Stevens
The book is incredible. I read it first in the 1970s and have always wished one could go back and find out more regarding the lives of the Sanchez family.
This book is an autobiography of a Mexican family - the stories, in their own words, of a father and his four adult children. Absolutely fascinating.
مهمترین نکته این است که تمام این داستان واقعی است. در واقع نه یک رمان که یک اثر کلاسیک در حوزه انسان شناسی است.
و در مجموع بی نظیر است.

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