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Metro 2033 (METRO, #1)
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Metro 2033 (МЕТRО #1)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  10,106 ratings  ·  737 reviews
The year is 2033. The world has been reduced to rubble. Humanity is nearly extinct. The half-destroyed cities have become uninhabitable through radiation. Beyond their boundaries, they say, lie endless burned-out deserts and the remains of splintered forests. Survivors still remember the past greatness of humankind. But the last remains of civilisation have already become...more
Paperback, 764 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2005)
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Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk
The Russians have a skill in writing apocalyptic, nightmarish stories. You only have to read the Strugatsky Brothers' "Roadside Picnic" (or watch the film version, "Stalker"), Gansovsky's "A Day of Wrath" or watch Lopushansky's amazing "Letters From A Dead Man" to realise that they understand what it is to live on the edge of the abyss.
Claustrophobic, dark cul-de-sacs of danger and terror, "Metro 2033" is a world of uncertainties and fear, hung on the fringes between survival and death. Criminal...more
Lilla Smee
I really wanted to like this book. Everything about it promised so much! The setting is the Moscow metro system in the year 2033. Above ground, it appears that humanity has been wiped out by nuclear war. The survivors live entirely in the underground tunnel system; stations have evolved into microcosms of the old social and political systems of Russia. The inhabitants are now into the second generation, and Glukhovsky touches on some of the adaptive changes humans have undergone as a result of l...more
Dirk Grobbelaar
Welcome to the post apocalyptic world of Metro 2033. It’s a grim and depressing existence, this. This novel conveys a claustrophobic atmosphere rarely felt. Everything in this underworld has a dreamy (nightmarish) quality about it. Consider: perpetual darkness except for signal fires and faint red emergency lighting at some stations. And if you’re travelling, don’t forget your pocket flashlight.

So what’s the story? Well, the apocalypse has come and gone. Somebody pushed the button, and only the...more
Surprisingly monotonous novel. Reading it it becomes obvious that postapocalyptic setting, strange events and bizarre creatures are not enough for a good novel. The structure is repetitive, there is no overall development of main character's psyche, except at the very end, too late, I'm afraid. Events are arbitrary, there are too many unnecessary descriptions of metro stations and reader looses himself in all the mentioned tunnels. Women play no important role, there is none, except for some hys...more
William Blackwell
After reading Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033, I felt compelled to offer a review. Frankly it is the best post-apocalyptic sci-fi I have ever read. While some things may get lost in translation, and it has a lot of typos, for me it did not detract from Artyom's epic struggle to reach Polis from the subway station of VDNKh and deliver the message that the dark ones are invading the station and the future of the entire metro population is at risk.

Set in the year 2033, it depicts mankind's struggle...more
This is one of the best post-apocalyptic novels I've ever read. It's got a fair amount of action, but it is by no means dominated by it. There is plenty of Eastern European introspection and philosophy here to balance out the monsters and fire-fights. Lots of suspense too. The story is top-notch and Artyom is a very identifiable protagonist who develops quite a bit throughout the story.

I had to knock off a star for some really really sloppy editing. It seemed like every few pages there was a rep...more
People, you say? No, my friend, they are beasts. They are a pack of jackals. They were preparing to tear us apart. And they would have. But they forgot one thing. They are jackals but I am a wolf.

Most people who come to Metro 2033 probably do so after playing the excellent video game adaptation (you can see the trailer here). The game is an immersive first person shooter with great atmosphere, and has received very favorable reviews. I completed it once, and would like to do so again one day. T...more
Aug 26, 2014 David rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Mutants in the metro, Dark Ones, Commies and Nazis in the post-apocalypse
A nuclear war in 2013 wiped out most of the population of the world, and the remnants living underground in the Moscow subway tunnels believe they are the only humans left alive. Each station in the old metro is now its own little city-state. The main character, a young man named Artyom, is sent on a quest to another station. Along the way, he meets Nazis, Communists, Satanists, monks, cannibals, cultists, flying monsters, and mutants. The ending is ironic and grim, as befits a Russian novel tak...more
Casey Hampton
While listening to this audiobook, I jotted down a few phrases that sprang to the forefront of my consciousness.

* Good writing
* Elegant exposition
* Predominantly solid pacing – turns suspect at the end
* Nice management of tension – slackens at climax
* Strong atmosphere - establishes dark and closed-in spaces
* Fantastic narrator - Rupert Degas nails the reading

Without question, I recommend this book. I strongly suggest you listen to the audiobook. You might feel a little bummed at the end, but th...more
Doğan Kaytan
Üzüldüm nan... Sonunu böyle beklemiyordum... Morallerim bozuldu...

