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Savage Season (Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, #1)
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Savage Season (Hap and Leonard #1)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  2,215 ratings  ·  197 reviews
A rip-roaring, high-octane, Texas-sized thriller, featuring two friends, one vixen, a crew of washed-up radicals, loads of money, and bloody mayhem.

Hap Collins and Leonard Pine are best friends, yet they couldn’t be more different. Hap is an East Texas white boy with a weakness for Texas women. Leonard is a black, gay Vietnam vet. Together, they stir up more commotion than
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Published January 13th 2009 by Brilliance Audio (first published 1990)
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Dan Schwent
When laborer Hap Collins' ex-wife Trudy pops back into his life with a story about retrieving unrecovered money from a bank robbery, Hap's up for it. In tow is Hap's best friend, Leonard, a gay black man who happens to be the toughest son of a bitch on the planet. Will Hap and Leonard finally make the big score that saves them from a life of backbreaking labor or is Trudy leading them to their deaths?

2014 reread: Since nothing on my unread pile looks appealing at the moment and a Hap and Leonard
A recipe for Delicious Fiction:

Take a pair of VERY UNCONVENTIONAL good old buddies + one BITCHOSAURUS of an ex-wife.

Add in half a million in lost, stolen money, a group of wannabe radicals and an awesomely PSYCHOlarious duo of drug dealers.

Spice all the above with sharp writng, brilliantly witty dialogue, heaping helpings of southern humor and stir in several pounds of violence, bloodshed and betrayals..... and VOILA....

Criminally YUMMY Buddy NOIR Cake.

Definitely one I am going to recommend as
Hap Collins and his friend Leonard Pine seem like pure east Texas rednecks in a lot of ways. They have crappy jobs working in rose fields, shoot clay pigeons with their shotguns, drive worn out piece-of-shit vehicles, raise hunting dogs and listen to country music. But Leonard is black and gay, and Hap is a former damn dirty hippie who got sent to prison for refusing his induction notice during Vietnam as a protest against the war. So they aren’t exactly the Dukes of Hazard.

Years after his priso
Hap a tough country boy with iron foundry muscles just spent eighteen months in prison, during this time his wife Trudi was filing for divorce.
Leonard a Vietnam vet and a certified hardhead. His expertise is Martial arts, boxing, kenpo and hapkido.
Trudi ruled men with brains, passion and her downy triangle.
Hap a bird lover.
Leonard a dog lover.
An inseparable duo of characters.
On his release from prison Trudi temps Hap into a money making deal or shall we say money finding.
A bank job money stash
Richard Vialet
I really loved The Thicket last year when I chose it to quench my thirst for a good Western read. I was impressed by how engaging the writing was. I decided this year to jump into more books by author Joe Lansdale, and I thought a good start would be his popular Texas crime series featuring his characters Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. This first novel in the series lived up to my lofty expectations!

Hap & Leonard are best buddies, are minding their own business and shooting some skeet in Hap'
A pretty decent crime caper noir, my first Lansdale, feeling like a cross between the wise cracking Elmore Leonard and the more brutal Don Winslow with a pair of "heroes" in Hap and Leonard that are a joy to read.

It was Hap and Leonard that saved this one for me, the two of them together are funny, conflicted and real, a great channel for Lansdale's obvious talent with dialogue; providing the kind of banter and realism that Leonard would be proud of.

That aside, for a slim novel it felt like it w
I've read five previous Hap and Leonard adventures, but somehow managed to miss this first outing. Once again, Hap lets "lil' Hap" get him into trouble, and drags mouthy Leonard into the fray. Count on everything to go wrong. And if you have a lick o' sense, better stay far away from Leonard's vanilla cookies.
Joe R. Lansdale's novels and short stories are very visceral reads. When Lansdale writes action, you can smell the sweat and taste the dirt. He knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Add onto that, a very sharp wit and you rarely come away from one of the author's stales disappointed.

Savage Season is the first of a series of suspense novels featuring Happ Collins and Leonard Pine; the first one I have read, but I am eager to devour the rest of the series. Happ and Leonard seems
This book i would not rate 4 stars for the actual story,plot.

I rate it 4 stars because the characters was the rare kind of that take hold of you from page one. The back and forth quips between Hap and Leonard were great. Two guys i felt for from the first scene. Didn't have to imagine them at all. They feel so real.

