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Kitten's First Full Moon
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Kitten's First Full Moon

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  14,704 ratings  ·  1,230 reviews
When Kitten mistakes the full moon for a bowl of milk, she ends up tired, wet, and hungry trying to reach it.
32 pages
Published (first published March 2nd 2004)
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Simple, sweet story with Caldecott-winning cuddly charcoal style artwork about a kitten who, in her wide-eyed innocence, mistaken a full moon for a bowl of milk. The ensuing adventure is full of mistakes and disappointment but a welcome treat is waiting for her at the end of it all!
I have been reading Kevin Henkes’ works ever since I was a child and every one of his children’s books always featured mice as the main characters. Well, imagine my surprise when I finally found a book by Kevin Henkes that was about a cat! “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is a Caldecott Medal award winning book by Kevin Henkes and it is about a small kitten who tries to grab a bowl of milk in the sky (the moon!) “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is a truly cute book that every child would definitely love for ...more
Sarah Sammis
Kittens First Full Moon is written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes and is a Caldecott Medal Winner (2005). In black and white line drawings it tells the story of a young kitten out to explore during a full moon. Unfortunately for the young cat the moon looks like a big bowl of cream.

The illustrations are done in the style of a graphic novel or manga. They are bold, expressive and could easily carry the story without the text. Sometimes my daughter just likes to leaf through the book to admire th
Rachel Lizan
Description: Kitten witnesses her first full moon and beings a quest to catch what she thinks is a giant bowl of milk in the sky.

Genre: This picture book is fiction

Intended Audience: Preschool - 1st Grade

Curriculum Connection: Because of the obstacles and surprises that kitten faces, I would use this book to show children how to make predictions. As each new situation presents itself to kitten, I would stop and have students guess the outcome. After the first few, their predictions will become m
Casey Brock
Grade Level: (K-1) Beginning K would be able to listen and then eventually read and 1 would be able to read independently.

Henkes uses interesting artistic angles in the story. His lack of color provides a nice night time atmosphere. It allows the reader to focus mainly on the kitten and the moon, the two basic things in the story. Also, the moon seems to grow and get larger each page as the kitten appears to try to get closer to the moon. The thick blank lines give the story a child-like, fun a
Teneka Howland
(Pre-K - 1st grade)

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this book. The text was big and easy to read. The simple repetition of this book made some parts predictable. The author's use of dynamic balance was visible throughout the book as well. The pictures in this book were made using many simple, geometric shapes. I think that the author's choice of black and white pictures complimented this book well. There were also parts in the story where each step kitten made was detailed in the pictures. Thi
Kitten’s First Full Moon is about a kitten that mistakenly thinks the full moon is a big bowl of milk; after several tries that all end in disappointment; kitten finds a happy ending waiting for her after all. Readers will quickly become enamored by kitten in this charming and entertaining book about determination, disappointment, and finally reward. The illustrations are all black and white consisting of bold outlines paired with light to heavy shading. Some of the illustrations are done using ...more
Roger DeBlanck
Kevin Henkes’ Kitten’s First Full Moon won the Caldecott Award in large part for its mesmerizing use of colors. This book possesses a brilliant sparkle and glow—it’s done entirely in black, white, silver, and gray. Henkes perfectly contrasts these four colors to animate the book with an experience of beholding a full moon. Then he adds an adorable white kitten in this setting, and the story is ready to roll. The kitten sees the full moon as a bowl of milk. She wishes to have a drink, so she leap ...more
Amanda Toombs
Genre: Picture book—Other

Summary: A kitten sees her first full moon one night and believes it is a bowl of milk. She tries extremely hard to get what she thought was the milk but only fails time after time. Upset, the little kitten goes back home, where there is a bowl of milk waiting for her.
a. As being a picture book and a 2005 Caldecott winner, of course the greatest strength of this book is the black and white illustrations. These illustrations are very different from any of the
Have you ever wanted anything that is just a little out of your reach? If so, “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is the perfect book for you. This children’s picture book is about a little kitten that sees its first full moon. The kitten believes the moon is a bowl of milk and will go to great lengths to get the milk. As you can imagine, the kitten encounters some difficulties in this task. Henkes uses both humor and sensitivity to tell this story about a lovable kitten.

