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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel
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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel (The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks)

3.56 of 5 stars 3.56  ·  rating details  ·  603 ratings  ·  52 reviews
If you have to leave home, TAKE THIS BOOK! The team that brought you The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook now helps you navigate the perils of travel. Learn what to do when the tarantula crawls up your leg, the riptide pulls you out to sea, the sandstorms headed your way, or your camel just wont stop. Find out how to pass a bribe, remove leeches, climb out of a well, ...more
Paperback, 176 pages
Published March 1st 2001 by Chronicle Books
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Nicole DeVries
Haha, most of the scenarios in here truly are 'worst-case', while others are a bit more practical. It was fun to read through this book, though I'm not sure how much I'd remember if I ever WERE in one of these dire situations (such as, caught in a riptide, needing to treat a severed limb, how to climb out of a well, how to ram a barricade, foiling a UFO udbuction, surviving a hostage situation, and escaping from a car that is hanging over a cliff). My favorite part might be the few pages in the ...more
This book was very similar to its "yellow" counterpart, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. I even think some of the tips and helpful bits of advice were the same in both books. This one, however, focused more on the travel aspect of terrible scenarios to find yourself in. As with the other book, I am unsure that I will actually remember the advice given in this book, as it is useless unless you are faced with the dangerous situation, such as being face-to-face with a lion or having your ...more

Fun, entertaining read with some practical tips...especially, if ever I find myself on a runaway camel or if I bump into an extraterrestrial biological entity (Don't panic!! Yikes!! ).

No, really, there is some serious advice mixed in with the smile worthy ones.

The format and print design is appealing, the advice is clear and easy to understand, and it is a quick read.

Maybe some readers would rather not think about what might go wrong but I personally feel strangely better after an hour or two
In attempts to quell / or aid my wanderlust, I started to read "Worst-case Scenerio Survival Handbook: Travel".

The introduction says it can be used as my "passport to survival", emergency toilet paper, or "good information and entertainment to the armchair survivalist". And while I've read the sections thus far on "how to control a runaway camel", and "how to crash-land a plane on water", I'm pretty sure you don't want me doing those things, unless we have the book with me.

I can also look forw
This was the coolest book ever, I finished this one first then the other Worst-Case Scenario book since I travel all the time, prioritizing which one I would read first so I could spend the most time on the first, I really like these type of books, their a fast read and you learn a bunch of unique facts that make you re-think what you should do in other scenarios. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone in reading books, if you're like me and you only li ...more
I discovered this book by seeing someone else reading it. I decided it would be a fun and easy read and that it would be more like a joke book than an actual survival guide. Once reading the book, However, I realized that most of the scenarios in the book are practical and the solutions are detailed and plausible. Some of my favorites were ones like "What to do if a costume character insists on a hug." Although there were more practical ones such as "how to make substitutes while cooking." Some ...more
Got this book as a birthday gift from a friend who knows my predilection of always being "ready, just in case" for the "worst case scenario". Now I am armed with the weapon of knowledge and ready to take on the world... at least when I travel.

Best sections by far (at least for me and my paranoia):
- How to survive a riot
- How to pass a bribe
- How to tail a thief
- How to lose someone who is following you
- How to ram a barricade (who hasn't wanted to do that at some point?)
- How to survive when lo
Max Shapiro
I thought this book was really good for the worst case scenario because you will never know when something is going to happen and how you are going to act. I Love this book becuase i am all about survival. You never know what could happen right when you walk out of your house. For example If you were held hostage this book tells you how to get out of it. It also teaches you different languages and signs to use in when you are in a different country. For example the OK sign in the USA means your ...more
Emily Phalen
Doubt this will come in handy but just in case...

