Fire Bringer
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Fire Bringer

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  7,688 ratings  ·  293 reviews
Among the deer, there is a prophecy: one day a fawn will be born with the mark of an oak leaf upon his forehead. This fawn will be able to understand the speech of other animals, and will free the deer from tyranny.
Paperback, 560 pages
Published July 7th 2000 by MacMillan Children's Books (first published October 8th 1999)
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This book tries to be a Watership Down with deer. The problem is it is too much of a Watership Down with deer. It doesn't really stand apart from Watership. It is a pale imitation for three reasons. The first is many of the characters are cardboard cut-outs, either based off of the rabbits from Watership or off of stock characters that appear in novels. The second reason is that the world-building that Clement-Davies does for the deer doesn't fully make sense. There are small errors in it that s...more
I've discovered that what most people think when they look at this book is "It's an epic fantasy about deer? Well, unless you're some kind of deer lover, it's got to be boring, right?"


In his debut novel, Clement-Davies spins a world of incredible, realistic fantasy. Much as he did later in "The Sight," he populates this world with prophecies, myths, dark forces, spirits, gods, and unlikely heroes and heroines. And the result never ceases to amaze me.

High in the hills of Scotland, amid one...more
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I should change my category of "children's literature" to young adult literature, but I digress. My nephew recommended this book with rave reviews, and he was dead on with that. As soon as he finished this book, he read it a second time, which is quite a commitment in a rather long book, with much smaller print than most young adult novels. This book is reviewed as being a "Watership Down" but with rabbits, and that seems like quite the fair assessment. It is set in Scotland about 400 years ago,...more
Oksana  *Bookaholic*
Jan 12, 2013 Oksana *Bookaholic* rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: animal lovers and people who are ready to read about something new
Recommended to Oksana by: my crazy mind
One thing - I really really REALLY don't like Clement-Davies' writing. You might even come to say that I despise it with a fiery passion. But it seems like no matter what I do, I keep being drawn to his books. First The Sight, which I really despised. Then The Telling Pool, which was so boring that I seriously felt myself losing brain cells. WHY did I keep reading his books if i absolutely positively hated did not like them??? Well, I was browsing books, and I wandered over to the C's. I saw "Fi...more
A Watership Down for Deer!

It took me about two pages to get into this book. To be honest, I know almost nothing about deer and I was a bit lost at first by the descriptions of their bez tines and trez tines but that turned out to be a very small hindrance indeed. The writing is superb and I found myself frequently thinking back to the story during the day between readings and wondering what would happen to the characters and whether or not they would be OK without me.

The parallels to the nativit...more
Certainly better than Clement-Davies' rather awful The Sight, but all in all a rather mediocre book. Still, in parts I had really fun reading this little deer epic.

Its strongest point is the protagonists: deer. Yes! Finally! No more wolves! No more canines! Look at that! DEER! I don't think we had those before? Good. What if the protagonists would have been wolves? I guess it would have been pretty damn boring. The species in this animal fiction really is the selling point to me.

The world buildi...more
Jøℌαᾔηα »ℑ'м α ℓїттł℮ мøяℯ тℌαη υşεℓℯşş«
May 03, 2014 Jøℌαᾔηα »ℑ'м α ℓїттł℮ мøяℯ тℌαη υşεℓℯşş« rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: 12+ Animal lover who is mature and not easily horrified. Good idea to read Watership Down first.
The only reason this book is not five stars, is because of all the bloodshed, I think.

