Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!!, Vol. 1 (Trigun, #1)
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Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!!, Vol. 1 (Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!! #1)

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It's a western, it's sci-fi, it's punk, and it's popular. It's Trigun and it's become one of the most popular anime in America. But before it was animated, it was a manga. And now Dark Horse has finally brought that manga to America Continuing our foray into the world of non-Westernized manga publishing, Trigun promises to be entertaining with its huge guns, signature char...more
Paperback, 360 pages
Published October 20th 2003 by Dark Horse (first published 2000)
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I think most people, myself included, consider Trigun to be a classic anime. I saw it back when I was in late middle or early high school, so probably around 13 or 14 years old, and I fell in unabashed love. The story was interesting, the hero was admirable and the comedy was hilarious. I am happy to say that all of the things I loved about the anime are included in this three volume manga.

Vash the Stampede has a bounty of 60 million double dollars placed on his head. According to sources, he d...more
I'm not too happy with character development, the situations they find themselves in, got increasingly boring. And I'm reminded why I don't read action manga, it's hard to make out what is happening. However the characters themselves are likable and I'm actually enjoying the humor. I am curious about Vash's past and origins.And would also be about plant technology, but I'm afraid the explanation will be half assed, as it has been so far. I'd like the main plot to hurry up and catch up with the s...more
*Queen Diva*
Anime, like movies based on books, usually aren't as good as their manga counterparts, but I find Trigun to be the exception to the rule. The manga art is sometimes too chaotic and hard to follow, and I feel like Vash's personality doesn't really come out at all like it does in the anime. The story line also doesn't seem to have a rhyme or reason. It just started and that was that. But, it's still a good read, and I will continue to read the whole series
I think that this book has cool people. Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action Vol.1 has good cool cars like there sanded steamer I think that whats its called. My favet part is when he is in a cite and all the people tried kill him.
Weak art, shallow characters and the story full of senseless action scenes that are quite hard to follow. There are tons of better manga than this.
Let me be clear when I say I am NOT a fan of manga, just comics in general. I find the plots of most to be childish and unoriginal, and frankly pathetic. There was a time when I was younger, however, when I, as many did and continue to do, craved all things Japanese. I was lucky that this was one of my first series, and after revisiting it I can say it has done more than stand up to my nostalgic rememberances. The art is dumbfoundingly complex, the storyboarding effective, simple, and beautiful,...more
Jenni Noordhoek
The brilliant thing about Trigun is that it's definitely Doctor Who meets Firefly. It could have been an influence on both series - open possibility.

(Review for this volume only)

Seven chapters, equivalent to two or three of the episodes from the anime. (I can't remember)

Honestly I agree with those who said that it was hard to follow the panels. There is a lot of shading and angles and small panels that make it difficult to read. The anime in this regard is much better because it's much easier...more
Justyn Rampa
Trigun has always held an odd place in my heart because although I've never actually completed the series, I love the aesthetic and the concepts behind the anime. I mean what is not to love about an action, comedy, science fiction, western gunslinger epic. Trigun is certainly unique.

In order to expose my Otaku Club kids to some "classic" anime and manga (I use classically generously here to refer to the late 90s:-) I decided to focus on Trigun this month. This is my first time reading the manga...more
This was the first manga/graphic novel I've read all the way through. My now husband (back when we first started dating) encouraged me to start watching Anime again. I hadn't watched Anime since I was a kid and the animation in this one seemed rather old fashioned.. so I was hesitant.

I fell in LOVE with the Anime; so much so that I turned to the Mangas to find out more about the overall Trigun story (it is a very short Anime.. too short!). I purchased this one and its sequel in paperback from A...more
I just wanna be clear that I love the story, setting, and characters in Trigun -- it's wacky in ways that are fun (as opposed to forced, distracting, or irritating), the characters are deep when they need to be (Wolfwood, oh man, Wolfwood), and in general I like the plot. I couldn't get into the manga, though. It's mostly action, and I found most of the pages difficult to follow in the blur of sound-effects, explosions, and stylized movement. I've read action-oriented manga before without troubl...more
Ian Zimmerman
Today we look at a situation where the anime was better than the manga. In terms of action, plot, character development, and all around feel I really didn't think the manga held a candle to the anime.
Edwin Serpas
This book is about a pacifist who is on the run because of destruction He has a bounty of $$60 billion double dollars. In some time he is found by a gang who attempted to shoot him. They fail and without killing anyone he demonstrates how good he is. But then is chased once more because of the bounty. He is then freed beacause of 2 girls named Meryl and Millie who were sent to protect him. He ends up having them follow him. And they start of in a new journey.
This book is awesome. If you love old...more
steven XD
this book was very awesome its is about a guy no one can capture in the beginning of the book was nice it had a good problem i thought there going to catch him in the beginning but i was wrong.the book itself was great good ending but i expected more in the action parts but it was great.things i didnt like were the part that he couldn't hurt any human even though they hurt him i thought it was dumb (sorry for my language but thats the only word that dis subscribe it)thing i liked were the part t...more
It was okay. I went in with high expectations as I'd heard great things about this series, but to me, it just seemed a bit lacking and at times, very confusing. 3 stars. :D
Adrian  Sanchez
This book is about when a guy is wanted for alot of money which is $100,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000 then a whole mob of people chase him so they can rebulid their town but then they found out that he was not wanted anymore then a old man and his son that is the tallest person in the whole world attacks the town then the guy that was wanted kills the gaint and the old man and his son go put back in jail and two investigators have to stay with him until that he is cleard for all the stuff h...more
I wanted to learn more about manga, and this seemed like one I'd probably like since I'm very fond of the anime version. I finally managed to get used to reading the panels correctly, so that's good. I did enjoy it, but I'm not sure I can distinguish it from my enjoyment of the anime-- I'm not sure I'd have found it as exciting otherwise, since at least in this volume the stories are pretty much the same.

