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The Sword Thief (The 39 Clues, #3)
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The Sword Thief (The 39 Clues #3)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  35,574 ratings  ·  966 reviews
Amy and Dan Cahill have been located once again, this time in the company of the notoriously unreliable Alistair Oh. Could they have been foolish enough to make an alliance?

Spies report that Amy and Dan seem to be tracking the life of one of the most powerful fighters the world has ever known. If this fearsome warrior was a Cahill, his secrets are sure to be well-guarded..
Hardcover, First Edition, 156 pages
Published April 1st 2009 by Scholastic Inc (first published 2009)
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A fun, fast adventure, but no where near as substantive or satisfying as the first 2 in the series. It felt like watching a Disney TV series, each chapter ending in a cliffhanger; thank goodness there were no commercials. I really miss the strong historical bent of the first 2 books. There was some info here about the Japanese historical figure, but not nearly as much as in the past books. There was some nice character development, humor, and, as I said, terrific adventure. If this had been the ...more
Unlike The 39 Clues Book Two: One False Note where the action is non-stop, in The 39 Clues Book Three: The Sword Thief things slow down, and we get to know the characters better, especially the rivals, as they pursue their quest for the 39 clues. I liked this change. It reminded me of The 39 Clues Book One: The Maze of Bones, where all the characters were introduced and we got a good picture of them.

With this book the reader gets a chance to get his bearings and to recap all the events that now
When I was younger, I used to despise Koreans. I would get really embarrassed when all the other Korean kids started drawing Korean flags on their backpacks and notebooks and writing “KP” (“Korean Pride”) on everything they owned (I still think I was a tiny bit justified in that embarrassment. That’s pretty lame, yo).

But, as I grew older, I realized that, whether I liked it or not, being Korean was part of my heritage, and trying to cut that off was like cutting off my nose to spite my face. I l
Ker Malkin Gesulga
Uh... wow. That was a really quick read. Last I checked, I just started leafing through the pages and now I'm done.

Peter Lerangis, what have you done to the characters? You somehow tweaked them up a little bit. Since when did Amy begin to stammer so much when she talks?

Anyway, what Amy felt for Ian was quite incestuous IMO. They're cousins first of all, unless the bloodline is very distant. And I thought it was pretty clear that she and Dan despise the Kabras so much though it was mentioned ear
Heidi Olivia
Sorry, this kind of gets old. Not only are our heroes struggling to find pennies to fund their hunt around the globe, they are also outclassed by all the other richer rivals who are also ruthless and not above attempting murder. How stacked can it get? Seemed like an unfair flaw in the underlying premise: that although they bear the surname, they are the poorer cousins. Orphaned and yet not "claimed" by the matriarch of the family in the financial sense for seven years, and on her death, sent on ...more
Esperanza Hope
I knew it.

I loved it.

I want to punch them.

I wanted Amy and Ian together. I still do. But I can't believe that Amy was such a fool to trust him, and not only that, but something that surprised me even more: Ian's feelings were/are real.

Every moment, every smile, every stare. I fangirled it all. But I still knew that it wouldn't work out, and alliances don't survive in this quest, and love is FLO, and Kabras never lose. I knew what would happen since the beginning. I just never thought Amy would c
Duffy Pratt
This one was slightly less fun than its predecessors. The go to Japan and then Korea, and end up trapped underground yet again (this is emerging as a motif in these books). A character dies, but doesn't. Lots of threats and danger, but once more no-one gets hurt. Betrayal everywhere. Solutions make no sense, and even when they come, they lead to greater misunderstanding than what they clear up. On that score, it's about par for this series.

There's an anagram at the end of the book. It has many p
What struck me about this book before I even started reading it was how short it was compared to the first two books in the series. Then, while I read this, I thought about how the writing in this book isn't nearly as good as the writing in the first two. I know, each book has a different author, but that doesn't mean that even though the writing might be different, it necessarily has to be worse. Unfortunately, I thought that was the case with this book. It didn't flow as nicely, there were min ...more
I'm going to give a generic review of the series. Basically because I'm lazy and don't want to write 39 reviews. Okay, 11.

We finally read Book 1. And then because we liked it so well, the entire series. One son (age 12) has read them all, the second son (also age 12) is on Book 2. And son #3 (age 8) will be starting as soon as he finishes his current book.

I thought the premise of this book very interesting. I loved how they integrated history and geography along with problem-solving skills and c
Josh Theriault
The 39 Clues: The Sword Thief is book #3 in the first series of The 39 Clues.

