Scaredy Squirrel (Scaredy Squirrel)
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Scaredy Squirrel (Scaredy Squirrel)

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  8,115 ratings  ·  425 reviews
Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his nut tree. It's way too dangerous out there. He could encounter tarantulas, green Martians or killer bees. But in his tree, every day is the same and if danger comes along, he's well-prepared. Scaredy Squirrel's emergency kit includes antibacterial soap, Band-Aids and a parachute. Day after day he watches and waits, and waits and watches, u...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published February 1st 2006 by Kids Can Press (first published January 10th 2006)
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Sep 04, 2011 Philip rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Philip by: Luann
I stole this style of review from Heather's (well, Heather's daughter's) fantastic review of Ladybug Girl at the Beach. Her review is a lot more... focused.

Interviewer/ Dad: What did you think about Scaredy Squirrel?

Eleanor: I thought it was good.

Gwennie: Scardey Squirrel's about scarey.

Dad: Ellie, why did you like it?

Eleanor: Because I wanted to. Why are you typing that?

Dad: Gwennie, did you like Scaredy Squirrel?

Gwennie: Yeah.

Dad: Why?

Gwennie: Because Scaredy is scarey scarey...

Dad: What happe...more
2010 Monarch Award master list
`From the flap copy: ‘Here’s the story, in a nutshell: I never leave my nut tree. It’s way too dangerous out there. I could encounter germs, poison ivy or sharks. If danger comes along, I’m prepared. I have antibacterial soap, Band-Aids and a parachute. But things really get shaken up later in the book when I’m forced out of my tree by a vicious intruder! Will I survive this ordeal? Will I undergo a life-changing experience? Will I discover my true inner self?’ No...more
Lisa Vegan
Aug 28, 2009 Lisa Vegan rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: adults, “older” kids who enjoy picture books, anyone who needs to broaden their horizons
This is adorable. I think young kids will get the gist but it helps to be older to understand all the inside information. This is one of those picture books (such as Oh, the Places You'll Go! ) that can make a great gift for adults.

I loved the smiling bees, although I’m not sure I’m particularly fond of the pictures, as I was in Watt’s Chester books. I’m afraid of bees. (Mélanie Watt is afraid of sharks.) Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of a lot of things, including some things that are outlandish (f...more
Jun 15, 2011 Luann rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Luann by: Lisa Vegan
Scaredy Squirrel is awesome! Scaredy Squirrel is also: predictable, prepared, organized, vigilant, adventurous, and unpredictable. By extension, Mélanie Watt must also be: predictable, prepared, organized, vigilant, adventurous, unpredictable and, most definitely, awesome!

I love that Scaredy Squirrel makes lists and tries his utmost to be prepared for the things that scare him. I also love how he responds when his life becomes a bit topsy-turvy!

Thanks so much to my GR friend Lisa for recommendi...more
Sep 08, 2009 Kathryn rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kathryn by: Abigail
Haha! SO amusing! I know the feeling; some days you just want to stay safe and sound in your tree--er, your home--and not worry about all the nasty things out there in the world. But, then, things would get a bit boring if you did that every day! This is the tale of how Scaredy Squirrel gets tired of his life of eating nuts and looking at the view from his tree, has a surprising adventure (will he even have to use his emergency kit?) and discovers that he may just have to vary his routine in the...more
The Turkeybird Speaks(My 3 year old son's POV): "This book is one of those that I just can't put down. My favorite is when my dad reads it, 'wake up, eat a nut, look at a view, eat a nut...', he just does such a good job! Scaredy Squirrel is one of those characters you love instantly, I mean, he's really a flying squirrel! He can fly! How cool is that? And he's afraid of bee's and I am not a fan at all. I once had one sting me and my thumb swelled up like a balloon! So of course you want to stay...more
Laura Lee Denby
Scaredy Squirrel is a beautifully written witty book about courage and knowing our fears.
The book is about a nervous squirrel who never ever leaves the safety of his little nut tree in to the dangerous realms of The Unknown! He is scared of many things, including germs, and indeed instructs us to wash our hands with antibacterial soap before reading any further! Scaredy Squirrel is scared of: green Martians, killer bees, tarantulas, poison ivy and sharks. Of course none of these creatures are in...more
My Kindergarten class looooves Scaredy Squirrel now. So much fun to read with them!
Jessie Bear
Scaredy Squirrel is a homebody, afraid to leave his tree for the vast unknown for fear of germs, killer bees, sharks, green Martians, etc. This delightful tale teaches kids about taking new chances or trying something new, but reads in a humorous rather than didactic tone. Scaredy Squirrel is an exaggerated character with strict routines and organized rational lists. He’s endearing to children and a memorable character. Scaredy Squirrel’s lists and diagrams also contribute to a unique storytelli...more
Brenna McEvitt
This book tells the tale of Scaredy Squirrel, who is so scared to leave his tree that he never experiences life. One day he finds himself out of his tree and is forced to face the world. This is a great book to teach theme with or to teach voice (since Scaredy Squirrel writes his own lists and speaks to the reader). Awards for this book include:
Black-Eyed Susan Award, Maryland Educational Media , winner
Children’s Choice Picture Book Award, Washington Library Media , shortlist
I was introduced to this book at library storytime. The librarians really like this book and the sequels, and the kids there get into it a lot.

Scaredy squirrel is afraid of... well... everything. Mostly the unknown. After all - it may contain sharks! Or germs! Or green martians! Or... KILLER BEES!!!!! So he just stays in his tree. He can eat a nut and look at the view, eat a nut and look at the view all day long. No excitement. No danger. Everything absolutely under control.

