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Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness (Moribito, #2)
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Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness (Moribito #2)

4.21 of 5 stars 4.21  ·  rating details  ·  639 ratings  ·  88 reviews
In the marvelous sequel to the novel (and Cartoon Network series) MORIBITO: GUARDIAN OF THE SPIRIT, Balsa returns to her native land to fight a corrupt ruler and face her own demons.

Balsa returns to her native Kanbal to clear the name of Jiguro, her dear mentor, who saved her life when she was six years old. But what should be a visit of truth and reconciliation becomes a
Hardcover, 245 pages
Published May 1st 2009 by Arthur A. Levine Books (first published January 1999)
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Moribito II picks up just after Moribito ends, with Balsa returning to her home country of Kanbal to visit her Master and father-figure Jiguro's relatives, and explain about the circumstances surrounding their departure twenty some-odd years ago. Balsa and Jiguro had originally fled Kanbal because of Balsa's father's involvement in a royal conspiracy, but the king who might have considered her a threat is dead now, making it safe for her return. Except it's really not.

When she arrives, Balsa lea
Kyle Muntz
I decided to read this after watching the anime--which made the really peculiar decision to adapt the first 250 page novel into a 26 episode series. I wasn't entirely fond of the anime (largely because of added plot elements that were mostly really dumb), but it had hints of a really interesting world with lots of nice ideas, and in retrospect its odd they bloated such a small novel when they could have kept going through more of the series. This book wasn't incredible or genre defining, but it ...more
Jan 08, 2011 Mery rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: punya
Aku suka Balsa! :D

Kali ini Balsa kembali ke Kanbal. Tujuan Balsa pulang adalah untuk memperbaiki nama baik Jiguro, gurunya.

Tapi ternyata mengembalikan nama baik Jiguro tidak mudah, Balsa harus menghadapi roh kegelapan. Tapi di samping itu Balsa harus pula melawan ksatria tombak, adik Jiguro, yang juga merupakan pahlawan besar di Kanbal.

Di sini kita akan diceritakan mengenai negara Kanbal. Kanbal adalah negara miskin, di mana kehidupan penuduknya yang mmerupakan penggembala. Untuk menambah pengha
apa menurutmu aku tidak tahu bahwa setiap kali kau terpaksa membunuh temanmu kau merasa sangat membenciku? aku tahu! (hlm. 316)

sarat dengan dendam. jika buku pertama mengkisahkan pencarian dan nuansa-nuansa cinta, maka dalam buku kedua ini dikisahkan penemuan akan dendam. balsa yang kembali ke negeri asal na untuk sebuah pencarian, untuk menuntaskan apa yang belum tuntas bagi na, untuk menenangkan hati ternyata tidak menemukan perjalanan sesuai harapan na. berdamai dengan masa lalu ternyata haru
April Helms
Balsa is back, and she heads to her native Kanbal hoping to lay rest her personal demons of guilt regarding her foster father Jiguro and her past. What she finds is a brain-pretzel of a political plot involving Jiguro, and the stories spread to discredit him. Balsa quickly discovers that not only is her life in danger, but the whole of Kanbal is in jeopardy. In this story, the reader finds out more about Balsa's past and her family. Balsa is a wonderful heroine -- tough, smart and human. The boo ...more
My thoughts on this one are pretty similar to the last - its strengths and weaknesses are much the same. Prose is smooth but flat, world building is astounding - although in this one I did think Uehashi got a little carried away with the food. (Food is good! And oft-neglected in fantasy worlds! But geez.) This book had even more political intrigue than the last one, and I was totally hooked by it - for the second half of the story I barely came up for air.

I missed Tanda and I hope he'll be in th
Sep 19, 2010 Minli rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of Avatar the Last Airbender
Both this and the first Moribito are wonderful children's books imported from Japan, where it is also a manga and anime. I kept drawing comparisons to Avatar the Last Airbender, though with less comedy and romance. The setting is a historical (medieval) fantasy version of Japan, the main character is an unconventional 30-year-old female bodyguard, and the kids in it are awesome. Think legends. Heroes. Honour. Treachery and betrayal and dark buried secrets. Also, the worldbuilding is impressive, ...more
Balsa is finally going home.