Genre: Mystery
I'd recommend this to: Anyone who enjoys reading Mystery/Adventure books.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Short Summary: This book takes place in 2 different areas, Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. It starts with Dan and Amy trying to board a plane at a Venice Airport. But Ian and Natalie Kabra steal their plane tickets and go on the plane pretending to be them. Amy and Dan are forced to team up with their uncle, Al
Another good clue hunt.
In this one, I was suprised that Amy & Dan teamed up with Uncle Alistair, and then added Ian & Natalie to the team to find the clues in their search in Japan.
When they go to the Library in Tokyo with Alistair, I was waiting for Alistair to pull one over on them again, more like he had in the First book. But he didn't.
He did hide who he was recieving e-mail from, and I was expecting it would have been their other cousin, he had teamed up with before, but it wasn't
Jeremy Juarez
Book three on the 39 clues has a lot of action and leaves you on a lot of cliff hangers.Amy and Dan loose their sitter and get caught up with uncle Alistair who they don't trust.Uncle Alistair try's to earn their trust back by providing for them and he even takes them to his mansion.Amy and Dan find their sitter Nellie with Ian and Natalie Kabra their competitor.Dan and Amy have to work with uncle Alistair and Ian and Natalie in order to find the next clue.when they found the next clue Ian and N ...more
2.5 stars. Peter Lerangis did a magnificent job in attempting to redeem this series in one tiny book. I enjoyed everything he did with Alistair Oh, now I like my favorite character even more! There were still some unrealistic situations, some boring scenes, and I wish they explored South Korea a little bit more, but this book is definitely better than the first two.
Lindsay Natural disaster
This book was really exciting and interesting. It had a lot of action and suspense. It is about two children Amy and Dan Cahill. They are apart of this huge family that includes famous people from our past like Benjamin Franklin, Mozart and other famous people. They are racing to find the 39 clues before all of their other relatives. They make an alliance with their Uncle Alistar who had abandoned them in the beginning. He took them under his wing. They also all made an alliance with their enemy ...more
This is the most boring book I have ever read. It is so slow and not as much action as the first 2. This could have been a good book. Everything's predictable in it, they find something they get attacked.
Amy and Dan’s treasure hunt continues in Japan: so many adventures in such a short story and some really surprising twists and turns. Highly recommended!

Dan's eyes were cast upward, gawking at a steel structure that rose above the park.
"Cool, someone brought over the Eiffel Tower and painted it red and white!"
Alistair smiled. "The Tokyo Tower is taller than its Parisian counterpart, but also lighter, due to advances in steel construction -- advances that were developed, may I add, by an Ekat en
Kristine Lopez
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! well, might as well say that, I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!! :D
I finished it in less than a day! :D I LOVE IT!!!!!!
This book has it all. Romance, Comedy, Action, Adventure, etc.! It's really great! ESPECIALLY THE ROMANCE PART!!!! _____ IS SO COOL!!! :D ______ fell for it but who knows, it might be not a joke after all!!! :D GO ____!!!!! :D LOL.
I really liked this book because of all the suspense and you'll never know what will happen next,but Amy and Dan always save a clue at the end(not always). In this book Amy and Dan travel to Japan to find a clue with twos samurai swords next to them. These samurai swords was one of the clues that Amy and Dan found along with another clue with them. They travel all the way to Japan and looked all over Japan for the clue, what will happen? Find out and read the book. I would dedicate this book to ...more
This is the third book in the 39 clues series and a great third book at that. It was quite fast paced at the beginning and I love how Amy and Dan discovered a lot about the clue early on. The other great thing about this was there was so much action at the beginning of the book, I liked this because it really set the tone for the rest of book. It sound like I think this book deserves 5 stars but there is a reason I am only giving it 4 stars. This reason is because the first time in forever the m ...more
{My Thoughts} – Amy, Dan and Nellie are on the go again. This time they are on their way to Japan following yet the latest clue they have discovered in the fast pace hunt of the 39 Clues. They have a bit of a problem at the airport where Nellie ends up leaving them behind because of a random check that had pulled them out of their line and prevented them from boarding the plane without them, A lot of chaos happens once the plane finally leaves without them on it. Then end up rushing out of the a ...more
I'll be honest; I first heard of this series from the back of a cereal box. I really didn't know too much about it when I then found the first 10 books at the flea market. (I didn't find out that the series was so much longer until I went home and googled it.) but once I finish those, chances are I will not be continuing.
The 39 Clues is not a /bad/ series, (and though this has its flaws, the idea of a bunch of different authors collaborating to write one series is awe-inspiring to me) but I do f
Is the clue within you?
They're at it again! For what you may ask, well let's see, escaping from ninjas, blowing up a death trap that Amy and Dan were both in, but also losing their Uncle Alistair. Or did they? All this in one book and even more! The Sword Thief by Peter lerangis was published in 2009 by Scholastic Inc. In this book you can't trust anybody...
In the beginning, of this book Ian and Natalie steal Amy and Dan's plane tickets and board the plane with their au pair to Japan. Before
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Rachel Lightwood
I read this book this morning and have spent the rest of the day out shopping and then at my piano lesson. Now I am sitting here trying to write short review for this and I can barely remember what happened. A lot of stuff about Japan and that's about it. It didn't hold my attention at all. The story was too repetitive for me to really pay attention and ultimately it was just a boring forgettable book. I doubt I'll get to rest of the series.