Until a killer bee ap...more
Rebecca Brown
This is a story about a very scared squirrel who never leaves his nut tree. He has lots of worries and fears about the unknown world outside his nut tree and is very conscious that germs are everywhere. He likes to think he is a well prepared squirrel with his emergency kit for if anything unexpected where to happen.

I really like this book, it’s very simple and easy to read but there are a lot of engaging pages to the book. It doesn’t read like the usual flow of a story, but has lists and diagra...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sometimes I wonder if there are certain children's books that pose as "picture books"... but are really secretly intended for us "big kids" and are only trying to get a giggle out of us. Because that is exactly what happened when all of us in the staff here at our library got a hold of this gem!

Written perhaps for a more detail-oriented crowd, Scaredy Squirrel is the tale of a most cautious, attentive squirrel who comes complete with his own set of fears, an affinity for weighing pros and cons,...more
Scaredy Squirrel is mostly content in his lovely, safe treetop where he can avoid the many things he's afraid to encounter (i.e. bees, poison ivy, sharks). He's super prepared for any and every eventuality with his trusty plan and emergency kit. He feels pretty secure. Of course when he is detailing how wonderfully prepared he is, things don't go to plan and Scaredy Squirrel is forced to leave his secure home. Fortunately, even without his detailed plan and many emergency items, Scaredy Squirrel...more
The kids LOVES this book about a neurotic, overprepared squirrel who learns to let go a bit, and I kind of do too.
Jul 13, 2010 dee rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Scaredy cats
Recommended to dee by: Kathy Manning, keep them coming
Shelves: children-s-books
This is one scared squirrel. I wish my neighboring squirrels would stay in their trees. He is afraid of everything. I love how he makes lists. Here are a few things he is afraid of: tarantulas (me too), germs, killer bees (me too) and sharks (me too). I wonder how many sharks he runs into? He shows the advantages and disadvantages of leaving his safe haven. We see his daily routine, boring. But rest assured, he is prepared if he decides to leave. He's got it all covered. Will he leave his safety...more
Edward Creter
This book is SO SWEEEEET! Right up there with the Splat the Cat series for unbearable sweetness and cuteness. these are the types of books that have made me a MAN! And now I love Scaredy! Scaredy is a nice, humble squirrel but so SCARED of the unknown...he doesn't know how nice the world can be. The unrealistic "nice world" is, in the words of Soundgarden, the "Superunknown" which makes up the Love of the Universe. But Scaredy is almost too scared to try...almost, that is, until he gets enough c...more
A fun little picture book about a squirrel who is afraid to venture out of his nut tree. He is so afraid of the unknown, that he creates an emergency kit and an action plan ready to enforce if anything goes wrong. But when a "killer bee" arrives at his tree, things suddenly go very wrong, and the orderly plans have to change. I love this silly squirrel and can't wait to read my kids the rest of the books about him :).
Stacy Slater
"Awesome!' cried my six-year-old daughter when I presented her with her very own copy of Scaredy Squirrel. It's currently number one on her class's favorites list, and with good reason. We laughed ourselves silly at Scaredy Squirrel's emergency kit and reluctance to leave his tree, then cheered his bravery at finally leaping from said tree into the UNKNOWN.
Camille Ryckman
Scaredy Squirrel
Brief summary A squirrel is afraid of everything and prepares for the worst, until she finds out the worst isn’t so bad.
Annotation - This is a delightful book that kids will enjoy reading for the content as well as the illustrations. Scaredy squirrel is pretty cute, especially when she plays dead, with one eye open. It shows kids that although they might not know what is out there it is probably not so bad.
Age appropriateness - 3-7 years old
Connection to six early literacy skills...more
Sally Spratt
One of my new favorites, "Scaredy Squirrel", by Mélanie Watt. What's not to love about a squirrel who is afraid of the unknown is always prepared with a handy emergency kit.

Scaredy prefers to live in the same day to day routine and in the safety of his nut tree. He's afraid of killer bees, martians, poison ivy and germs. Life in his nut tree is predictable and safe.

Find out what happens when Scaredy Squirrel ventures out of his daily routine and experiences a little trouble which in the end turn...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Nov 02, 2007 Allison rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: kids from 3 to 81
If ever there was a children's book written for me, this was it. I should give it to my niece when she is old enough, but maybe i won't. Meet Scaredy Squirrel
A cute story about a neurotic squirrel. Andy laughed so hard at the page that says "9:37 am. A Killer bee arrives" I thought he might stop breathing. I'll definitely look for more by this author.
Inspired Kathy
I should have read this book before reading Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach. I liked this one a lot better and think I would enjoy the beach story much more after having read this one.
Morgan Beveridge
I loved this book. I thought it was so cute how the begging page said to wash your hands before reading. I really liked how my professor read the book too. She made it come to life!
I love this book! I read it to my class today, and we compared it to "Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things." Great discussion!
Rosa Cline
The pictures in this book makes a child(ren) want to pay attention and listen. The drawings are clear and not jumbled, although some of the pages are kind of overwhelming as some are drawn similar to comic books which is why I rated this book a little lower. (But I'm not a true fan of comic book layouts. Makes it harder to read.) The over all story helps children to understand that change can be a good thing and even if you are anxious about the 'unknown' things do work out to be okay. That's wh...more
Destiny Dawn Long
A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to review Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween, which was my first exposure to this delightfully neurotic squirrel. So, when I saw this volume on the shelf at the library, I knew I had to check it out.

As expected, it has the same adorable and hilarious drawings. There are diagrams, charts, and plans included throughout, which add a fun dimension to the story. One of the things that makes the illustrations particularly funny to me is how the thing...more
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