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Last Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, #6)
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Last Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #6)

4.08 of 5 stars 4.08  ·  rating details  ·  5,123 ratings  ·  88 reviews
In Blyton's final book about the girls at Malory Towers, Darrell becomes head girl. Unfortunately not all the girls are as responsible as she is and in her last term Darrell sees many changes in her old school friends.
Paperback, 197 pages
Published April 3rd 2006 by Egmont Books (UK) (first published 1951)
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Apr 08, 2011 C. rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: tout le monde
I've spent the last few days rereading my copies of Enid Blyton's Malory Towers series. Unfortunately I only have the third, fifth and sixth, but I am now determined to get my hands on the other three and read them obsessively. I love them for a few of reasons, which I shall enumerate here:

1. They bring back so many memories, primarily of the days when I actually read the damn things (when I was about six to eight years old). At the time I was living in England, where people actually did say "yo
Re-reading Malory Towers- and pretty much any of Enid Blyton's work- is pure escapism from not just all the hundreds of things pretending to be a well-adjusted adult requires me to do, but it's escape to a very specific part of my childhood. It's not just nostalgia that makes me think of these books with such fondness (despite the very problematic things about Blyton's writing), it's realising just how much I (still) relate and how much my own ideas of fairness and leadership are influenced by t ...more
Haniva Az Zahra
Yeay, akhirnya sampai juga di buku terakhir serial ini. Darrel lulus dari Malory Towers. Darrel ternyata menjadi ketua murid. Wah hebatnya, artinya Darrel menepati janjinya kepada bu Kepala Sekolah, bu Grayling untuk banyak berkontribusi pada pihak sekolah. Salah satu budaya yang menyenangkan di Malory Towers adalah kepala sekolah yang menginspirasi bagi para murid. Murid takut sekali karena bu Grayling bijak dan sangat membuat segan. Selain itu, Darrel dan Sally melanjutkan pendidikan ke Pergur ...more
Alison C

Note: This review covers all six Malory Towers books.

I think many child readers who grew up in the UK 40 or 50 years ago had a yen to go to boarding school, based on the numerous series that were popular in the UK at that time. I happened to discover Enid Blyton's Malory Towers series, written between 1947 and 1951, when I was around 7 or 8, and I loved them from the beginning. Partly this was due to the setting - a castle-like building complex on a stormy coastal hilltop in Cornwall, the southe
Sara Gonçalves
Sendo este o último livro das alunas que entraram no Colégio das Quatro Torres no primeiro livro, há um sentimento de saudade bem como um afastamento da história em relação a estas. Começamos a conhecer melhor as alunas do ano da Francisca, a irmã da Diana, havendo um maior protagonismo destas e das alunas que entraram este ano.
Das alunas do último ano, muitas já não aparecem porque foram para outros sítios seguir seus sonhos, outras desapareceram sem explicação (exemplo da Rute, uma das gémeas
This is the final instalment of a delightful series. However I would rate this just above the fourth one. Somehow the story moved away from the main characters and focused on the second form which kind of felt like starting a new story than a continuation of the same story. Also this being the last book Enid Blyton seemed in a hurry to tie up loose ends. People quickly realized their mistakes and everyone decide to make turns for the better and the story has a 'world peace' kind of ending. While ...more
I loved these books as a child, and indeed as a teenager, and although I hadn’t read any of them for some time, I found myself dipping into this (sixth and last in the Malory Towers series) in an idle moment and read the first chapter… and before long was deep within the book.

Darrell and her friend Sally are sixth-formers, in their last term at the girls’ boarding school. Enid Blyton’s characterisation wasn’t the greatest; she tended to caricature her minor people and some of the main ones too b
Tahun ini adalah tahun terakhir Darrel bersekolah di Malory Towers. Ia dan kawan-kawan kelas enam yang ada di Menara Utara berpisah kamar. Kini Darrel dan Sally menjadi teman sekamar karena mereka akan mempersiapkan diri untuk ujian masuk universitas. Selain mereka, Alicia, si anak jahil yang cerdas itu juga turut mempersiapkan diri untuk masuk kampus yang sama tahun depan.

