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The Jesus I Never Knew
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The Jesus I Never Knew

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  12,710 ratings  ·  381 reviews
There is no writer in the evangelical world that I admire and appreciate more. Billy Graham Philip Yancey helps reveal what two thousand years of history covered up What happens when a respected Christian journalist decides to put his preconceptions aside and take a long look at the Jesus described in the Gospels? How does the Jesus of the New Testament compare to the new, ...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published February 11th 2002 by Zondervan (first published January 1st 1995)
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RE de Leon
Jan 02, 2011 RE de Leon rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone.
Recommended to RE by: Danny and Angie Narciso
Every now and then, a book comes along that rightfully lays claim to the feat of changing your life. And this one most certainly did. More specifically, it changed my devotional life, such that my bible reading experience has been richer ever since.

You see, I've been reading the Bible since before I even learned to read properly. So while I was very familiar with the facts of the gospel story by the time I'd read this book in 1997, I'd also grown into some very hardened preconceptions.

An example
A very fresh look at Jesus - that is, no sign of all the preconceptions we usually have. Informative historical context, insightful commentary on our culture's interaction with the Jesus of the gospels and quite a humble writing style - Yancey seems willing to let Jesus speak to himself, and thus to his readers. So many efforts are made to reinvent Jesus, but Jesus cannot & need not be reinvented - we just need to make the effort to come to grips with him.
Nermine Hosni
ليتني استطيع سماع صوته من العاصفة كأيوب واجري حديثاً مع الله نفسه

كان يرغب في تمتع الانسان بحرية الحب حتي يتبعه بكامل حريته لكي يأسره يسوع بحبه

ان الصلاح لا يمكن ان يُفرض من الخارج بل ينبع من الداخل وليس من اعلي الي اسفل بل العكس ان تجربة البرية تكشف الفرق العميق بين قوة الله وقوة الشيطان

وأريد ايضاً ان الله يأخذ دوراً اكثر فاعليه في تاريخي الشخصي اريد استجابة سريعة لصلواتي وشقاء لأمراضي وحماية وامناً لمن احبهم اريد الهاً غير غامض يمكنني ان اشير اليه امام اصدقائي المتشككين

كان يسوع يحب ان يم
Mar 10, 2008 Marie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone interested in Jesus
Once again I enjoyed Yancey's thorough journalistic style combined with his ability to clearly communicate his opinion. However, I felt Yancey was talking above my knowledge on this one. My understanding and awareness of Jesus-including familiarity with Biblical history-remains at an elementary level, so many of the events and passages Yancey refers to are not crystal clear to me. In response to this I know that I need to read and study the Gospels soon. Even though I found myself tripping over ...more
I really enjoy Philip Yancey's writing. There was nothing here that was particularly revealing or new information about Jesus, but the author seems to have a way of writing that gets your mind engaged and thinking about the topic in different ways. I'd definitely recommend this one.
Book that seeks to discover Jesus in time and history--to observe him as he traveled and taught and ask: who Jesus was, why he came, and what he left behind complete with dusty details and descriptions that bite into what it was like to experience pursuit of God and pain, friendship and a fan-following in Galilee.

Following are my lessons learned
Why God does not force belief or display His power--
Goodness cannot be imposed externally, but most grow internally, bottom up. God’s power is internal,
I really did like this book, so why only three stars? It was good, but I didn't really walk away with anything new or profound, which I suppose is a good and comforting thing. I enjoyed studying who Christ was on Earth, getting to know how he acted and talked with other people. I loved his references to other authors like Tolstoy, CS Lewis, Flannery O'Connor, Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, and others.

Perhaps the thing I enjoyed the most, which is odd, is how honest Yancey is about his thoughts and wha
Randall Hartman
It has taken me a long time to review this book because I had a hard time stomaching it - I could only read so much before I had to put it down so I could calm down - and because I wanted to let my thoughts and feelings settle a while, reconsider them, and be careful that what I am saying is truthful and not just an emotional reaction.

This review is rather long, but since it's serious and pointed, I thought it appropriate to give facts and not simply level accusations. First I'll give some bull
I think it may be a testimony to the power of this book that, about fifteen years after its publication, it's hard to see what's controversial about it. In this book, Yancey carefully examines the Gospels to try to explore who Jesus is with minimal influence from cultural lenses. He definitely focuses more on the humanity of Jesus than his divinity, but part of that comes from his decision not to get into commentaries on Jesus, including the rest of the New Testament (I think it's fair to questi ...more
Dave Johnson
a few weeks ago, i had a dream that profoundly impacted my book reading. without going into details, i was left with a desire to read about Jesus, a desire to know Jesus better. i had this book on my bookshelf already; i picked it up at a thrift store for a dollar, since i'll buy pretty much any book that looks half decent at a thrift store. i hadnt read anything about Phillip Yancey. i knew very little about him, other than his name is huge in the Christian book market. so i picked up the book. ...more
This book was phenomenal. Here's what my brother had to say when he recommended it.