My understanding of the overall
Jaclyn Giordano
Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes was the 2005 Caldecott Medal winner. I gave this book five stars. This picture book is intended for readers from preschool to grade two but its themes are universal. The book follows kitten in her many attempts to find that big bowl of milk, which happens to be the moon. She runs, she jumps, she climbs, but to no avail. However, when finally returning home, she finds that dish of milk waiting for her, and she is happy. This book symbolizes our determinat ...more
Do you remember the first full moon you ever saw? While many people may not have the same experience as Kitten, I am sure different thoughts run through your head about what it was, shining in the sky. Kitten’s First Full Moon is the story of a little kitten’s imagination and desire for a bowl of milk. While the illustrations and simple text are in black and white, Kevin Henkes sharply animates the little kitten’s chase for the bowl of milk in the sky. His use of light vocabulary and minimal tex ...more
I've been babysitting my 5-year-old cousin Mary Jane a lot more than usual lately and this has definitely been her favorite bedtime book. I actually enjoyed the story as well and it's been quite fun to read to her. The illustrations are beautiful and the kitten is adorable. It held Mary Jane's attention every time we reread it - no interruptions or questions about how she can postpone bedtime just a little bit more, so yay for that. I'm not good at reading into children's books to get a deeper m ...more
Cierra Garrison
Personal reaction:
I picked this book out because of it’s Caldecott award and because I love Kevin Henkes as an author and illustrator. I was a little skeptical of it being illustrated all in black and white, but surprisignly I thought it really added to the story. Even thought this book is definitely a beginning level, I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Kitten as she continuously tried to obtain the unobtainable. Although this book is designated for younger students, children of all ages will
Raegan Young
Kitten is sitting on the stairs looking out at the moon. She thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky. She is sad she cannot get to it so she tries every way to get to the bowl. She reaches and chases but it is always too far away. She climbs up trees and looks down to see an even bigger bowl of milk, when in reality it is the reflection on the water, amplified to look like an even bigger bowl of milk. She jumps down and gets soaking wet. Kitten decides to go home and call it a night. Once she get ...more
Markie Wise
This Caldecott winner is truly an amazing read! A Kitten, the main character, has quite the imagination, she sees a bowl of milk everywhere! In the moon, in the pond, and even on her own front porch. After a long adventure and high hopes, she comes to find that the bowl of milk that she sees in the moon and pond are unfortunately not bowls of milk, but just a moon and a pond. She is rewarded at the end by the bowl of milk she sees on the front porch, indeed being what she perceives it as.

This s
Madison Niksich
Henkes, K. (2004). Kitten's first full moon. New York, New York: Greenwillow Books.

This story is about the adventure a young kitten had when she saw her first full moon. Kitten thought the full moon looked like a giant bowl of milk so she chased after it. The closer she got to it, the farther away it seemed to be getting. Kitten climbed a tree to get closer but became scared. She looked down and saw a giant bowl of milk right below her. Little did she know that it was just a giant lake. Kitten b
Leslie Nunez
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this book. The text was big and easy to read. The simple repetition of this book made some parts predictable. The author's use of dynamic balance was visible throughout the book as well. This book is about A kitten sees her first full moon one night and believes it is a bowl of milk. She tries extremely hard to get what she thought was the milk but only fails time after time. Upset, the little kitten goes back home, where there is a bowl of milk waiting for her ...more
Megan Cureton
The first time a kitten ever saw a full moon, she thought there was a little bowl of milk in the sky and she wanted it. She stuck out her tongue to taste it, but all she came up with was a bug. She even tried to jump for the bowl of milk, but fell down the stairs and bumped her nose and ear. So she tried to chase the bowl, but she never came close. She even climbed up a tree to get closer, but then got stuck at the top of the tree. She looked down and sat an even bigger bowl on the pond. She jum ...more
Anna Lawrence
Personal Reaction:
I really enjoyed this book because it taught a special lesson in a very simple way. The lesson it taught was that if you really want something and you work hard to get it, it will come to you. I can really relate to this because I am a big believer of the Law of Attraction, so when the kitten wanted a bowl of milk because she saw the moon that is what she was attracting, and when she got home there was a bowl of milk waiting for her. I also really liked the illustrations in the
The sweet little kitten thinks she sees a bowl of milk in the sky and she wants it, but has no way to get it. She tries and tries to get the milk, but it just doesn't happen. All along the moon has been the little bowl of milk. The story has a happy ending when she finally gets her bowl of milk. The theme for the story is to keep on trying and never give up.
Activity: Supplies: milk (whole or 2%), dinner plate, food coloring (red, yellow, green, blue), dish-washing soap, cotton swab
Dover Public Library Readers Advisory
Kitten’s First Full Moon tells the tale of a young kitten who, upon seeing her first full moon, is convinced it is a bowl of milk. The story follows Kitten’s struggles as she tries in vain to reach the always just-out-of-reach bowl of milk. She tries to leap towards it, she tries to reach it by climbing a tree, she even goes after its reflection in a pond. But the story ends happily – when Kitten returns home she finds a real bowl of milk waiting for her on the steps.

