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Brian K. Vaughan
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Y: The Last Man, Deluxe Edition 01 (Y: The Last Man #1-2)

4.4 of 5 stars 4.40  ·  rating details  ·  7,318 ratings  ·  268 reviews
German language edition.
Published (first published 2008)
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What if all the men, except one young man and his male monkey pet, were wiped out all over the world and nobody knew why exactly? That's the setup for volume one of this series that takes a look at gender issues and progressive science versus a natural order of things. I like that the explanation for the plague is not known and there are several possibilities. There's a fair amount of mischievous style humor in the first volume.

For instance, women commemorate the dead man at an obvious phallic
Y Last Man


What would happen if you became the last gender (whether you are a male or female) on the face of the planet? Well, that is what we are discovering in Brian K. Vaughan’s Eisner Award winning classic graphic novel, “Y: The Last Man: Book One!” After hearing so many glowing reviews about this graphic novel, I decided to give this book a shot and man, was I blown away by the creative concept of this graphic novel! “Y: The Last Man: Book One” is definitely one of the most dramatic an
I refuse to read any other reviews on this series before I post this. Therefore, I may sound either stupid or prescient. Or maybe a bit of both. Personally, I am leaning towards stupid, but...

Friends have been telling me to read this series for quite a bit. They said "you like literary comics, so..." or "You're obsessed with end of the world plague sort of stuff that presents humanity in a different light..." or "you took women's studies classes in college, so you might find it interesting..."

Rachel Grey
I had heard lots of great stuff about this and the premise sounded interesting. One dude left on the planet after all the other men die of some mysterious disease or something. The artwork is quite good but the dialogue is only so-so and honestly I was a little bored pretty quickly, like by page 3. I was also astounded at the direction the story went, found it heterosexist and homophobic. You'd think a world of mostly women would be pretty frank about lesbians; not this book. The only loud and p ...more
Pardon me while I flail about in fangirl mode, but OMFG and all that is holy, Y: The Last Man is totally a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!! I didn’t think the graphic novel format would ever win me over entirely, but it’s happened - I’m in love - hook, line, sinker, fully, completely. Not only is this an addictive premise taken to the extreme reaches of the most fertile imagination, it’s brimming with fully fleshed out characters who live and breathe with histories, motives, strengths and vulnerabilities. The be ...more
Ariel Acupan
Originally Posted Here (Yay! I got a book blog!)

Y: The Last Man (BOOK ONE)

In 2002, a plague that is mysteriously sex-specific killed every man, every boy, and every mammal with Y chromosome all over the world. For a reason that cannot be explained right now, a boy named Yorick Brown and his male pet monkey Ampersand was spared. A “genderside” that causes chaos, a society with without male, and a mystery to be solved, Vaughan created a masterpiece that for me would place him next to Gaiman (Sand
Crystal Starr Light
Bullet Review:

Pros: good look at how male-dominated our leadership and other key jobs are, that effing ending

Cons: straw feminism everywhere, the fact that one male still dominates a woman's story

I love Vaughan, but I doubt I continue. The love-hate relationship!! ACK!!
I am a comic book junky. Someday when I win the lottery I will buy them all and spread them out over my bed and just roll around on them because I can. I love them. I haven’t encountered many as of yet, but I am slowly branching out. I have read all of The Walking Dead ones, most of The Dark Tower ones and The Sandman. I wants them all. When I have them all I will be like Sméagol. I’ll hide away somewhere where no one can find me, clutching at my comics and referring to them all as my precious. ...more
I like Brian K. Vaughan, I enjoyed Pride of Baghdad, The Runaways, and especially his run with Ultimate X-Men so I've seen a pretty wide range of what he can do. Post-Apocalyptic stories tend to lose crucial oomph points after the main event has finished up, and Y is no different, but the view of our society if all men suddenly died is alone worth a peak.