It doesnt hurt either that Lansdale is talented writer prose wise,language of the book,his country wit as the blurb say was great read. I chuckled many times reading some of the lines
Scott Sigler
I love Joe Landsdale's work. I haven't read him extensively, but every time I do I'm taken away by the story, swirled around in it, dumped out at the end like I've been rode hard and put away wet. Hap and Leonard are my favorite Landsdale characters yet.
Il primo capitolo della saga Hap & Leonard, strana coppia di detective sognatori disincantati, narra di rapine e paludi, sparatorie e badilate, occultamenti di malloppi e chiacchierate alcoliche quasi sempre al limite tra l'ironico e il demenziale. Lansdale strizza un'occhiata nostalgica alla politica americana rivoluzionaria degli anni '60: "...l'idealismo è un pò come Venere nel cielo del giorno. Una volta ero in grado di vederla. Ma con il passare del tempo mi serviva meno e volevo scroll ...more
Ivonne Rovira
Let me begin by saying this book was not for me. I got only halfway through this slim novel, and I was done.

Author Joe R. Lansdale introduces two Texans, one a white straight conscientious objector and his gay black Vietnam vet pal. Sounds interesting, right? But halfway through the book, as the twosome have joined a band of incompetent treasure hunters, I just got tired of the one-liner insults and the macho bravado, particularly from the surly Vietnam vet, Leonard Pine. Bravado like that sound
Bark's Book Nonsense
SAVAGE SEASON is a fast-paced, hard-boiled suspense novel about two hardworking friends, Hap and Leonard, who can't resist the opportunity to make a quick $200,000 a piece. All they have to do is find the money that is supposedly buried somewhere in an icy river where Hap grew up. But nothing comes easy for these two and it isn't long before they're not only dealing with vicious weather but also greedy and psychotic humans.

This is a short little book that packs a punch. It is unflinchingly and s
Emma Sea
I really enjoyed Hap and Leonard, but the plot didn't do it for me. The second the ex-wife talked to Hap I picked the entire plot. 100% perfect. Now, sometimes this doesn't matter. You're not reading for plot, you're reading for the way the words are put together e.g. Nana. Here the writing and sense of place wasn't evocative enough to hold my attention. I needed a plot I was interested in.

However, Hap and Leonard together do have me interested enough that I shall push on to book 2.

This one? Jus
Ci sono Hap, Leonard e l'ex moglie di Hap che più stronza non si può, e un po' di altri svitati, alcuni concentrati a salvare il mondo con l'ideologia e altri svitati e basta.
E c'è la speranza di un sacco di soldi facili, niente rapire, basta solo recuperarli.
Così inizia "Una stagione selvaggia" che non è detto finisca nel modo migliore possibile, però Hap e Leonard sono simpatici con i loro scambi di battute mentre le paludi fanno tanto America del Sud.
A sizzling buddy novel, SAVAGE SEASON packs a punch that is sure to make you feel it long after the final word. Hap and Leonard are two wayward and brutal characters that come to life in a way that is seldom seen in fiction of any kind. Kudos, Mr. Lansdale, you have made me a fan for life.
Andrew Vachss
Master of an absolutely unique combo-genre. Impossible to describe and harder to imitate.
This, and the following Lansdale books in the series, are the peak of 'summer fun reading' for people aren't complete morons. And maybe for complete morons too. But they won't get all the jokes. Also, a series that recommends other books and records to me without coming across as forced and ridiculous is pretty awesome. Lord knows I love Hank Williams 40 greatest hits (volume 2) but I, and possibly the lord himself, did not know I would really like Clifton Chenier's 'Bayou Blues' and end up with ...more
Tim Niland
I had been looking for this one for ages - no library had it and it was out of print. I was finally able to track down a copy through alibris and it was worth the search. Hap and Leonard are an odd pairing - a straight white ex-hippie and gay black Vietnam veteran, they scrape out an existence living hand to mouth in East Texas. When an old flame of Hap's comes back on the scene, looking for help in a score she has planned, the boys get involved in a scheme that rapidly spirals out of control. T ...more
Julian Meanchoff
I think I'm going to re-read the entire Hap & Leonard series this year. I had forgotten how dark the tone of this book is (along with the next two or three, if memory serves). All the books deal with racism and poverty but later books in the series go about it in a much more light-hearted (for lack of a better word) way. Hell, even the friggin Dixie Mafia in Devil Red is more pleasant toward Leonard than Soldier is in this book.

