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3.67  ·  Rating Details ·  288 Ratings  ·  94 Reviews
Inspired by the author's work in a girls' rehabilitation center.

Ray called it skating when we did the crazy things . . . Hot-wiring a fancy car for a joyride after midnight. Boosting stuff from stores . . .

Sixteen-year-old Dallas loves the rush, the excitement of "skating." But then she and her friends decide to rob a convenience store and it's Dallas who gets caught whil
Paperback, 192 pages
Published September 12th 2001 by Square Fish (first published 1998)
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Dave Ornelas
Mar 11, 2015 Dave Ornelas rated it really liked it
The book “Bad” by Jean Ferris is a story about a young girl named Dallas who gets into some trouble with the law, and gets sent into a rehabilitation center for girls. When she gets there she starts to get to know the other girls and even realizes that she’s like them too. To me, this book was a 4 out of 5. I liked the plot and it kept me interested the whole time. I especially liked the part where she has class with the other girls and she gets to know them. I also liked the part where the two ...more
Dec 21, 2015 Aiyana rated it really liked it
Sixteen-year-old Dallas feels fated to screw up. With a mother who lived too fast and died too soon, and a father obsessed with keeping Dallas on a short leash, she doesn't know who she is or where she belongs. She naively craves the excitement she finds in petty crime but is soon in over her head.

It's only when she lands in a Girl's Rehabilitation Center that she starts thinking about life more seriously... and learning about it from her fellow inmates. The world, it turns out, is even more com
Aaron Batten
May 29, 2015 Aaron Batten rated it really liked it
This book is about a troublesome teenage girl named Dallas. She and her friends were going to rob a store and she was caught and sent to a girl rehabilitation center of GRC. Dallas and he father got into a fight and she is pretty much on her own after he brings her stuff.
I rate this book four stars because it has a lot of twists and turns along with there is always suspense because in the rehab center not too many people are friendly. I would recommend this book to teenagers girls because it i
Eliseo Aldama
Mar 11, 2015 Eliseo Aldama rated it really liked it
The book Bad is a great story that shows people that domestic violence is not good and it should never be done to anyone else.The book shows that there will always be a punishment for everything that you do bad. For example a girl named Dallas goes to a recreation center with all of the other bad people. The book mainly talks about the girl named Dalles. Her mom died when she is only about four years old, now she is sixteen and she is an only child. The book is good all around except for the ...more
Allison Olson
Feb 16, 2016 Allison Olson rated it liked it
Not my Favorite book, only because when i read a book I want to be able to relate to it. This book i cannot relate to going to GRC and drugs and prison.
Madison Mendenhall
this was definitely a good book. although there could have been a little more action.
Liberty Burckhard
Jan 12, 2016 Liberty Burckhard rated it really liked it
Pretty good book. Hated the ending, it just... ends.
Ana Zepeda
Oct 31, 2013 Ana Zepeda rated it liked it
The book "Bad" by Jean Ferris is based on a young girl named Dallas who lived with her father since her mother died when she was small. Since she her and her father don't have a good relationship she wpuld spend her time ditching school, stealing, and being with her boyfriend. But one day she got caught up with her friends or the people she thought were her friends robbing a kwik mart. Andthe person who got in trouble was her and her friends left her there, without even helping her.
The book ta
May 18, 2013 Nareh rated it liked it
I choose the book “Bad” written by Jean Ferris for the reason that I always saw it at the library but never actually thought I would like it but one day I just picked it up and I am glad that I did. This novel is about a teenage girl named Dallas who is spending some time behind bars for making a bad decision with her so called “friends”. She and her friends robbed a shop and she was the one who held the gun and though her friends got away she did not. While behind bars she meets other girls who ...more
John Kreski
Nov 20, 2013 John Kreski rated it liked it
“Bad” by Jean Ferris
“Change”, despite you thinking nothing is wrong, doesn’t mean you’re right. This book follows the journey of a teenage girl named Dallas. She is a trouble teen who lives with her father. Dallas thinks that her dad is overbearing and too strict, however he is just looking out for her. Dallas mother Dixie Lee had passed away when she was very young. Dallas believes she would have gotten along with her better. Dallas hangs out with her friends including her boyfriend Ray. They p
Mar 11, 2015 Shady rated it really liked it
Bad by Jean Ferris
The book “Bad” by author Jean Ferris is a story that every reader should look for, a story that will have you wanting to read over and over again , it is a kind of story that makes you think about what you want to do in your life and what you have already done, whether or not they were the best decision to make. The story depicts a girl by the name of Dallas and the decisions that she has made throughout her life hasn't been the greatest , her mother left her and her father a
Breanne Tabarez
Mar 11, 2015 Breanne Tabarez rated it really liked it
The book is about a 16 year old girl named Dallas and it involves her and her three friends. She spends most of her time with her friends instead of her own family. Her and her group of friends are known to get into a lot of trouble with the things they tend to do which they call “skating”. Dallas doesn’t really have a mother and father figure to look up to her mother died when she was only 4 years old so she is living alone with her father. Her father doesn’t think she is doing anything good
(C) Archer at KIPP
Mar 12, 2008 (C) Archer at KIPP rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: to teenagers