When she was six, she fled the country with her father's closest friend, Jiguro. Assassins followed. Jiguro killed them all, even though they were his friends, to protect her. Now Balsa is hoping to repay her debt somehow, to tell those who knew him the true story of his life and death. But Kanbal is not entirely at peace, even though the evil king who murdered her father and sent assassins after Jiguro has long since perished. Balsa's homecoming may be far more than
This book could be read by a girl or boy in the grade 6 and up. This book is about a young girl, by the name of Balsa, who almost got killed by an evil king when she was 6 years old. Eight assassins pursued her in the long flight that followed. But her mentor, Jiguro, protected her until his death, and then she became a bodyguard herself has she was getting older. Balsa was helping other people survive the challenges they faced when she was being their bodyguard.

Batchelder Award winners 2010
I liked this book even better than the first one! There was a lot more intrigue and mystery, and fewer fighting scenes. The Japanese-style world and the mythic creatures give the story a charm all its own.

I adore the main character, Balsa, because she is ornery and crotchety and suspicious, but with a generous and compassionate heart. A wonderfully complex character that grows even more in this second book!
The plot is twisting and intense with plenty of surprises. Love it so much!
(Originally published in 1999.) I enjoyed this a lot, though the prose feels flat. (That may be a translation issue.) Anyway, Balsa is a wonderful strong woman character, and her adventure here benefits from being tied much more closely to her personal history than the one in Guardian of the Spirit. I hope Scholastic continues to publish translations of this series.
Feb 13, 2015 H added it
Shelves: ya, sff
A really satisfying sequel to the first Moribito! The worldbuilding is ace as before, the interactions between the landscape and the supernatural world and human politics are satisfyingly done, as well as the relationship dynamics and connections between the different cultures. None of it is delivered in info-dumps, but simply slipped into the plot where it makes sense and is needed. I don't known how much of it is due to the translation, but the language is both simple and matter-of-fact, as we ...more
"Balsa stood on a rocky ledge beside a cave, the overlapping ridges of the Misty Blue Mountains dropping away beneath her."

I read the first book solely because I was a huge fan of its anime, and I was not the slightest disappointed by it. It is difficult to find a fantastic heroine these days, and when I saw Balsa and watched her story unfold for the first time, I was utterly enamored by everything about her. To my knowledge, there isn't (yet?) a version of the second book in anime, and so when
This book is the second book of Moribito series, unfortunately it is also the last in the series which has been translated into both English and Indonesian. I wish I can read all the books but my Japanese skill is still far from being able to read a full grown-up novel (I can only read few Manga). Just like the first book, The Guardian of the Spirit, the main character is still the heroin Balsa with her amazing ability in spear combat. The Guardian of Darkness is better than The Guardian of The ...more
Dani Noviandi
Kali ini Balsa kembali ke negeri Kanbal, nnegeri kelahirannya untuk membersihkan nama baik ayah angkatnya, Jiguro. Nama Jiguro menjadi buruk di Kanbal gara-gara ia melarikan Balsa ketika Balsa berumur enam tahun, dan ia pun mencuri cincin dari Tombak Kanbal. Tombak Kanbal sendiri ialah para petarung ahli tombak yang menjadi pengawal Raja Kanbal. Kanbal ini terdiri dari sembilan klan, Balsa merupakan klan Yonsa, sedangkan Jiguro adalah klan Musa. Kakak dari Jiguro yaitu Kaguro ialah ketua klan Mu ...more
I initially watched the anime, which covers only the first book. When I realized this second book was going to take place in Kanbal, Balsa's homeland, and not include any of the characters introduced in the first book, I was a little slow and unmotivated to get started with this. Another thing that made it hard for me to get going was knowing that the other books in this series have not been translated into english, and as far as I know, they possibly never will be.

Still, I loved the book once
Luqman Hakim
Bagus banget.. seru.. bacanya cepet.. dan kalau d baca cepet = seru *muter2*

Balsa :love: :love: kembali ke negeri kelahirannya tanah Kanbal!

ngapain dia k sana, bukannya hanya membuka luka lama penghianatan Rogsamtot terhadap keluarganya?