Also the characters Hap and Leonard are so great and in my opini
Gregor Xane
Hap and Leonard are such well-drawn, and likable, characters, and the dialogue always makes me laugh out loud (which is saying something) that I can't help but to enjoy these books. I prefer Lansdale's crazier stuff (The Adventures of Ned the Seal), but these will do just fine.
It's a testament to Lansdale's ability that he can show you two or three days in the lives of his characters Hap and Leonard and by the end you'll know exactly who they are from head to toe, by their words and actions. Great stuff. I'll read the others for sure.
I read the First Vintage Crime/Black Lizard re-issue of Hap and Leonard's first high-octane outing. The later ones are funnier
and longer, IIRC, but this one is the real gem.
I liked it. Really. Not sure if I *really* liked it, but that's the way it goes. I know Joe R. Lansdale from works where bad things happen to good people, and really bad things happen to so-so people, or at least Elvis shows up, so him playing it mostly straight was a bit weird. The Lansdale stories that have stuck most in my gut are "Night They Missed the Picture" and "Mister Weed-Eater". The former is a slide towards inevitable violence triggered by happenstance. The latter is one of the best ...more
I've had Joe Lansdale's novel, Bad Chili, sitting on my bookshelf for a little over a year. It's the only Lansdale novel I've seen in my neck of the woods--one of many authors who just don't show up on shelves around here. But I wanted to read Savage Season first, because it's the first "Hap & Leonard" novel, and I didn't want to read Bad Chili without having some clue of who Hap and Leonard were. As it stands, now that I've read Savage Season I can't wait to read the rest of the books.

This is the first Hap and Leonard book. It is a good introduction of the offbeat duo. I am glad the stories get better with the subsequent books. This series is unique. Sometimes Lansdale's writing on poverty and the grim details of people on the bottom of the economic pile makes me feel for them and be thankful that I am not one of them. (Knock on wood.)
Benoit Lelievre
Splendid. Simply layered, deep, visceral, funny, splendid and perfect for what it is. Joe Lansdale has timing, an ear for dialogue, a developed sense of plotting and the utmost humane sensibility. That's some Michael-Jordan-of-crime kind of wrap sheet. I loved every second of the rugged, near-death-experience that was SAVAGE SEASON and like another reviewer said, it knows not to outstay its welcome. It's thick and complex enough it would've dragged on at 250 pages, but Joe Lansdale being who he ...more
Hunter Duesing
The first appearance of Lansdale's recurring unlikely duo (Hap and Leonard), 'Savage Season' is short and sweet in the true Lansdale fashion. I absolutely fell in love with the main characters, their banter had me giggling and it felt real rather than forced to me. I found it hard to tear myself away from this book, it's a solid thriller full of ex-hippies, bespectacles psychos, and "blonde man-poison." The trouble with 'Savage Season' is that it has a conclusion that leaves a bad taste in my mo ...more
Joe R. Lansdale writes some of the best dialog going. His stories are infused with ironic humor, violence and tough language, but with heart at their core.

In Savage Season, the first Hap and Leonard crime novel, Trudy, an old flame of Hap's, drops in to ask for his help in recovering a huge sum of money from a gang heist years ago. Hap enlists Leonard's help and it's a good thing. As double-crosses abound among Trudy and a host of unsavory people, all of their lives hang in the balance.
Carl Brush
So enough candy already. Savage Season, combined with the Gilstrap books reviewed here in on Oct. 12, 2011, have left me with a tummy ache akin to a surfeit of holiday sweets. Joe Lansdale’s cast of blatantly odd characters,
a collection akin to an artless Fellini imitation, consists of a white heterosexual guy and his black homosexual war buddy (ex-soldiers now), a group of middle-aged SDS types who are old enough to know better, and a pursuit of some hidden long ago bank robbery money.

Lots of
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Joe R. Lansdale is the winner of the British Fantasy Award, the American Horror Award, the Edgar Award, and six Bram Stoker Awards. He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas.
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