Head First Design Patterns
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Head First Design Patterns (Head First Series)

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You're not alone.

At any given moment, somewhere in the world someone struggles with the same software design problems you have. You know you don't want to reinvent the wheel (or worse, a flat tire), so you look to Design Patterns--the lessons learned by those who've faced the same problems. With Design Patterns, you get to take advantage of the best practices and experien...more
Paperback, 638 pages
Published November 4th 2004 by O'Reilly Media (first published 2004)
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Dec 02, 2007 Alex rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: work
Easily the best introduction to design patterns I've seen. If you're new to object-oriented design or new to design patterns, this is the first (but definitely not the only) book you should buy.

Computer books are so often textbooks written in the high-falutin' language of hooded academics. There's nothing wrong with that, but such language is next to useless for the uninitiated. O'Reilly's Head First series breaks the textbook mold with verve. I find Design Patterns to be, by far, the most succe...more
Ibrahim Al-bluwi
I fell in love with this book as soon as it got into my hands. I was struck by how it is written and organized.

Unlike all other books, it follows a very exciting comic like writing style. The book is full of humor and it takes the reader step by step towards a solid understanding of what software design patterns are. I clearly got the feeling that the authors are trying hard to make "me" understand rather than just presenting some information on the topic.

I recommend this book for any one with a...more
Nov 28, 2012 Joecolelife rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Joecolelife by: www.CocoMartini.com
If your previous attempts to learn design patterns have induced bouts of narcolepsy, Head First has a better idea. Using their now familiar and very effective teaching style, the design patterns are presented with fun and humor. Off-beat coding examples in Java are used to illustrate the problems that the patterns are to solve and the pattern-influenced solutions. For those of us who are micro-confined, the C# version is available from the website.

Rather than teach just the design patterns, the...more
Jeffery Moulton
This is one of the best technical books I've ever read. It changed my world as a programmer and what I thought was a good technical book. The topic is very important for any developer that works with object-oriented programming (OOP) and the book presents a complicated topic in a fun, readable way (with lots of pictures!).

I highly recommend this book to any developer, no matter how experienced, and especially those who struggle getting through the long, boring technical books out there and are l...more
John Chilton
I am going to give this book a review even though I am only part of the way through, in part because I think it belongs on my highly-recommend list. The original GOF patterns book is good, is a classic, and should probably be on your bookshelf. This however is much better book on patterns for the typical developer, the content is more accessible and is more up-to-date. Moreover this book has a great attitude and is a lot of fun to read.
Knute Snortum
Head First Design Patterns is a great way to get a good overview (and some meat) about design patterns. This will interest programmers and computer scientists the most, but as you learn near the end of the book, design pattern were first created by an architect! So if you're interested is solving problems or how to break apart a problem into pieces that are more easily solved, this book may interest you.

If you're like me -- a software developer who's been around a while -- you will have noticed...more
I tried to start my design pattern education with the classic GOF's book. Well, it ended with the first few pages and became a coffee cup coaster. Sacrilege, I know, but I have to be honest. I also tried another Head First book, on another topic and while okay, it just didn't speak to me. I only tried this book after a Microsoft Partner I respected recommended it. Wow. It is probably one of the best introductory technical books I've read in my 20 years of programming. The whimsical and technical...more
Must read even for experienced programmers. Explained in the very practical and attractive way.

Someone has already solved your problems.

Favor composition over inheritance.

How many design meetings have you been in that quickly degrade into implementation details?

Knowing the OO basics does not make you a good OO designer.

Remember, code should be closed (to change) like the lotus flower in the evening, yet open (to extension) like the lotus flower in the morning.

A class should have on...more
Apr 21, 2012 Laurence is currently reading it
If you want to get up to speed on object oriented programming techniques, but your mind can't handle pages & pages of dense technical prose, then this is for you!

Written & laid out in a comic book style similar to the "... For Beginners" books (Marx For Beginners, Zen For Beginners etc, see http://www.forbeginnersbooks.com/) the technical explanations are reassuringly well spaced out between brain-friendly pictures and diagrams.

The text itself is in the form of a (rather goofy) story abo...more
Matt Hooper
Jun 03, 2007 Matt Hooper rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Software developers looking to become OO experts
This is an outstanding book and is actually quite fun to read!

I don't personally own it but we had a copy in out restroom at work and I'd read through it periodically. I read the classic gang of four patterns book prior to this one and I must say that this one is probably better of the two for most people, especially more inexperienced developers. The focus of this book is less on a pattern language and more on how to use object oriented languages to solve real problems and while not building a...more
Meh, this was fine, but not as tight as Head First SQL - The Head First formula doesn't scale super-well to a book of this size, and the segments are too disconnected. It's still good at giving you the gist of the concept, but the topic of design patterns seems to lend itself to a catalog format that Head First doesn't handle very well. Got me thinking, but I won't be ready to talk intelligently about patterns until I get a more traditional book.

