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Third Year at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, #3)
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Third Year at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #3)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  5,368 ratings  ·  102 reviews
The girls return for another term to find several new faces in their form. There is Zerelda, the American girl, Bill, short for Wilhelmina, who is mad about horses, and Mavis who has a remarkable voice and dreams of being an opera singer.
Paperback, 194 pages
Published April 3rd 2006 by Egmont Books (UK) (first published January 1st 1944)
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Jasmine "Geoffery Crescent" Woods
This book is just wunnerful. And if you don't know what I mean, go and read it. Read it? Okay, now isn't it just wunnerful?
Yihaa, sekarang di kelas 3 Malory. Upss, yang klas 3 di Malory mah Darrell n kawan-kawan yah. Gw suka kebawa masuk cerita nih :p (eh Malory mah skolah khusus cwe ya. Gw kan cwo >.<)

bagaimana pun, cerita ini sangat menarik.

Mavis, dengan suara emas dan keinginan kuatnya menjadi penyanyi opera. Sayang, Mavis hanya "punya" suaranya saja. Kepribadiannya NOL BESAR. baru nyadar setelah jatuh sakit n kehilangan suaranya. Nekat sihh!

Zerelda Brass, si NUAR BIASAA. Awal sekolah dia menganggap anak-an
The third book in the Malory Towers series. I’m actually not entirely certain why I’m continuing to read this series except to say that I’ve read it. That’s probably not a very good reason to pursue another 4 books, but at least they’re quick reading.

It’s more of the same, with the new girls mixing it up for the form, and an occasional “trick” on a teacher, and some sort of life lesson along the way. Nothing exciting to write home about, but readable.
Haniva Az Zahra
Nah, pada buku ketiga ini. Pelajaran apa lagi ya yang saya dapatkan?
Pada buku ini muncul tokoh yang bernama Zeralda, anak yang lama tinggal di Amerika. Jadi, Zarelda berbeda dengan Darrel yang merupakan anak yang tingga dan bersekolah di Inggris. Anak-anak seperti Darrel masihlah bersikap sesuai dengan umurnya, mereka tidak berdandan, senang berolahraga, dan mengikuti banyak aktivitas untuk menemukan minat dan bakat mereka. Zarelda berbeda, ia tampil sangat dewasa, namun ternyata tidak pintar da
This was part of my favourite 'school' series as a child and teenager. I picked it up and read it again, after lending it to a young friend, and found myself totally caught up in the storylines.

This book continues to feature the likeable Darrell, who rather misses her friend Sally (off school and in quarantine). New girls are the film-mad Zerelda from the US, and horse-made Wilhelmina who is always known as Bill. Caricatures, undoubtedly, but somehow Blyton managed to get inside the schoolgirl
I think the Mallory Towers books are my favorite Blyton boarding school books. (Quite a statement, considering the number of boarding school books she's written.) And this one always makes me laugh. It's definitely a stop on the Enid Blyton Parade of Vices (bragging is bad and you will get your comeuppance!) but still: I can't believe they saw Americans like that. It's too funny for words. It's wunnerful.