"The author is a quote-unquote believer but refreshingly candid about his own fears, doubts about, and frustrations with God. It is a guileless book, without pretense, and I believe most anyone--"believer", "non-believer," Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Muslim--(though they might not agree with everything said) would be pleasantly surprised by what they find in it. As it turns out, many of us raised-Christians have
Ragy Nekhela
Philip Yancey as usual astonishes me a lot with his writings. I wouldn't be able to think of all this about Jesus' life on earth. New perspectives , new ideas, so deep and true. his birth, miracles, temptation, sermon on the mount, trial, death, resurrection, and ascension. You cannot take any small part of his story for granted anymore.

My best part is the Chapter of the Temptation, Jesus refused to take the easy shortcut that Satan offered. but he chose the weak road wich lead to the cross, an
Favorite quotes from the book:

"Although power can force obedience, only love can summon a response of love,..."

"Dependence, humility, simplicity, cooperation, and a sense of abandon are qualities greatly prized in the spiritual life, but exremely elusive for people who live in comfort. In the Great Reversal of God's kingdom, prosperous saints are very rare."

"The real goal, King (Martin Luther King Jr.) used to say, was not to defeat the white man, but "to awaken a sense of shame within the oppre
Philip Yancey is very good at addressing the hard questions, he seems to be very honest about his own struggles, and he makes Jesus come alive on the page. He concentrates mainly on the message of the Sermon on the Mount, hoping to dispel some confusion found in Jesus' teachings. Yancey also studies Jesus' lessons on love as well as His demonstrations of grace.

He concentrates mainly on the message of the Sermon on the Mount, hoping to dispel some confusion found in Jesus' teachings. Yancey also
Liam Johnson
This book changed how I viewed my Christian faith on a personal level and on a historial level. As a Christian, naturally I knew "about" Christ, however, like Yancey I eventually sought an angle of the Lord that wasn't distorted by the culturally-biased image of a blue-eyed creamy-skinned Anglo-Saxon male with good teeth that brandishes itself so frequently on the "Children's Illustrated Bible" and the like. In this book, I believe Yancey has created a snapshot of Jesus Christ that is not only r ...more
This is an outstanding book. Philip Yancey reflects on our preconceived inklings of Jesus and how his own perception of jesus changed through his life. It made me reflect on my own understanding. One of my top favorite christian books. My favorite quote (well, one of them) :
"Why am I a Christian? I sometimes ask myself, and to be perfectly honest the reasons reduce to two: (1) the lack of good alternatives, (2) Jesus. Brilliant, untamed, tender, creative, slippery, irreducible, paradoxically hum
August 10, 2014

A review by Anthony T. Riggio of Philip Yancey’s “The Jesus I Never Knew”

