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Gantz /1 (Gantz #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  3,736 ratings  ·  112 reviews
Kurono y Katô, que supuestamente habían muerto al ser arrollados en la vía del metro, aparecen bruscamente en una habitación de un misterioso apartamento. Una vez allí, una extraña esfera negra de naturaleza desconocida ordena a Kurono y a los demás que vayan en pos del extraterrestre cebollense... Así pues, los protagonistas se ven obligados a ir a la caza del cebollense ...more
Paperback, Colección Seinen Manga, 192 pages
Published 2002 by Ediciones Glénat España (first published December 11th 2000)
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There are just too many women in manga created for sexual gratification, and it is just gross. I just started reading Gantz, due to commentaries like “The one we all love”, ”The amazing plot”, or ”A great atmosphere”. But then I find out the interesting and creative plot is not even the most important part, because there is just too much emphasis in female nudity and in first sexual experiences and in rape. Which amazes me: are people really consuming the erotic fantasies of a man (who poorly di ...more
Mayank Agarwal
Had a marathon reading all 383 chapters in one go- took me two days. The manga can be divided in three Arcs and i will give different ratings to them

Arc 1- (rating -5/5) - Original concept- starts off slow but the interesting plot with the beautiful art keeps you hooked. The battle scenes are unique in being clean and well drawn (normally battle scenes in manga are just plain bad).Loved the Buddha battle scenes. Add in the character development, love angles , suspense , story - we end up with a
The French may have said “Make love, not war” but then Gantz appeared and said “Why not do both”…

Gantz is one of my favorite dark sci-fis and I gladly suggest it to everyone who likes this sort of themes. The characters are all unmoral and carnal, violent and devoid of sympathy, a bunch of miserable cowards and horny creeps instead of idealistic super-powered kids. It is both a plus and a minus, depending on what types of people you want as a main cast. I personally have gotten fed up with the
Stuff I Read - Gantz Vol 1 by Hiroya Oku Review

This manga was weird. I mean that in both positive and negative ways, because strangeness can definitely be entertaining and fun, but there is also a rather frustrating part of the weirdness, because I had no idea what was going on for most of the volume. Or maybe all of the volume. It's really odd. And it's very violent and a bit senseless and the characters aren't entirely formed, but I'm getting ahead of myself. This was a strange volume of manga
N.M. Martinez
This is the strangest series. I started reading it, and I can't put it down! manga doesn't usually catch me that way, especially when there's a lot of action involved.

But Gantz is so strange. The best I can figure this is what's caught me:

1. Great action scenes. Yes, they're bloody, but they're always clear. No exposition is ever needed.

2. An interesting mystery. What the hell is going on here? The main character learns a lot along the way, but it's never THE answer that he's looking for.

3. The
Masakr. Všemi postavami kromě jedné opovrhuju. Sakra, jak já chci ty zmetky z Triády, tu blond fuchtli, zdegenerovaného učitele, nadrženého puberťáka, vypatlanou nahou sebevražedkyni i toho úchylného psa přivázat k židli a pořádně je spráskat! Ten Cibulový klučina byl příliš roztomilý!
First an advice to those who would have a thought of reading Gantz: This manga is full of gore, violence and sexual explicit scenes.

There are several reasons why I decided to pick Gantz.

1. The film adaptation of this manga has two of the Japanese actors/idols that I like - Ninomiya Kazunari (from JPOP band Arashi) and Kenichi Matsuyama (one who played L of Deathnote and Senechi/Kauser of Detroit Metal City).

2. Its a seinen manga like Battle Royale.

3. Its science fiction.

So the first volume of
Most probably the best manga I have ever read. The story, the pacing, the action, the drama, the suspense, and the drawing. All those elements are beautifully woven and intricately laid. I have been following the series for 13 years and will be waiting for as long as it takes to read it until the end. The main story is simply like this: An alien invasion of epic proportion is threatening the entire world. The human race needs to prepare for the worst possible future by designing a machine, Gantz ...more
Pri Assis
I confess that when I bought this first volume, no idea what it was ... it. And remember I was in the vibe of new interpretations and new manga, and bought many other manga that same vibe throughout the blog, I'm showing you ... of course !!!

The story is pure blood even, which means that the reading is much faster. Not to mention that the story is very crazy ... even. The guys who die in the "real world" are taken to a room containing a sphere, and this sphere is what controls the entire "game".
My guilty pleasure. The lure of it is just so great that I was able to start from Chapter 1 and in less than a month catch up with the latest chapter (around 210 at that time). Yes, it's not that text heavy but it's still no light feat as I have other things to do (play video games, work, play video games :p). Oku is just so brave exploring a lot of concepts and he doesn't hold back on scenarios a typical author would try to keep away from (that may complicate the story too much).
Candice M (tinylibrarian)
Meh. Will definitely appeal to fans of violence, gore, action and tons of FANSERVICE. The main character is basically a sexist jerk and looks down on the "idiot" that tried to save a girl from raped. It is marked "For Mature Readers" on the back cover and some copies have stickers that say "Parental Advisory" on the front.