Interesting read but hopefully I'll never need to put the info to good use. I don't see camels or a riot in my future....
Matthew Estrada
first off i will say that this book is more of guide of sorts then an actual book like twilight. but where this "book" fails to meet the standers of a thriller it exceeds the standers for informing people about the world around them. i gave this book four stars because not only does it have a huge veriety of senarios it comes up with some pretty weird things. for example if your ever abducted by aliens and you havent read this book then your unfourtinatly out of luck. yes this book goes as far a ...more
This is such a nifty little book! i could only pray that I never have to experience any situation in which i might have to use this little guide, but chances are, at least once in my short lifetime, I will encounter one or more of these situations(certainly not the UFO abduction,though!)--and it always pays to be prepared!I think that this book really caters to my interests. I have a such a deep seated drive to search out adventure and live life to it's very fullest. I want to experience, learn, ...more
I listened to this book in audio form and both enjoyed and learned from the different scenarios presented. I have to say that I question how many of them would actually be encountered while traveling, but if the situation arose, I now know what to pack into an emergency survival kit if I am going into an area with active volcanos. I also know how to cross cattle through a pirana infested river. (Just in case you are in these situations, give me a call.) There were times when I did tend to zone o ...more
This book is a funny book. It is partly real and parly just for humor, like, how to survive a ufo obduction. There is also like, How to escape a car hanging over a clif, or how to foil someone who is bribeing you.

I can make a text to world connection. In the book it tells you how to navagate throuogh a minefield. I the army people get stuck in mine fields all the time. It ould be verry usefull if they knew this stuff.

I would reccomend this book to someone who has alot of spair time on their ha
Partially silly and partially useful tips, this book was definitely a fun way to spend an hour.
After finishing the book you will learn:
-How to escape when tied up
-How to remove a leech
-How to survive a trip over a waterfall
-How to survive in a jungle
AND of course:
-How to survive a UFO abduction, among other things.
How useful this book would be in an actual emergency is questionable. For example, will you remember how not to drive over a cliff while driving off a cliff? Can you really survive a
May 04, 2014 Paul added it
Handy and amusing.
Thebestdogmom Stiner
Interesting enough to pass the time while I was folding laundry...listened to the audio book.
basically this is a survival guide and if you like to travel like me its got everything and more on how to survive and pretty much everything you will ever need. want to know how to land a plane or properly fall down stairs or even how to survive a hotel fire or a riot and maybe just learn how to properly pass a bribe its got it all. and has clever illustrations to boot
At first, I had trouble deciding if this was supposed to be taken seriously. How many of us would find ourselves stranded on a deserted island? The more I read, the more I realized this was written in good faith. Every instance was carefully credited to people such as the Chief Officer for Defense, Army officers, train engineers, horse trainers, etc.
Mar 13, 2011 Peter added it
"Quite": Quite amusing, quite interesting: The best bit about this book: the idea! This item contains quite a few amusing/astounding ways to get you out of dangerous situations - however, I find some of the chapters (important as they might be to the subject)rather dry, such as "how to escape from a mob" (advice: use back alleys). Nice, but that's it.
Bryce Holt
Interesting in a couple places, but not altogether worth my time or yours. Why not rename it, "Common Sense: Don't Travel to Places Where You're Going to Have Both UFO Encounters and Get Robbed by Romnichels." Oh, and don't drive off a cliff. Duh? Wasteful reading...very pulpy.
In preparation for reading, "The Zombie Survival Guide," (which I bought recently and will open up in a little while), I pulled this off my shelf and read through it again. Very amusing and hey, a few of these things might actually happen to you!
The interesting scenarios chosen by the make this book amusing and interesting. Mainly written in a list format, this book is clearly laid out for an easy search of the information you are looking for.

Lexile about 960
Informative (how to escape from the trunk of a car; what to do if you are being mugged) - to entertaining (how to foil an alien abduction or cross a river filled with pirahnnas) - enjoyable, quick read.
The one and only survival book a Queen of Getting Lost requires. You gotta realise the Survival Handbooks contain a good portion of surreal scenarios... so approach with a good sense of humour.
Yikes! So many things that can go wrong when you travel! I feel like I need to tattoo the emergency plane landing lesson on my arm so I will remember what to do in event of an emergency.
Dec 25, 2011 HeavyReader rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: travelers
Shelves: how-to, travel
Read this book before you leave on your next vacation, whether you are just traveling within your home state or going to the most isolated spot on earth. Good stuff--funny, yet for real.
I can now survive ANYTHING! You gotta a book that teaches you how to say "may I borrow a towel to wipe up the blood" and "you will never make me talk" in FOUR languages!
We had flooding this year. I found this in an old work box. I LOVED to read this on the plane when headed out for an international trip. Enjoyable and helpful too!
Oct 17, 2007 Matt added it
Thanks to this book, I'm not afraid of being stuck on a derserted island and being made to find water. Because I'll now know where to look. AND how to purify it.
It is always good to know how to cross a piranha-infested river, stop a runaway train, survive a volcanic eruption and foil a UFO abduction.
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