To embark on the writing of the life of Jesus is a most daunting task and I feel that Philip Yancey did a very credible job. As a Catholic, my knowledge of the New Testament is not as vast as that of many of my Protestant brother’s and sister’s. Their entire religious educational system is predicated on the bible. This is the concept highlighted by Martin Luther in his “Solo Scriptura”; Scripture Alone is suf
This book was great! The historical context provided went beyond most other books and I learned even more about the life and times of Christ. I'm not one who is prone to weeping over a book, so the fact that this book accomplished that for me is pretty incredible. I needed the reminder of who Christ really is and this book was just what the doctor ordered. A definite must read, especially for those of you who admit to owning the book but never reading it (Lisa). Enjoy!
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an in depth conversation about Jesus. It's just not enough to read the New Testament in the Bible. This author is a journalist and he has a way with words and presenting ideas that will draw you in and help you see different perspectives. The nice part is he does this in an unbiased way. It's almost like he was trying to interview Jesus by gathering information from as many perspectives as possible. Loved it.
Daniel Duane
Yancey writes in a very casual but clear down-to-earth human way, going through Jesus' Jewish origins, his birth, life, challenges, sufferings, death, resurrection, ascension etc...he referred intensely to the four Gospels, only occasionally taking from Paul's writings and quotes from other great Christian men and women of God to further illustrate his point. Which I think was good, because it really captured the life that Jesus lived on Earth. I also loved the way he describes the society durin ...more
A fresh perspective on the life of Jesus. A must read for those who want to get back to the basics and core of Jesus' life and purpose. This book is for all who are just wondering about what Jesus is about or those who have long been immersed in the Christian faith. A wonderful book!
If I could give this book a 10-star, I would! It’s that good. I highly encourage and recommend anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding to how life was like since the birth of Jesus till his crucifixion and his resurrection, to read this book. This book will really broaden your thinking. It will make you think outside the box, not just take the stories you know from the Bible as a mere fact. You will get the opportunity to see how politics was like at that time, and why people acted the w ...more
This book had many great things to back up Jesus and who he was while on earth. It shined of God. I enjoyed it. Mr. Yancey begins how he originally depicted Christ, how society depicts Him, Who He really is according to the Bible, and what we do in knowing Him as Savior!
There are not many books that can so truly change your thinking about one of history's most thoroughly studied individuals - Jesus Christ. This is one. It will, I guarantee, change more than a few athiest lives and will reinvigerate the Christian ones. Recommended read.
ليتني استطيع سماع صوته من العاصفة كأيوب واجري حديثاً مع الله نفسه
وأريد ايضاً ان الله يأخذ دوراً اكثر فاعليه في تاريخي الشخصي اريد استجابة سريعة لصلواتي وشقاء لأمراضي وحماية وامناً لمن احبهم اريد الهاً غير غامض يمكنني ان اشير اليه امام اصدقائي المتشككين
ان يسوع كان يصف الحياة من حوله بكل بساطة
ان ما يجعلنا نشعر بأنسانيتنا ليست عقولنا لكن قلوبنا ، ليست قدرتنا علي التفكير لكن قدرتنا علي الحب
ان الحنو والشفقة كانا يحركان يسوع الذي كان يحنو علي كل المكروهين وغير المستحقين والمهمشين في المجتمع وا
Oct 08, 2008 Heather rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone wanting to examine the life of Jesus more closely

This book took me a while to get through - I kept putting it down and then picking it back up.

Overall, I enjoyed the book - it allowed me to examine the religion I grew up with and view the life of Jesus from another (more in-depth) perspective.
Yancey is a good author, don't get me wrong. But the nature of the book means you basically have to take the New Testament literally. I have a really hard time with that. So this book (which I never actually finished) didn't renew my faith in Christ, if anything, it made me realize how I've been misnaming myself as "Christian."

I gave the book two stars because that's exactly how I felt about it. Not because it's bad or wrong. People are free to believe whatever they want. But if you aren't look
Okay, okay, I get it. Yancy writes columns, then gathers them into books, slaps on a likely title, and peddles them to us as original thinking.

It works, but sometimes only barely.
Erin Clark
Holy. Cow.

This book shifted my perspective on the man Jesus was and helped me understand the gospels in a way that I couldn't before.

Primarily, there was a new light shed on just how radical some of his statements were. It wasn't until Philip Yancey compared Jesus' claim that he would tear down the temple and raise it in three days to a terrorist running through the streets of New York claiming that he would tear down the world trade center and rebuild it in three really started sinkin
Brad Shockley
I have always been a Yancey fan. He is one of the few excellent Christian writers. Normally it's just one or the other, but not both. I had wanted to read this work for a while, but funds were tight. Thankfully, all of his books are on Oyster.

As is his style, Yancey writes from a humble, I've-been-hurt-by-the-church-but-survived-faith-intact, honest, open-minded, thoughtful place. I imagine many believers feel uncomfortable with that at times because he seems to lean left, but if they keep an op
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A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Philip Yancey earned graduate degrees in Communications and English from Wheaton College Graduate School and the University of Chicago. He joined the staff of Campus Life Magazine in 1971, and worked there as Editor and then Publisher. He looks on those years with gratitude, because teenagers are demanding readers, and writing for them taught him a lasting principle: ...more
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“Power, no matter how well-intentioned, tends to cause suffering. Love, being vulnerable, absorbs it. In a point of convergence on a hill called Calvary, God renounced the one for the sake of the other.” 86 likes
“Thunderously, inarguably, the Sermon on the Mount proves that before God we all stand on level ground: murderers and temper-throwers, adulterers and lusters, thieves and coveters. We are all desperate, and that is in fact the only state appropriate to a human being who wants to know God. Having fallen from the absolute Ideal, we have nowhere to land but in the safety net of absolute grace.” 33 likes
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