(Well, if you look closely, it's completely offensive, but might I remind you: Enid Blyton.)
This is the Third book in the Malory Tower series and the the first book I picked up during my childhood. In fact this was the only book in the series I had during my childhood. I picked up the rest during my college days. Really enjoyable tale with 2 interesting new girls - one wanting to be an actress and one crazy about girls. As usual Enid Blyton brings out interesting ethical conflicts to fore through the challenges each girl encounters and her view of how to lead life. I kind of like most ...more
Darrell's third year brings new friends and challenges; will Darrell be up to the task? There's being nice to the uppity Zerelda, and American with an inflated sense of worth. Mavis is annoying the whole year with her vanity, and Alicia and Sally are bickering. All the while there are Lacrosse matches to be played, and tricks to be played. Another entertaining Malory towers book!
Sara Gonçalves
Mais um ano cheio de peripécias, ou antes um livro, já que cada ano é resumido a um período/livro apenas.
Achei uma boa história, com mais algumas personagens novas, que trouxeram os seus problemas e personalidades atrás. A par destas vemos outras a alcançar novos objectivos, a relacionarem-se de forma diferente, a evoluírem, o que é esperado.
Só não gostei muito (e daí dar apenas 3 estrelas e não 4 ao livro) da forma repentina como certas alunas mudaram de atitude/perceberam que estavam erradas.
In which Darrell encounters new girls Zerelda, a precocious American who needs taking down a peg or two, and Wilhelmina, or 'Bill', who turns out to be a good egg in spite of her gender dysphoria.
This isn't my favourite Malory Towers book, but it does introduce some of my favourite characters:
Wilhelmina/Bill Robinson, the 'mad' horse-loving tomboy, and Zerelda, the American who thinks everything English is 'wunnerful'. It is also ratchets up the queer subtext of the first two books to a whole new level.
Zerelda telling Bill that she is 'wunnerful when she scowls' and generally fawning over her, plus all the 'special friend' stuff, Zerelda and Mavis being mates, Sally's jealousy of Alici
Darrel, she is my favourite character. Hot-bloaded, like me ;) and loyal with her friends.
Darrel sudah duduk di bangku kelas tiga. Seperti biasa ia masih sekelas dengan Sally, Alicia, Mary-Lou dan Gwendoline. Dalam buku ketiga ini seperti biasa ada tokoh baru seperti Zerelda, seorang gadis Amerika yang masuk sebagai anak baru di Malory Towers. Zerelda akan duduk di kelas 4. Ia merupakan gadis yang sebenarnya baik dan bukan jenis manusia pedendam, namun sayangnya Zerelda terlalu tergila-gila dengan bintang film pujaannya. Ia meniru habis-habisan penampilan sang bintang film secara fis ...more
The girls return for another term to find several new girls in their form. There is Zerelda, the American girl with her 'wunnerful' ways; Bill, short for Wilhelmina, who is mad on horses; and Mavis, who has a remarkable voice and is sure she is going to be an opera singer. There are some hair-raising incidents as the new girls settle down for an enjoyable and evenful term at Malory Towers.

I read Enid Blyton's Malory Towers series from start to finish as a little girl of seven-nine years of age.
Wirotomo Nofamilyname
Belum dapet yang “Kelas Dua di Malory Towers” jadi langsung baca yang Kelas Tiga saja deh. :-)

Komentar awal:
Mengapa ya persahabatan di asrama hanya boleh diantara 2 orang. Why Enid? Why?
Darrel dan Sally, Alicia dan Betty, Daphne dan Mary Lou, Belinda dan Irene.
Mengapa tidak boleh ada 3 sahabat? Gwendoline, Mavis & Zerelda? Hehehe

Dan satu lagi, semua punya kelebihan. Alicia yg cerdas, Belinda pandai melukis, Irena ahli bermain musik, Mavis pandai bernyanyi, Sally yang (ternyata) bijak. Eh btw
Darrell's proficiency at lacrosse is one of the big things in this book. I've never played it, but it always seemed pretty terrifying so I was rather glad of that. I mean, a hard ball, being thrown all over the place by people running around? At least in cricket and rounders you've got some hope of following where the thing is and in hockey your heads in no, well little, danger. This has of course nothing to do with the dyspraxia that would have made me absolutely rubbish at it anyway. However, ...more
Vina Crystelline
Darrell Rivers kembali lagi ke Malory Towers untuk menjalani tahun ketiganya. Tapi kali ini dia tidak sendiri, dia ditemani Zerelda, anak Amerika yang sungguh "nuar biasa", dandanannya, tingkah laku, bahkan gaya bicaranya, kaya selebriti yahud.. Adapula Bill (singkatan dari Willhemina) yang sangat mencintai kudanya, Halilintar. Apapun yang dia lakukan yang ada diotaknya cuma Halilintar doang.. Dan satu lagi ada Mavis, gadis cilik dengan suara merdu. Wahh.. Macem2 aja temen2 nya Darrell ini.. Aga ...more
I have recently re-read these books, as they used to be my favorite when I was younger. I found them the other day behind my mass of books now, and after reading them again I understood the magic behind the series, of growing up in a world where things may be under pressure but you can still have loads of fun, and that's what Malory Towers is all about Taking those small chances in life and make a huge difference with them.
Private school abroad was a threat used to keep me in line as a child and did this book make that threat truly scary! However, this series was very apropos to social and scholarly woes, trials, and tribulations, faced by me as a pre-teen in a local school. I now truly appreciate how Blyton helped inculcate morality quietly and aided by offering solutions to those problems only a pre-teen faces -- especially a girl!
hwahahahaha tetep ada murid baru di di buku tiga ini, tiga murid baru :p
yg pertama mavis, yah gw tetep ngitung mavis, walaupun didalam cerita mah dia masuk semester kemarin, cuma kan ga diceritain :D
mavis punya suara yg indah, bangeet, sayang dia sadar akan hal itu dan jd sombong, bangeet.. dia paling suka ngomong, "kalau nanti aku sudah menjadi penyanyi opera"
yg kedua bill "wilhelmina" cwe gila kuda, suka tiba2 ga sadar bergumam lagu nina bobo yg suka dia nyanyiin buat halilintar :p
Ninunz Sonelf
I like this book, because This book can be read by all people, including children.

