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The Way Things Ought to Be
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The Way Things Ought to Be

3.51  ·  Rating Details ·  2,026 Ratings  ·  112 Reviews
In "the hottest...nonfiction title since "Iacocca" (Time), radio and television celebrity Rush Limbaugh blasts off on all the leading issues of our day - with devastating aim. Targeting such subjects are The Imperial Congress, Anita Hill, The Social Utopians of Multiculturalism, and The Earth Is Not Fragile, this huggable, provocative conservative "with talent and loan ...more
Paperback, 336 pages
Published October 1st 1993 by Pocket Books (first published 1992)
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Aug 17, 2007 Christy rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: no one
Shelves: politics
The way things really ought to be?

No one should like Rush Limbaugh. No one should listen to him. He should not have a market. He can write all he wants; he just should not be publishable, marketable, or likeable for so many.

It really frustrates me when my students parrot Rush Limbaugh (and Ann Coulter and other more contemporary right-wing pundits as well) at me as if they're "real" ideas or new ideas. Yes, yes, "feminazi," I hear you. Rush Limbaugh came up with it. He is not a reliable source.
Mar 26, 2012 Ali rated it it was ok
Since this review was written in March of this year, Limbaugh has gotten loads worse and is on a swift downward spiral of hatred and stupidity. At no time was the sentiment that I didn't know how bad Rush really was more accurate than it is now. I wrote it before the Sandra Fluke controversy and his comments, so it contains nothing about those, and if anything I am less disgusted at him than I am now. Otherwise, my feelings remain the same.

I actually have to thank Limbaugh for this book. If you
Oct 20, 2011 John rated it really liked it
Shelves: politics
People talk so much vile crap about Rush that I almost feel like I should be wearing a HAZMAT suit when I read one of his books. Personally, I see him as being one of the most misunderstood public figures in the country. The general media has done such a good job of painting him out to be the devil incarnate that many people are immediately willing to believe the very worst about him simply out of hand. Most of the negative reviews on these kind of websites are written by people who felt they ...more
Jul 24, 2008 Kristen rated it it was amazing
Shelves: political
I loved this book! Rush hits the nail on the head again and again and the topics are still relevant even though the book was written back in 1992. It was thirst-quenching as always to hear his voice in contrast to the mushy, lukewarm, moral relativity crowd. This book reminded me once again why I'm a dittohead.
Feb 22, 2010 Nelda rated it did not like it
I literally felt my IQ dropping as I held this book in my hands to read it. Likewise, I felt all the peace and compassion within me ebbing away. Rush fully succeeds in hateful rhetoric and in making the reader feel agitated that anyone believes such ridiculous nonsense. Rather than read anything by this man again, I'd rather rip out my brain stem and jump rope with it in traffic.
Apr 17, 2008 Dennis rated it it was amazing
This is the book as well as the man who really began to perk up my interests in politics. Great book for the conservative thinker as well as for those who really need to be.
Holly Lindquist
Aug 30, 2009 Holly Lindquist rated it did not like it
Shelves: use-it-as-mulch
Reading this book is a bit like watching the movie Troll 2. One should come prepared to encounter such vast stupidity that your brain may literally fail.
Jan 31, 2008 Atchisson rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
The Godfather of modern Conservatism fires the opening literary salvos in the current political battle. Sure it's 15 years old, but it reads just as true today as then.
Apr 18, 2007 Mer rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I can't believe I actually sat down once and tried to read some of this.

I'd rather bite on tin foil.
May 30, 2008 Mike rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: Anyone who is too scared to challenge their beliefs
Shelves: politics
A moment of weakness in my confused youth. Really, only someone with the mind of a 13 year old could find these arguments compelling. My excuse is that I was 13 when I read it. What's your excuse?

Updated: I should also have mentioned that the brand of "conservatism" that Rush champions is strictly of the authoritarian, "we need to stop the goddamn hippies" variety. Not the Burkean, live and let live brand of conservatism, until recently known simply as "conservatism".
Jun 02, 2007 Ken rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: Trolls, or some other kind of monster
I was given it as a gag-gift. It was a ridiculous work. Easily and provably false.

It's best possible use is kindling.
Jul 21, 2008 Mark rated it did not like it
I did not actually read this book……but if I did I am sure I would find it full of right-wing drivel that would only make sense to those with a simple mind.
Nov 24, 2010 Stephen rated it did not like it
We should have freedom...for the polluters.

We should have liberty...for those who would pay us less than a minimum wage.

We should have a pursuit of happiness...for those who would take away our rights of privacy.

These are the twisted teachings of Fatty Rushbaugh. An elitist millionaire, arrested drug abuser, college dropout, draft-dodger, thrice-divorced father of none currently on wife #4.

He will absolutely burn in the next world for the lies he has told, the truth he has twisted, and the h
Jonathan Devlaeminck
Aug 02, 2012 Jonathan Devlaeminck rated it it was amazing
This book is an amazing piece of conservative thought. If you don't agree with his views at the end of the read, that's ok...but I am and always will be mindful to understand all sides. With all that is said of him being a "racist bigoted homophobe", if you actually read this book or listen to his program, you'll learn to form your own opinion and not parrot those of media matters or msnbc. Great book.
Sep 28, 2013 Ingame149 rated it it was amazing
The Way Thing Ought to Be by Rush Limbaugh.

I found this book and his second book the other day in the used book section of a Goodwill and figured I'd give them a read since I've been listening to Rush for years and have never read his book.

