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The Palace of Laughter (The Wednesday Tales, #1)
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The Palace of Laughter (The Wednesday Tales #1)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  1,059 ratings  ·  135 reviews
Orphaned eleven-year-old Miles Wednesday and his companion, a Song Angel named Little, are helped by a talking tiger as they set off to find a missing Storm Angel and Miles's beloved stuffed bear, ending up in a peculiar circus where the audience cannot stop laughing.
Hardcover, 427 pages
Published August 1st 2006 by Julie Andrews Collection
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As much as it saddens me to say this, I can't give this book as good a rating as I'd like. If it were possible to give half stars, it's really a 2 1/2 star book, and it's a shame because it started off brilliantly. Miles, the protagonist, is hiding in a barrel with a stuffed bear named Tangerine and spying on a mysterious circus. The creepy circus element had so much potential, because isn't everyone just a little bit creeped out by clowns anyway? Throw that in with the orphan boy-makes-good plo ...more
Nadine Larter
After spending two weeks on the last book I read it was kind of refreshing to finish this book in three sittings. Yes I admit that it's not the most brilliantly written book and neither is it emotionally poignant, but The Palace of Laughter is a great story and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to tickle their "As sweet" fantasy. If you're like me and you prefer you YA fiction minus all the annoying teen angst then I reckon Jon Berkeley is an author to look out for. It might a ...more
Jan 22, 2010 Max added it
Shelves: 10th-quarter-2
Miles Wednesday, the escaped orphan, lives in a barrel on a hill overlook the town of Larde. But that's OK, it's a large barrel, perched on its side. One night, completely unannounced, the Circus Oscuro comes to town and sets up below Miles's hill. Also making a visit is a huge tiger, who meets with Miles at the barrel and tells him (yes, I know, tells him) that he can smell a link with the circus on Miles. Smuggling himself into the space beneath the big top seats, Miles sees a young, angelic g ...more
This is the story of a homeless boy, Miles, escaped from the local orphanage, and a little angel named Little, whom Miles helped to escape from the circus. They are on a quest to find the angel, Silverpoint, whom Little followed to earth and whom she needs to find in order to get back home. They know that Silverpoint is at the "Palace of Laughter," but they don't know where or what that is.

The story is somewhat dark. The circus people are the scary kind that give people nightmares, and they are
The Palace of Laughter is my favorite kind of children's book, the kind that reminds me why I spent such a large portion of my childhood holed up in my room reading books instead of outside playing with the other kids. It is the kind that whisks the reader away to a foreign but familiar and intriguing land, which the reader promptly decides is much more interesting than her own life and so desires to spend as much time in said world as possible. Luckily, this is the first of a trilogy, so reader ...more
Anne Latham
The Boy has been searching for a new series featuring an alienated boy since the Gregor the Overlander series ended, and The Wednesday Tales is definitely high on the list, currently running hard against May Bird.

Alienated Boy with Tiger trumps Alienated Girl with Cat AND Ghost, and that is why this review is about the adventures of Miles and Little and you will have to wait another week or so for a review of May Bird and the Ever After.

Miles Wednesday is an escaped, renegade orphan who lives in
Miles is an orphan who lives in a barrel. At least, until Circus Oscuro comes to town. Arriving in the dead of night, something about it seems a little.... off. But its big top and quirky cast promise a night no one will forget. To Miles, who has never been to a circus, it's the ultimate attraction, especially after he meets a tiger. But to Little, a girl with wings, the circus isn't nearly so appealing. Soon Miles and Little are on the road, chasing the circus in the hopes of rescuing friends t ...more
Apr 15, 2008 Jana rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Carrie
I LOVED this book. Just a good read. Why are some of the best books about orphans?
Lee Anon
I remember receiving this book as a gift for my birthday back when I was a kid. And while I did pass as a kid who enjoyed reading, it was not often that I'd get into the books I received for my birthday. With The Palace of Laughter, however, it was one of those few occasions.

And looking back, I remember seeing it a couple of years earlyer in a bookstore, but wasn't very interested in it, because from a first glance it seemed too... underwhelming. As you might guess, that wasn't the case.