It was an excellent book. Nearly 500 pages long, it really delved into the nature and lives of red deer. Other than enjoying this book, I also gained a lot of knowledge on the nature of deer - how they live, how they feed, how they travel . . . it was amazing. The omniscient point of view was both surprising and intriguing - you would switch from following Rannoch and his friends straight into the mind of the...more
This is easily one of the best books I have ever read. Fire Bringer is about a young fawn named Rannoch who is born with a whit fawn mark shaped like an oak leaf on his brow. Becausde of this mark, he is believed to be part of The Prophecy. Meanwhile, Lord Drail, the herds leader, is plotting to take over all of the herds in the Low Lands. Brechin, Rannochs father, is murdered that same night and some deer realize that Rannoch will be in danger. Fern, Alyth, Bracken, Shira, Canisp, and Breach ar...more
NS - Cami Houston
Appropriate 9-12-"Firebringer" did not disappoint. A good book for me captures my attention from the beginning; I don't have much patience for books to grow into something. The establishment of characters and gorgeous setting, the tyranny of the politics mixed with the theme of animals to compare to people, are all great elements set up in the first chapter. This book is not without its surprising twists and turns, and I guarantee a reader won't get bored with this novel if they're into animal-t...more
Definately one of my all-time favorite books. If you liked Watership Down, this story has a lot of parallels. It's an adventure story with philosophic and moral insights enough to intrigue the reader whom, like me, won't read a book unless it'll change me a bit but not so much that it overwhelms you.
Leanne Burton
I decided to read Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies because it was recommended by goodreads many times.

A character i found interesting was Eloin (the main characters mother). this is because she gave up her only son so he could be safe from the evil leaders of the herd. i think this showed tremendous courage and love because her decision was utterly heartbreaking.

My favorite quote from the book was "even though i am old and have no antlers, i will never surrender." i liked it because, for a...more
I read this book once, years ago, and it was so bizarre picking it up again. The characters came straight back to me and I had the same images I did the last time I read it. For it to have left such a lasting impression on someone who reads as many books as I do, speaks volumes for the author's incredible imagination.
It does seem as if it's loosely based on something, other reviews have said watership down which I haven't read but, ridiculous as it sounds, I couldn't help thinking of the Lion K...more
Questo è il primo libro tradotto in Italiano che leggo in più di due anni, e non posso dire che la cosa mi fosse mancata.

Il portatore di fuoco è un'avventura classica che segue un protagonista predestinato, il cervo Rannoch, in un percorso di crescita/compimento della profezia che lo porterà a liberare le foreste della Scozia da Sgorr, il tiranno che minaccia la libertà di tutti gli animali.
Il libro è mirato a un pubblico molto giovane quindi non aspettatevi risvolti politici machiavellici e per...more
Lamonica Williams
In the lands of Scotland lives a herd of deer. Among this herd is Rannoch, a special deer with a prophecy chasing him. On the night he was born, the head deer, Drail, and his second, Sgorr, were killing certain members of the herd called Outriders. Rannoch's father was killed forcing several other deer to leave in hopes to get away from all the trouble. As Rannoch grows he learns more about the prophecy and how he plans on stopping Drail and Sgorr.

I chose to read this book because I read David...more
What does the first day of someone's life reveal about their future? Can someone's destiny be determined at the moment of their first breath?
One summer in medieval Scotland, a fawn is born to a hind of the Herla red deer. His name is Rannoch, and on the night of his birth his father is killed when the evil herd lord, Drail, murders the guardians of the herd. A birthmark and a prophecy connect Rannoch to a promise that peace will return to the Herla, but because this promise was revealed when he...more
Sep 14, 2010 Jenny rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any child or young adult
Shelves: my-favorites
This book is for any animal lover or not, a gripping tale of a struggle from a deer's point of view. A young adults' book but older and younger people could enjoy it also.
"There is a prophecy among deer. One day, a fawn will be born with the mark of an ok leaf upon his forehead. His courage will lead the deer to freedom; his strength will defeat their greatest enemy."

Rannoch is born the night his father is murdered. As the attention is turned to him, he must run for his life as stags who won t...more
I have had this book for a while now and I couldn't remember whether or not I had read it. I found myself without any pressing series to read because I gave up on the Charlaine Harris "Southern Vampire" series and didn't have a pile of (already purchased) books sitting on my end table.

