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Beware Of The Storybook Wolves
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Beware Of The Storybook Wolves

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  388 ratings  ·  86 reviews
Every kid has some story book character that scares them--a wolf, a wicked witch, a creepy bad guy. Here at last is the inspiring silly antidote for that fear.

Herb loves to be scared by the wolves in storybooks--as long as his mom takes the book out of his room at night. When she forgets one night, Herb gets an unwanted visit. Stalling for time, Herb explains that little b
Paperback, 32 pages
Published April 1st 2003 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published May 28th 2000)
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Claire jobbins
I have always been a fan of Lauren Child, so when I saw this book I thought great, another classic! However, I was slightly disappointed with the overall writing. Child's books often engage us as a reader and make us laugh but this book doesn't engage me as effectively as usual. The writing is effective in the way it follows the characters and bound to certain illustrations as well as changing for each character, but it doesn't include the usual fun that the others do. However, this book does ha ...more
Have you ever wondered what characters in your stories get up to when you close the book? Well, wonder no longer! Just make sure to make your mummy take the book with her after your bedtime story or you might find that those big bad wolves (and the little wolf too) pay you a late-night visit! Where's your Fairy Godmother when you need her?

A really fun book (mine was a pop-up - not sure if others are) from the creator of Charlie and Lola. Possibly a little frightening for very young children, but
Jazmin Maldonado
Beware of the storybook wolves by lauren child was a good read. This book unconventionally includes the old fairy tales. Fairytales such as Red Riding Hood three little pigs and Cinderella with occasional "frog prince" references are used. The storyline is about a little boy named Herb, who after bedtime stories has his mother take the book, "... because there's a wolf in it of course!" When he and his mother forget to take the book out of the bedroom, two favorite fairy tale wolves are alive! T ...more
What I really liked in the book is that it is highly intertextual. There are the characters of the cinderella, wolves associated with Little Red Riding Hood, the Fairy Godmother, the Princess, Hansel and Gretel (those are only mentioned) and the wicked fairy. I like this involment of so many characters in the book. The little boy, Herb, wants his mother to take the book with her as she leaves his room, because he is afriad of the content of the book. To me it is more like, metaphorically, that h ...more
This book is truly a treasure. It was most certainly a clever idea to write about characters coming out of the books at night!
It’s about a little boy called Herb who thoroughly enjoys books about wolves but equally doesn’t want his mother to leave the books out when he goes to sleep. One night his mother forgets to take the book out and, low and behold, the wolves in the story of the Little Red Riding Hood escape and come in to his room. He enlists the help of the fairy godmother in Cinderella a
Maddi Hurrle
Lauren Child's children's book "Beware Of The Storybook Wolves" tells the story of a young child by the name of Herb, whom absolutely loves the story of Little Red Riding Hood and just loves being scared by the wolves of the story, just as long as his mother remembers to take to book out of the room with her when Herb goes to bed. Except this time, his mother forgets to take the book along with her, and just as Herb fears, out from the book come the storybook wolves, and they're hungry.

What caug
Ben Clark
"Beware of the Storybook Wolves" is a postmodern picture book that tells the story of a young boy named Herb's quest to outsmart the wolves who escaped from his copy of "Little Red Riding Hood" and are attempting to eat him. Why describe the books as "postmodern"? Well, because it toys with and intentionally disrupts the reader's notion of what a picture book should be. For example:

There is an intertextuality to the book that involves referencing other well-known children's stories and fairy tal
Lauren Child's "Beware of the Storybook Wolves", is a post-modern picture book that doesn't fail to delight on several levels. It is a playful story about a boy named Herb who enjoys bedtime stories involving wolves as long as his mother doesn't leave the book in his room after she is done reading it to him. The reason for this is that Herb is afraid the wolves might come to life. Then it happens, she forgets. This is when the fun begins. To start with the text is humorously fonted to match each ...more
Deena Lernor
Beware of the Storybook Wolves is a twist on the fairytale stories. Herb, a young boy who reads a fairytale book a night. He always asks his mom to take the book because he doesn’t want the characters coming out of the book. One night his mom forgot to take the book, and the Big Wolf and Little Wolf came out of the book. They were looking to eat Herb until he diverted to telling them they needed an appetizer. Herb then reached into a different fairytale book, and then got caught by the Wicked Wi ...more
Emily Clark
The story is about Herb. Each night his mother reads his a fairy tale and each night Herb asks his mother to take the book from his room. however one night she forgets to take it. Herb wake in the night to discover two wolves from the stories in his room. Big wolf and little wolf try to eat Herb, but to save himself, Herb tells the wolves that little boys should be eaten for pudding and that should have starters first. AS the night goes on, more fairytale characters come of the book including th ...more
Sundeep Purewal
This book is about a young boy named Herb who loves his stories; as a result his mum would read him one book every night. Herb has a wild imagination so he would ask his mum to take each book with her all the time she finished every night because he was afraid that the characters in the book would come alive. However, one night his mum was distracted and his worst fear happens!! This book takes us all on a journey with Herb, with some help from his favourite book characters, with the aim of avoi ...more
Jenna Smith
Herb loves his story books, but particularly loves his Little Red Riding Hood picture book. After his mother leaves the storybook on his side table, the book comes to life. The Big Bad Wolf comes straight out of the pages to breathe in his face and growl like his "very hungry tummy." Herb relies on a menagerie of other fairy tale characters to save him from his predicament, including the Fairy Godmother to make a wish to banish the wolves away.

Lauren Child tells one funny, fractured fairy tale!
Lauren Child did a great job! I love imagination this story created. Any child would get a kick out of reading this book and relate to it as well as make many connections. The illustrations were extremely bright, fun, and colorful; which indeed is great for the preschool age. The fonts were italic, bold, cursive, and plain to catch the readers attention. Overall, a very fun loving story by Child!
Christa Parks
Looking at the cover of this book I felt nervous, as the reader, for the little boy on the cover. The wolf who is sneaking behind his chair and licking his lips makes the start of this book already unsettling and you haven't read anything yet. Once I open the book I can see that all the pages are full bleed allowing the reader to fully engage themselves in the story and feel like they are there. In addition, there are various fonts used to highlight which characters are speaking. When the boy is ...more
"Beware of the Storybook Wolves" by Lauren Child tells a different and also humorous story in which, again, Herb plays a major role. One may notice the distinctive features that Lauren uses in her picture books. Namely, the shifts of fonts are present throughout the whole book, she carefully and in a very creative way locates the text in a plenty of various places on the illustrations. It can be noticed that text is somehow hidden in pictures in order to draw attention to the illustrations inste ...more
In Beware of Storybook Wolves by Lauren Child we are introduced to a break from the traditional fairy tale stories. The main character, Herb, wakes up one night to discover that the wolves from his Little Red Riding Hood book have escaped from the book and ended up in his bedroom. What ensues is a humorous adventure in and out of well-known fairy tales. This break from the traditional mold is an unconventional fairy tale is enjoyable for all readers. The creative play with frames and characters ...more
Anna Laskownicka
'Beware of the Storybook of Wolves' is another Lauren Child's book, which contains a mixture of different fairy tales in it. Again, there is a boy called Herb, who's mother reads him a story about 'Little Red Riding Hood'. This time however, it is a wolf (in accompany of the little wolf) who appears in Herb's world.

