Through the Window of Life: A Vision of the Glorious Future Awaiting the Lord's Followers
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Through the Window of Life: A Vision of the Glorious Future Awaiting the Lord's Followers

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As the world moves closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, it seems that the whole earth is in turmoil. In the Bible we find that the Savior himself foretold such events. But we are also told that the Lord's followers will find refuge from the storm. How will that occr, and where will that happen?
Paperback, 132 pages
Published December 1st 2005 by Spring Creek Book Company (first published November 1st 2005)
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I'm always fascinated by stories like these. This one gave me such an interesting perspective about the events to come in the future. While I know that this is her personal experience, I did take from it a better feeling of peace for the foretold events that will come some day. Whether it happens the way she says or not, I feel better because of reading her story. If I live right, there's no need fear. Be prayerful, worthy and in the service of others and He will protect you. This has become ONE...more
My mom brought this book with her and encouraged me to read it when she came to help with my new baby. It was so interesting to read about what things might be like before the second coming. It was both comforting and disturbing. It made me really examine my own feelings about what I would do in these dire circumstances and how willing would I be to share what I had with strangers or risk my life to help someone else? Reading this book gave me an entirely different understanding of the scripture...more
Easy read and good reminders of the bigger pictures in life. It has a strong themes of overcoming fear and not giving in to our fears, as well as overcoming selfishness and loving our neighbor. It helped me to think of the fear and selfishness I see in myself and desire to overcome those things a little better.

"Our real selves do not come out until we are tried and tested. We may not even know ourselves what we are made of until we are faced with trials so severe that we are either broken or st...more
I really loved this book. I don't know if this is what will happen exactly, but the core message of the book, to love your neighbor and share what you have because our things (food etc.) does not really belong to us but to Heavenly Father and He expects us to share. Anyway, I love the feeling I get when I read it because it inspires me to be prepared for the 2nd coming and do the things necessary to become a better person.
A very interesting near-death experience. I read this just after having read Visions of Glory, by John Pontius, and found the two experiences to be remarkably similar, although this book does not nearly have the depth or breadth that Visions does. I enjoyed how she talked about the food, and the people she cared for. It is definitely written more from a woman's perspective. It's a short book, and worth the read.
I loved the principles taught in this book...generosity, love thy neighbor, not to fear, and how more than anything all that matters is our relationship with the Savior. It made me contemplate more deeply why we've been asked to prepare for times ahead and what that really means for us.
Very interesting look at the possible challenges that may lay ahead as the last days wind down. I thought that this would be scary but it ended up being hopeful and comforting. I would recommend this book to anyone curious about the second coming.
I read this because it was reading that inspired Chad Daybell to write his "Standing in Holy Places" series. I most appreciated the messages of "do what you should and you'll be blessed."
This book is very consistent with LDS doctrine on prophecies about the second coming, and teaches a lot of true principles! A must read!
Michelle Llewellyn
As a scholar of the signs of the times with LOTS of free time to read (one of the-?blessings?-of being single) I was interested in what this woman had to say. Only took me about 45 minutes to skim through her book it's not long and not very well written anyway-reads more like a fictional story.
Since there's a kernel of truth to every story that's what I recommend you take from this book. There was lots I could agree on. Yes, there will be some epic AIDS-like-no-specific-details disease that wi...more
I know that this is a human's interpretation of events she claims to have seen while on the other side of the veil, regardless of wether it is exactly how it will happen does not deflect from the Christian message in this book. True or not, this book made me want to be better prepared for the Last Days - Physically and Spiritually.
April Fear
This is a quick read that I found very interesting and enjoyable. It really makes you think about the last days of our earth life, and what is most important to you. It also helped me understand why God allows us to go through tough times; they bring out our true nature. Under stressful times will we be selfish or show Christ-like qualities. Plus I learned little things like: using a pressure cooker while camping. I would never have thought of burying a pressure cooker in a pit with coals to coo...more
Wayne Hollingshead
Interesting enough to finish but I felt it lacked the quality of what was written was actual truth.
Kris Irvin
If you're reading this as a true story, yes, it's a little weird.

If you're reading it as a speculative fiction, it's pretty awesome. I really liked the whole Last Days perspective and thought it was interesting, and more than reasonable that stuff could fall out that way. Very interesting. Some of the descriptions were very poignant.

So I enjoyed it and might recommend it, on the note that you should read it as "maybe this could happen" instead of "this is real life history!"
I'd love to meet the woman that wrote this book. I could never discount her experience, but am not sure I can take all of it as fact. I was touched by the things she wrote about and feel better about myself and what to expect in the future. I think regardless of whether her experience is what will really happen, that the things she learned and the counsel she shares can help us prepare for whatever may come.
Katrina Lantz
Realistic and otherworldly, Suzanne Freeman's account of her near-death experience (ectopic pregnancy/ rupture) and her vision of the very last days before Christ comes is well worth a read. The lesson stays with you: pray, stay close to God, serve others, be generous at your core, and be patient in all your afflictions. This is an edifying book.
An interesting story of a woman's vision she received with a near death experience. The overall message of the book is to never fear the future or the latter day trials. I had a hard time really getting into it as it seemed very unreal and I had remind myself much of it was symbolism. I do recommend reading it, though.
Although we may not know exactly what is going to happen in the last days it helps you realized what kind of person we all need to become. Totally inspiring despite what trials they go through. A quick read, but couldn't put this one down ether. I liked it so much a bought a copy for myself.
I liked this book because while I believe the end days are quickly approaching this book gave a hopeful spin on the evil that we are sure to see in our lives. It made it clear that we should be serving others with whatever we can and that we need to pray and listen for the Spirit to guide us.
This is a great little read! Very spiritual. It really makes you think about the last days and what you need to do to prepare ourselves. If you believe in Christ then this is a must read for you! It is a little book of just over 100 pages but it packs a powerful punch.
This was one of those life changing books. It put my beliefs and my fears and wondering about the future in a new perspective. One of hope and an "ah ha" moment. This is what it's all about. I think I can face the future with more anticipation and less trepidation.
Although much of what is in this book is really scary to think about. It really did strike me that fear really does come from Satan, and he feeds off of it. So it has helped me to not be so scared about the future. I know I have to control my fears.
This book was a shortie but goodie. Her experience is similar to others I have read. For example the invasion of a foreign army and a disease. It is scary to think about, but if you have faith in God, He will see you through it.
Interesting take on the events leading up to the second coming.

I was disappointed that she talked about peace, charity, etc. so much only to dedicate the book to those who would lead a foreign army to invade the US.

This was a interesting read. I enjoyed the book. Do I think everything in the book is correct? Not a chance; However, I think the author has a good message. Being prepared is a good message and reminder.
I have read several books on near death experiences and this was my least favorite. The style of writing about the experience made it seem more like a nice story rather than something she actually experienced.
i loved this book. it deserves more than 5 stars... and i recommend this book to anyone, even if you don't believe in god. THIS IS A REALLY, REALLY, TO THE 100TH POWER (in math), GOOD BOOK.
I read this because Honor read it. It was a short, easy read for me. I could see a lot of good ideas in it. It felt like a fictional narration with advice about how to respond to difficulties.
Excellent life after death account with a compelling vision of our future. It's been a year since I read this, and I'm still thinking about it and looking forward to reading it again.
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