Thanks to my brother for lending this to me.
This book tells the story of the further adventures of Amy and Dan Cahill as this book takes them all around asia in search of the next clue. At the beginning of the book, Cahill rivals Ian and Natalie Kabra steal their plane tickets and hold their au pair, Nellie hostage. The Cahill's use the alliance between them and their Korean uncle Alistair Oh, to get to where they want to be. I think that this book is a great for anyone that has a thirst for adventure and a hunger for excitement.
I have rated the first two books 4 stars each. But this book...My jaw dropped a few times. I didn't like the whole thing with Ian and Amy. (-1 star bring my rating to 3) I mean, seriously? :P This book would be way better without all the drama.

I hated that anytime anyone talked they kept saying 'like' (-1 star bring my rating to 2). Here's an example from page 3:

"Hey Amy, did you ever want to, like, get on the conveyor belt and see what happened? Like, 'Hey, don't mind me, I'm just hanging with
Abby Robles
If you haven't read the first two yet, read those first. If your like me and love action adventure where the stakes are high and authors have you dying to continue reading you will really enjoy this book as well as this series. The series is rather small and moves quickly for those of you who hate waiting. It also is just simply a fabulous book. Please check it out.
Lady Flo
Not exactly 5stars, can be said 4.5 . They had those two swords, but they didn't even take or look at them. I don't know maybe they'll come in handy at the next book or books. But there was some episodes I liked a lot in spite of everything related that was fake and act. Generally, about the book I can say that some part needs to be reread for fully understanding.
Kristian Rigdon
Well, despite my dislike for romance in book, this is what I kind of like in romance, two enemies secretly having a crush on the other. However Alistair Oh, the backstabbing old man, for the second time in a row joins them, isn't the saying, "Fool me/us once, shame on you. Fool me/us twice, shame on me/us." I'm confused on why they trust him. However, Ian Kabra and Amy Cahill, have a love-hate relationship, because they blew up the cave!
Kabra's come on, it's a free-for-all, but blowing up caves?
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Lerangis's work includes The Viper's Nest and The Sword Thief, two titles in the children's-book series The 39 Clues, the historical novel Smiler's Bones, the YA dark comedy-adventure novel wtf, the Drama Club series, the Spy X series, the Watchers series, the Abracadabra series, and the Antarctica two-book adventure, as well ghostwriting for series such as the Three Investigators, the Hardy Boys ...more
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“I g-g-guess...I'm dead?" she heard her own voice call out, strangely high-pitched and thin.
For a long time, she heard nothing else. And then:
"Hi, Dead. I'm Dan.”
Ian's knees buckled. The rock outcropping shook the ground, sending a spew of grayish dust that quickly billowed around them.
Shielding his eyes, he spotted Amy standing by the figurine, which was now moving toward her. She was in shock, her backpack on the ground by her feet.
"Get back!" he shouted.
Ian pulled Amy away and threw her to the ground, landing on top of her. Gravel showered over his back, embedding into his hair and landing on the ground like a burst of applause.
His second though was that the shirt would be ruined. And this was the shock of it-that his first thought had not been about the shirt. Or the coin. Or himself.
It had been about her.
But that was not part of the plan. She existed for a purpose. She was a tactic, a stepping stone. She was...
"Lovely," he said.
Amy was staring up at him, petrified, her eyelashes flecked with dust. Ian took her hand, which was knotted into a fist. "Y-y-you don't have to do that," she whispered.
"Do what?" Ian asked.
"Be sarcastic. Say things like 'lovely.' You saved my life. Th-thank you."
"My duty," he replied. He lowered his head and allowed his lips to brush hers. Just a bit.”
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