Actually, I just saw that this is only 31 pages lo...more
I'd always been a bit worried about the head first series - they look a bit like astrophysics for idiots - but having read the patterns book I'm impressed, I feel like a lot more has sunk in that the last patters book I read (C# Design Patterns, which was over-obsessed with swim meets and felt like the author had been forced to use C# at gunpoint - I wouldn't recommend it). I also liked getting to do a crossword puzzle at the end of most chapters. It's Java oriented but only gets deeply into Jav...more
Milad Khajavi
عالی عالی عالی.
الگوها به صورت خام یاد بگیرین بعداً‌ نمی‌تونین به صورت کاربردی ازشون استفاده کنید.
اما اگه در حین پروژه به مشکل بر بخورین بعد برین سراغ الگوها تا مشکل‌تون رو حل کنند، دیگه ملکهٔ ذهن‌تون می‌شه و بهتر و عمیق‌تر یاد میگیرین.
این کتاب چنین نقشی رو براتون بازی می‌کنه.
اول شروع می‌کنه پروژه رو نوشتن، بعد مشکل رو عیناً نشون‌تون می‌ده بعد هم راه‌حل‌اش رو با استفاده از الگوهای طراحی یادتون می‌ده.
در کنار این کتاب، کتاب GoF رو هم حتماً مرور کنید.
راستی اینجا رو هم یه نگاهی بندازین به دردتون می‌خ...more
Le meilleur livre concernant les Design Patterns.

En lieu et place du célèbre catalogue de D.P. du GoF (Gang of Four), ici les concepts et bonnes pratiques de conception sont détaillées.

Les Design Patterns sont illustrés et expliqués pas à pas. On part d'un exemple de base, les auteurs volontairement font des erreurs de conception et expliquent les défauts de telle ou telle conception. Puis à travers l'application des bonnes pratiques, ils expliquent comment on en est arrivé à définir chaque D.P...more
The book picks a totally artificial application (Simulated Ducks!) and then proceeds to extol the virtues of OO. The important point is glossed over in the first few pages, the majority of the duck application is NOT oop. It's procedural and does not benefit from the OOP patterns. Frankly, I am sick of the promises of OOP. From where I sit in the trenches it has it's place but it doesn't work for everything.
An amazing display of learning theory in practice. Not only did I learn design patterns from this book (which I tried to do in the past but didn't have the patience for the Gang of Four book), but I learned a lot about teaching and presenting based on the brain-friendly techniques used to keep your attention. This book really is amazing!
Very good book where you can learn - or relearn - the design patterns by the "Gang of Four", such as the abstract factory or singleton patterns with a very entertaining and easy to remember fashion. The best of its kind and a "must have" for any software developer.
I've read about a hundred computer books for work and for fun and I don't want to clutter up goodreads with all of them, just the ones that stand out. This one stands out.
This is a funny book. Not only funny is very visual and address the key ideas with very explicit, and simple, examples. The book is a must read, definitely. The book is inspired on the classic book of Eric Gamma and reveals the main patterns used in software development. The concept is very well drawn and all the flow and evolution between patterns is also taken into account to build a road from the simplest concept into the most advanced and more sofisticated ones that use some trickery to make...more
Muhammad Daif
The book is amazing ... very simple language, very illustrative and well-said examples. It changes your way of thinking when it comes to OOP.
Maxim Chetruşca
"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it might be a turkey wrapped with a duck adapter..."
Finally i understood some design patterns. Wish they had all 23 patterns.
A very nice (and friendly) introductory text on design patterns.

I would have appreciated less rubber ducks and more real world examples, because not everything is that nice and easy (and clear) in the wild out there, nonetheless it's really helpful to have those concepts in one's head so you've got a clear view for a start. Now, that I've got this clear view I think I'm ready for the GoF, and of course, I keep my eyes peeled for more patterns in the code around me. After all, it's but an introd...more
Senthil Kumaran
I think the best way to understand design patterns is to be familiar with them in the code. Sounds weird, isn't it? But that's has been the only thing which has worked for me. There are multiple patterns and many of them subtly different and when design patterns are taught using Java, the "tricks of sub-classing", "addition of layers" , "organizing code" and various permutations of it depending upon the need is what gives rise to so many different patterns. This book does a good job of helping y...more
Head First Design Patter came highly recommended. I picked up this book expecting to be amazed and taught something new that would make me a better programmer. Maybe for certain ivory tower type of circles thinking in patterns makes you a better programmer, but for me I'm a coder. This book did not convince me that I should think in patterns.

This may be a short-sided view and I reserve the right to change my mind as I get older. But this was a pretty boring book. I'm glad I got to know some of...more
Chang Chia-wen
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Jean-marie Prevost
Love this book. It does a great job of teaching you the basic design patterns in an easy to read style that I generally enjoyed.

It is not, however, a style that everyone will enjoy. Many illustrations, little cartoons, exercises... As they say themselves in the book, it is meant for you to *learn*; it is not a reference book, it has an "unprofessional" feel to it, but in my case I found it easy to read and great at teaching me the basics of design patterns.

The examples are generally as simple as...more
An amazing introduction to software design patterns. This book mostly covers the same patterns as the "Gang of Four" book, but is a much easier read and a better introduction. If you're a coder and looking to improve your skills, this is essential reading.
Apr 21, 2014 Zachariah rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Programmers
Good content and easily accessible. However, it feels like it's directed at high schoolers; it's full of non-relevant pictures and redundant comments, but I guess this is good as it'll get more people exposed to these ideas.
Adi Sembiring
Buku ini banyak membantu merancang pola penyelesaian sebuah kasus.

Di awal chapter penulis menjelaskan tentang konsep OOP. yang paling menarik di konsep OOP nya adalah menjelaskan dimana dan kapan konsep itu digunakan. bukan sekedar pengertian, contohnya: Interface itu adalah bla bla bla.

Setelah itu masuk ke pattern(Factory, Strategy, Observer, Decorator, MVC, dll) dalam penyelesaian studi kasus tertentu. Dari segi penjelasan cukup bagus, tapi dari segi studi kasusnya terlalu maya, jadi sulit ba...more
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