I could have done without the monkey sidekick and Yorick's more stupid moments, but Vaughan must have his reasons for making his survivor so he
I’ve had this collection for a while, now, having bought it on a random whim right after my son was born. I have a bit of a soft spot for post-apocalyptic settings, especially disease outbreak scenarios. Maybe it’s my latent hypochondriac tendencies. Further, there seemed to be a lot of places to go with the idea of “the last man on Earth.” Having finished the first ten installments via this deluxe volume, I think I’m still unsure of what I think about it. I definitely enjoyed reading it, but I ...more
Having read the first ten issues I'm only about one-fifth into the whole thing, but despite being rather conflicted about it I'll probably continue reading. On the one hand, "Y: The Last Man" is a well-written engaging story with some interesting moments and witty dialogues. On the other, it's sexist to the core. So far, the main villain of the story is an extremist group called Amazons who happen to embody all features of the stereotypical men-hating feminists. Their ultimate goal is to murder ...more
Ok, a tad sexist at times (I mean, without men the world really devolves that quickly? Come on), but still a very interesting take on the Post-Apocalyptic Genre. I'm a little annoyed at how easily our main character has been waylaid from finding Beth (and, truly, a little annoyed at how loyal he is to her) all, of course, for the greater good.

In short, this is a very fun and entertaining read, but still feels as if written in the 1950's if the last man on earth was a dweeb. Still, I'm intrigued
Perhaps the finest science fiction comic book of the young century, creators Vaughn and Guerra relate the extraordinary story of twenty-something slacker escape artist Yorick Brown and his pet male monkey Ampersand, the sole surviving males after a mysterious worldwide plague killed everything with a Y chromosome. Vaughn deftly crafts his humanist sf tale in a low key, non-sensationalist manner. This volume, the first hardcover edition, collects the first two story arcs, “Unmanned” and “Cycles,” ...more
Matthew Lloyd
I have just re-read this volume of Y: The Last Man having originally picked it up about five years ago when I was excited about Brian K. Vaughan's series Runaways for Marvel. The idea is interesting, and has remained so: here is a book from the reverse persective to The Female Man and Ammonite, written by a man and showing what he thinks the world would be like if all the men (except one) were lost to a mysterious virus!

Ammonite provides the most interesting contrast, because this book does the
Kate Bystrova
Book 1 of Y: The Last Man is enjoyable and definitely picks up towards the end (so, latter half of Volume 2), but for me it really didn't live up to the online hype.

I came to this series to get my fix while awaiting the next volume of Vaughan's current series, Saga. And maybe that was the problem - Saga is hands down one of the best comics I have read in terms of plot, storyline, delivery and artwork. And this, well, this isn't. It's an ambitious idea, certainly - I mean, dealing with the reper

Im Jahr 2002, stirbt plötzlich jeder Mann, jeder Junge und jedes Lebewesen mit einem Y-Chromosom. Mit dem Verlust der halben Weltbevölkerung droht die Menschheit zu kollabieren. Es liegt nun an den verbliebenen Frauen die Zivilisation vor dem Kollaps zu bewahren.
Doch aus unbekannten Gründen hat ein Mann den "Genderzid" überlebt. Und so wird der anonyme Mittzwanziger Yorick Brown über Nacht zur wichtigsten Person auf dem Planeten. Auf ihm ruht die Hoffnung das Rätsel der Geschlechterplage zu ents
Y: The last man, was great!!! The artistic and writing sill was wonderful. I love how the novel was in color. I also enjoyed the length of the graphic comic.
The last man is about, what it literally says, last man.On July 17, 2002, every living mammal possessing aY chromosome— includingsperm is killed. The only guy who survives is,Yorick Brown, who lives in New York City. Yorick made a living as a amateur escape artist, and his malemonkey, Ampersand. Yorick goes on a cross country journey to find
Y: The Last Man is everything that a comic book series should strive to be: engaging, thought-provoking and above all, incredibly well-written. The first Deluxe Edition Book, which collects the first two main story arcs ('Unmanned' and 'Cycles'), provides a fantastic introduction to the series and swiftly thrusts the reader into a post-apocalyptic universe where every creature with a Y-chromosome has died from a mysterious plague; the only exception being a young man named Yorick Brown and his p ...more
Good premise. But really, this is what the world would look like without men? Eep.

Lots of sexism in here. Beth's hiking in the Outback in a bikini top and short shorts? Really? And the feminists are a man hating cult-like militia? And a broken heart over a guy she dated for 2 months is enough to make Hero cut off her breast and turn against her own brother? Not sure I like the picture of women being painted here. I get that there needs to be conflict but something about this is bugging me.

