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Converse Con Su Perro
Stanley Coren
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Converse Con Su Perro

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  536 ratings  ·  53 reviews
Esta convencido de que conoce todas las formas de comunicacion con su "mejor amigo"? Entonces, preparese para una sorpresa.Ahora, por fin, los perros podran saber si sus duenos son realmente tan listos como parecen. El experto en perros Stanley Coren, que se ha dedicado a descifrar los secretos de su lenguaje, nos permite adentramos en los misterios del dialecto canino. El...more
Paperback, 0 pages
Published March 28th 2001 by Vergara (first published 2000)
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"How To Speak Dog" by Stanley Coren

Postscript ONE LAST WORD

"There is one sound that dogs make which I have not included in my discussion of Doggish vocalizations. I didn't include it because it is an automatic sound, which probably was not intended by either evolution or the gods to be communication at all, but it has come to mean something to me. It is the sound of dogs breathing. At night, when I lie down to sleep, my old dog Wiz lies on the bed beside me, while Odin lies on a cedar chip pillo
This book is thus far the most enlightening, beautifully written piece on dogs I've come across, and that is not just in comparison to all of the frivolous responses to my Google queries. (Well, maybe it is.) As a first time dog owner, I had more questions than a search engine could reasonably answer. What is this thing about being an alpha dog?! Is my dog painfully bored during my long workday? What is it about his greeting that seems to put all the other dogs in a tizzy? Why is he constantly s...more
Indy Hart
How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication is a masterfully written reference on the topic of canine communication. Stanley Coren thoroughly describes the many methods and messages of canine behavior; he also illustrates those behaviors both literally (with visual references) and anecdotally with personal stories and scientific studies.

I have casually explored canine communication for a number of years, even doing a handful of science projects on the subject as a child. Recen...more
After reading reviews and finding that a prominent trainer in my area recommended this book I ran right out and bought it from a bookstore, sorry Amazon I could not wait.
I tried everything to stop my boy from barking at other dogs, I even hired a trainer who proceeded to make matters worse so I now shy away from them too.

First I want to say, I have a Pug, if you have one of these wonderful animals this may not be your go to book. As you are well away our Pugs do not have normal ears, tails and s...more
Sandal Press
May I begin by saying what an utter UTTER delight it is to come across someone in psychology who actually seems to like and respect animals! I have always regarded our history (whether economic or social) to be incredibly speciesist and unbelievably arrogant about our place on the planet. We would like to be respected but don’t consider it necessary to respect those we inhabit this world with. What a “civilised” attitude to have!

And so, again, to this book. Dr. Coren is a skilful and entertainin...more
Stanley Coren’s How to Speak Dog is absolutely fascinating, interesting, educational, informative, and well-written. I loved it! I’ve read and watched numerous books and TV programs about dog behavior and dog training, and this book bets out the rest.
How to Speak Dog decodes how animals use language to communicate with each other, and how dogs communicate with their bodies, ears, eyes, tails, and faces. Coren incorporates sociology and psychology to understand the behaviors of animals, and he...more
Heather Browning
Best book I've read on understanding dogs. It makes me miss having a dog in my life. Coren is clearly deeply familiar with dogs and the ways in which they communicate, and he does a great job of presenting the world from their point of view, without overly anthropomorphising. The text is easy to read, with a perfect mix of information and illustrative/entertaining anecdotes. I would recommend this to any dog owner, to help better understand your own pet and how to communicate with them, making b...more
Tim Carter
Ah my friend Stanley (you may tell him when you see him next ;-)
This a a hugely elaborate, detailed, and insightful book about dog language. Not about how WE communicate with dogs, but how THEY communicate with us, and amongst each other.
The only point that irritated me was that I felt sligthly misled by the title: I would have called it "How dogs speak". For me, "How to speak dog" suggests that the reader learns ... well, how to speak dog language! Which would mean it teaches Behavior Training...more
Kris Semple
Very disappointing. Don't read this book if you are expecting to find out what the latest scientific evidence is on dog communications. The very concept of dog language is weak and seems to hinge in the author's wish for it to be true. On page 19 he states "evolution was heading toward the appearance of human-level linguistic abilities". This is a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution, there is no direction to evolution. Human language abilities are not the pinnacle of evolution, they are th...more
This book was really interesting to read. It really gives you insight into human and dog interaction. It covers all sorts of topics, from sent marking (i really enjoyed that chapter) to teaching children how to approach dogs, to even how cats and dogs interact. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the authors stories and examples. The one negative I found in this book was that sometimes he was too lengthy in talking on a subject. I found myself thinking "get to the point". That is why I g...more
I thought I knew a lot about dogs, but this book proved me wrong. I learned a lot about body language of dogs and what they mean. When the author describes the meaning of dog barks, it was difficult for me to understand which sound he was talking about. Therefore, when a dog is talking to me, I might interpret it incorrectly. I also wish the book had more illustrations upon describing different body language. Although I felt like the author was going off topic sometimes, it's a great book and yo...more
Very interesting and the drawings were extremely helpful
Clivemichael Justice
Well written, easy to understand, helpful.
Really great basis for understanding dogs. Can not be considered comprehensive, but it's just about there. Also has handy tips for understanding a dogs communication and how you can use that information to keep yourself safe and to communicate to an aggressive dog that you do not want to fight.

