How to Get Ideas
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How to Get Ideas

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  523 ratings  ·  61 reviews
Written by Jack Foster, a creative director for various advertising agencies with more than 40 years experience, How to Get Ideas (over 90,000 copies sold and translated into 15 languages) is a fun, accessible, and practical guide that takes the mystery and confusion out of developing new ideas.
Paperback, 214 pages
Published June 1st 2007 by Berrett-Koehler Publishers (first published September 30th 1996)
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Loved it! Inspiring. Enjoyable. I really wished there were more chapters/pages to read.

It's THE book to read when you feel demotivated or are looking for a new start.

Quoting Young, to generate creative ideas:
1. "Gather its raw materials"
2. "masticate those materials.”
3. "You drop the whole subject and put the problem out of your mind as completely as you can"
4. "Out of nowhere the idea will appear"
5. "“take your little newborn idea out into the world of reality" and watch it grow


من أجمل الكتب التي قرأتها و فصلت ماهية التفكير


توجد به الكثير من النصائح والقصص و الأفكار كي تحصل بها على الأفكار

أجمل نصيحة ظفرت بها من هذا الكتاب

اقرأ كل يوم قصيدة و مقالة و قصة قصيرة

فأنت لا تعلم متى ستصدم في عقلة فكرة مقالة مع قصيدة قرأتها قبل 10 أعوام

لتخرج بفكرة جديدة ؟؟!!!

لا تفوتوا فرصة قرائته

رباح حسن
كتاب جميل وسهل وممتلئ بالافكار الرائعة لا يستغرق اكثر من جلستين لقراءته
وهو اضافة جديدة لكل قارئ
انصح بقراءته
Quỳnh Anh
Love this book. It's amazing how lessons come into your mind naturally. The author easily captures readers with his wisdom, experience and sense of humor. My God! Just simply "To do is to be" and "To be is to do" become "Do be do be do" in Frank Sinatra's song =)) I can't help laughing but at the same time, I realize the power of creative combination. Ideas doesn't have to be big and serious. They are all around and we just have to pay attention. Great content written in a few words. Inspiring!...more
Tell me why do people often read Self Help when they can read this book.
I'm glad I chose to practice my speed-reading on this book. It's interesting, and if someone has a lot of trouble getting ideas it might be worth looking into.

I enjoyed the quotes to begin each chapter, but it seemed almost like it was too drawn out with examples. The author does well illustrating his points, but I could have gotten most of the information from his chapters and headings without reading.
A book that suffers greatly from the use of Papyrus in headers. I mean, what year is this? 1998?

Now, evidently that doesn't detract from the book itself, which — I have to say it — wouldn't be any better if it was entirely typeset in Baskerville. 'How to Get Ideas' has 2 specific problems:

- It talks little about how to get ideas.
- It talks heavily about other stuff.

In fact, the core of the book are 10 bullet points, followed by another 5. Together, they should point you in the direction of getti...more
Ngọc Hân
Hai tuần chăm cậu ốm ở BV Nhiệt đới, trưa nào cũng đọc cuốn này từ 12h40 đến 13h40. Đọc thật chậm, hiểu thật sâu. Một nửa của 13 là 8. Một nửa của tớ là cậu. Đơn giản vậy thôi.
Kip Williams
I bought this book hoping to find more information on Lateral Thinking. In that respect, there was something like ten pages devoted to the topic. I was more than a little disappointed to see his tip for increased creativity was: Think Laterally. Wow! Why didn't I think of that? Oh, wait. I did.

Jack has an incredibly annoying writing style that strings out examples until I wold almost forget what he vital point he was illustrating. So many that I either fell asleep or skipped ahead. He made it e...more
Ala' Abuhijleh
The book consists of 2 parts: ten ways to condition your mind to be ideas generators, and five steps for producing ideas.

I believe the start of this book was not really very encouraging. The first 2 chapters in part one were really boring. There are too much quotations! actually in big part of them, they are only quotation. I was really discouraged to continue reading the book. Fortunately, things started to be really interesting in the 3rd chapter and it continued till the end of the book. Yet...more
Bún Bún
The book is loaded with hundreds of examples for ideas generation. A huge amount of effort on researches can be seen in every line and words in order to write the book. A good resource for everyday read, not only for advertisers.
Martin Goldberg
LOVED this book. Hokey name. Great read. Only complaint is that I think it's too "Advertising-centric." So outstanding in terms of how to think creatively about anything. A very under-rated book. Well worth it.
John Ferry
Fantastic! Full of ideas and not a word wasted. It's so refreshing to read a self help book with no padding and with so much interesting and practical content. A book I will keep and use for reference. Also contains first class information on what to do in an emergency!
Harry Nguyen
It should be suitable for those who stick to thinking of "I'm not creative". Yes, you can surely make it! By simply apply easy-to-understand tactics mentioned & well illustrated in the book.
Shaymaa A.
"خمس خطوات لتوليد الأفكار.
أولًا، يجب على العقل أن "يجمّع مواده الأولية" هذه المواد تتضمن "المعرفة المحددة بمجال الفكرة[و]المعرفة العامة بالحياة والأحداث".
ثانيًا، يمر العقل بـ "عملية مضغ تلك المواد".
ثالثًا، "أنت تصرف النظر عن الموضوع برمته وتُخرج المشكلة من عقلك بشكل كامل قدر المستطاع".
رابعًا، "سوف تظهر الفكرة فجأة".
خامسًا، تخرج بفكرتك الوليدة الصغيرة إلى عالم الواقع وترى كيف تطبقها.
Gil Michelini
This was a fun book to listen to. Narrator Johnny Heller sounds like a crusty of ad man which is how Foster portrays himself in the book.
Foster gives good tips on how to develop ideas and then tells stories of how those ideas worked for him while development advertising as well as many other well-known American idea people such as Ford, Edison, and Jobs.