Lalu ada apa pada tahun terakhir Darrel ini? Banyak. Buku kali ini tidak lagi fokus kepada kegiatan Darrel dan kelas enam, n
buku keenam, buku terakhir...
slalu merasa pengennya ada selusin buku malory towers :p

buku ini menceritakan semester terakhir darrell dan teman2nya di kelas enam..
disemester terakhir ini ternyata masih ada murid baru, amanda, dia tpaksa masuk MT krna sekolahnya, trenigan towers tbakar habis.. amanda atlet yg hebat, keras kepalanya jg hebat, apalagi pas bdebat ma moira n june, ga ada yg mo kalah :p
ada lagi suzanne, kponakan mam'zelle rougier dgn muka polos dan slalu bicara police? hihihih maksudny
Buku ke 6 dan buku terakhir dari Seri Malory Towers yang dikarang Enid Blyton. Ada 6 buku lagi tentang Malory Towers, menceritakan tentang June & Felicity, namun dikarang oleh orang lain.

Ini semester terakhir Darrell. Dan dia diceritakan sudah jadi ketua murid.

Dan gw mau protes sama om (atau eyang yah?) Djokolelono. Di buku 1 diceritakan seragam Malory dengan dasi & topi berpita berwarna masing-masing merah muda, tapi di buku ini pitanya & dasinya menjadi oranye. Edisi asli memang m
Sebenarnya udah lama banget baca buku ini, mungkin saya baca waktu SMU, dimana usia saya juga ngga jauh beda sama para tokoh dalam buku ini.

Buku EB yg Malory ini udah berapa kali dicetak ulang dengan cover yg berbeda. Saya tau ngga boleh melihat buku dari covernya tapi mungkin udah kejelekan saya, salah satu pertimbangan saya dalam membeli buku adalah cover. Dan ngomong2 soal cover, yg di GR edisi Indonesia ini cover paling awal sepertinya, sedangkan cover terbaru, jujur, saya ngga suka dan say
Vina Crystelline
Ini tahun terakhir Darrel, Sally, dan Alicia di Malory Towers. Sedih rasanya harus ninggalin Malory Towers setelah tahun2 yang mereka lalui disana. Tahun ini kurang rame menurut aku, habis uda banyak yang pergi dr Malory Towers di awal buku. Belinda, Mavis, Janet, uda gak di Malory Towers, mereka udah lulus dan ngambil tempat di sekolah lain (sebenarnya agak heran dengan sistem ini, kok ada yang bisa lulus duluan gt, terus dulu juga pas Darrell masuk sekolah, Alicia ama Betty uda beberapa semest ...more
The tricks the girls play on Mam'zelle get more and more fantastical with each book. I love how Enid Blyton is all, "Yeah, this ~scientific~ pellet does all this strange stuff if you wet it!" I mean, I could kind of believe in the invisible chalk in book two, but the pellets... Not so much science as magic.

Book 3: A pellet that gives off a vapour that makes you sneeze.
Book 4: A pellet that produces bubbles that pop with a loud "ping".
Book 6: A pellet that turns into a snake and hisses, then crum
Petualangan terakhir Darrel, Sally, Alicia, Bill, Clarisa, Gwen dan teman-teman.

Karena ini merupakan semester terakhir mereka, kekonyolan malah dilakukan oleh murid-murid kelas 2 (Felicity CS). Darrel dkk fokus untuk menentukan masa depan mereka ingin seperti apa.

Kisah anak-anak kelas 2, yang sering dibahas di buku terkahir ini. Walau tetap melibatkan anak-anak kelas 6.

Saya tahu kenapa kisah Malory Towers sangat membekas bagi pembacanya dulu & kini, karena ceritanya yang penuh dengan pelajar
Nicholas Whyte[return][return]While it was probably not a great idea to start with the last of the series, I found it wholesome stuff about building character and learning to get along with other people, in the all-female environment of Malory Towers boarding school, the tough life lessons - and there are several - leavened by the fun of bullying the French teacher by removing her hair pins magnetically (but she is not English so it doesn't matter). I understand that ...more
Jasmine "Geoffery Crescent" Woods
There's only one real problem with Last Term, and that's that Darrell and co barely feature! Sure, they're making room for the lower forms, but given that Blyton never carried on with the adventures of Felicity and June et al, it seems a bit lame to focus on them rather than the girls we grew up with. Oh well. Jo and Deridre make for an interesting plot, but Gwen's story is all over a little rapidly for someone who's been a staple since book one. I like Gwen :p Still, it's nice to know Darrell a ...more
Justine B
As I'm still reading this book I can't say much about it but I've read the whole collection and this is the last book out of six. This book is about a 18 year old girl which goes to boarding school and absolutely loves it. She is head girl of the school and is having a really fun time but unfortunately she has to deal with other people in her grade and she is scared it's going to spoil her last term at Malory Towers. So far I really enjoy it. The only thing I don't really like about this book is ...more
I have recently re-read these books, as they used to be my favorite when I was younger. I found them the other day behind my mass of books now, and after reading them again I understood the magic behind the series, of growing up in a world where things may be under pressure but you can still have loads of fun, and that's what Malory Towers is all about Taking those small chances in life and make a huge difference with them.
Private school abroad was a threat used to keep me in line as a child and did this book make that threat truly scary! However, this series was very apropos to social and scholarly woes, trials, and tribulations, faced by me as a pre-teen in a local school. I now truly appreciate how Blyton helped inculcate morality quietly and aided by offering solutions to those problems only a pre-teen faces -- especially a girl!
Luckily, in german this wasn't the last book! They wrote 12 more about Darell and her life at te Mallory Towers. And how she couldn't leave them behind.