Also, has a charming little fable about how dogs and cats became to be enemies, with a following discussion about how their body language differs and results in "miscommunication" between these species.
Generally good information.
Too much evolutionary hoo-ha.

Enjoyed the comparison of dog & cat communication.

Very anecdotal. His love of his dogs, and dogs as a whole, comes through & I found that reassuring - some writers of such books don't seem overly fond of dogs (yes, you, Brad Pattinson!) which is off-putting.

Diagrams & charts were clear.

Interesting tidbit: He's a Professor of Psychology at UBC and lives nearby.
how to speak dog is an engaging read. I have read it every time a new dog comes into the pack.
I believe the information in this book is of great benefit, particularly to people who are not in crisis with dog behavioral cunundrums. the picture the author builds its cumulative and will help us live more harmoniously with our packmates.
it is far and away my favorite dog training aid since it reminds me that my signals van easily be misinterpreted.
I found this to be an interesting study of the "language" of dogs. Some I already knew but some was new to me. I loved the sketches showing heightening aggression and the chart on dog behavior meanings. I think it is an informative read for anyone wanting to have a better understanding of their dogs behavior as well as other dogs. Especially useful to understand the the behaviors that could lead to a fight between dogs or a bite to a human.
Kathi Olsen
This is a really helpful book for anyone who has anything to do with dogs and needing to be able to work with them effectively. The first part of the book has a lot of language theory which is written in a very interesting and informative way. Even if you are not an animal person, there is value in reading this as it really will help in the way you deal with people not in your culture or circle of friends.
Neoteny, or the retention of juvenile characteristics such as rounded muzzle, floppy ears and high pitched bark, occurs in domestic canines, unlike wild canines. Some breeds of domestic dog have also lost some of th e ability to convey subtle social messages to the pack. In all, a fascinating book with great insight as to how dogs communicate with humans, with other species, and with each other.
Basucu kitabim. Kopekler hakkinda bir suru abuk subuk kitap okuduktan sonra karsima ciktiginda, ilk defa gercekten onlari anlamami ve onlarin penceresinden bakmami sagladi.
Coren is at his best when he tell stories from his own experience to illustrate the science he presents. Unfortunately these moments are much more rare than the digressive moments in the book when he provides somewhat tangential psychology lessons. In a ten page chapter, there are a couple informative points. Skimming suffices for much of the book.
A nice place to start in a study of canine communication and behavior, but there have been better books written about it (to name a few: The Other End of the Leash (McConnell), Inside of a Dog (Horowitz), and Dog Sense (Bradshaw)). My full review here:
Donna Sandidge
The title made me think I would be having coffee and conversations with Rosie after reading this book. Instead, I have learned quite a bit about the domestication of dogs and about animal communication, in general. I liked the book but it took me FOREVER to read and it wasn't at all what I expected - more a theory of dog communication.
Good tips on how to behave while having an encounter with either shy dogs or angry dogs. Plus this book give me further understanding on what messages that my dogs were trying to convey to me. I think I may love my mum's dog (who thought he is the boss over me), Brownie, better from now on haha...
My best friend is covered in hair, has six nipples, and can cram three tennis balls in her mouth. That being said, we don't always speak the same language. This book provided a lot of insight into how she feels and thinks and what she tells me.

Great read, not gimicky, very likeable author.
A good primer for a first-time owner ... especailly if you get an older dog from the animal shelter and have not yet learned its body language. The text could be organized a little better for easy reference but I have yet to find another book like this.
I really liked this book! One of the best dog books I have read. I learned a lot, more than from dog training books. It was very well written not too many psychology terms to confuse you. Very good book. I will consider buying this one. Great information!
A very insightful book which also confirmed my own suspicions -- our Annie is a spart, fun-loving submissive and eager to please puppy.

(Note: There was just a bit too much information on language in general.)
I FINALLY finished reading this book. It has taken me several months! I just have to be in the mood for non-fiction. Coren's style is easy to read and I definitely learned a lot from reading this book.
Rosemary Daly
Provides an excellent insight into how dogs communicate and how to understand their bocdy language and sounds.
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“From the dog’s viewpoint, however, they are directly asserting dominance with that stare. When you respond by giving him what he wants, the dog interprets this as a submissive gesture on your part, and also reads this as your acceptance that the dog has a higher status in the pack than you do.” 0 likes
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