Personally, that's not my cup of tea, but I'm sure it will circulate like crazy if you add it to your collection.
Violent and graphic, but very well done. Unfortunately, this is only the first volume and it is the very beginning of the story whereas in Japan, where the series is ongoing, the story is quite far along. Note to those who watched the anime based on this: Some of the content in the first volume is different than the television show.
Seen the anime, this is the 1st time reading the manga. Seeing the anime I know the gist of what I'm gonna be seeing. Violence, blood, nudity, etc. all things I don't mind seeing in manga! This is not a pg-13 type of series or for anyone that's prudish! That said, I just finished the first chapter and of course loved it. I'm not gonna review every single chapter/book since there's almost 400 :) but will do my star ratings as I read them. Whenever I read all that there is I'll do a big review the ...more
This is a solid introduction with a very intriguing concept. We meet our young protagonist, Kei, along with his childhood friend Kato at the moment of their death. Kei is introduced as an Everyman character from the start. He is a fairly typical "everyone but me is an idiot" adolescent who is reluctantly dragged into extraordinary circumstances.
So far my favorite character Kato who seems to have a very strong moral fibre. Although I do get the sense that it goes hand in hand with his "hero comp
MiM Metwally
one word... AWESOME

hasn't been a while that I've read a good manga that kept me hooked for more and more, and this is exactly why I read only completed manga... can't imagine waiting for the next episode every week for 13 years (span of time for this one), that's why I've kept an eye on One Piece for 3 years now and still waiting for it to finish. So, back to Gantz, the story starts on a rush from the opening chapter and keeps building on the rush as it goes, though it's a 382 Chapters story but
Pedro S.
Violento e sensual, surreal e surpreendente, Gantz é uma dessas histórias que só poderia existir no universo dos quadrinhos japoneses, e é uma obra na qual cada mutilação e corpo nu são utilizados como bisturis para extrair uma reação emocional do leitor. O melhor exemplar do shounen moderno, Gantz é leitura não-recomendada para todas as idades. Sua única falha é revelar os mistérios por trás do pano - um erro que fãs de Lost conhecem bem - mas que não diminui em nada os temas centrais de sobrev ...more
bloody good manga
This is a review for the entire series.

Gantz is an odd story. No doubt about it. It is heavy on nudity and gore, and makes me wonder if it really needed to be that way to get the story across.

The artwork and detail is extremely well done. Oku has an immense imagination and I spent a lot of time looking at the painstakingly created backgrounds in each panel. All the enemies and characters are unique, and there are many of them.

Gantz is so heavily focused on action, that is doesn't lend itself to
09 February 2013

I had no idea what this series was about. I was browsing for some new manga, picked up Gantz, Volume 1, and randomly flipped it open to a page. What I saw on that page was so disgusting and bizarre! Without even reading the synopsis , I picked it up because I am twisted like that.


With the introduction of the main character, Kei, I almost considered putting it down. This egotistical whiner totally put me off that I couldn't imagine reading a series based on him. But within just a
Este manga lo empecé a leer por la popularidad que tenía, siempre me preguntaba "¿qué le ven?" "¿qué tiene de grande?"

Cuando lo empecé a leer me gusto, pero a la vez tenía muchas dudas sobre cómo era que desde que morían las mandaban a las esferas, como cambian los personas eventualmente como Kei Kurono, y principalmente el hecho de matar a alienígenas.

(view spoiler)
VQ the Mangamaniacs Taufik
Author : Oku Hiroya
Genre : Action, sci-fi, supranatural, thriller
Rating : Dewasa

Cerita bermula ketika seorang siswa SMU bernama Kei Kurono sedang membaca majalah pria dewasa sambil menunggu kereta. Tiba – tiba ia melihat seseorang tergeletak di tengah rel. Bersama sahabatnya, Masaru Kato, ia berniat menyingkirkan orang itu dari rel. Tak disangka sebuah kereta ekspres meluncur. Pria mabuk itu berhasil diselamatkan, tetapi Kei dan Kato malah tewas tertabrak kereta.

