Rhyming Life and Death
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Rhyming Life and Death

3.37 of 5 stars 3.37  ·  rating details  ·  417 ratings  ·  45 reviews
An ingenious, witty, behind-the-scenes novel about eight hours in the life of an author.

A literary celebrity is in Tel Aviv on a stifling hot night to give a reading from his new book.While the obligatory inane questions ("Why do you write? What is it like to be famous? Do you write with a pen or on a computer?) are being asked and answered, his attention wanders and he be...more
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published April 14th 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (first published January 1st 2007)
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Кремена Михайлова
Бавно расте обичта ми към Амос Оз. Началото - преди 3 години, с 2 книги („Моят Михаел“ и „Познание за жена“), със „средните“ 3 звезди (може да са 3,5, може да са и 4 сега). Колкото да усетя, че е като за мен, но не чак толкова, че да се захласна тогава. Преоткриването стана с „Между приятели“. Слагам я между любимите си ако не 10, то поне 20 книги… След „Между приятели“ очаквах, че съм прочела вече това, което може да ми хареса най-много от един автор. Много се зарадвах, че „Животът и смъртта в...more
Денонощието на един застаряващ писател- трябва да си Амос Оз, за да напишеш великолепна книга върху този сюжет:-)). Харесвам го, защото ми прави близки възможно най-тривиалните битовизми със своя леко самоироничен,леко тъжен, леко критичен поглед. 150 страници, изпълнени с характеристични герои от литературния живот на Израел и една почти не-носталгична нишка на "римите на живота и смъртта"- отглас от популярна битова поезия, който сякаш символизира преходността на временната известност.

С две ду...more
Vasil Kolev
Кратка книга, но пък се чете на един дъх. Интересно е да влезеш в главата на някой и да видиш как възприема целия свят около себеи си, какво мисли и как го изменя.
The book is a fascinating look at writing, life and death, fantasy and reality, and the comparison of how opposites need each other in order to complete the whole. The protagonist is known as The Author, and we never learn his true name. The use of third person narration is subjective in Rhyming Life & Death.

This form of narration affords us to be inside the mind of The Author, and we know his thoughts and feelings. This format is perfect for the novel, in that it exposes the immediate train...more
My reading of novelists frequently mentioned as potential Nobel Prize winners continues with the Israeli writer Amos Oz. I first became familiar with Oz when I read a dazzling section of his "A Tale of Love and Darkness," which I must return to one day. His most recent novel, "Rhyming Life and Death," is a small, wonderful homage to the blessing (or is it a curse?) of imagination, which becomes the bedrock of the "author," the novel's central character. The entire book takes place in the imagina...more
My gut feeling is that this will be a bit of a love-it-or-loathe-it kind of a book. Personally I loved it. I could have written it. I wish I had. Now I can't. Damn. But the lack of a real plot will drive some people mad. Some of the Author's musings actually pan out into short stories but most are just character sketches that simply merge into one another. And then it just stops. Well, it doesn't really but it reaches a point where the author is stopped in his tracks; someone is dead – what more...more
Виртуозно свързване на нишки, герои, идеи и варианти за развитие на действието. И разказано с ирония и чувство за хумор.
Yes, I ramble... read at your own risk (or boredom)!!

In the book, the author states that modern art is kind of like the emperor's new clothes. I found myself wondering if this particular work of his was the same--he being a "prize-winning novelist." I wondered how much of it really rang true to him and how much of it was pulling a joke over the readers writing, just to see if they would like and give accolades to a work that doesn't merit it. That was one thought. My other thought was that I am...more
Jennifer Lauren Collins
In a dramatic telling of a single night, Rhyming Life & Death is something of a story, and something of a demonstration of a story's genesis, exploring the wonders and twists of an imagination.

Working from the mind of an author, our narrator for the duration, Oz wanders through his imaginings about an assortment of characters, bringing them together into a world that is hardpressed to be called either imaginary or real. In the end, it doesn't matter. Oz has explored the process and wonder of...more
OK, recunosc, nu ma asteptam sa-mi placa intr-atat de mult Rime despre viata si moarte. Da, am gasit-o bazata pe o idee interesanta, dar am crezut ca, timp de 170 de pagini, voi citi si aberatii. Mai sunt unele momente de ratacire, pe ici, pe colo, dar asa are fiecare autor, cred eu. In orice caz... cuvintele nu sunt de ajuns pentru a descrie cat de mult am apreciat-o.

De data asta, descrierea de pe toate site-urile e satisfacatoare, anume ca un scriitor invitat la o conferinta de presa incepe sa...more
Jeff Scott
I have been fascinated with the writing process as of late and the idea behinds this book fascinated me.Eight hours in the life of the Author with all his inner thoughts and character creations laid out before your eyes. All the events may be part of the Authors reality, his characters, or a fantasy, you'll have to guess. It's like being part of theAuthor's innermost thoughts even fleeting ones. I found it fascinatng.