This was a fun read!
Ryan Mishap
Will it be an amazing story or an excuse to exploit sexist gender stereotypes? Stay tuned!

Okay, I'm hooked.

While the Daughters of Amazon can be read as out-sized caricatures of man-hating feminists, the fact that they are cast as a cult with a twisted, charismatic leader lets Vaughn skate a bit. We'll see how it plays out.

An original dystopia (or is it? asks Mary Shelley, referenced in a later story), with several plot lines, decent characters, humor, violence, and moral quandaries. And a monk
Thomas Mcmillen
Eh. The idea is intriguing, but Yorick is none to bright, Hero is a weak-willed psychopath and the dialogue for the women just seemed ... off. (though that might be my bias toward comix and their forced rapidity in telling a story.) Will say that after working in "Marrisville," nee Marysville, home of Honda, for 4 years - the prisoner-run community could totally work. (I'd read this story - the only reasonable and diverse "community" in the series so far.) I'll read the next - I just hope the st ...more
Volume 1 Review:

I have only recently discovered Brian K. Vaughan after picking up Saga at my local library (shameful I know). And since I have to wait for the next issue of Saga to come out I thought what better way to make the wait easier than to read some of his other work! And boy am glad I picked this up. What an interesting premise for a story! A plague wipes out every single mammal with a Y chromosome on the planet, everyone except Yorick Brown and his helper monkey Ampersand. This first v
Thomas G
I feel mixed about this book. On the one hand, it was exciting enough for me to buzz through it in an hour, it deals with some interesting ideas about gender and how male and female coexist in the world, and it has some interesting characters.

But on the other hand, I feel that it could have gone deeper into the whole thing. As other reviews have pointed out, there's a "straw man" of feminism here acting as the main evil organization, the protagonist's devotion to his barbie-fiancee is problemati
Haley Baker
I'm quite new to the graphic novel scene, my only exposure being The Walking Dead and a few Sandman volumes. Y: The Last Man was recommended to me by a friend, with the words, "every male're gonna love it!" He was correct, of course, and after about 20 pages I was hooked. The story is set in present day America where Yorick is the only human male left after a bizarre plague kills everything with a Y chromosome. Yorick is an instant hit - he is undeniably likable and well rounded so fa ...more
I picked this up because I wanted to read a good graphic novel while waiting for the release of Saga Vol.4. Hence, I chose the graphic novel by the same author. While the illustrator for the book is different from Saga, I found the quality of illustrations to be as good. I enjoyed the fully colored illustrations.

As for a story, it is intriguing and unique. I was interested to know what was going to happen throughout the book. However, the messages and the ideology behind the story were confusing
Brandon Zarzyczny
First off, I'll start with the actual book itself. I checked out the other options, and I must say that the Deluxe Edition Books are the must buy, as currently the first book is actually cheaper than buying the first two normal volumes. What you get here is of amazing quality, with it being hardcover, and I think slightly over-sized from the comic, which helps make the amazing art really shine. For the story, the main idea isn't too original, where every man dies, but the resulting conflicts are ...more
A refreshing dystopia (if there is such a thing) and a welcome change from the usual zombie/plague narrative. The pacing is great; even when twists or important elements are foreshadowed, they're still satisfying and never feel contrived. I appreciated the variety of characters - many of the characters are people of colour or of varying gender/sexual orientation, and, of course, everyone seems to have reacted to the plague with their own little existential crisis. Yorick is appropriately annoyin ...more
Portia S
"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy..."

(I believe Larry recommended this to me last year, thanks Larry).

Yorick Brown is an escape artist who is "in between jobs" right now and has recently adopted a insolent little Capuchin monkey named & (Ampersand) while his incredibly hot girlfriend is all the way down under traipsing around the red desert.

Yorick enjoys his jokes and fooling around, but decides he wants to do something serious like
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Born in Cleveland in 1976, Brian K. Vaughan is the Eisner, Harvey, and Shuster Award-winning writer and co-creator of the critically acclaimed comics series Y: The Last Man, Runaways, and Ex Machina (picked as one of the ten best works of fiction of 2005 by Entertainment Weekly).

Recently named "Writer of the Year" by Wizard Magazine, and one of the “top ten comic writers of all time” by Comic Boo
More about Brian K. Vaughan...

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