Olay Moskova metrosunda geçiyor. Kitabın adından da anlaşılacağı gibi yıl 2033, insanlık ya da insanlıktan geriye kalanlar herneyse, Moskova'nın metrolarına sığınıyorlar. Küçük küçük gruplara ayrılan insanlar değişik istasyonlarda kendilerine ait devletler kuruyorlar. Sadece mantarlar yosunlar ve sıçanlarla beslenip, değişik gruplarda ise insan yeyip, solucanlara/şeytanlara tapmalar gibisinden dinler/kültürler doğuyor.

Kitabın sev...more
Eric Piotrowski
I began reading this book several months ago, since I'm eager to play the video game that was recently adapted from it. I expected to get a standard post-apocalyptic adventure novel, and this is what I got -- for 80% of the book. The other 20% is filled with bleak philosophizing and clouds of uncertainty that creep around the main character, like the weird sounds and unsettling environs of the dessicated metro itself.

Then, in the last ten pages, this wave of conceptualization leaps out of the sh...more

Absolutely loved this book. I loved how complex the side characters were - I was always torn between excitement that the plot was moving on and sadness that I didn't have time to learn more about everyone, they're that interesting.
The plot itself never goes where you expect it to, always unseating you whenever you start to feel "comfortable" and it never lets you guess where it's going.
I loved the complexity of the metro system. This does mean that the book is...more
Ksenia Klykova
As some people pointed out, the book indeed have some too long, tedious parts that sometimes you just feel like skipping.

Only sometimes. Because some of the descriptive parts are actually key to the book. The story takes place in a post-atomic world, a situation completely new both for humanity (or the remains of it) pictured in the book and the reader. People dominion has been reduced to the dark and often dangerous tunnels of the underground and its stations. They had been forced to survive on...more
Paul Nelson
Metro 2033 ***1/2

I wanted so much to like this book, after all it spawned a fantastic game and soon to be realized film(hopefully sooner rather than later) that MGM have bought the rights to. The concept of the story is excellent and one of the best post-apocalyptic ideas and atmospheres I have read but the story itself is overlong and fails to build any tension mainly due to being fleshed out almost ridiculously so in parts.

The story is set twenty years after the planet was ruined by nuclear wa...more
RATING: 3.5 stars.

Num futuro não muito distante, no seguimento de uma guerra desastrosa que destruiu o mundo, o que resta da Humanidade vive no subsolo para se proteger da radiação e de criaturas de pesadelo que substituíram o Homem no topo da cadeia alimentar. Alguns milhares de pessoas sobrevivem, a custo, no metro de Moscovo sem saberem se são os últimos da sua raça. Quando a estação de VDNKh se vê ameaçada por estranhas criaturas mutantes, um jovem, Artyom, é mandado através dos escuros e mi...more

No. Interesting concept that wasn't used to its fullest.

Boring main character - don't care what happens to him or what he has to say and what he thinks.

Awful, boring, unengaging language. The dialogue was laughable, the writing all in all was... meh. I don't know how much it is due to the translator but, didn't work at all.

Info dumps. While it is necessary to present the metro and the stations and the like it was confusing and not done very well.

Too much babbling and rambling of unimpo...more
It is the year 2033, and people are both forgetting who they are and remembering what they could be.
Not an easy read, certainly not in the first 150 pages or so, but later on it proves a very good post-apocalyptic SF, exceptionally written. Plenty of action and plenty of introspection, and a character that continues to evolve in such a natural way that it never seems forced, never pushed too far. Some passages are even so full with suspense that you'll find yourself holding on to the book as if...more
Αυτό που εκτιμάω στους Ρώσους και γενικά το "Σοβιετικό Φάνταζυ" (πχ το Night Watch ή το The Last Wish) είναι το πως μεταφέρουν το φανταστικό μακριά από την Αγγλοσαξονική νοοτροπία και το εντάσουν σε ένα πιο κυνικό weltanschauung.
Ο Glukhovsky δεν αποτελεί εξαίρεση, αν και στην αρχή φαίνεται ότι έχει πάρει παραμάσχαλα τον Άρχονα των Δακτυλιδιών και τον έχει πετάξει στο μεταποκαλυπτικό Ρώσικο μετρό.
Το στόρυ έχει ως εξής: Ο Gandalf Ένας Στάλκερ επισκέπτεται σταθμό στον οποίο μαύροι μη-άνθρωποι από τ...more
“Lord, what a splendid world we ruined...” grumbled the old man near Artyom, a young man in his twenties who had never seen the surface or felt the warm touch of sunlight on his skin.
The year is 2033, Moscow is in tatters after a nuclear war many years earlier poisoned the air forcing the last of the humans to live in dark metro stations.
The older survivors still remember a world before humans destroyed it and live with pain and a longing for the old world more than anything. The only light...more
Das Buch hat mich von Anfang an gepackt. Ich grusel mich aber auch schnell im Dunkeln, daher waren für mich die Beschreibungen der dunklen Tunnelsysteme sehr beängstigend.