Recommended to (C) Archer by: Amber Vandervort
Shelves: girls-have-read
Dear good reads readers,
February 20, 2008

This book is about a girl named Dallas. Her mom had died in a car crash with the neighbor when Dallas was only four years old well now she is six-teen years old. She is an only chilled, she is the type of person that just wants to have fun and that is tried of following her dad’s rules. Her best friend is Pam and her boyfriend is Ray, but of coerce Dallas’s dad did not approve of him. Dallas is sentenced to six months in the Girl’s Rehabilitation Center
Janae Boyland
Mar 11, 2015 Janae Boyland rated it it was amazing
Bad by Jean Ferris is all about a misguided 16 year old teenage girl named Dallas, who causes herself to get into a various amount of mischief with her manipulative boyfriend Ray which she calls “skating”. It all catches up to her one night when her peers pressure her into robbing a grocery store with a gun. Her friends end up bailing on her and never speaking to her again with the exception of Ray coming to visit her while she’s in a Girl’s Rehabilitation Center also known as GRC. After she ...more
Jake Surratt
Mar 11, 2015 Jake Surratt rated it liked it
The book Bad by Jean Ferris follows a sixteen year old girls life named Dallas and what she goes through. Dallas’s mom died when she was very young and lives with only her father. Her and her father fight a lot because how Dallas acts, she thinks her dad is no fun and doesn’t let her do anything but he is really just trying to look after her. She has a boyfriend named Ray and he gets her in lots of trouble like, they would go out with a group of friends and do numerous law breaking acts, that ...more
Oscar Carrillo
Mar 11, 2015 Oscar Carrillo rated it really liked it
Ferris writes about a 16 year old troubled girl who gets sent to a girls rehabilitation center. Dallas feels a void due to the death of her irresponsible mother and the hatred towards her strict father, she tries to cover it up with “skating” (shoplifting, hotwiring cars, snatching purses from old women, etc.). She likes to have fun like her mother did but “her friends” are not the best they pressure her into doing things that could get her into serious trouble. But when she's caught in the ...more
Anyssa Garvin
Mar 11, 2015 Anyssa Garvin rated it it was amazing
Bad, written by Jean Ferris is about a young troubled teen who will do anything to try and fit in. Dallas the main character gets caught trying to rob a store with her friends and her friends leave her to get in trouble alone. Dallas soon learns that her friends are not really her friends after all and her boyfriend has moved on . This was honestly one of the best books that I have read. It is easy for me to relate to the main character Dallas, because she is a teenager and has been put through ...more
Mar 11, 2015 Chandra rated it liked it
The book “Bad” by Jean Ferris is a well written book. In the beginning it shows Dallas’s personality and her relationship with her father. The book gets straight to the point of what the title means and that’s what grabbed my attention. It keeps getting more interesting when she finds her way through the situation but it happens all so quickly that once she stays in the GRC for awhile, the excitement declines. It declines because Dallas does not rebel nor is a trouble maker while in the GRC. I ...more
Tianna Rivas
Mar 11, 2015 Tianna Rivas rated it really liked it
This book is about a girl named Dallas who lives her life going out with friends, or “skating” as they call it. Her mother died in a car crash when she was 4 years old and she is now 16 living alone with her father. Her father constantly tells her that she’s going to end up exactly like her mother, living without a care in the world and never believing there will be repercussions to her actions. Dallas never believes him, but one day when she was out “skating” with her friends she got caught ...more
Megan Martinez
Mar 11, 2015 Megan Martinez rated it really liked it
I think this book was very interesting. This book had very many different topics throughout the story. I thought it was cool how not only was there Dallas’s story to why she was in there and her background with her issues and the issues she has with her father, but the author, Jean, also added other inmates stories. Such as when she talked about Toozdae and how she got beat by a man and how he got sent to prison. There are life lessons in here as well, such as abuse is not okay, and to not break ...more
Marissa Guzman
Mar 11, 2015 Marissa Guzman rated it it was amazing
The book Bad by Jean Ferris is an incredible book that tells a great story about a girl named Dallas who is struggling through her teenage life. Dallas has always been involved in “skating”, causing mischief, with her boyfriend Ray, her friend Pam and Pam’s boyfriend. They always were doing illegal things, but one event got her in serious trouble. Dallas and her friends robbed a store and she was the one who was holding the gun and took all the blame. She was then sent to the Girl’s ...more
Candra Escobar
Mar 11, 2015 Candra Escobar rated it really liked it
I would give the book, Bad by Jean Ferris, a four-star rating. The book overall was very insightful in the sense that the aspects of the story was very fictional and I believe could happen to anyone. Dallas, the main character, is your average rebellious teenager. She has three close friends, Ray, her boyfriend, Pam, her best girl friend, and Sonny. They all have a great relationship with each other like normal friends should. All three of them share a common interest, skating. Skating gives ...more
Christian Dutra
Mar 11, 2015 Christian Dutra rated it liked it
The story “Bad” was a book I could see being inspiring to all kids, especially those who have lost a parent or are seen as troublemakers by their peers. In the story, Dallas is teenaged girl at a cross road in her life. She has to decide whether to continue a life of crime and stealing with her boyfriend, or the life her father wishes for her. For Dallas, it was an easy choice.