I guess
The Palace of Laughter is actually several years old, but it was new to me nonetheless. It’s the story of Miles Wednesday (so named for the day he was dropped off at the horrible Pinchbucket House for orphans) and his chance encounter with the Circus Oscuro. After an evening conversation with a tiger and multiple attempts at trying to sneak into the show, Miles ends up rescuing a peculiar little girl name Little–who also happens to have wings.
The two embark on a journey that seems quite impossib
The Palace of Laughter is a suspenseful, nail biting, adventure. The book starts off by introducing to us a young orphan boy named Miles Wendnesday, who has spent his whole life fending for himself. He witnesses the birth of a child's wonderland, the circus. He is so intrigued by it that he sneaks in, to quench his curiosity. While there he meets an abused acrobat named Little. Miles eventually breaks her out. Then together they go off to save her friend Silverpoint and to reveal the dark humor ...more
This story unfolds within a circus....enough said for those that know me. ( scary) For those that don't know me....When I was a child my parents took me and my older brother to the circus...there was a snowstorm and they would not let anyone leave. So instead of letting us find a place to rest and wait it out, they ( being the scary circus people) decided to put the show on again....and let me tell ya I have been afraid of clowns ever sense. As a wonderful bonus they let kids ride on some wagon ...more
Jun 09, 2009 Katrina rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Kids 10-14 into Fantasy
I really wanted to like this book but just can't give it a great rating. It's a shame because it started off so great. Miles, the protagonist, is hiding in a barrel with a stuffed bear named Tangerine and spying on a mysterious circus. The creepy circus element seems so promising, since isn't everyone just a little bit unsettled by clowns anyway? Throw that in with the orphan boy-makes-good and that has the makings of a good story in itself, but this book has too many spectacles going in too man ...more
Barb Middleton
Late one night the circus comes to town and no one hears its big top go up except Miles Wednesday, the curious orphan boy, who lives in a barrel on the hill. He sneaks into the circus the next day and is fascinated by the acrobatic girl who can fly. When he discovers her locked up in a wagon he hatches a plan to set her free and the two become friends. Miles discovers that this circus has a dark side that is doing something to the townspeople. When he discovers that the circus owner has kidnappe ...more
The palace of laughter
Bria Kirk
December 2 2011

I recently read the book the palace of laughter. This book is very good only if you want a good laugh. Sometimes laughing takes you to a whole new world. I was reading this book before bed then I looked at the clock and it was two o’clock in the morning. If you like fantasy and mystery this book is definitely for you. The charters in this book is a teddy bear that talks named tangerine also there is a boy named miles that lives in a barrel. There is
April Hochstrasser
This book started off so great. Miles Wednesday, the protagonist, is living in a barrel with a stuffed bear named Tangerine. Then the creepy circus comes to town and he sneaks into the premises only to discover a captured song angel. He rescues her and then the book really goes haywire. As the elements were added to the book, including hoodlums and dictator-hungry ring-masters, the book ran away with itself. Too long and complicated. I felt like I was wasting time reading all 426 pages. Plus, th ...more
Author Jon Berkeley has created an intriguingly dark world that protagonist Miles Wednesday stands up to, and triumphs against. The story starts with Miles Wednesday waking up in the middle of the night in his home — an abandoned barrel in the fields outside his home town of Larde. The homeless orphan is there to witness the arrival of a mysterious and sinister circus. As the circus waits until morning to greet the townsfolk of Larde, Miles receives another visitor: a talking Bengal tiger which, ...more
Miles Wednesday is an eleven-year-old orphan living in a barrel on a hill when late one night a circus sneaks in to town and Miles is the only one to see it. Things get more mysterious when a tiger approaches Miles and begins to speak to the child. Throw in a creepy ringmaster, a centuries old angel, a teddy bear named Tangerine, gangs of street children, and a catastrophe to be stopped and you've got this book.