Artjom ist ein sympathischer Jedermann, ich konnte ihn immer gut verstehen. Er ist aber auch über sich hinaus gewachsen, denn die Schrecken in den Tunneln sind nicht leicht zu verarbeiten. Ohne großen Horror schafft es der Autor eine durchgängige unheimliche Stimmung zu halten.
Einen Gedanken von Artjom muss ich hier unbedingt...more
There is a great idea here (metro), a very good atmosphere, but dynamics, deeper characters and removal of cliches and deus ex machina is necessary to bring this to a higher level.

(view spoiler)...more
man. this book started off s00000 well. a quest! who doesn't love a story about a quest. it is one of our oldest and most popular frameworks for stories be it opera, film, poem or story. and what a premise. the last of the Moscow population living (ala Beneath the Planets of the Apes) in the metro stations and tunnels beneath the bombed out radio-active remains of the city. so what went wrong on me? warning there be spoilers ahead. not completely give the ending away and ruin the whole story spo...more
The premise of Metro 2033 is excellent, and the ultimate conclusion of the story (the last 10 pages), though treading on an overused SF trope, could have added an excellent undercurrent to the plot. Yet, in-between the opening and the ending, there is over 400 pages of, well, nothing. After introducing the setting, the main character, Artyom, is sent on a quest by someone he just met, for reasons which are not elaborated upon, to the ultimate purpose of doing...something. That's a great way to s...more
Will Sharland
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Debbie van der Zande
Uitgeverij Glagoslav is nieuw in Nederland, maar ze beginnen allerminst voorzichtig. Gloechovski's Metro 2033 had zich al bewezen in het thuisland, maar dat is niet altijd een garantie op succes in een klein landje als Nederland. Zeker niet met een ellenlange politieke en historische introductie van de fictionele wereld in Metro 2033. De Russische namen worden opgesomd, terwijl de vertelstem doorratelt over de totstandkoming van de triestigheid van het nu, in 2033. Wel een beetje heftig, die eer...more
Godina je 2033-ća, i nakon nuklearnog rata, malobrojno preživelo stanovništvo Moskve spas je pronašlo u moskovskom metrou. Tu su ponovo uspeli da izgrade neku vrstu društvene zajednice, živeći po stanicama metroa, reflektujući u ovom mikrokosmosu nekadašnje podele po političkoj, profesionalnoj i verskoj osnovi... stanice postaju mini-države, ujedinjujući se u saveze ili ratujući među sobom, dok se nad metro nadvija opasnost od najezde mutiranih bića sa površine - crnih... mladi Artem, sa stanice...more
Robert Slaven
As post-apocalyptic dystopias go, Metro 2033 is probably the darkest and most frightening I've ever read. Humans struggling to survive in a harsh environment and surrounded by threats ranging from mutated humans to rats to entirely new weird life forms is one thing. But add in the supernatural/psychological threats, and you're left with a setting that is darker than dark. The story is rich, detailed, very believable but also always new and thrilling and leaving you with many exciting "WTF?" mome...more
A tale with a very interesting premise that fails to deliver.

having played the game of the same name, I was interested to see if the book was just as good (or better, as they usually are) than its screen twin. It was not.

The story is filtered through the eyes of Artyom, our noble(?) Russian protagonist on a journey through the post-apocalyptic underground metro tunnels, now turned into settlements populated by survivors from the surface. Artyom is exactly what you would want him to be...and by...more
For a book that's translated into English, Metro 2033 is surprisingly easy to read. The story as a whole flows nicely from chapter to chapter, and as far as apocalyptic fiction goes, the underground world that the author constructed is believable, even though some of the super natural happenings are borderline absurd. However, for folks who found the video game version first, don't expect too much action in the book. The book version of the story reads more like a introduction to atheism and mys...more
Es izlasīju Dmitrija Glukhovska darbu "Metro 2033". Šo darbu man ieteica izlasīt cilvēks, kurš pats šo grāmatu ir izlasījis vairākas reizes un pēc visām pozitīvajām lietām, kuras viņš teica par šo grāmatu, beidzot es pats izlēmu izlasīt to. Šīs grāmatas žanrs ir novele un tās notikumi pārsvarā norisinās Krievijas pilsētas metro.
Šīs grāmatas notikumi sākas ar kodolsprādzienu, kurš iznīcina lielu daļu Krievijas iedzīvotāju. Šis kodolsprādziens iznīcināja gandrīz visus Krievijas iedzīvotājus. Spr...more
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Dmitry Glukhovsky (Russian: Дмитрий Глуховский) is a professional Russian author and journalist. Glukhovsky started in 2002 by publishing his first novel, Metro 2033, on his own website to be viewed for free. The novel has later become an interactive experiment, drawing in many readers, and has since been made into a video game for the Xbox 360 console and PC. Glukhovsky is known in Russia for his...more
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