I am rather on the fence about this book. It was a pleasurable read but being an enormous fan of Richard Adam's "Watership Down" I couldn't help but be put off by the near parralel plot ... just put deer where rab...more
The moment I picked up the book I was waiting for the point where it would completely hook me in, and to my disappointment, it didn't. As someone who enjoys tall tales of animal struggles, some parts of the book just dragged on more than necessary, and I found it hard to establish a definite personality for most of the deer, which really cut from the flow of the book. The passing of time was a bit drastic at parts, and honestly at the end of the book I still pictured all the main characters as f...more
An awesome epic, well worthy of the praise it receives. There are inevitable comparisons to Watership Down, but I enjoyed the similarities and adored the differences. This is a story of deer, or Herla as they call themselves. There are questions of what is 'natural' and what is 'right' for animals to do, similar to the aforementioned novel, but the exciting thing for me was the building war rather than one all out battle. I started this book last night, and simply had to read it this morning to...more
Maddie Laidlaw
Rannoch is a young deer with a oak leaf mark on his head. Little does he know, there is a prophecy among the deer that says that the oak leaf marked fawn will lead the way to peace and happiness. Well the Lord of the Herd, Drail, didn't like that since it would damage his power so the night Rannoch was born, the night his father died, he sent out the Dralia to find and kill him. The Dralia are young stags that protect Drail. Rannoch had to hide and eventually escape. To find out the details and...more
Jenny Nielsen
This book is Watership Down with deer. Seriously. It's the same story, but with deer. We have the strange deer who are be raised by men, stories of the deer god, the evil authoritarian deer, the seer deer, and pretty much every detail word for word of Watership Down except each word "rabbit" is replaced with "deer". It even ends with *the exact same scene.* I can't believe Richard Adams actually gave this book a positive review. He must have forgotten his own story or been too flattered/innocent...more
Savannah Alexander
Amazing, I think this book every animal lover should read. I saw this book and my brother thought that it might be boring because deer do nothing, but eat. This book talks about the trouble and danger deer face as a young fawn named Rannoch has a birth mark of a leaf of oaken on his forehead. This was in an old lore prophecy. This made the deer wary as leaders rise and fall and a leader named Sgorr changes the way the herd lives. Rannoch's mother Bracken has no choice, but to leave with the othe...more
This book had great possibilities in my mind, but disappointed me quite a lot in the end. For starters, it is just so lame when authors end the book the way this author did. Um, I know its an eventuality, but I don't want to be reminded. If I am reading FANTASY I want an ESCAPE or ENTERTAINMENT that does not include REALITY.

After I got used to the writing being for young children, I was able to forgive the book and keep reading. However, no matter what age the audience, the author didn't need to...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Melissa Corn ~bubbles bubbles bubbles~
I thought this was a fabulous book. Very intriguing. My favorite character was Thistle because when Rannoch just wanted to stay in the mountains and help all those other deer Thistle was ready to risk his life to free the deer in the valley from evil Sgorr and his Sgorrla. It was so sad when Thistle died in a battle at the end of the book. I also like Bankfoot because of the fact that he matured so quickly from a fat little deer cub to a distingushed Outrider Captain.
This is a TOTAL must read. I simply loved this book. Yes, there was bloodshed. Yes, some parts were sad. But this was AMAZINGLY written. To write so perfectly from the POV of a deer? Wow. This book deserved all 5 stars even though, as I admitted, it's gory and very sad at times. And the ending is happy...but sad. READ THIS IMMEDIATELY.

that is what this book is about. I was so sad that it ended, very sad. I loved this book - and even though I don't really read about deers, it was very interesting. I loved it so much and I am sad that it ended. If I had to chose a book to read again, I would so read this one.
Noa Leibson
Unbelievable book about a deer named Rannoch who is born into prophecy. He fights to stop the evil Sgorrla in an intense adventure. I absoloutely loved the book. it had me smiling and crying, and totally captivated me. it may sound ridiculous, but it it truly a fantastic book. I just loved it.
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David was born in 1964 and went to Westminster School and Edinburgh University. There, Clement-Davies read History and English Literature, specializing in the Italian Renaissance, and Russian Literature and Society. For many years, he dreamed of one day becoming an actor taking a drama course and working in theater. However, he was also interested in writing and soon became a freelance travel jour...more
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“Mamma," whispered Rannoch as he nestled by her side, "what is man?"
Bracken looked into her calf's eyes. "Man? Man is something you must always fear."
"But why must I fear him?" asked Rannoch.
"Because, my little is cruel and cold. He eats up everything he touches. He enslaves Lera and breaks the laws of the forest. Because, Rannoch, he is the only creature that hunts without need.”
“On his brow a leaf of oaken, Cangeling child shall be his fate. Understanding words strange spoken, Chased by anger, fear, and hate.” 16 likes
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