What amazes me most about this book is that it was written in 1992 but many of things he was writing about then are still happening now. I mean our politicians and government are still running rapid through the country like it's some kind free shopping spree
Tony Bake
Feb 23, 2010 Tony Bake rated it did not like it
I read this book in...what? 1992? I checked it out from the library right when it came out and fell in love with Rush and conservatism shortly thereafter. It was simple! And Rush pushed his agenda SO pejoratively, I felt like if I didnt agree with him, I must be stupid...I totally drank from the Kool-Aid. Only years later would I pull my head from my...well you get the picture. Conservatives are still pulling the same tricks today--Embarass people into agreeing with you. That is why all the ...more
Jul 09, 2008 Adam rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: Anyone who want to prove my review right.
This book is awful from start to finish. I must admit that I am a little biased considering that I am against most of Rush's politics. In addition to that, Rush is the most self absorbed narcissistic person to have ever lived. From when I first saw that smug grin I knew I would hate this book, but when I read "The only way to protect yourself from the media is to read or listen to me" that cemented this work as being my all time least favorite political book.
Joel Brown
Mar 22, 2008 Joel Brown rated it it was ok
I read this book as an early twenty-something from the buckle of the conservative belt of America with very little life experience. My views since have gradually migrated to the center on both fiscal and social issues. Most of his arguments would be re-treads today, but he can be hillarious in their dilivery.
Feb 04, 2009 Christopher rated it really liked it
This classic piece of American literature should be a must read for all American students. Rush presents the issues of the day and the answers to them all in a manner that is pure genius.
Apr 05, 2007 Gabriel rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: craphat
Poorly reasoned, poorly researched, and just generally annoying there's nothing here of value except to understand how demagoguery serves to replace critical thinking.
Aug 18, 2013 Michael rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: dittoheads, tea partiers, the 1%
Recommended to Michael by: Serendipity
Shelves: politics
A few years back, I participated in a 30-day book meme, that had you write about different books you'd read. When I got to the day that asked, "what book do you wish you'd never read?" I answered with this one. My comment was: "It wasn't even extremist enough to be amusing." I'm tempted to leave it at that, so far as this review goes. I generally reserve the one-star rating for books that are so bad I couldn't even finish them, but I'm making an exception in this case, because I wouldn't have ...more
Bryan Stevenson
Jun 09, 2009 Bryan Stevenson rated it liked it
I read Rush's book when I was in college and slowly growing in my political views from staunch conservative Republican to anarcho-libertarian. Rush's book is entertaining and does a good job outlining the conservative cause, although I no longer agree with many of his positions.
Grace Ferguson
May 18, 2009 Grace Ferguson rated it it was ok
Although I believe this man to be extraordinarily closed minded, and a lot of times, wrong to me, I respect him for being so open with his opinion. He does make a good point every 50 pages or so.
Nov 04, 2007 Cindy rated it did not like it
Totally don't know why I bothered to read this one, but it was the last thing by him I've read. What a waste of time.
Don Incognito
Oct 04, 2014 Don Incognito rated it liked it
I've listened to Rush Limbaugh (usually "Rush" to me) regularly since my dad introduced me to him about twenty years ago, and I've owned copies of both Rush's books since the mid-nineties. (Amusing if typical stories: one outraged high school teacher lectured me--"he makes people feel bad!"--after other students tattled on me for reading one of the books as class ended. Another teacher mocked Rush's choice in ties, probably because he couldn't think of anything else negative to say about him. A ...more
Aug 04, 2009 Jake rated it liked it
Shelves: politics
Up until the age of 20, when I foolishly began doing my own thinking on critical issues, I was a young Republican. And to this day, I still respect many of the ideals of Republicanism to do with fiscal discipline.

On the plus side, Rush Limbaugh is very readable and well-spoken. And any public figure who can spark an event like "Dan's Bake Sale" deserves a little credit. Still, I'm happy to say now that I didn't pay to read or listen to Mr. Limbaugh's ranting. I borrowed my Dad's copy.

And today
Mar 15, 2014 Copeups rated it it was amazing
I'm very proud to have attended the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies for many years. This book was offered by the professor as one of the text books in the never ending pursuit of spreading conservatism. His class convened from noon until three pm EST. Though one of his mentors, Ronaldo Magnus- the great Ronald Reagan- was considered The Great Communicator, Rush has proven to be very high on that list himself. The reason the liberals hate him is because he exposes their subtle ...more
People take Rush way too seriously. 90% of what he says is done so with tongue firmly in cheek. He's like the kid in fifth grade who teases you more the more you show it bothers you. I'm reading Stephen Colbert's book now and I actually see a lot of similarities with the humor. Colbert just takes it a little further toward the absurd so people recognize that it's a big joke about an issue Colbert really believes in.

I got this book signed when I went to a taping of his TV show in '96.
Oct 25, 2014 Rhiannon rated it it was amazing
Rush is one of my favorite commentators and talk show hosts. I grew up listening to him, and when I remember, still listen to his show. I don't care about anything negative that anyone has to say about this man...he knows how to draw people in. Though I agree with what he says and believes, I know people who don't agree with anything that man says/writes, yet they will still listen to his show. He's a genius who uses excellent examples in this book. I'd recommend this book to anyone.
Jul 31, 2015 Erin rated it did not like it
I read this half way though while sitting in goodwill. I bought the book for $0.25and read the rest. The book came out in Dec 1992, but it sounds like it was written in 2015. The GOP is still using the same talking points from over 20 years ago. They literally have not changed at all since the Soviet Union stopped being a country.
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American radio host and conservative political commentator.

His nationally-syndicated talk show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, airs throughout the world on Premiere Radio Networks. He has been credited with reviving AM radio in the United States, and is considered to have been a "kind of national precinct captain" for the Republican Party's Congressional victories in 1994.

National Review magazine, in a
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