If you struggle developing ideas, this is a great short book to get you started. This includes an field where you need to be creativity such as...more
I really enjoyed this book. I'm excited to put its suggestions into practice to come up with and follow through on ideas.
Mo Qabshoqa
The Author of this book works in advertisements so most of his techniques are derived from his field. In each single page he mentions at least one successful figure and that adds a lot to your general information.
The book is a good reference for general methods of how to get idea. The main concept which the book revolves around is determination. The book has two chapters: the first chapter has ten different ways to condition your mind. The second chapter provides one ideological methodology to r...more
Apr 22, 2014 Jeremy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Marketers, Creatives
Shelves: marketing, psychology
Jack Foster knows his stuff. He even questions what is an idea!
Ammar Fakhruddin
Excellent book. To the point.
An amusing little manual about the creative process. Written in a warm, funny, no-nonsense, encouraging tone.

Pulls examples and anecdotes from a rich variety of fields, ranging from product design to evolutionary biology to social reform movements. Opens each chapter with pithy quotes from witty minds. Distills the elements of creative thinking into simple steps that anyone can apply.

Good for restoring faith in your own imagination and motivating you to keep plugging away at projects.
I enjoyed this book and felt it had some great ideas. Easy to read and comprehend and the author and a nice sense of humor.
The table of contents:
1. What is an idea?
2. Have fun
3. Become idea prone
4. Set your mind on goals
5. Be more like a child
6. Get more inputs
7. Screw up you courage
8. Rethink you thinking
9. Learn how to combine
10. Define the problem
11. Gather the information
12. Search for the idea
13. Forget about it
14. Put the idea into action
كتاب سلس وممتع ومليء بالأفكار
Hanki Nguyen
Một quyển sách siêu hay đến nổi mình muốn đọc lại ngay sau khi hoàn thành. Và chắc chắn mình sẽ còn đọc quyền này nhiều lần nữa. Thật không tin được là quyển sách cứu mình khỏi trạng thái "trôi dạt" lại là thuộc thể loại kinh doanh - quảng cáo.

Nghiệm lại mình này trước khi đọc bài này mình cũng đã vận dụng khá thành công nhiều quy tắc về sáng tạo ý tưởng. Tất cả đều là trải nghiệm và nỗ lực hết mình - điều tiên quyết trong việc tìm kiếm ý tưởng.
Pam Frost Gorder
This review is for the Audible version:

"Very helpful"
As a writer, I listen to this book every once in a while, when I fell stuck on a particular problem, and I always seem to get ideas while listening to it. It's just a tad repetitive; I feel like it could have been a shorter book, but still useful. The narrator has an energetic tone that fits the book perfectly.
2 parts
1. 10 ways to idea-condition your mind (have fun, be like a child, be idea-prone, visualize success, rejoice in failure, get inputs, get courage, have energy, rethink, combine)
2. 5 step method for producing ideas: 1. awareness of problem/define it, 2. gather information, 3. saturation in/search for idea, 4. incubate, 5. insight/leap to solution
Mike Thone

It sounds almost new-age ish at times and carries a vibe for "openness" that feels cringeworthy at first, but I did listen to it and really got into his techniques.a lot of it boils down to never accepting that there isn't another way of seeing things. I hope to keep these techniques up indefinitely.
Yuriko Jasmine
This book showed me how to condition my mind to becomes 'idea-prone', utilize my sense of humor, visualize my goals, rethink my thinking and conquer my fear of rejection. Definately a gd book as it helped me to be able to produce ideas on demand.
Blair Mirth
Check out my review here:

YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK IF.... you are creative or even not creative but want, need, must have ideas about anything and everything.

I read this on the Lucky Star en route to NH and back. It's got a lot of recommendations for idea production along with affirmations and quotes from writers.

It was a fun read and it got my ticker twinkling in the right direction.
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