Watching his daughter make such life changing decisions, was extremely terrible for her father, because he knew a simil
Jordyn Mendoza
Mar 11, 2015 Jordyn Mendoza rated it it was amazing
The book “Bad” by Jean Ferris, is a particularly interesting one. I enjoyed this book because it was interesting and fun to read it is own way. The way the author wrote it made it seem intriguing and it always kept me hooked and wondering about what was going to happen next. Especially since it’s about a teenager who learns that her bad deeds don't go unpunished and that it’s not too late for her to change. Jean Ferris’s tone of the novel showed a lot of different emotions even before and after ...more
Gabrielle Wilkinson
Mar 11, 2015 Gabrielle Wilkinson rated it really liked it
“ Bad’ by Jean Harris is a fictional story following a 16 year girl named Dallas ,Who is driven by excitement and rebellion pushing her to bad decision making but she didn’t expect to get caught with a gun in her hand when pressured by her rebellious friends and forceful boyfriend.From there she is sent to a Girls Rehabilitation Center and is changed by this reflective journey In the rehabilitation center she must adjust to shared living quarters ,structured schedules,lectures on drugs and sex ...more
Mar 11, 2015 Jeeezus rated it really liked it
BAD, is a really interesting book, with a lot of rising action. I really enjoyed it, which is why i rate it 4 stars. The way the book was structured made the reader not want to stop reading it and keep on knowing what would happen next. As the character Dallas continued to do bad things her own way, she would affect the people around her, as well as herself. That however did not stop her from doing anything. Trouble is what she was looking for and nobody could have changed that but her boyfr
Sydni Collier
Mar 11, 2015 Sydni Collier rated it liked it
Ferris follows six months in the life of a 16-year-old confined to a criminal rehabilitation center for teenage girls in this novel based on interviews with young women in real-life rehab. Dallas craves the excitement of ""skating""--hot-wiring cars, shoplifting, snatching purses--to fill the emptiness left by the death of her irresponsible mother and the coldness of her rule-bound father. But when she's caught in the midst of a convenience store holdup, gun in hand, and her father tells the ...more
Mar 11, 2015 Hannah rated it really liked it
The book Bad by Jean Ferris was very interesting and a great book. The story starts out with a sixteen year old girl named Dallas. It tells about how her mom has died and that her relationship with her dad has become very bad and uncooperative since her mother's passing. Dallas has these friends and boyfriend that like to do bad things which they call “skating” this includes, sex in public places, stealing money from helpless old women and people, and robbing the local Jiffy Spot store. While ...more
Mar 11, 2015 Alyssa rated it liked it
In the book Bad by Jean Ferris, Dallas, a sixteen year old, lives only with her father because of the loss of her mother. Dallas gets involved with her bad boyfriend and friend, doing things she enjoyed such as “skating”, Hot-wiring a fancy car for a joyride after midnight, and boosting stuff from stores. Dallas her friend, and boyfriend rob a convenience store and Dallas is the one who gets caught up. Dallas is able to go home on probation because it was her first offense, but her dad denies ...more
Mar 11, 2015 Luis rated it really liked it
Luis Chavez
Book Review
In the book Bad by Jean Ferris there was a young teenage girl Dallas who would love to “skate”. Skating to her was hotwiring cars shoplifting and snatching purses.She did all of this because of her mother that was irresponsible and her father who couldn’t control her.But when she's caught in a convenience store holdup, gun in hand, and her father tells the judge that he can no longer control her, Dallas ends up in Girls Rehabilitation Center a stop between Juvie a
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This author is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects: living with a deaf parent (Of Sound Mind), facing the consequences of a criminal act (Bad), or questioning one's sexuality (Eight Seconds). But Jean Ferris is also adept at writing comedy, historical fiction, and romance. What's most interesting is that she didn't publish her first novel until she was in her mid-40s. Yet she's never forgotten ...more
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