Recommendation: This sweet a
Genre: Picture Book / Fiction

The first thing I noticed with this picture book was the illustrations. Each page is illustrated using charcoal and thick black lines that complement the cat and the moon. Kitten’s First Full Moon is about a kitten thinking the moon is a giant bowl of milk and she sets off on a little adventure to get some of that milk. I think the main theme for this story is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” The kitten remains so persistent to get the milk all the
Alex Roth
Kevin Henkes created this sweet and simple story about a young Kitten with dreams of getting to the moon. This young Kitten mistakes the moon for a large bowl of milk and works all night to try to get this bowl of milk. For a young child this book is very silly and fun to read because the children know that the moon is not a bowl of milk but find it funny that the kitten thinks this.

I really like that this book is in black and white only, I think that it really makes the book stand out from oth
This would be a good book for children just beginning how to read and interpret illustrations. Outside on the stairs, Kitten looks up at the night sky. When she saw the moon, she thought it was a bowl of milk up there, but she could not get to it. She tries chasing it by climbing up a tree, then looking down she notices a bigger bowl of milk. This was really a puddle with the moon’s reflection so she got all wet when landing in it. She goes back to the steps where an actual bowl of milk was wait ...more
Heather Hilliker
Kitten’s First Full Moon (Henkes, 2004) is a sweet and easy read for all, but especially the young, to enjoy. In this tale by Kevin Henkes (2004), a young kitten sets out to reach the moon, which she thinks is a large milk bowl. The author-illustrator uses only black, white, and grey to depict his story, and yet, his choice to exclude color only adds to the image of nightfall. Kitten’s First Full Moon (Henkes, 2004) allows the kitten to be brought to life with shading, and the use of lines, sinc ...more
The illustrations throughout this story were very unique in that it was all black and white. I thought it was a very simplistic way to portray the story line without distracting the intended reader. In progressing through the text I thought the representation of the milk actually being the moon was a fun additive to the novel because I think a lot of children have misconceptions of the moon and their thoughts of its ever changing location. I liked the detail that was provided throughout the kitt ...more
Muhuawu wu
I don't know how a person goes about making a black and white picture book appear to shimmer and shine, but somehow or other author Kevin Henkes does it. Having decided to conquer the world of cats as well as the world of mice (if this statement confuses you a single glimpse of "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" should explain what I mean), Henkes has shifted his focus squarely on a small hungry kitten. Inviting child audiences to simultaneously pity and scoff (nicely) at its small mistaken heroine, ...more
Emily Nunez-Eddy
Kevin Henkes, author of "Birds", produces another wonderful tale with "Kitten's First Full Moon". When a little kitten sees the moon and mistakes it for a BIG bowl of milk, the kitten goes on a long journey to find his amazing bowl of milk. When the long journey seems to have no end... will anyone help the little kitten?
Henkes illustrations tend to be simple in general, but the simplicity of his illustrations are furthered in his choice to use only black and white media in this book. Although ma
Madison Hays
Kitten's First Full Moon is written by Kevin Henkes. It is a simple, sweet story about a little kitten who sees his first full moon. He looks at it and thinks it looks like a giant bowl of milk! He won't stop until he gets it. He tries and tries to reach it but he just ends up tired, hungry and sad. The little kitten is having terrible luck but something might come around and fix that!

The illustrations in this story are not very complex. They are all done in black and white with some shadows. T
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Kevin Henkes became an author/illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.
Today he's the author of many award-winning picture books and novels.
More about Kevin Henkes...
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