I must admit that I am not entirely convinced to this book, because I cannot decide whether the message is absolutely positive. I understand that all bad things can be changed, with t
Lauren Child's story is a fantastic introduction to 'post-modernism' stories. New themes are introduced throughout, such as children's fears of wolves, and introducing words being bound to the page (e.g. Words going with the pulled tablecloth). Fonts are constantly changing for each character and moulding to the space in the page.
Characters are borrowed from new and old fairy tales such as Cinderella and the big bad wolf.
A great intro to new themes, unconventional text/layout and post modernis
Elizabeth Smith
Child, Lauren. Beware of the Storybook Wolves. United States: Scholastic, Inc, 2000. This metafiction children’s book tells the story of a little boy who loves reading fairy tales. However one night his stories come to life and he has to use what’s in his fairytale books to save him from being eaten by two hungry wolves. One thing that I really appreciated about this book was that the main character was a boy. Sometimes I feel like stories related to fairy tales can be a little sexist in the way ...more
Lauren Child’s “Beware of Storybook Wolves” is a very imaginative story and engaging to read. Any child would get a kick out of reading this book and relate to it as well as make many connections. The story revolves around Herb, and he’s afraid of storybook characters just like everyone else. One night his mother forgets to take these books out of his room and they come to life that night. Herb is forced to face his fears and find a way to escape the hungry wolves. If you are a fan of Lauren Chi ...more
Lauren Edgar
The book "Beware of the Storybook Wolves" is about a little boy named Herb, he is very imaginative and LOVES books about wolves, but he does not want his mom to leave the books in his room as night. One night his mother forgets to remove the books and the wolves sneak out of The Little Red Ridding Hood and into Herbs room! Herb searches to find ways to keep himself safe and make the wolves go away before they get him. He used characters from all kinds of familiar stories and fairytales. With hel ...more
Lauren Child’s playful tale of a boy named Herb, who when left alone with the story Little Red Riding Hood one night, discovers that the two wolves have stepped out of the book and entered his room, makes for an unpredictable and refreshingly unique read aloud. Lauren Child plays with the conventions of traditional narrative by incorporating metafictive devices throughout the story including typographic experimentation, nonlinear text, unique design elements and the use of mise-en-abyme. For exa ...more
Melissa Long
The story is set up in portrait, or vertical, format. The media used in the illustrations seems to be a mixture of watercolor and stencil. One of the most interesting aspects that makes this book so unique is that the author uses many different fonts throughout the story. For the most part, the font is different whenever a different character speaks. For example, the narration of the story is done with an informal, flowery font, however, when the wolves are speaking within the story, their dialo ...more
“Beware of the Storybook Wolves” by Lauren Child is a book about a little boy named Herb and how he loves the stories about wolves but never wants his mother to leave the books in his room at night. One night she forgot to take the books out of the room and the wolves came alive from their stories. Herb had to try to find a way to keep himself safe and get rid of the wolves before they ate him. He used familiar characters from his other books such as fairytales from Cinderella, and a wicked witc ...more
Dorothy Enders
The author is this book is the creator of the characters Charlie and Lola which is a cartoon that my children used to watch a few years ago. When I saw the illustration on the front of this book, it reminded me of the times spent with my boys watching the adventures that Charlie and Lola used to undertake on our television screen.

Herb's mother reads him a bedtime story each night. Herb truly enjoys the stories that his mother reads to him about hairy and scary wolves like the one in Little Red
Beware of the Storybook Wolves is a playful spin on classic fairy tales that children are sure to enjoy. Herb is a young boy who loves fairy tales, especially those that involve wolves, but he is no dummy and knows that the wolves are bad news. Every night after his favorite wolf story he asks his mother to take the book with her, fearing that the wolves might escape and it would be the end of his young boy life. All is good until one night Herb's mother leaves his bedside suddenly and forgets t ...more
The Book Beware of The Storybook Wolves is a picture book by Author Lauren Child and is about a young boy called Herb who loves bed time stories, in particular the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The plot is (being a childrens picture book not a very complicated one) that every night after reading to Herb his mother will take the book out of the room by his request (Are you following). But one night she forgets to take the book out of the room and so Herb is woken in the middle of the night by ...more
The book is about a boy who encountered in his room wolves who escaped from his favorite story. It proves that child's imagination may be surprising. It contains witty dialogues and interesting pictures. It is based on Little Red Riding Hood but there are also other borrowings from literature for children like Fairy Godmother, Cinderella and Princess Beautiful. I really enjoyed this mixture because I have never had a possibility to see them in one story :) The font is also distinct because it ch ...more
This postmodern picture book tells the story of a boy named Herb who was scared of the woofs in famous fairy tales, and how he got stuck with a bad dad woof and his son in his bedroom. He shook a book and he received a godmother who looks just like his mother.

This story is an example of "Tales from a different point of view”. The author uses different font and formats throughout the story. The drawings are child like in bright colors. This is a picture book with sense of humor and might be intri
Herb really likes his bedtime stories. He especially likes the one about a little girl in a red hood and the big, scary wolf that almost ends her. But when the story is over and he sees the other scary wolf on the back of the book (the one with a patch over his eye), he gets scared and insists that his mother take the book with her when she leaves. But then one night his mother is distracted by a phone call and leaves the book in Herb's room. Soon Herb is woken by bad breath and heavy breathing ...more
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Lauren Child grew up in Wiltshire as the middle child of three sisters and the daughter of two teachers. She has always been interested in the many aspects of childhood, from gazing into toy shop windows to watching American children's shows from the 1960s. After attending two Art Schools, where Lauren admits that she did not learn much, she travelled for six months, still unsure about which caree ...more
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