Tiba – tiba, mereka menyadari dir
Newton Nitro
Esse é uma resenha da série inteira! :)

Finalmente terminei de ler a série Gantz (ガンツ Gantsu), o hiperviolento pós-mangá de Hiroya Oku. Como muito dos mangás seinen da última década, eu considero Gantz um pós-mangá, ou seja, um mangá que procura re-trabalhar e desconstruir as espectativas dos fãs das narrativas tradicionais do mangá. Esse fenômeno de desconstução ativa está acontecendo desde a década de 80, mas ultimamente, em vários tipos de media, vejo obras e mais obras apresentando um espécie
Bob Dobbs
I picked up the first volume of Gantz from my local library, just to see if it was any good, since I heard it was. And it was! So I put volumes 2-20 (from what I read, the first story arc out of three of the series) on hold, and I just recently got them. I ended up reading them all in three nights!

The action scenes are great. The Buddha battle, that lasts almost the entirety of three volumes, is incredible, one of the most amazing battle scenes I have scene in a comic book. They're all absurdly
Erin Pallott
Whole series (to be updated on completion):

I absolutely adore this series. Blood, violence, foul language and sex go down very well with me. I love manga that is different and filled with action and admirable artwork. The whole idea of this series is the product of an incredibly gifted (and possibly quite strange) imagination.

It is usually quite fast paced, though some action scenes can drag on a tad too long.

I liked the characters generally... Though some main characters appeared to be undevelo
Bagi orang-orang yang demen cerita survival game dengan gambar vulgar (darah bercipratan, usus berhamburan) silakan baca manga ini.

Gw sendiri sebenernya sih nggak terlalu suka sama cerita berlumuran darah dan organ-organ berserakan. Bikin ngilu dan uenegg.. Tapi berhubung udah nonton live actionnya duluan, jadi penapsaran deh sama manganya.

Live actionnya gw suka bangettt >v< Itu si Nino sama Matsuken keren banget di situh. Kyaa~~ #fangirling

Ceritanya oke banget, bikin deg-degan, bikin pe
I picked this up on a whim at the Borders near me (going out of business sale), and I'll definitely grab more volumes. I must have a thing for sci-fi manga recently. This story begins at a subway station, where we meet two high school boys - Kei and Masaru. When a homeless man falls onto the tracks, only Kei leaps onto the tracks to try and save him...and calls to Masaru (an estranged, former childhood friend) to help. Masaru feels pressured to put up a good front and leaps down to help. Sadly, ...more
An interesting beginning to this series, and since it leaves in a cliffhanger, I may well have to hunt for the next series. A group of individuals are brought together, seemingly at random, by a mysterious orb. They are kidnapped just as they are about to die. Fans of things like Battle Royale and similar game/hunting dystopias, maybe even things like The Hunger Games or "The Running Man," or maybe even better "The Long Walk," will probably like this given the story is one where the kidnapped ar ...more
There are far too many volumes of this for me to want to rate and review and track all of it, so here's my review of GantZ as a whole. Expect a whole lot of unexplained sci-fi mystery, garnished with ultra-violence, casual rape, lazy nihilistic philosophy, and teenage superhero power fantasies. The story follows Kurono Kei, an unpopular, untalented schlub who gets run over by a subway train and suddenly finds himself enlisted into an unexplained monster-hunting game, along with a number of other ...more
Gantz vol 1 is a solid entry in the scifi manga field. It didn't grab me like some of the series I've read (Death Note, HotD) but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. I may pick up the second volume just to see where it goes, the first one ended on a cliff hanger, which blows. The art gets a lot of criticism about how dead the character's facial expressions appear, and I get where that criticism comes from, but overall I thought the art was fairly well done. I only have two criticisms, one which ...more
David De
1. "A Certain Accident" (ある事故 "Aru Jiko"?)
2. "The Enigma Room" (不可解な部屋 "Fukakai na Heya"?)
3. "The Naked Suicide Girl" (裸の自殺少女 "Hadaka no Jisatsu Shōjo"?)
4. "Command from the Black Sphere" (黒球の指令 "Kuro Tama no Shirei"?)
5. "Illusion" (イリュージョン "Iryūjon"?)
6. "Encounter with the Onion Alien" (ねぎ星人との遭遇 "Negi Seijin to no Sōgū"?)
7. "Non-Preplanned Harmony" (非予定調和 "Hi-yotei Chōwa"?)
8. "Slaughter" (惨殺 "Zansatsu"?)
9. "Eichmann Test" (アイヒマンテスト "Aihiman Tesuto"?)
10. "Rage" (激憤 "Gekifun"?)
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Hiroya Oku (奥 浩哉 Oku Hiroya, born September 16, 1967 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka) is a mangaka who is the creator of Gantz, Zero-One and HEN, all of which have been serialized in Young Jump. He is currently working on Phase 3 of Gantz, due to be released in October 2009. His manga often contain explicit violence and gore, as well as sexual situations.

He won the second prize of the Youth Manga Awards in 19
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