This Book tells about a girl named Darrel with her friends, who lived together in boarding school in England, when she was arriving at Malory towers third grade.

In this book have excess there are with read this book someone can know how how the ups and downs of living in dorms.

The story of this book have moral value and message, like with friendship we can mutual assistance with each other, and then live in dormit
Greg Santana
Short and sweet. This was another fun read. I loved Zerelda; she was funny, and I had a feeling she would straighten out at the end. Bill was also interesting; I liked the horse plot line, it was different. Mavis also had an interesting subplot, although short. I like the convergence between Mavis plot line and Zerelda's.

Fun read. Fun characters. Nice and short.
Another year at Malory Towers and 2 new girls, Bill and Zerelda arrive. Both are very likeable and each has a major character flaw: Bill is obsessed with her horse, Thunder, to the point of madness and Zerelda thinks she's a 20 year old actress and looks down on the other girls while remaining friendly. Both learn the error of their ways and become better people for it; that's what Malory Towers does to people...makes them better. The usual boarding school highs and lows occur, Darrell makes it ...more
Charlotte Stevenson
Another great year at Malory towers - gosh I am rushing through these books so quickly without even realising, I some how forget that the books end :/ This one I liked in particular because of the focus on Zerelda and Bill, showing how they both really grow up as people. Plus, I am from a family with a bunch of aunties and friends obsessed with horses and horse riding, so a book containing a focus on this is one I can guarantee I will always enjoy! Again, no matter how old you are, I encourage y ...more
Patricia Rodrigues
Mais um ano no colégio das Quatro Torres.
Diana volta ao colégio, mas a sua melhor amiga Celeste está com papeira e voltará mais tarde.
Em cada ano, para além das antigas alunas, temos tido sempre mais umas alunas novas. Neste livro, Zilda e Guilhermina (Guida) vão a primeira vez para o colégio e conhecemos também Marvis, que tinha entrado no último período do ano anterior.
Todas as jovens são diferentes Zilda, uma jovem americana cujo o sonho é torna-se actriz, Guida, uma maria-rapaz que adora o s
Fadhil Ihsan
SELAIN Darrell dan Alicia, Irene dan Belinda, Jean, Sally, dan Gwendoline, dalam kisah ini juga ada Zerelda, si gadis Amerika dengan gayanya yang "luar biasa". Juga akan muncul Bill, kependekan dari Wilhelmina, yang tergila-gila pada kuda. Ada pula Mavis, gadis dengan suara sangat merdu, yang suatu waktu kelak pasti akan menjadi penyanyi opera terkenal. Bagaimana mereka bergaul dengan anak-anak lain? Dan bagaimana dengan kedua Mam'zelle, Ibu Asrama, Nona Potts, dan guru-guru lainnya? Semester ka ...more
I know I'm way too old for these tales, but this has been another nostalgia trip for me. As with the others in the series, I still love these stories. There is something quite wholesome about these girls and their exploits. Long may Enid Blyton reign!
Akankhya Tripathy
Its actually a gud book. I liked Bill. Cuz she is tom boyish.
This was my favourite of the Malory Towers books! Hilarious :D
Dinda P
buku jadulnya Mbah Enid. entah kelas berapa saya baca ini.
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Born in 1897 in South London, Enid Mary Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading. She was educated at St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, and - having decided not to pursue her music - at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher. She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to edito
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