Baca dulu bukunya.. ntar ngerti.. wkwkwkwk
pokoknya Balsa akhirnya bisa mencapai "sisi lain" dari emosinya selama ini yang tak tertahankan. *beuh salut buat Balsa... gw mana bisa nahan emosi kyk gitu... kalo jadi Balsa gw RATAIN tu keturunan2 Rogsamtot dan juga
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Candace Cunard for

This second book of the MORIBITO series follows female bodyguard Balsa as she returns from the land of New Yogo to her ancestral homeland of Kanbal, a land she has not seen since she was a young child. At the age of six, Balsa's father discovered a plot to murder the current king of Kanbal, and as a result, her father was murdered and his best friend fled the country with the young Balsa. This man, Jiguro, was responsible for protecting and raising
In this second book about the bodyguard Balsa, Uehashi really hits his stride. Tension is heightened throughout the novel by an old conspiracy, the remainders of which entangle Balsa from the opening of the novel. This is a story of high adventure in a unique and fascinating world. Adding to the forward momentum of the story is a mysterious and crucial ceremony at which the conspiracy will come to fruition or failure. The ceremony at the end of the novel becomes its key piece in more ways than o ...more
Barbara Steinhauser
What I learned? Packaging counts! I love the feel of this book, from typeface to texture. And the black and gray illustrations scattered throughout contribute continuity.

But none of this would matter had I not become caught up in the storyline. Moribito II has been called a "graphic novel in words" and its visual style definitely creates a believable world. Heroine Basho inhales and exhales, emotes and erupts on her first trip home since a trusted family friend and exceptional warrior stole her
Roxanne Hsu Feldman
It's probably 3.5 stars.. not quite 4 but definitely not just 3, either. Still liked it a lot and really enjoyed reading about Balsa's past and all the dealings with the inner demons. However, the book is definitely more self-reflective, more "telling" and less "showing" with many fewer action sequences. The imagery, though, is really strong. The underground cavern and icy cold river and the darkness are all tangible and leaving a strong impression.

And the book-making itself is so incredible. T
This graphic novel is similar to the first one in some ways: main character protects a teen boy, supernatural occurrences, strong class-ism, and an aboriginal tribe.

This sequel is more deeply emotional and less classically adventurous. The action at the end of the book is often curtailed. For example, in a four day journey, the beginning in in great detail, then the four days are summed up in a sentence. A little jarring (though a relief not to experience the unessential days in total detail).
Matthew Ma
An amazing book just like the previous book gardian of the spirit also another touching book just like it. balsa meets the spirit of her dead foster father and has to battle him.this book is based back in kanabul balsa's hometown.
This book proves that you don't have to have a 1000-page tome to create a wonderfully interesting world. Though short in comparison to most books that I read, I found myself drawn into a world that may not be in your face magical, but has a mythical feel to it in subtle and interesting ways that are always a delightful surprise. I really enjoyed Balsa as a character. Though strong physically, she also has a big heart and human emotions that make her very relatable. The other characters aren't le ...more
Many book series fails at their second issue, though, this "Moribito #2" is an exception. The people in the sorry are so vivid that separate books can be written for each chracter.
I can't believe this book went out of print!! And then Scholastic decided to stop producing more in the series!! *Cries*
Anne Barwell
This is the second book in the Moribito series and follows on directly from 'Guardian of the Spirit'. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even more so than the first as I didn't know what was going to happen. It was a good mix of drama, action and politics as was the first, with well fleshed out characters. It was interesting to see Balsa's homeland, and the differences between there and New Yogo, not only in physical terrain but how the beliefs and legends changed between different people's.

It's definte
While it took me a little longer to get into the story for this second volume (I already loved the main character, Balsa) I am certainly glad I read it. This book really helps to flesh out Balsa's history. The last half or third of the book flew by and was very compelling reading. I am just so, so sad that they have ceased to translate the rest of this series. I'm saddest because I won't get to continue Balsa's story, but I'm also sad because the translated editions were absolutely beautiful, wi ...more
Not as good as the first but still pretty great.
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Nahoko Uehashi is the author of ten books in the Moribito series, which have sold more than a million copies and won many major literary awards in her native Japan. An associate professor at a Japanese university, she has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and studies indigenous peoples in Australia. She lives near Tokyo, Japan.
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