I will note that the Nebraska Family is significantly less irritating in manga form. God, I...more
Okay, this is just my personal feeling, but it seems almost like the "Trigun" manga lacks the comical touch that the anime has. It wasn't as fun to read as I had hoped, honestly, but it also didn't make me like the series any less. The story and the characters are obviously very entertaining, but I just prefer the anime, which is strange for me.

Also, for some reason or another, a big chunk of the story was repeated in my copy. It was strange. D:
I very much liked the Trigun anime for its humor and action. It was the manga I read first, however. It was the biggest manga I had ever read, but I was eager to read it.
I found Trigun to be intersting and unique, being filled with action, a few jokes, and a cute hero to boot.
It was hard to follow at times, though, and some of the action scenes I had to read over to make sure I understood what had happened.
Overall, Trigun's an entertaining read.
Trigun is a decent read, and pretty much what one would expect from a Western-set-in-space. The major problem I had with the manga is that it can be a bit hard to follow the action based on the illustrations. To be sure, there's more going on than the action sequences, but it's a pretty major part to have a problem with. Reading it isn't a waste of time, but it's not something that makes me want to seek out the other volumes.
I love the Trigun anime, and was very excited about reading the manga--the few spoilers I'd heard about it sounded really interesting, and the things I wasn't crazy about in the anime ending sounded like they weren't in the manga...and then I absolutely could not follow the action scenes. I bought both Trigun volumes and the first few Trigun Maximum, but eventually gave up (and sold off the TriMax ;_;). Still very sad.
Sep 03, 2012 Mitch rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: manga
The Anime Series is better, in my opinion, but this book is still a good read. It brings the exact same passion in all the characters as the show and still has time to deliver the comedy as well. The only thing wrong I found with this book was that it went to fast. I do keep in mind, however, that this is the first manga book I've read and must adapt to this quick 'comic book' style of writing.
Trigun's setting is one of my favorite parts about it: accidental colonization on a wasteland planet, lost technology, and lawlessness reminiscent of the Old West. The main character is another: a pacifist and unbeatable gunman shrouded in mystery, accused of wiping out an entire city, and disaster follows him everywhere--Vash the Stampede. Just a really interesting story. (January 2009)
Trent  White
After getting through this Manga i was a little bit
Confused at first. when breaking it down the book becomes easier to understand and quite enjoyable. The book takes place in the far future where the world is mainly desert and ruins. The main character has a huge bounty on him which later found out is taken off of him while he watch by two agents to make sure he stays out of trouble.
A bit silly, a bit frantic drawing style, a bit over the top anime, and dusted with an interesting story line... what do you have? Well Trigun pretty much fits the bill. It's a crazed story about Vash who casue lots of trouble and has a huge price on his head, but is also a "pacifist." The beginning was not so great but it really picked up and I am excited to read more.
Federiken Masters
El dibujo es bastante feíto, lleno de personajes llanamente feos y escenas confusas. Pero las pequeñas historias que conforman el librote me parecieron muy entretenidas y bien contadas, con un protagonista alegre y buenazo a lo Kenshin, que hizo que le tomara cariño rápidamente. Lástima que no tengo a mano el #2 de esta colección, porque si no procuraba tirármele cuanto antes.
Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
For a good bit of the book I was trying to figure what exactly was happening, the art gets fairly chaotic and then I'm staring explosion or something like it trying to figure out what exploded. I like the idea of it but I'm still lost on the who, why, and what stuff, so I'll probably have to roam the internet for answers.
Sep 22, 2009 Susan rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: scifi
I'm kind of tempted to add a "hot mess" shelf just for this. I remember finding it extremely hard to follow when I first read it for SLJ lo these many years ago--basically, I only understood what was going on because I had seen the anime--but I thought it had more to do with me. Now I know it's all Nightow.
Marianne Weber
I rarely ever read manga anymore, but I have always loved the story of Trigun and inherited two books of the Trigun series. The western feel, the sci fi plots and the characters just make it a great story that I enjoy reading time and time again. By far it is one of my favorite sci fi storylines of all time!
I had seen the anime on Cartoon Network years ago, but never really liked it because I had no idea what was going on. This book helped answer a lot of my questions and helped clarify the mystery surrounding Vash The Stampede and the bounty on his head. Am looking forward to reading the next one.
Rucker Manley
Some of it was a little difficult to follow, but what I did follow was exciting and entertaining. I'll read the other half and then watch the show to fill in the blanks. I did sort of the same thing with Full Metal Alchemist. Not bad for something I paid $$3.50 for at a used book store.
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内藤 泰弘. Traditional transliteration would be Yasuhiro Naitou. Author uses "Nightow" for better pronunciation by English natives.
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