Whenever I feel bad, I grab all 18 "Dolly" (Darrell in german) books and read them all over again! Reminding me of my time as a young girl or a teenager!

These books were a part of me growing up and I will always love them!
Last term, and still the new girls arrive. And still they need to be cut down to size and made to fit in with the Malory Towers ethic. But who can complain, when it is all so thoroughly nice?

I remember the first time I read this wondering how anyone could be so sad to leave a school, even though I didn't hate being at my own. I reckoned it had to do with actually living there, especially as MT sounded so pretty. Of course it wasn't, as I found out when I got to eighteen. In spite of being back '
Tracey Morait
First Term at Malory Towers was the first full length children's book I ever read. I was 10; like Enid Blyton I wanted to be a great children's author. I read the whole series and I've read it over and over again. To her credit, Enid Blyton will always be read, but her work is too dated now to warrant a five star review.
The final in the Malory towers series, and one of my favorites. I love seeing Felicity and June take up where their older relatives will leave off, and picture The next generation of Malory Towers girls as the children of Darrell, Sally, Mary Lou, Alicia and the others. Poor Gwen! She finally gets her final shock, but may go on to be a good person after all. At least she realized she loved her father and did not want to be her mother after all. I'd like to think her own prince charming rescues h ...more
Have been re-reading these classic boarding school stories from my childhood. It's taken me about two weeks to read them all, on and off, so they're very quick reads. Have loved it, and this last one actually made me cry at the end! Must be hormones or something....

Next week - St. Clare's!
"Just Old Fashioned Great Literature"

This book is just one of the great books featured in this series. All six books are phenomenal! I love the quirkiness and how Enid Blyton just transports you to Malory Towers. It also makes me wish that I could have attended school back then, the girls are all honest and truthful and although it may be unrealistic it is just an amazing book. It also helps me understand how my nannan used to live for example when the girls declare that they are only allowed 5
Tanishka Iyer
Ive always liked all of enid blytons books, but I love this one in particular.
This book was a nice finish to the series (although I've noticed Pamela Cox has carried on the series...). This book didnt have as much activity in it as the previous books have done and focused on just a couple of characters and a couple of events. The series rounded off well and you felt clear that this was the end of the series and the journeys had come to the end. I like how Blyton still managed to get some new girls into the final year to spice up the storyline and this worked really well, ...more
Fadhil Ihsan
Darrell telah menjadi ketua murid, tetapi tidak semua siswa mempunyai rasa tanggung jawab seperti dia. Di semester terakhirnya ini ia menyaksikan banyak sekali perubahan pada teman-temannya---Gwen, misalnya, yang sering mengeluh dan berhati keji; atau Amanda, yang suka memamerkan keberhasilannya dalam olahraga; atau Jo, yang tak mengerti mana yang benar dan mana yang salah. Ada juga siswa-siswa cilik yang dengan cerdik mempermainkan Mam'zelle dengan muslihat besi berani mereka. Dalam semester te ...more
it was fantastic and it had sad bits and happy bits funny bits and joyfull bits
Patricia Rodrigues
Chegadas ao último ano no colégio: Diana, Celeste, Alice, Ludovina, Irene, Belinda, Clarisse, Guida e Moira (q suponho que seja a Matilde do 5º livro) e ainda de uma nova aluna Armanda.
Paralelamente acompanhamos Felicidade, June (a prima de Alice, que se chamava Júlia), Josefina e Dreidre (aluna do 1º ano).
Josefina é extremamente desagradável, rica e mimada, no entanto, verá no fim o seu castigo. Também Ludovina, que apesar de neste livro não ser a "intriguista", sofre o seu "castigo".
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Born in 1897 in South London, Enid Mary Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading. She was educated at St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, and - having decided not to pursue her music - at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher. She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to edito
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