It was good...and it wasn't good. The story started off great and had an interesting
Talk about a genuinely fun, well-written book. From the first page, it takes off with a burst of interesting, punchy darkness and weaves a story that is both wildly imaginative and full of brilliant characters. Berkeley has a unique, extremely enjoyable style of storytelling and I'm so happy I decided to pick this book up off the shelf. It didn't even read like a Youth book--it was extremely well written and the imagery was rich and colorful: the type of book that you just want to dive into and ...more
I picked up this book on a whim at the local Goodwill yesterday because the cover art looked neat.
I'm so glad I grabbed it! It was adorable, simple, and satisfying! Great for a quick pick-me-up :) I'm definitely looking forward to finding the rest of the series in the near future!
Faye Wildflower
I found it so interesting.Sometimes it made me laugh.The main character is so witty and clever that made me think: “It’s impossible.He’s just 11 years old”.It’s kinda cute,about loyalty and friendship.I really liked it but I’m happy I ended with it though.
It was a kid's book that I had never gotten around to reading but really wanted to and once I did I was happy to have read it. It was a very exciting fantastical book that was just a lot of fun to read.
Nov 07, 2010 Renee rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 5th-7th
Shelves: ya-fantasy
3.5 The first book in The Wednesday Tales series follows the adventures of Miles Wednesday. After running away from a horrid orphanage, Miles finds a friend in a circus that comes to town. Little has strange wings and an even stranger story. She says that she accidentally fell to earth along with Silverpoint and must return with him back from where they came. Miles and Little end up going the Palace of Laughter run by an evil Cortado who is stealing people’s laughter. The mystery of who Miles’ p ...more

This story began when Mr. Berkeley, a noted illustrator, strolling with his dog in Barcelona asked himself,
‘What would be the story of a character named Silverwing be like?’
Now we know.
From his vantage point Miles Wednesday can see the mysterious Circus Oscuro arrive. In the middle of the night he is approached and spoken to by a huge tiger setting the scene for this dreamy tale. Miles goes to the circus and sets into motion a grand quest to help a delicate winged creature named Little find he
I thought this book was really good and enjoyed thought the plot was interesting it was an ok book but nothing spectacular and I think they could've wrote a sequel to this book
This book was great and you should read it. Its about an orphan boy who goes on an adventure with an angel and faces dangers. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in adventure and fiction.
This was a LONG JFiction book! Over 400 pages. I really liked it though. A fun story - although very fantastical. A bit along the lines of a more innocent, younger Percy Jackson. About 2/3 of the way though, I thought this is a lot of stuff to all tie together. And of course, it all ends happily. Which for these characters it should! It's called Tale No. 1 so I am about to look and see if there is a tale No. 2. I LOVED the reason the boy is called Miles Wednesday. I also was delighted to see tha ...more
I would give this 3.5 star if I could. The story itself is quite charming and well written, and the author doesn't dumb down the language for a children's audience, which I appreciated. The narrative doesn't rush along, which is both good and bad. I found that I never arrived at the point where I had to finish the book, but it was still a pleasant thing to return to when I did come back to it. My daughter has read the first three books in this series and has really enjoyed them. Whether I move o ...more
I am currently reading this story to my kids before bedtime. A chapter or two at night. It is a pretty large looking book and so far is very imaginative and they are very interested in this story. So far I love the little boy Miles and his teddy bear Tangerine. This story also includes so far something like a fairy but they refer to the little girl and her brother as Angels. She is a "song angel" and he is, I think, a "storm angel". So that will be interesting to see where this goes.

Finished th
I liked this quite a bit up until the whole "half head" adventure. I hated those kids. I hated those chapter illustrations. It's like those ugly/boring parts of movies you always fast froward through. I call that the Beauty School Drop Out Moment, because that's where Grease always lost me. Or Be Prepared from the Lion King. Man, you couldn't pay me to sit through that crap as a kid. It lost me at that point and I wasn't interested in picking it back up to finish the second half. But I will say ...more
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Jon Berkeley was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and says he went to a school where "you were only allowed go to the bathroom if you asked in Irish." His love of art led him to study at the National College of Art and Design. From there he went to work as an illustrator in Hong Kong, Barcelona, London and Sydney.

Jon worked as an illustrator for twenty years before turning his hand to writing.
More about Jon Berkeley...

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