Sometimes he included a short epitaph for someone who was dead and forgot...more

An aging Israeli author is making the rounds of local book groups. (The brief book, 150 pages, is translated from the Hebrew.) We are treated to his mental peregrinations as the author sits there listening to his introduction, a reading of his work and a critic’s response before he makes his remarks. Mostly he does what authors do: he imagines lives for the people in the audience. He also tries to pick up the waitress in the coffee shop (no success) and, after the event, the woman who reads his...more
JJ Aitken
This is for all of you who are looking for an author that has the ability to write supremely. I have just discovered Amos Oz in the last couple of years and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences. This novel was such a joy to read because of its clarity and perfect execution. I put this down for a day before picking it back up to read again. To fully realise just how good he is.
Kyle Brown
I only seem to give out fours and fives but I tend to only finish the books that I really like. As for Rhyming Life and Death, it's probably a 3.67 or something like that. I'm happy to have been introduced to Amos Oz and will be reading more of his work.
Reading amos oz is like going down a familiar street, vibrating like a tuning fork when turning every stone. Rhyming life and death is embroided upon a tissue of poetry: the poetry of frailty. There is symmetry in the apparent random built of characters: all of them share the burden of a trivial existence. The author is otherwise an accountant, fearing and dreading the inconsistency of his passion just as much as the poet dreads his inexperience and the woman her boyish looks. They dance the dan...more
Jane Larkin
Imagining the stories of the people we encounter is something we all do. Reminds me of how I used to create stories for the people I saw on the subway.
I guess I just have very little patience for endlessly introspective grown ups who can't seem to form any functional relationships, and just bump around acting selfish and feeling lonely. I mean, when you're 14 ok. When you're 60, just get some counseling, or grow up and start acting a little kind and generous so you'll feel some happiness. I think in real life I'm more charitable towards someone like the main character in this book, but I felt a little annoyed that the whole book just hung arou...more
OK, maybe I didn't get it, and maybe it was just too cute, by half. I started this (very short) book a couple of times, and I just couldn't get motivated to get back to it. Even though it was (again, very) slim, I struggled to get through it, and looked forward to the non-chapter breaks as an excuse to put the book down.... The good news is that, now, this one is behind me. Ultimately, I've enjoyed Oz's works, when I've read them, but this one did not ring my bell....
the inspiration not only come from his ability to handle writing in 2-3 layers, but also from the idea that : when you write, you need to stand out from the situation, feel like looking on yourself and your citizens/subjects from a century away, with a touch of humor.

And then, 明天将会炎热而潮湿,实际上,明天就是今天。

Un grand écrivain ne parvient pas à rester concentré pendant le débat qui est consacré à son oeuvre. Il imagine alors le nom et la vie des personnages qui l'entourent, les englobe dans sa fiction, les dévore.

Mais, peu à peu, certains reprennent leur indépendance et menacent son récit. Réalité? Réalité dans la fiction de l'auteur réel? Fiction? Les frontières s'abolissent et le lecteur perd pied… tout comme le grand écrivain.

Un court roman, dense et très intéressant.
Lauren Albert
I liked this though I'm not quite sure why. The author/character turns every one he sees and interacts with into a character in a story. For example, he gives people in the audience at a reading names, spouses, has them laid off from their jobs, etc. By the end of this short book, it becomes unclear if any of the story is "real" or if all the incidences he narrates are just part of a story he is writing in his head as he lives.
Der Autor hat offensichtlich so eine große Lust einem zu zeigen, wie klug, wie gekonnt und wie originell er ist, dass ich mich nur gesträubt habe. Diese Schriftstellergeschichte fand ich höchst uninteressant. Und darüber hinaus hatte ich den unangenehmen Eindruck dem Autor, oder der Figur beim Onanieren zuzusehen... Widerlich!

Sprachlich sollte er sehr gut sein. Vielleicht lag es an der Übersetzung, aber ich fand es nicht.
George Spirakis
Το ξεκίνησα με εντελώς διαφορετική προσδοκία και όμως τιποτα δεν με κράτησε εκεί. Προσπάθησα να του δώσω αρκετές ευκαιρίες για τη συνέχεια, αλλά πραγματικά και το θέμα και η εξέλιξη, δεν με βοήθησαν καθόλου. Η ιδέα ειναι καλή, από πλευράς σύλληψης και οπτικής γωνίας, αλλά σίγουρα κάτι άλλο θα ήθελε να πει ο συγγραφέας, που εμένα δεν με άγγιξε. Ευτυχώς δεν είχε αρκετές σελίδες... ακόμα.
Kate Schindler
I picked this up out of idle curiosity at the library, and it was interesting. Eight hours in the life of an author, during which he makes up stories about the people he encounters. It wasn't comfortable - they weren't always nice stories, and there was a lot of awkwardness and dysfunctional family stuff - but definitely interesting, and short enough that I didn't get too bored.
Mu Sam
This slim and inventive novel covers an 8-hour period in which a well-known author participates in a reading from his recently published book.
Life is what it is, and though we can escape from reality through dreams and our imaginations, sooner or later we must all turn on the light to clarify what is going on. A story that is deeply moving and human.
Kasey Jueds
Strange and dreamy; one of those books that's best read in one sitting, not in little pieces the way I did. It might have been five stars if I'd had time to read it all at once... but still, I don't think I'd have loved it as much as Scenes from Village Life, which I adored and am so glad I own--I'll be rereading it...
Amos Oz is Israel's best novelist and a true master of the craft of writing. His strength as a novelist lies in his masterful observations. Reading Oz is like biting into an apple that is slightly turned - although tart, the taste is superior to the simply sweet.
Amanda Harrison
A really intricate and intriguing book. The author is the main character and the book takes place over the course of an evening. The author creates stories for all of the people he encounters, some romantic and some tragic. Really well written.
Jul 13, 2009 Cami marked it as unfinished
This book is written "The Author drinks his coffee and finds that it tastes like onions and margarine...the author imagines the woman's name is Millie..."
I'm much too impatient in my reading lately to enjoy (or trudge through) this.
Un libro che si legge veloce, in cui si cade e da cui è difficile distogliersi. Intrecci di storie e di idee e di volti e di nomi. Breve, molto breve, un centinaio di pagine. Ma porta via lontano.
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Amos Oz (עמוס עוז) is an Israeli writer, novelist, and journalist. He is also a professor of literature at Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva. Since 1967, he has been a prominent advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2008 he received an Honorary Degree from the University of Antwerp. He also received the Dan David prize in 2008 for "Creative Rendering of the Pa...more
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